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Bad Boss is for bosses that are outright evil, murderous, and abusive. Its title can easily be confused for Mean Boss, however. This wick check is meant to see how many examples are misused.

With ~10400 wicks, we need 102 wicks checked for this. Potholes and comments will be bolded, examples will be alphabetized by namespace and title. There will be a separate counter for example amount, to account for wicks with multiple examples.


Wicks checked: 102/102

Example count: 131

Quick Results:

  • Correct: 77/131, or 59%
  • Mean Boss: 34/131, or 26%
  • ZCE: 20/131, or 15%

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  • Characters.Boardwalk Empire Chicago Gangsters:
    • He's pretty unpleasant to the agents working under him, even before he murders one.
    • By season 5, he has turned into this. He beats one of his underlings to death, just because the poor guy laughed at a joke Luciano made at Al's expense.
    • He does not treat his employees with much respect. He plays a prank on one of them by rigging a shotgun to backfire. When the man complains that he could have been blinded, O'Banion finds it hilarious - and tells the man to not make him find it unfunny.
  • Characters.Eclipse: He's very indiscriminate regarding his soldiers. He destroyed an entire platoon when they were taking too long to get through a maze; crushed the neck of one of his injured troops; obliterated the torso of another injured marine for grabbing his ankle and stopping him from running to the Dreyvor family compound; choked a messenger for telling him bad news while ordering him to speak up; pushed the skull of a soldier offering help because "Real men never disarm themselves"; and personally slaughtered at least a dozen of his own bodyguards while performing a Public Execution.
  • Characters.Fray: He's accused of this In-Universe for being Demoted to Dragon, but quickly shows he's still to be feared by forcing the accuser to bite off his own finger.
  • Characters.Godzilla Mothra Shobijin And Associated Characters: Abuses her steed, Garugaru.
  • Characters.Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity Ganon And Dark Forces: He doesn't give the Yiga Clan much respect, seeing them as dimwitted pawns (and even then, he thinks he's being generous). He's actually delighted to use the Yiga Clan members as blood sacrifices to fuel the Blight Ganons, exclaiming that they finally have some use for once. Deconstructed, as his mistreatment of the Yiga Clan ultimately causes them to turn against him and join the heroes.
  • Characters.Mardock Scramble: As is standard for CEOs in cyberpunk novels. He outright threatens to have Shell killed if he can't get the special million-dollar chips back from Balot and immediately throws him under the bus as soon as his schemes are found out.
  • Characters.Monolith: If too many of its Chamberheads are left alive, it performs a unique attack that destroys them.
  • Characters.The Monstrous Dukes Adopted Daughter: His servants, wife, and even Ellie, the daughter he dotes on, all live in abject terror of him. The story even starts with him threatening to throw his own servants into a fire, if they can't manage to do the same with Leslie, his own daughter, before sunset, despite the fact that she is desperately begging and struggling for her life right in front of them.
  • Characters.Ordinary Days For Extraordinary People: A group of scouts came back with bad news. She told them they could've sent back up and had guards drag them to a gas chamber.
  • Characters.Rimworld Tales: Casually kills a subordinate in a gruesome manner, then brings them back to life just to punctuate a statement.
  • Characters.Star Trek Deep Space Nine Mirror Universe: At one point, he kills a subordinate just to test out a spiked gauntlet. Judging from everyone's lack of reaction, it's a fairly regular occurrence for the Regent.
  • Characters.Star Wars The Nihil: Casually executes several of his crew throughout The Rising Storm for questioning or annoying him. By the end of the novel, he begins killing them just for being in his way and abandons them all to die in battle while he escapes in a secret private escape pod.
  • Characters.Street Fighter V:
    • In the Street Fighter Legends comics, two Shadaloo mooks talk about how a Shadaloo minion dared to ask F.A.N.G for a raise. F.A.N.G slapped him across the face, killing him with his poison.
    • He loaned his monster truck to Roxy, Axl, and J so they could do some shopping, and then he forgot and threw a destructive temper tantrum through New York City. When his underlings return and remind him that he loaned them his truck, he beats them up.
  • Characters.The Kindness Of Devils Supernatural Threats And Criminals:
    • Casually mutilates, disfigures, and murders his own men for any reason he can think of.
