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    Let's Plays 
  • angelarts's VA Let's Play of EarthBound was updated in April 1st 2013 stating that it was canceled. An additional video was added later that day stating that it was, indeed, an April Fools' Day joke.
  • In April 1st 2009, Chuggaaconroy did an intentionally poor Let's Play of Mega Man 2, as a parody of all the bad LPs the game was receiving.
    • In April 1st, 2011, he posted a Tweet that stated that his 14th LP would be Pikmin 2. His 14th LP was actually Luigi's Mansion, but his 15th LP, starting the day after Luigi's Mansion, WAS Pikmin 2.
  • In 2014, Game Grumps made Cat Grumps and Meow Train, two new segments starring cats.

  • 4chan once added a /fur/ channel on April 1st. The userbase was shocked to see it still up on April 2nd. Then they were infuriated when it was still up on April 3rd. On April 4th moot closed the channel and permabanned everyone who had posted in it. The April Fur's Day prank is today considered one of the better things the staff have done. This prank is such a legendary cornerstone of the 4chan community that, when moot added a /mlp/ board to stem the sheer number of pony threads on /co/, it was immediately assumed by the majority of the users that the staff were up to their old tricks with an early April Fools prank. It got so accepted as fact that moot had to top the board with a sticky thread specifically debunking the rumor, not that that stopped anyone from still claiming it to be true up until April Fools Day itself.
  • For 2013, the Fan Translation group Absolute Zero released an English translation patch for Tales of the Tempest - a game which most fans of the series consider to be complete shit (the readme even goes into detail about how terrible the game is).
  • In 2010, Aeon Genesis finally released their translation of Tactics Ogre in Al Bhed.
  • Ambrosia Software released a free program called ScreenCleaner Pro, which claimed to be able to fix up monitors by brightening them; you opened the program, waited a few minutes while it "calibrated", and then the monitor would brighten significantly. Apparently a miracle product... except what it really did was gradually darken the screen, then turn it back to the original brightness. They even went so far as to get a fake positive review from a software site to make it look legitimate.
  • In 2014 and 2015, the Animal Crossing Wiki had a banner claiming the wiki would be shutting down, with a link to their article on April Fools' Day.
  • The Backloggery saw how far you can take Cash Cow Franchises to on 2009 by randomly adding suffixes and prefixes of popular video game series, shovelware franchises, Super Title 64 Advance and other generic stuff on games' names as you refresh the pages, leading to some utterly ridiculous ideas like Imagine: Resident Evil 5? Superman 64 HD Remix, the redundant Street Fighter Alpha Anthology vs. Capcom, Tom Clancy's Sonic the Hedgehog, and Guitar Hero: Saya no Uta Edition.
  • For April 1 2014, Brixton Buzz announced that Brixton was to be renamed East Clapham.
  • On April 1 2014, and for about two weeks afterwards, Coasterpedia (the Wikia one) had an article on the "River Phoenix", which was "a flair-loop coaster installed in the grounds of the Paris Hilton".note 
  • For 2014, instead of pranking their visitors, Cracked instead created an infographic containing "13 Shocking Statistics You Won't Believe Are True" for their readers to post on their Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter to see how many people will share them without first verifying how ridiculously false the facts are.
  • The music Database Encyclopedia Metallum has a tradition of pulling these every year since 2009, only having not participated once - in 2011.
    • The first prank saw the site accept the nu-metal band Korn into it's database, after the mods deemed the band's first album to be "metal enough".
    • 2010 saw the removal of the site's forum, the Tavern, for a day.
    • In 2012, the site posted an FBI logo on it's main page, suggesting that it had been taken down due to promoting internet piracy. Despite the fact that you simply had to click just to get to the main page, many people feared the site had suffered the same fate as Mega Upload.
    • 2013 saw the addition of Nickelback to the site, in the same vein as the addition of Korn. It was accompanied by several reviews praising the band's albums, as well as numerous vandalisms of the band's page (for example: It was stated that Hellblazer, one of MA's founders, was actually Chad Kroeger). The satire site Tyranny of Tradition expanded upon this by running a fake article having Nickelback supposedly hold a press conference in response to the site.
