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Step 1: Know the trope you're about to work on.
Step 2: Go to the trope page.
Step 3: Click 'Related'
Step 4: Search for keywords 'Pantheon' or 'Sandbox'.
Step 5: See if it's taken.
It's EASIER that way.


1) Don't create deities whose titles play with tropes.
2) Warn tropers beforehand before you modify titles to your style in their sandboxes. If you're not sure of the gender or how to word the trope, LEAVE IT BE, no matter how awkward the page would now look.
3) Do not make templates before the troper wants it to, not even hidden ones.
4) Reservations for candidates for tropes are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Any hopes to claim another's is all up to the troper. And there are some, like r-lock256, who are territorial about it in regards to specific tropers such as Nightelf37.
5) There's no need to repost a profile just before ascending them.
6) Make sure you do the research if you wish to work on a deity.
7) Don't notify others of what you've posted last page. Nobody cares.
8) As long as you have enough [tup]s, you may take your time in ascending your profiles.
9) Profile reworks that add characters or merge profiles can be posted in the main thread.
A Self-Control Advisory From ChrisX Regarding Deity Suggestion and Ascension Speed
PSA On Ascending Controversial Profiles
Discussion on Candidate Searching
A Rational Reason As To Why "Fanfic" Versions of Canon Characters Cannot Be Ascended (And Why Machinimas Are Okay)
Let The Adopters Come To You
Repost Notification Is Not Needed


I have ascended the following gods to the Pantheon:

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Thumbs-up regulations for profiles

  • For ascending a new deity:
    • 1 thumbs-up = Same as 0 thumbs-ups; not ready yet, but you know now that someone thinks it's ready.
    • 2 thumbs-ups = Ascend within a week. Repost tomorrow. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend in 2 days (or immediately if you get two). Else, repost in 4 days. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend immediately.
    • 3 thumbs-ups = Ascend in 3 days.
    • 4 thumbs-ups = Ascend immediately.
  • For ascending a dominion/treasure:
    • 1 thumbs-up = Ascend within a week. Repost in 4 days.
    • 2 thumbs-ups = Ascend in 3 days.
    • 3 thumbs-ups = Ascend immediately.
  • For reworking a deity:
    • 1 thumbs-up = Rework done in 4 days.
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    • 2 thumbs-ups = Rework done in 2 days.
    • 3 thumbs-ups = Rework immediately.

    Ascension Record 

Total number of ascended deities: 13
Total number of ascended non-deities: 1 + ?

I have reworked the following Gods in the Pantheon:

    Rework Record 

Total number of reworked profiles: 1
Total number of deities added as a result of rework: 3

Profiles I'm Working On
Feel free to edit my 'pages'. I'm just laying out the groundwork.

     Bob Dylan 
Bob Dylan, God of Protest Songs
  • Intended House: Musical Genres
  • Theme Song: The Times They Are A-Changin’
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: The album cover of his Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, Writes Protest Songs
  • Domains: Music, Protests
  • Allies: The Beatles
  • Enemies:
  • Dylan was allowed to ascend to the Pantheon after much consideration about him winning a Nobel Literature Prize. Some deities were confused by this, but others just relaxed.
  • Dylan has continued to write protest songs whenever there is an issue in the Pantheon that gains controversy. He frequently helps victims of bias in the Pantheon, as they remind him of the boxer Rubin Carter, whom he wrote a song about after his arrest for a crime he never committed.
    • One of the first things he commented on was the state of war in the Pantheon. Despite this, none of the gods in the war were determined to listen to him and stop it.
  • Some deities like to call Dylan "the jester" after a nickname given to him via a famous song. Dylan prefers to think it’s someone else being referred to.