    • Siegfried is liable to brutalize any of his underlings for contradicting him. The only one who seems exempt from physical harm is Sieglinde Nomura and even she knows not to push him too far.
    • Shows no care for the his henchmen and followers, and murders Frederick Hughes once he'd outlived his usefulness. One instance had him nearly kill Kryder for displeasing him, only relenting after his brother's had begged for mercy on his behalf. Nicolai agreed to be "merciful" and ordered Kryder to cut out his own tongue in order to keep his life.
  • Characters.The String Of Pearls: He threatens to cut the throat of Tobias, later a disguised Johanna, if they get too nosy in his shop.
  • Characters.Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Antagonists: Kills Viruson for kicks after he's revived then attacks his Knights for no real reason.
  • ComicBook.Als Baby: Don Sarcoma is an all-around asshole. In the "Blood on the Bib", Al is actually tempted to turn traitor on him and work for rival Don Chorea instead, except the cliff spontaneously gives way and drops Don Chorea to his death before Al can decide. In "Public Enemy No. 1", not only does Don Sarcoma threaten to give Al to the vengeful mafia families if he doesn't get pregnant a second time, it's noted towards the story's climax that he is exactly the sort of man who will happily sell Al out to them in exchange for peace once his grandchild is out of Al's belly.
  • ComicBook.Doomsday Clock: The Joker, as usual. Freeze's henchmen really don't want to join the Joker's crew for that reason (though it's An Offer You Can't Refuse), and The Joker blows the brains out of one of his henchman that Mime was killing.
  • ComicBook.Night Of The Owls: The Court of Owls have no problem "retiring" their Talons for failures. Furthermore, in one issue, the Penguin allows Mr. Freeze to murder his security staff to make a staged robbery more convincing.
  • ComicStrip.The Phantom: The Nomad has this as his main gimmick as well. We the readers do get to see his face, of course, but in-universe he goes to great pains to make sure NOBODY knows of the connection between his criminal self and his civilian persona, Eric Sahara, to the point of killing informants shortly after they've delivered valuable information to him.
  • ComicBook.Shakara: The Overlord, who murders his followers willy nilly if they do anything to piss him off, and ultimately ends up betraying and murdering all of his allies when they turn on him.
  • DinoAttackRPG.Tropes Ato F:
    • Dr. Rex, especially just before the final battle, was well-acknowledged as mad by his fellow XERRD scientists, but ruled over them through fear. He showed little regard for their safety and saw their suggestions of surrendering as treason. He refused to acknowledge Baron Typhonus's involvement in the Dino Attack, forcing his fellow scientists to continue their work.
    • Baron Typhonus, who cares very little for his minions and has no second thoughts about killing them if they fail him or if he has no use for them any longer.
  • DragonBallZ.Tropes A To G: All the villains in Z, no exceptions.
    • Vegeta rejects Nappa's request to use the Dragon Balls to revive Raditz, calling him weak and claiming he deserved to be killed. He later murders Nappa himself for being injured, despite Nappa being completely loyal to him to the bitter end.
    • Frieza regularly murders his own men for minor offenses (like cowering before him) and blames others for his own mistakes.
    • Gero tries to bully Android 17 and 18 by threatening to shut them down, despite the two being much stronger than him. It doesn't end well for him.
    • Deconstructed by Babidi. He mercilessly has Spopovich and Yamu killed despite them succeeding at their mission to collect energy for Majin Buu's awakening. Once Buu is awakened, he sees no problem with Dabura being killed by Buu, despite Dabura being his most loyal servant and the one who came up with the plan to revive Buu. Finally, he bullies and demeans Buu himself, threatening to seal him again for disobeying. When Buu grows tired of the threats, Babidi pays for his abuse with his life.
  • Fanfic.A Fathers Wrath: Keiji Sosano is one of these as during the Chunin Exams he threatens to kill the other Akatsuki agents if they fail. When he becomes the Tsuchikage he gets even worse as its revealed he willingly sent thousands of his own men and followers to their deaths so Naruto and the others wouldn't be able to figure out what he was really planning. He even kills the one person who had feelings for him and uses her heart to power up his ultimate weapon.
  • Fanfic.Days Of Autumn: Sensei, Elder's Master, abuses him verbally and even ordered him to whip himself.