    • 2014 had 2 pranks:
      • The first being the vandalism of the page for a Chilean Black Metal band named Hades Archer, having their genre of music changed to "Penis Metal".
      • A secondary prank involved the deletion of the page for the controversial band Meshuggah (whose genre was listed as "Technical Nu-Metal/Djent"), as well as several staged arguments between the moderators.
  • DeviantArt:
    • In 2008, the site replaced the avatars of all users with an animated gif of Mudkip with the words "So I herd you liek Mudkips" (sic), a reference to an internet meme. This led to many people being infuriated at the site's staff members for using such a meme when (at the time) they couldn't do memes as well. To make matters worse, it backfired in DeviantArt's faces because they also featured an artist user whose account name was along the lines of Mudkipz to go along with the gag.
      Unfortunately they didn't check out said deviant before featuring him, leading to many to click on his gallery and come face first in very suggestive loli pics (some of which were porn). They removed the featured deviant and chewed out the offensive imagery, but the damage was done and left many red-faced or shaking their heads in addition to the meme.
    • On April 1st 2010, avatars were changed to Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Seeker, or Lady Gaga, with matching signatures (though the Team Seeker signatures reflect only Legend of the Seeker, and not Sword of Truth) Llama badges were also released, which became a huge fad.
    • For April 1st 2011 troll faces appeared on random places throughout the website (ironic, since the site has a very strict "No Trolling" policy).
    • In 2012, cats took over DA.
    • In 2013, dA introduced deviantHEART, a dating service for Deviants.
    • In 2014, dA introduced thoughtArt, the new way to create and share art. It supposedly scans your cerebral and turns your thoughts into art. Except not.
    • In 2015, the site introduced the DeviantArt Stylus IRL, a way to bring the sophistication of digital art into the real world.
  • The Defictionalized Digibutter.nerr once claimed to be bought out by 4Kids. Every forum but the Party, Off Topic and RP forums were locked, and people took on parody alts that made fun of various characterizations and dubbing errors.
    • And a year later, they changed their name to the "Bitlands" (a spin-off site from it already exists) for April 1, 2010. Then it was revealed that there WILL be a name change and it MIGHT be the Bitlands anyways.
  • The Doom fansite pulled a couple of pranks:
    • 2003: "Doomworld Nearing Its End", as a result of every single staff member leaving for one reason or other.
    • 2004: The site was supposedly now "sponsored by McDonald's", with the front page decorated with the Golden Arches logo and Ronald McDonald's likeness. Also, a news item was published, stating that Doom 3 has finally gone gold, though with a number of last-minute changes (e.g. all monsters looking lke John Romero, and all levels being completely pitch black.)
    • 2006: Claiming that Action Doom 2, a sequel to the popular Doom mod, was in production. Except it turned out it wasn't a joke, as Action Doom 2 was suprisingly released out of the blue two years later.
    • 2007: Claiming that the site was shutting down because the domain had been sold to the Christian organization Endtime Ministries.
  • The Donkey Kong Wiki changed their name to Lanky Kong Wiki in 2015.
  • In one of the cruelest examples imaginable that one porn site enacted an April Fool's joke resulting in the ban of all lolicon/shota artwork from the site. What makes this particularly nasty is the joke was cooked up in response to e-hentai's ACTUAL ban of all underaged artwork due to Moral Guardian antagonization of their advertisers, and used the subpoena sent to them as the excuse, doctored up to look like it was sent to said pornsite instead. The joke was meant to be incredibly obvious, as the featured image was Rugrats (with, at one point, a feature change to Popeye dressed as Sailor Moon in response to an anonymous commenter along with the comment 'But older characters cosplaying as underaged? Yes that's still acceptable.'), however due to the e-hentai debacle, users just couldn't believe it was a joke and some serious debate went down over the state of the world and continuing persecution of lolicons. Some artists even ragequit over what they took to be impending censorship of their art on a site that shouldn't have it. All staff were told to keep up appearances for a day after, duplicate pics that were to be deleted were saved up for about a week prior, then commented upon before being deleted to lend to the authenticity. A few artists still haven't returned, and probably never will.