     Bob Ewell 
Robert E. Lee Ewell, God of Lower Class Louts (Bob Ewell)
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: A busted up chifforobe
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Corrupt Hick, Really Dirty, Jerkass, Dirty Coward, Egomaniac Hunter, Stupid Evil, Abuses His Daughter
  • Domains: Southerners, Racism, Deplorability, Hunting
  • Allies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Yuuki Terumi, Malty S. Melromarc, Calvin Candie and Stephen
  • Enemies: ATTICUS FINCH, all African American deities, the entire House of Justice, Naofumi's Party
  • No one was really hoping for Bob Ewell to ascend. Ewell, while mortal, framed an innocent man, Tom Robinson, for a crime Ewell himself likely committed and only won because Tom was an African American in the post-Civil War South, when racism was high. But Atticus Finch, who was the lawyer for Tom, humiliated him so throughly that Ewell attempted to kill his children, resulting in his death. Unfortunately for Atticus as well as everyone else, all other options for Lower-Class Lout were exhausted and so Ewell was ascended.
    • The first thing Ewell did when he ascended was make a racist remark to Storm and Black Panther. That was a mistake. Not only were these two actually willing to fight back, they did. Ewell was told not to approach their temples again once he’d gotten out of the hospital.
  • Ewell still HATES Atticus, as you might expect, and often yells at him whenever they cross paths. Atticus does his best to ignore Ewell, but he often has to remind him that he was only doing his job.
    • Eventually, Ewell was given a restraining order and told that he would be arrested if he approached Atticus or his children again. Ewell ignored the order and tried to hit Atticus, leading to him spending a month in jail. However, Ewell seems to be too stupid to have learned his lesson, and so a supervisor has been hired to keep an eye on him.
  • Ewell is hated by the entire House of Justice for framing Tom and winning his trial. It doesn’t help that Tom was killed in police custody while trying to escape, thus denying a retrial, which would have likely resulted in him being found innocent. The trial itself is how he became Malty's high priest, particularly due to the type of accusation he casted out. Of course, his actions against Tom are exactly what got him in Naofumi's shit list, as they reminded him of how he himself was set up by the corrupt princess.
  • Ewell often goes hunting around the Pantheon to feed himself- only himself, as his daughter Mayella did not ascend with him. You might think this would please some of the hunters in the Pantheon. It didn’t. They hate how it’s clearly poaching.

     The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society 
The Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, members  Holy Theatre Trope of Shows That Go Wrong
  • Rank: Quasidieties
  • Symbol: A destroyed theatre set
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Act Badly During Shows, Try To Continue Shows Even During Disasters, Are Frequently Injured During Shows, Often Cause Sets To Be Destroyed
  • Domains: Plays, Slapstick, Pain, Destruction
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Tiny Tim, The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come
  • During a theater show in the Pantheon, the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society decided to try to see if they’d have any luck with performing their plays. Unfortunately for them, their bad luck followed them. What followed was a complete fiasco of a performance, with injuries, a fight, and ultimately a complete collapse of the set. However, their plight did accomplish something- they were given a spot in the Pantheon because even the most stoic of gods found the sheer bad luck they faced hilarious.
  • It has been discovered that they attempted to preform a version of Peter Pan, which also became a complete fiasco. This got them on bad terms with the characters from that story who thought this to be a disgrace.
    • They also preformed a version of A Christmas Carol, which also was a complete disaster. That made the people from that story angry as well.
  • Trevor is a huge fan of Duran Duran, and has often requested for someone to try and ascend the group. For now, he’ll have to settle with listening to their music in the Pantheon.

W.I.T.C.H.members , Goddess Team of Funny Acronyms (Guardians of the Veil)
Their Guardian forms
[[Click here  for Will's Zenith form]]