  • Fanfic.Junior Officers: Captain Seacliff, the previous captain before Barnacles, was very abusive towards the other Octonauts, going as far to hit a nineteen-year-old junior officer, causing her to fall over into glass.
  • Fanfic.Kirby Unclebob: Meta Knight, who not only treats his minions as expendable and pays them minimum wage, but also takes great enjoyment in the former and is furious when they complain about the latter. King Dedede lampshades this by saying even he's a better leader.
    "You Scoundrel! You dare say minimum wage isn't enough? I'll kill you myself! FOR THERE IS NO SALARY IN HELL!"
  • Fanfic.Starfleet Magic Is Believing: Horus is this, though this trope is also deconstructed in that this mistreatment of his minions causes them to plan The Coup against him.
  • Fanfic.True Potential: Suien kills one of his subordinates simply because he was taking too long to beat Anko, and to test his Hero Water-infused powers.
  • Film.Blood Of The Tribades: Grando, head of the priests, tortures those who fail him by making them walk on broken glass.
  • Film.Blue Velvet: Frank generally treats his Mooks quite poorly, verbally abusing them and ordering them around and later uses them as Cannon Fodder during the shootout with the cops. He even lobotomizes the Dirty Cop Gordon on his payroll for an unknown reason.
  • Film.Hopscotch: Myerson. At the start, he summons Kendig to his office and then calls Mrs. Myerson to discuss a trivial matter when Kendig tries to explain why he didn't arrest Yaskov, before brushing off the (actually rather sensible from a long-term counterintelligence perspective) explanation and then transferring him to records. When Kendig starts sending chapters out, Myerson immediately decides to have him killed rather than simply arrest him.
  • Film.Miss Mend: Chiche. In one scene one of the scientists working for Chiche shows him the poison gas being developed for the Organization. After the scientist gives Chiche a gas mask, Chiche smashes the flask holding the poison gas. The scientist dies.
  • Film.Snake Eyes GI Joe Origins: Kenta is willing to sacrifice dozens of his own men in a ploy to fool Tommy. He also tests out the Jewel of the Sun on a hapless goon of his, incinerating the man while laughing.
  • Film.Who Killed Captain Alex: Richard, the leader of the Tiger Mafia, shoots his own people whenever he gets angry, and even sees his own wives as expendable.
  • Film.Wild Target: Ferguson mistreats his minions rather badly, including backhanding them.
  • Funny.Soviet Womble:
  • Literature.The Heirs Of Alexandria: Chernobog. In addition to his habit of flaying his people alive, cooking their skin and making their successor eat it, he once forgot to feed a possessed servant for so long that the servant passed out.
  • Literature.Memory Sorrow And Thorn: Benigaris of Nabban has a habit of executing people who tell him what he doesn't want to hear. In this way, he manages to ignore the fact that Camaris (the rightful heir to the throne) is marching across his country, crushing his armies, and recruiting all the people who have become disaffected by his rule.
  • Literature.The Shahnameh: Afrasiab decapitates his soldiers who won't fight against Key Khosrow with a dagger when it's become evident that the Persians Roaring Rampage of Revenge is unstoppable. The Turanians Mostly know that Key Khosrow is a just king and he's only after Afrasiab and those directly responsible for Siavash's death.
  • Literature.The War Of The Ancients: Standard for Archimonde. He kills one of his felguard when annoyed that he can't break the magic protecting Tyrande, and later when his army starts retreating from the demigods, he gets so pissed he starts melting the flesh off all of them till they get back in the fight.
  • Manga.Claymore: The Organization arranges for the death of any warrior who outlives their usefulness or starts asking too many questions.
  • Manga.Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba: After Rui is killed, Kibutsuji Muzan decides to disband the Lower Ranks. He does this by massacring them brutally. After he accuses one of being more frightened of the demon slayers than of himself, the demon frantically protests it's not true, only for Muzan to execute her on the spot anyway for having contradicted him. Another one asks for Muzan to give him more blood (which would make the demon more powerful, but has a risk of killing him), but Muzan accuses the demon of giving him orders, and kills him, too.
  • NightmareFuel.Tripping The Rift: The leader of the Dark Clown Empire, Darph Bobo, proves to be a creepy example of Beware the Silly Ones. Despite his hapless demeanor as a Henpecked Husband to his wife Bernice and constant failure in defeating Chode, he's still a genocidal madman who runs an intergalactic empire of Monster Clown mooks who have been known to have a macabre but amusing sense of humor and has always been known to use murder and mass death as a first means of getting rid of his problems. When he says he wants someone dead, he'll always make sure to make it happen and this extends to his own minions.