  • Equestria Daily:
    • 2011: Trixie taking over the site. This more than anything was what really instilled in the fandom that Sethisto really likes Trixie.
    • 2012: Converting the website from Generation 4 (Friendship Is Magic) to Generations 1-3.5 (the original My Little Pony to the Tastes Like Diabetes, oddly-bulbous-bodied characters from the series immediately before FiM). Their reasoning was that they were under a Hasbro takeover.
    • 2013: they decided to "monitor everything", presenting "ponified" news stories as well as a few fake "updates" about season 4.
    • 2014: they set themselves to 2045, and looked back at all 31 seasons of Friendship Is Magic.
    • 2015: the site took a more manly approach to some of its articles and renamed itself "Man Daily". By featuring Bulk Biceps on the banner, of course.
  • Fimfiction.Net:
    • 2014:
    • Some of the stories on the site appeared as if they were written by someone else. And this applied to any and all stories by that author, even stories that had been posted years before that date and that were clearly not by that author.
    • The administrator, knighty, changed his name and avatar to that of Mark Zuckerburg and claimed Facebook owned the site, making fun of Facebook buying the Oculus Rift.
    • 2015:
      • The announcement post detailing the changes staff did to the featured box was posted on March 31st, 2015 to try to avoid this. However, the day after April Fools, a blog post has been added that clearly states on bold that the feature box has not been changed and that that was a increasingly large prank.
      • The popular Seattle's Angels review group posted several fake stories that link to various things outside of Fimfiction (the coverart for one of these was just the coverart of Past Sins with the colours inverted) with even crazier reviews.
      • The administrator posted a blog post (this one more subtle, with several letters in italic that spell April Fools) banning LoHAV stories on the sitenote 
  • Furry art site Fur Affinity has its share of pranks. For a few years, the search engine was taken down and one year, it was put back up for that day, but people got fooled when they saw that it didn't work at all. One common joke its members play on its watchers is to use a thumbnail (preview) of a piece of art they claimed to have made and when people click it, the art is something different (example: a thumbnail promises fat fur art and instead, users get an anorexic fur). Usually most members that are aware of the jokes and what the artists usually make usually won't fall for it. Another common joke is an artist making a journal claiming they are going to leave the site forever.
  • GameFAQs always gets in on the April Fools Day craze. In later years it's been toned down, sometimes with the only gag being a silly Poll of the Day and maybe the creation of a few joke message boards. But in the past, they've done some huge things, including:
    • Banning the latter "e"
    • Changing the entire layout to create GameFAX, a site all about the Xbox.
    • Promoting random users to moderator status (though obviously not giving them actual power)
    • Putting up a fake notice on the homepage about the site being shut down for illegal activities
    • Removing all usernames in an effort to stop harassment
  • Google almost always has a yearly joke to pull, ranging from lunar research bases to intelligence-boosting energy drinks.
    • In 2010, Google put up a link to a new "Google Animal Translate" feature, and changed its name to in response to the city changing its name to Google, Kansas. Details here.
    • In 2012, they created Google Maps 8-bit for the NES. The video itself shows its work by showing that it is for the Famicom, which had networking features the Nintendo Entertainment System didn't.
    • In 2013, Google announced the release of Google Nose and Gmail Blue.
    • In 2014, Google introduced the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge free for anyone who owns an iPhone or an Android with the Google Maps application. Simply tap the search bar then press the Press Start button, handily labeled with a Pokéball. The map shifts to the closest Pokémon Center, showing any and all available Pokémon nearby. Catch them all, and you'll win a chance to get a job at Google.
    • For 2015, Google introduced a new mode for Google Maps that turns any location that has enough roads into a game of Pac-Man. This has been up for a few days before April Fools, though.
  • On April 1 2014, the Harry Potter Wiki became the "Lord Voldemort Wiki".
  • I-Mockery releases joke games on April Fool's. In 2008, it was a Pickleman (the site's mascot/creator's alter-ego) game, which was really just E.T. with Pickleman coming after you and killing you. For 2009, it's Tetris for Charity, where if you get to the 3rd level, $1 is donated to charity. Halfway through the second level, all the blocks are replaced by random NES sprites, which makes the game impossible. For 2010, it's Pitfall 2010, which looks like the original at first glance, but depending on the path you take on the first screen, you'll be killed by either the Guts Dozer from Mega Man 2, the robot ape from Strider, or Sinistar.
