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Some ridiculously powerful being decides to make themselves a personal pal to a protagonist, thus driving the conflict. This could be for many reasons, perhaps because the deity is a jerk (like Q in ST:TNG), or because they literally have nothing better to do (like Hestia in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?).

A variety of The Chosen One, except that The One is chosen simply out of curiosity, boredom, or just plain whim. The One might even be forced on the deity because nobody else wants the job. There's no hint of greater purpose, destiny, or even a well-thought-out plan, at least initially. The god here might be an actual Jerkass God, or just someone who tries to be close and nice only to come off as annoying. They may also be a Great Gazoo.


Might not apply to situations where the deity is also a central character (such as Belldandy and her whole family in Ah! My Goddess), since interpersonal conflicts are a core story mechanic; this is more for when an obviously greater power stoops to behavior that would be surprising coming from a normal adult mortal and requires some hand-waiving to maintain suspension of disbelief (which is funny when talking about a deity). Also not just a general trickster deity, unless they've made it a personal priority to chum around with a specific hero. Contrast Egocentrically Religious, where someone claims to be personally favoured by a deity who's conveniently silent on the topic.

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  • Chakona Space Captain Neal Foster and his starship filled with Rakshani deities. Deities who are known to often be tricksters and who refuse to be passive passengers.
  • In The Dresden Files, Harry Dresden is quite displeased when the Fae Physical God Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, buys a favour he incurred through a magical vow and uses the leverage to send him on errands. To add injury to insult, when he tries his usual Snark Knight coping mechanism, she freezes his eyeballs until he acknowledges who's in charge.
  • In Robert Sheckley's Godhome, Arthur Fenn finds a way to contact some minor gods who are actually willing to answer his prayers, but then discovers that he's volunteered to allow three to move in with him, turning his house and yard into a pigsty, alienating his neighbors, and threatening his relationship with his girlfriend.

    Mythology And Religion 
  • The Book Of Jonah: Jonah considered the Hebrew God to be one. When God ordered Jonah to go to Nineveh, he fled to sea instead. Then God caused an enormous storm to get the sailors on the ship to throw Jonah overboard and had a whale swallow Jonah and transport him to Nineveh.

  • Homestuck:
    • Doc Scratch is an omniscient being who's more omnipotent than most omnipotent beings in Homestuck, yet he feels a nigh constant need to try and bond with teenage girls on the internet. Almost everyone he tries to talk to find him really creepy, despite his repeated assertions of Asexuality.
    • Vriska Serket, who's leveled up enough in the game of Sburb to become a God Tier, decides to train John from across the internet to become the most powerful of all his friends. Vriska does this because her former rival, Terezi, had befriended John's friend Dave and Vriska saw it as an excuse to force Terezi to acknowledge her again.
  • ''Oglaf: Played for Laughs in "Bread Alone" (SFW page, NSFW site) when a man's prayers are suddenly answered... by a god who's high out of his mind on drugs, prompting the man to ask that the god go back to being hands-off.
    Man: It's just... I prefer it when you don't speak.//

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