  • PlayingWith.Kevlard: Emperor Evulz is taking out his frustration on Dr. Crazystein by throwing him at the walls.
  • Recap.Altered Carbon S 01 E 01 Out Of The Past: Dmitri shows his Bad Boss tendencies and arrogant attitude when he casually boasts that he can easily defeat Kovacs in a fight, then immediately pulls a Boom, Headshot! on a mook who mouths off to him.
  • Recap.Angel S 05 E 05 Life Of The Party: Angel to the rest of Wolfram & Hart, who are worried that Angel is going to axe them. Literally.
    Angel: OK, look, hey, I haven't...OK, look, I may have...killed a couple of them.
  • Recap.Batwoman 2019 S 2 E 10 Time Off For Good Behavior: Sionis is seen executing people for the crime of apologizing to him for Snakebite production grinding to a halt. One mook wises up and tells him to his face that shooting them won't change the fact that it was his secrecy regarding the formula that led to the shortage, which placates him because it at least offers a solution by pointing out how they can get more.
  • Recap.I Zombie S 1 E 11 Astroburger: Blaine stabs one of his mooks' throats when his supply of Alan York's brains are taken by Major.
  • Recap.Power Rangers Jungle Fury S 1 E 22 Arise The Cyrstal Eyes: Grizzaka is so enraged by the other crystal eyes still being missing that he tries to take it out on Jellica's hide. Dai Shi lampshades this.
  • Recap.Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves Mission 00 Beginning Of The End: When we first see Dr. M, he's casually chatting with one of his guards, asking about the latter's family...before just as casually mentioning that he poisoned said guard's drink for not changing the security code from 1-2-3.
  • Recap.The Sopranos S 1 E 6 Pax Soprana: Junior expressly tells the lower members of the regime that he's not respecting old arrangements, and has Sammy Grigio beaten up in response.
  • Robot Chicken&title.Tropes A To H: Ernest lets some of the Keebler elves get eaten alive by a rampaging Cookie Monster so he doesn't have to give them overtime.
  • SamuraiJack.Tropes Season 5:
    • The High Priestess of the Daughters of Aku is very willing to allow her own loyalists to die so she can weed out the weaker Daughters.
    • Aku again shows why no one should ever work for him, let alone lie to his face when he kills Scaramouche for making an honest mistake.
  • Series.Killjoys: Khlyen. He shoots people, stabs them, and screams at them.
  • Series.Young Hercules: Ares often punishes Strife and Discord for their failures or just because he's in a bad mood.
  • Theatre.Agamemnon: Aegisthus, who refuses to listen to the elders and threatened to starve them or put them in chains to punish them for disobeying.
  • UsefulNotes.The Golden Age Of Piracy:
    • Blackbeard had this reputation, said to kill or maim random crewmembers on a whim. But it's debatable how much of this is true, and how much was the work of a pirate deliberately cultivating a monstrous image in order to scare victims into surrending without a fight. There's no hard historical evidence of him ever killing someone before his Last Stand.
    • Surprisingly, many pirates deliberately averted this. A large number of sailors turned to piracy as an escape from the perfectly legal and sometimes brutally vicious treatment they received from captains as honest sailors. And as pirate captains were elected by their crews and could be quickly deposed, a particularly unpleasant captain could quickly find himself no longer captain.
  • VideoGame.Kirby Triple Deluxe: Kracko still summons some Waddle Doo mooks here. Queen Sectonia occasionally summons her Antler troops as flunkies. she might also hit them with attacks while trying to hit Kirby.
  • WebAnimation.Animator Vs Animation: Orange eradicates the AI of one of his Piglins for revealing that Green has escaped.
  • WesternAnimation.One Hundred And One Dalmatians: Cruella threatens to blame the entire puppy-napping/skinning scheme on Jasper and Horace to get them to finish the job. Borderline, but I think this fits better here.