  • In 2012, Grooveshark (a music streaming website) introduced a new feature where Hipster Otis and Hipster Jen pop up to offer inane commentary on any song you play.
  • Hardcore Gaming 101, on April 1, 2015, presented a "Your Weekly Kusoge" review of Final Fantasy VI.
  • On April 1st, 2013, Know Your Meme claimed that the main tubular system was down and that the database could only process memes that predated the Internet. All confirmed memes were still available under a separate "Deadpool" section.
  • created their own Spot the Difference game that leads into an impossible level. The walkthrough included claims that this was a turning point that leads the game into becoming a Deconstruction Game, but in truth, nothing happens at all if you wait, not even a Screamer Prank.
    • In 2011, they reviewed a tic-tac-toe game far too seriously.
    • In 2007 they reviewed a supposedly massive browser game that was actually just a loading screen that never ended. After April Fool's they turned it into an actual review of the downloadable game it was based on.
    • In 2009, they had an overblown review of a game called "Quest for the Crown".
    • In 2012, they created a genuine, playable Text Adventure game, the joke being its completely ridiculous premise. Jay Is Ponies!
    • In 2014, they found a site that makes versions of the online game 2048 and made a version with the faces of the staff replacing the numbers: Jayis2048.
  • MuggleNet posts absurd news items on April 1st, such as claiming Scholastic would rerelease the books with titles like "Harry Potter and A Super Cool Stone", "Harry Potter and A Super SUPER Secret", "Harry Potter and A Bad Guy Who's Actually Okay", "Harry Potter and FIREEEEEEEEE!", "Harry Potter and A Super Secret House shhh", "Harry Potter and A Prince, Like The One You Know", and "Harry Potter and A Good Versus Evil Fight". One year they joined forces with The Leaky Cauldron by claiming that the two webmasters Emerson and Melissa (who were already being shipped as "Memerson") had gotten married and were combining sites.
  • Muppet Mindset has had many April Fools jokes on an infrequent basis. Besides the aforementioned website swap with ToughPigs, they've also done a fake cease and desist, an article involving a fake ride at Disney Theme Parks based around Angus McGonagle (a one-off character from the Star Wars episode of The Muppet Show) and temporarily rebranding itself the Constantine Mindset. For 2015, they announced dozens of Spin-Off websites, from the logical (the Marvel Mindset and the Mario Mindset) to the ridiculous (er... the Macaroni Mindset?). It reached its epix when they announced "The Mindset Mindset", a blog for fans of all of the Mindset sites. Each post linked to the same picture of Fozzie (a screencap from the Bohemian Rhapsody viral video) with the caption "April Fools!"
  • Neopets has done this for over 10 years:
    • 2000: A page filled with pets that didn't quite make the cut. (The artists were having a bad day.)
    • 2001: An announcement that some of the pets would be redesigned.
    • 2002: The Pant Devil stole everyone's items, including ones in their Safety Deposit Boxes.
    • 2003: A sneak preview of the site's Totally Radical makeover, Neopetz.
    • 2004: A new TCG expansion pack, "Quiguki Armageddon". It featured a parody of their Usuki toys, called Quigukis (based on the frog-like Quiggles). The Quigukis underwent Defictionalization, everything else did not.
    • 2005: 50 new Neopets, with the announcement that the maximum number of pets an account could have was now 10 (instead of 4). A poll was held, and the most popular (the Lamameeah) was released as an actual Neopet (the Gnorbu), while a few others were released as Petpets.
    • 2006: To stabilize the Neopian economy, NeoCharge was introduced, which taxed users for each page they visited. Failure to pay debts would supposedly result in accounts being flagged, and actions being taken to "compensate" note .
    • 2007: The Battledome was closed, as well as the Battledome section of the forums, and any weapon shop.
    • 2008: The NeoBuddy system was introduced, where a questionnaire would match you up with a buddy (Bug Eye McGee for most, Sir Fufon Lui for a few), who would pop up from time to time and give advice.
