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Sandbox / Anime Namespacing Project

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This is the list of pages in the Anime/, Manga/, Light Novel/, and Visual Novel/ indexes that still need Main/ redirects namespaced and cutlisted and need Japanese-titled wicks changed to their English titles.

Please make sure to check all pages on the Related screens to make sure that Main/ redirects aren't connected to namespaces other than the one the work's page is in.

It's up to the individual's discretion on whether or not to change namespaced redirects to match the work page's namespace, but don't cutlist these if you do unless you're converting a Japanese title to English and the redirect has 10 or fewer inbounds.


When you finish a page, please add the wick to either CompletedMigrations.Namespaced Works With Less Than 15 Wicks, CompletedMigrations.Anime And Manga (includes light novels) or CompletedMigrations.Video Games (includes visual novels).

Thanks for your help!!!

10 or fewer wicks

Done for now.

11 to 25 wicks

Done for now.

26 to 50 wicks

Done for now.

51 to 100 wicks

101 to 250 wicks

251 to 500 wicks

501 to 750 wicks

751 to 1000 wicks

Done for now.


More than 1000 wicks

Done for now.