  • YMMV.Dungeons And Dragons The Book Of Vile Darkness: Bezz, the Vermin-Lord, matches his own master in evil, personally carrying out the slaughter of the Knights of the New Sun and more bloodshed besides. When Grayson integrates himself into Bezz's band—by being forced to kill one of its other members on Bezz's initiative—he and the others ingratiate themselves with a small town. When Bezz and the others try to make off with the town's treasure, Bezz deliberately forsakes a more peaceful solution to murder the town's leader while having everyone else in the town massacred to the last man. Having even loyal members of his own band killed afterwards, Bezz reveals to the last member Akordia, who's grown to love Grayson, that he only desires to see Karkorth plunged into darkness in accordance with his own Social Darwinist beliefs, taunting her that any punishment she could devise for Grayson will pale to the excruciation he and Shathrax put him through.
  • YMMV.Minecraft Endventures: Wrecker is a bloodthirsty Enderman. During the attack on the human city, he takes the family of the Rebel Leader hostage, killing them to bask in his enemy's sorrow. Leading his side's efforts to kill and devour escaping humans, Wrecker hunts for the heroes as they flee. When his superior, Endreai, is executed, Wrecker takes over as commander and launches an assault on the human fortress, burning one human alive and destroying the whole compound with explosives and slaughtering any survivors. Killing one of his own men for refusing to aid him in combat, Wrecker finds the Rebel Leader again, revealing his twisted philosophy that his strength comes from taking the lives of others before killing the Leader.
  • YMMV.Outpost: Standartenführer Strasser is the officer in charge of personally supervising the experiments for Klausener, openly embracing death and enjoying his own cruelty. Strasser treats his own men as guinea pigs in many trials of the Super Soldier program—which involves burning out neural pathways until their heads potentially explode—casually dismissing their brutal deaths while turning penal conscripts and other victims into zombified attack dogs for the Nazis, even setting them on POWs to slaughter them with impunity in his own Gladiator Games. Uncaring towards the soldiers under his command, Strasser simply leaves them to die to give him enough time to flee on his own after recklessly releasing the zombies.
  • YMMV.Stones Of Power: Sarento, the Big Bad of the trilogy. initially wanted to restore the Earth of the past in the post-apocalyptic setting, but willingly became corrupted and eventually absorbed the power Bloodstone, giving him a hunger for human souls. Forming armies known as Devourers, Sarento leads genocidal crusades against humanity, massacring so many people humanity faces extinction. Eventually devouring his own followers, Sarento goes after the last survivors and eventually comes against one of the final cities on Earth, while revealing that devouring souls leaves them trapped in agony within him, something Sarento gleefully laughs about. Sarento only deigns to spare the cities when hero Jon Shannow uses a spell to send Sarento and himself to the Earth's past, with millions more people to devour. Sarento gleefully accepts, mocking Shannow how he'll feast on everyone he can, before it's revealed Shannow had chosen to send them to the first testing site of the atomic bomb.

    Should be Mean Boss 
  • Animation.Planetata Na Sakrovishtata: Supersilver regularly berates his underlings as well as his parrot.
  • Characters.Com Media: Tends to be very overbearing
  • Characters.Kitchen Nightmares: Appears 13 times, each time describing a real-life restaurant boss. Not only does it fit Mean Boss more, but the trope is NRLEP.
  • Characters.Moondreamers: When things go her way, she even allows her minions to have a drink with her. When things do not go her way, the drink will end up spilled on their heads and they will end up getting shouted to their faces and tormented even if it was not their fault because someone has to hear it.
  • Characters.Perfect Strangers:
    • He usually belittles Larry and Balki anyway he can.
    • Technically only Balki's supervisor, but he still tries to push Larry around sometimes.
  • Characters.Street Fighter V:
    • While he's never seen harming or berating his troops, his Control Freak nature makes him quite a slavedriver as he puts strict policies in place, such as a dress code. Birdie eventually quits Shadaloo because he just couldn't stand his rules anymore. This ends up backfiring on him in Balrog's story mode where Balrog sells the secrets of Operation C.H.A.I.N.S to Urien.
  • Film.Farewell Fami Kamen Rider: General Kidd. Not only does he berate Tsunemi for the tiniest of failures, but it's clear that he's aware of her desire to please him and uses that against her at every opportunity. When she's defeated by MarzGurl and Chris, he doesn't care in the slightest. Borderline, seems to fit more here.