    • 2009: It was announced that the pets would be phased out in favor of Neoplants, and there were minor jokes around the site as well:
      • The Hidden Tower was closed until further notice, as was the Faerieland Employment Agency.
      • The Tiki Tack Tomobola was perpetually out of money, and kept asking for a 1 NP donation.
      • Neopoint inflation rose tenfold, and interest rates at the Bank were lowered (the Banker got a new appearance, as well).
      • The Stock Market was stuck; no prices moved up or down.
    • 2010: More minor jokes:
      • The Battledome: In 3D! [1] [2] [3]
      • The Prank Warehouse opened up, which allowed users to send various pranks (such as pies or slime) to their friends.
      • Neoboard filters were added— for instance, "3.14" would be changed to "numbers", "snot" would be filtered into "faerie dust", and "slime" would be changed into "Twilight"
      • They also snuck one into their Facebook page, with some concept art— of the "Meat Faerie".
  • On April 1, 2014, NPR's website ran an article titled "Why Doesn't America Read Anymore?", an example of a prank meant to prove a point. The comments section is filled with people who, uh, proved NPR's point.
  • Ponibooru (a Danbooru-like image website for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic) became overrun by Pinkie Pies during April Fools' 2012.
    • In 2013, its successor site Derpibooru got in on the act by converting into Trixiebooru for April Fools' Day.
    • 2014 saw Derpibooru replace the background behind each image thumbnail with a randomized image of Nicolas Cage, as well as renaming the anonymous "Background Pony" title after him.
    • In 2015, the site was flooded with Desktop Ponies.
  • Romhack website put up a link on April 1, 2014 for a translation of Etrian Odyssey Retold, a supposed "hard version" of Etrian Odyssey. It was actually a full translation for the game 7th Dragon.
  • In April 1st, 2013, the Reddit blog stated that Reddit has bought Team Fortress 2. The TF2 blog, however, stated that Team Fortress 2 has secretly bought Reddit instead.
    • With the taking over of Team Fortress 2/Reddit, Reddit hosted a voting competition between Orangered and Periwinkle,(Read: Red and Blue) and whoever got the most hats, another addition of the site, won. If you care, then Orangered won.
    • In 2013 the Subreddits for Star Wars and Star Trek switched backgrounds for the day. Two years later, Homestuck and Steven Universe did the same thing. Both left a lot of fans scratching their heads.
  • posted the 100 Best Virtual Boy Games Ever. It's obvious that the overall number of Virtual Boy games is nowhere near that number. Virtual Boy Wario Land was the only game listed, and in all 100 spots too, no exceptions. Reading the commentaries, they seem to claim that there are many versions of Virtual Boy Wario Land, even versions for different consoles, all with the same title. Some of the comments were ripped directly from the prior Top 100 lists Syd had made. There were even surprise comments from Jareth The Goblin King and Avril Lavigne.
    • On April 1st, 2013, the site posted a blog post informing that their servers have been changed from North Korea to the United States and that all torrents from North Korea, China, Iran, France and Islamistan would be removed.
    • On April 1st 2014, the site introduced "The Virtual Bay", where "you'll be able to see, hear and feel everything that is a part of The Pirate Bay."
  • SmashWiki featured fake Smash Bros news in 2014, and in 2015 changed their name to SmashRiki.
  • The B-movie review site Stomp Tokyo reviewed nonexistent movies on 1 April. The first of these was The Dellon Godhead, a Doctor Who / The New Avengers crossover, supposedly including BRIAN BLESSED as a football-obsessed Blackbeard.
  • In 2014 and 2015, Super Mario Wiki featured strange, but true facts about the Mario universe out of context. One example from 2015 was a line from the infamous Navgtr review of Donkey Kong Country: "Donkey Kong Country is truly perfect. If you do not get this amazing new generation of Donkey Kong madness, you are stupid. Yes, we know it's insulting, but that's also the truth. If you're a true video game fan, you will not hesitate in the slightest bit to buy this piece of gaming history."
  • ToughPigs, a fansite of The Muppets, has done this almost every year since 2008.
    • In 2008, they temporarily converted to a Topo Gigio fansite.
    • In 2009, their joke was a bit more "negative" than the previous year.
