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Badass Beard is a trope about badass characters with beards. However, it attracts many zero-context examples that simply list a character's name or state that they have a beard without explaining how it is connected with being a badass. Some examples also state how a beard is impressive without explaining how the person with the beard is a badass. This may be because of an unclear trope description and/or name.


Bolded comments and potholes. Five wicks had both correct and ZCE/incorrect usage, hence why the total is actually 72.

Wicks Checked: 67/67

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    Correct usage 5/ 67 
  • Record of Grancrest War: Under Erik: Has a fittingly wild, white beard and is a formidable personal combatant.
  • Forum of Thrones - The North:
    • Under Ser Dag Umber: Unlike his brother's long and wild beard, his is shorter and well trimmed. He is nonetheless a knight and a member of House Umber, meaning he must be a beast in combat.
    • Under Mace Crowl: Has a wild beard, and can beat Prince Beren quite easily. Generally, even his critics seem to have nothing but respect, admiration or perhaps even fear for his skill.
  • Shining Force II: Under Creed: He has a beard and as a Greater Devil he can still fight, though he prefers not to these days.
  • The Fast And The Furious The Team Under Vince: A bearded guy who can drive and fight right there along with Brian and Dom, especially in the fifth film.
  • Stargate Atlantis: Under Ronon Dex: The most physically competent of Sheppard's team, and he has some pretty nice facial hair.

    Impressive beard 6/ 67 
  • Blood Ties Naruto Skyrim: Like any good Nord, Conrad has a magnificent beard. Without it, he looks just like Minato. And then he gets shaved...
  • MCU: Companies – Stark Industries: Under Happy Hogan: Sports a spiffy goatee in Avengers: Endgame. He calls it his "Blip beard" in Far From Home, since he grew it during the period between the Snap and the Blip.
  • Marvel Gems Universe Ultimate Alliance: Under Peter Parker/Spiderman: How Tony refers to him as an "Awesome Facial Hair Bro."
  • The Magic Pudding: Subverted with Uncle Wattleberry's "huge, fiery red" beard and moustache. While he is inexorbitantly proud of them, Bunyip Bluegum finds them a nuisance that, among other things, are always getting in the soup. They also get him mistaken for the pudding thieving wombat in disguise in one chapter.
  • Dont Starve Playable Characters: Under Wilson: He'll eventually grow one after a few days, and it'll continue to grow until it becomes so thick that it covers his entire body when he's facing the screen. This Beard provides a LOT of insulation against cold and, if you want to cut it, provides beard hair, the rare ingredient for Meat Effigies.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Ludo's Forces: Under Ludo Avarius: He grows one over the course of "Ludo in the Wild", which becomes so long he ties it into three braids.

    Zero-context 49/ 67 

    Potholes 12/ 67 

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