  • Manga.Shion No Ou: As Ayumi's master, Hani Makoto shows this, largely by being a Jerkass and frequently maltreating his apprentice (even framing him). Later, this turns out to be partially a case of being a convoluted Manipulative Bastard, but it could easily be both since he deliberately choses methods involving kicking the dog... a lot.
  • MoralEventHorizon.Live Action Films: Killian was already a bastard, lying about the contestant's past, verbally abusing his employees, sending people off to die in a brutal death battle, but what sent him over the horizon was lying about the supposed winners of the Running Man, claiming that had been given a pardon, when in reality they had been burned alive off camera. His audience turns against him after that. Dude is evil, but the pothole is Mean Boss territory.
  • Music.Matthew Good: The music video for "Bad Guys Win" from Something Like A Storm features a thinly veiled Take That! aimed at former Fox News executive Roger Ailes. His employees get fed up with him, kick his ass, and drag him out of his own office... and upon their return, they find that he has been replaced by another.
  • Recap.Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 1 E 7 Human Resources Part One: Jerry Cooper seems to be a mild version, being obnoxious, sexist, "overly" friendly towards staff that doesn't reciprocate, and "isn't really racist he just says embarrassing things".
  • Recap.Craig Of The Creek S 3 E 34 Capture The Flag Part 3 The Legend: After the Sugar Swipers escape, King Xavier yells at Maya, asking where she has been. When she tries excusing herself, King Xavier doesn't want to hear any more of it. Despite the fact that he told her to help out demolishing the ramps.
  • Recap.How I Met Your Mother S 4 E 18 Old King Clancy: Bilson shot down every idea Ted gave because he wanted the employees to not be reminded of the world outside work, like natural light. He even fired Ted because he proposed a "nurturing space" for the firing room.
  • Recap.Little House On The Prairie S 9 E 14 Home Again: No longer a farmer after his move to Iowa, Charles is now working at a men's clothing store, where he gets berated daily by his tyrannical boss, Mr. Janes; while working late one night (under protest), a policeman stops by to inform Charles that Albert has gotten into trouble yet again. Anxious to sort out the situation, Charles tries explaining to his unsympathetic boss why he needs to get to the police station immediately, but Janes threatens to fire Charles for doing so; seeing no alternative, he defies his boss and leaves anyway.
  • Series.Pose: Elektra jealously monitors her followers' movements, mocks and belittles any of them who show an independent streak, and steals any good ideas that they have and presents them as her own. This comes back to bite her in the ass in "Pink Slip"; when her money dries up, her children all abandon her.
  • Series.Shameless US: A dark version of this trope appears when Fiona gets a job as a check out girl. Her manager tells her if she wants her job, she'll have to give him oral sex. She manages to record their conversation and blackmails him into giving him the job. However, she learns that the manager is forcing the other female cashiers to perform oral sex. She gets them all together to discuss coming forward and getting the manager fired. Some are on board with this, but others are against it, claiming it's not that bad. One points out the manager let's them take sick days when they aren't sick, which his replacement might not do. In the end, they put it to a vote and decide against turning in their manager. To make things worse, the other cashiers turn on Fiona after learning she hasn't performed oral sex on their manager, feeling that she's not pulling her weight. Put this here because as bad as it is, it still doesn't seem to match the definition of Bad Boss.
  • Series.The Kids In The Hall: In the final episode, Dave's Bad Boss Mr. Love to the female employees of AT & Love: "Oh, I almost forgot. We will be requiring that you turn in your security passes, your coffee mugs — oh, and your wigs!"
  • Trivia.The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Queen Latifah made an appearance during Season 1 as Hilary's Bad Boss, diva actress Marissa Redman, who had a crush on Will. A season later, in the same episode as Nia Long's first appearance, funnily enough, she returned as Dee Dee, a full-figured girl that Will actually liked, but was too afraid to admit it because of her size. Pretty sure a show like Fresh Prince wouldn't have had a proper Bad Boss.
  • VideoGame.Choice Of Games (1)
    • Hamblin to Miller. He tries to pressure them into renewing their apparently very demanding contract with him against their will by threatening to withhold pay otherwise, uses them to spy on the protagonist, and forbids them from attending social events due to his own distaste for them.
    • Lloyd Croghan, who's callous and inflexible, but also competent and ultimately fair-minded.
    • You can become one of these if you mistreat your crew (leading to a strike action).

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