    • In 2010, when The Muppets was still in its preproduction stage, they posted a newsbit about the movie actually being a remake of their first film. They Changed It, Now It Sucks! reactions ensued.
    • In 2012, the site renamed itself ToughBears and posted a total of seven fake articles relating to Muppet bears, such as an app of Flo Bear from Sesame Street (which is said to consist of a looping animation of Flo writing a book), Bobo starring in a Judd Apatow film, and a countdown of the top 100 Emily Bear moments (of which there are only three listed; the article teased that the other 97 would come soon).
    • In 2013, they switched duties with fellow Muppet fansite The Muppet Mindset. ToughPigs proved to be more active in that regard, with spoofs of all of the Mindset's regular articles such as "Weekly Muppet Wednesdays", "The Great Muppet Survey" and "Muppet Fan's Muppet Collection Chronicle". Meanwhile, the Mindset went with the "Beautiful Toy Pageant" (a spoof of TP's regular "Ugly Toy Pageant") and a now-removed article called "My Week With Marilyn" (very loosely inspired by TP's "My Week With..." review series).
    • In 2014, during the wake of Muppets Most Wanted's release, ToughPigs, the Muppet Mindset and another fansite called Muppet Stuff, had that movie's main villain Constantine take over their sites. However, TP gets bonus points for having Constantine's puppeteer Matt Vogel record a special message for the site. Throughout the day they posted all sorts of articles relating to the then-recent film, including one about the Muppets doing a concert appearance at Carnegie Hall, modeled after the ones they did in the film. (Note: Some of the articles relate to very specific events in the film, and they might not make much sense to those who haven't seen Muppets Most Wanted, so spoiler alert!)
    • 2015: The site rebranded itself into "BuzzPigs", with over a dozen articles about the Muppets written In the Style of... BuzzFeed. Many of them were trolling articles - one of them, about how to be a true Muppet fan in New York City, recommended doing all sorts of ridiculous things referencing The Muppets Take Manhattan, the last of which was to walk directly in the path of an oncoming cabnote . Another teased what Robin the Frog looks like all grown up... and he looks exactly the same as he did in The '70s. The quizzes were just as ridiculous - for the "Which Muppeteer Are You?" quiz, your result would always be "Puppeteers Do Not Exist. The Muppets are real. Please share this result with your friends. Sincerely, The Walt Disney Company." They also boasted that they could guess your favorite Muppet. The result would always be Mildred Huxtetter.
  • TASVideos gets many joke run submissions during April Fools' day. Sometimes the joke is the game, as in the submissions for Color a Dinosaur or Desert Bus. Sometimes the run is the joke, as in the The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess run that would crash the game and make it load another emulator from the emulated console's SD card.
    • One infamous April Fools' Day joke was half-serious: they actually had discovered that emulators can never properly replicate certain forms of randomness used by the actual hardware, but they didn't really intend to shut down the whole site over it.
      • Ironically, since then, emulator runs have actually been proven to run on a console, depending on the game.
    • The site itself also does April Fools' jokes, such as in 2014 when they announced TASVideos Pro, "a place where only the most professional TASers contribute the truly best runs" available for only $25 USD a month.
  • Tales of MU posted an update in 2009, announcing production plans for a Syfy channel spin-off TV show, of which the author claimed pride but apparently had little creative control, resulting in significant deviations from the core themes of the novel. It linked to the writer's Livejournal crossposting, where comments revealed the prank. A few commenters disbelieved the announcement because it referenced "the newly branded Syfy channel" at the end, and were double-pranked to discover Sci-Fi's renaming on April 1st, though it was widely known earlier.
  • Like with the actual game, the Team Fortress 2 official wiki has been doing April Fools' Day pranks since 2011, as seen here.
    • On April 1st, 2011, the Team Fortress Wiki altered the front page as part of a fictional Australium April Update. The "featured article" rotated between the pages for the new class, the Demopan, and the new Cow melee weapon for the Heavy. The Demopan page was originally created by Benjamuffin for his user page, while the Cow page was created specifically for April Fools' Day by Focusknock. The trending topics were changed to Cow, Demopan, Frying Pan, Bounty Hat, Chargin' Targe, Dangeresque, Too?, Stout Shako, and For 2 Refined (which links to the Trading page) for the day. A fake update post, written by Stevoisiak, was added to the current events describing the fake update.
    • For April Fools' Day 2012, a fake patch article was released announcing the release of Ricochet 2, along with the addition of the following items: the Circular Circlesaw, the Crocketeer's Cloak, the Ricochest, and the Heartwarming Headache. Apparently, this joke was so good, some people thought Valve was behind it, even though Valve was not involved in any way in this update; everything has been thought of and created by Wiki editors. More info can be found here. What's interesting about this April Fools' Day prank (which may or may not be coincidental and/or foreshadowing) is that it promised "native client support for Linux", which did eventually get added to the game (at least on Ubuntu).
  • Tumblr debuted an "Executive Suite 2015", complete with spreadsheets, a notepad, and a calculator (which didn't work). Also, if you tried the "free trial", your blog got a business-esque addendum to its name, and your dashboard was overrun by a "helpful" Clippy-esque icon: A copy machine named Coppy which you couldn't get rid of (clicking its X caused it to go away for about 3 seconds before it popped up again).
  • In 2015, Twitch made the infamous "Kappa" emoticon become a question-mark silhouette when used in chat. How do you get the actual Kappa emote? By typing "Grey Face" with no spaces.
  • From 2005 to 2009, The Video Game Atlas used to feature maps for fake video games. In order, these are The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening Advance, Mega Man Solid X: Guns Of The Mavericks ( links dead), Super Kid Icarus, The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Hours, and Metroid Dread.
  • The Wizards of the Coast message board has had some good ones. One instance that sticks out is having everyone's avatar switched with one of the My Little Pony pictures. It quickly got out of hand when people who linked to their wizards avatars on other message boards saw the change, and thought the Wiz_0's(mods) were following them.
    • They also once announced a Mattel merger between My Little Pony and Dungeons and Dragons. The pink beholder graphic with bows on its eyestalks remains iconic...
  • Wing Commander CIC, a Wing Commander online fandom news site, changes the main site's look to something silly on April 1st, and posts "news" articles that are loaded with take thats, at themselves and others, often along with joke announcements of fictional new WC releases.
  • YouTube runs regular April Fools' Day pranks.
    • 2008: During the height of the rickrolling craze, YouTube linked every front page video to the infamous Rick Astley song. Kongregate pulled a similar trick.
    • 2009: YouTube took a page from Homestar Runner and flipped the site (and videos!) upside down. This lasted even beyond the date itself with a URL suffix. However, it didn't always work (For example, if you're using a YouTube userscript for the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox.) Some videos also weren't completely fixed afterward and will flip upside down when put into high quality.
    • 2010: YouTube put a "text-only mode", displaying certain videos as entirely made of text in various colors—including nearly any video with resolution greater than 360p, not just videos Youtube had done manually. This effectively made Ascii Shading Art. Sadly, it's long gone, and not even available by URL anymore. There also was a cat (who you may know as Ceiling Cat) peeking through the video processing icon. See it here.
    • 2011: YouTube had a 1911 mode, claiming to be videos made in 1911, including "The Irksome Citrus", "Horse & Buggy Crash" (wherein one is Ruth Roll'd), and "Flugelhorn Feline". The videos are in sepia while old-time music plays over the audio. With intertitles in modified Antiquated Linguistics (Alert. We have a fornicator in Lincoln Heights!"). Viewers delighted in leaving comments written in the same style.
    • 2012: YouTube brings out "The YouTube Collection", where you can purchase YouTube in its entirety, packaged and shipped to you in a convenient 100,000-disc collection!
    • 2013: YouTube is finished! That's right, it's now time to choose the best YouTube video ever, so the site is shutting down, and going to spend the next ten years reviewing every single video on the site to pick the best one. The winner will recieve a $500 stripend for their next creative endeavor and an MP3 player that clips to your sleeve. This prank culminated in a roughly twelve-hour live stream consisting of two announcers reading out the names and descriptions of the nominees (read: any possible random video on the site), fraught with technical difficulties and ending with about fifteen minutes of the announcers sleeping it off without any real conclusion.
    • 2014: YouTube put up a video claiming they were responsible for all the world's most popular viral videos, announcing the "new trends" for viral videos in 2014: "Clocking", "Kissing Dad", and the "Glub Glub Water Dance". Other trends were announced, including "Getsyburg Addressing", "Cake-Bumping", "Nap-Cams", "Geology", "Wolf-Mask Tee Ball", "The Harlem Shake (Again)", and "1000 Dollar Gifting".
    • 2015: YouTube decides to cash in on the "Darude - Sandstorm" craze for 2015's April Fools Day. The video bar for all videos had an "Add Music" button added to it which, when clicked, played one of four snippets of Sandstorm. Also, most if not all search results had "Did you mean: Darude - Sandstorm by Darude" at the top.
    • And then to top it off, e-hentai unbanned underaged artwork, instead placing it on the spin-off site exhentai.

    Web Original 
  • On the podcast All Movie Talk, in the intro portion for the last Tuesday before April Fools' Day:
    • Sam told listeners that the episode contained the word "movie" more times than any other episode, and encouraged listeners to verify this (true or no, that's a lot of time to be counting the word "movie");
    • Stephen claimed to have gotten everyone a gift...only to reveal that it was a free movie podcast (just like every week);
    • Sam listed off the segments for the episode (which were false);
    • and finally, they introduced themselves as each other.
  • On April 1, 2012, instead of an Animorphs review, Cinnamon Bunzuh! surprised everyone by releasing a review for Stephenie Meyer's The Host. Except when one actually clicks the review, it consists of nothing but an Andalite troll smiley (which bizarrely actually works) and a note:
    "This book is really long, and we are lazy. Sorry folks!"
  • On 2013, two blogs by sports-related cooks - a serious one and a Cordon Bleugh Chef - switched places.

    Web Video 
  • Bad Creepypasta: On April 2014, the crew did a reading of the My Little Pony fanfic "Cupcakes", except they were reading off a baking recipe for cupcakes.
  • Chrontendo said once that he was going to review every game released for the Philips CD-I on 1 April 2012. A day later, he posted this video and people started to realize that he was joking.
  • Though they uploaded the video a day early, CinemaSins pranked its audience in 2014 by making a "What's the Damage?" video for Titanic (1997). It was a 10+ minute long video... that was over in 30 seconds. One (1) Titanic: $7.5 million 1912 dollars. The rest of the video is mostly a black screen, sprinkled with a few of the usual funny bits.
  • For 2014, cobanermani456 announced a playthrough of Shadow the Hedgehog (while the video was indeed a joke, he eventually gave in and made a legitimate playthrough of the actual game).
  • On April 1st 2014, the Fine Brothers premiered a new segment for their React series. The subjects? Cats, of course.
  • SethBling announced Minecraft snapshot 14w14a which turned out to be a Bukkit plugin.
  • Idea Channel:
  • In 2012 LoadingReadyRun announced that they would be renaming their site to "CatingCattyCats" to produce exclusively cat-related content for a Chinese company as part of a corporate takeover.
    "They offered us just a shitton of cash,” said Graham Stark, President and co-founder of LoadingReadyRun Megacorp Inc. “Like, you think you can imagine a shitton of cash, but you really, really can’t. We’re very excited to work with MauBau, the market leader of cat-focused entertainment content, to create great new entertainment properties. Also to get their money. Of which there is a shitton."
  • I'm Moving to Alaska by Matthew Santoro turned out to be this. Matt said that he would move to Alaska the next day, for reasons like riding seals and whales for the entertainment of Eskimos, running around with polar bears, and freezing. To his surprise, some people fell for this.
  • April Fool's is the only holiday TheMidnightFrogs celebrate every year, making parodies of something different each time. Thus far they've "abridged" paper, a wedding video, the short film version of Crash, the first episode of Sonic X, and they switched the character voices from the first episode of their Sgt. Frog Abridged.
  • In 2013, Rhett & Link posted a video on their YouTube channel entitled "Funny Baby Panda Kiss", promising just that. It ends up being an ad. Click the Skip button and you get... another ad. Click it again, and you see the duo hyping up the video that you're never going to see.

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