    Chocolat and Vanilla 
Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Mieux, Holy Partakers of the Magical Girl Queenliness Test (Chocolat: "Kato")
  • [tup]s:
  • Intended House: Narrative Settings
  • Rank: Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: The hearts they collect
  • Theme: Chocolate ni Muchuu
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral bordering on Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Tomboy and Girly Girl, Red Oni, Blue Oni, have Familiars
  • Domains: Sweets, Love, Magic, Royalty
  • High Priests: Meg and Non
  • Heralds: Duke and Bianca
  • Allies: Akko Kagari, Marisa Kirisame, Sora, Sailor Moon, The Kira Kira Pretty Cures, Sabrina Spellman
  • Enemies: The Wicked Witch of the West, Ansem
  • Chocolat and Vanilla are a pair of witches from another dimension. Both were considered candidates for rulership and the title of Queen, and were sent to Earth to gather "hearts", which are the physical manifestation of how humans feel towards their lovers. Whomever collected the most would become Queen.
    • The gods discovered two timelines of their story. One ended with Vanilla becoming Queen, while the other ended with Chocolat becoming Queen. The versions brought into the Pantheon appear to have memories from both timelines and have come to terms with both of the outcomes. Not to mention they’re still good friends regardless of who wins.
  • Originally, the trope for Magical Girl Queenliness Test was intended to go to Meg Kanzaki and her rival Non. That was until the gods found something damning - Meg and Non both failed their test at the end of their tale and had to start again. While Meg and Non were being dismissed, a search was quickly held for anyone who actually accomplished their test. Chocolat and Vanilla eventually learned about this and both applied to the position, while Meg and Non were made their High Priests so as not to upset either of them.
  • Being Witches, they found common ground with other witches, such as Akko and Marisa. Chocolat in particular has made friends with Sabrina Spellman after running into her cat Salem who had gotten lost. She tended to him until Sabrina went out looking for him and formed a friendship with her as a result. On the other hand, they found the Wicked Witch of the West absolutely abhorrent and vowed to fight against her.
  • The fact that they collect hearts made Sora interested in them, seeing as how hearts are similar to souls in his universe. For their part, they think Sora is a good ally.
    • However, they detest his enemies like Ansem, who are only interested in the darker side of hearts.
  • Sailor Moon was confused by the duo, thinking they were very similar to the schemes of her various enemies. However, Chocolate pointed out that collecting hearts was entirely harmless compared to the evil plans of her enemies. Thus, they became good friends with Usagi.
  • As they are partially based off of sweet foods, they get along just fine with the Kira Kira Pretty Cures, and are some of the most frequent patrons at their cafe.

    Hell Correspondence 
Hell Correspondencemembers , Unholy Organization of Dragging People to Hell
Clockwise from from the far left: Ren Ichimoku, Yamawaro, Wanyuudo, Michiru Sagae, Hone Onna, Kikuri, and Ai Enma
  • Power Level/Level of Influence (in descending order: Overdeity, Greater God/Goddess, Intermediate God/Goddess, Lesser God/Goddess, Demigod/Demigoddess, Quasideity)
  • Symbol: A burned straw doll with a red thread around its neck
  • Theme Song: The Inverted Butterfly
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil when doing their job, Lawful Neutral when they aren’t
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Have Standards, Anti-Villains, Punch Clock Villains,
  • Domain(s): Websites, Vengeance, Hell, Dolls
  • Relationships with Other Pantheon Deities (only include those who are already on one of the actual pages, and not here in this sandbox)
  • Allies: The Overseers of Life and Death, Shinnok, Satan (South Park), Hades (Disney/Smite, Hades (Kid Icarus), Hela, Ereshkigal, Izanami, Anubis, Charon Scorpion, Spawn,
  • Enemies: Nagash the Undying
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Hell Correspondence is a group of beings who offer their services to those suffering from abuse or worse. To get them to visit you, one must simply put their name and the name of the tormentor in their website, which will summon forth their leader, the enigmatic Ai Enma. Ai will then give you a burned straw doll with a small red thread tied around its neck. Pulling this thread will cause Ai to appear before the person currently tormenting you and send them to Hell. But, as all pacts with demons do, this has a cost- when you die, you will also be sent to Hell, never to know what Heaven is like.
  • At midnight one day, Pantheon servers detected a mysterious website appearing in their domains. Deities were advised to avoid it, but undeterred, Eric Cartman chose to visit the website anyway. Typing in his name, Cartman was soon visited by Ai, and quickly made his choice on who to send to Hell. However, when Ai came to drag the intended target to Hell, three issues arouse- one, the target was Kenny McCormick, who has not only been to Hell before, but also is reborn every time he dies, two, this also bungled up Cartman’s end of the deal, and three, there are multiple Hells in the Pantheon. Thus, Ai was forced to let Kenny go and consulted with her subordinates about how to proceed with their deals.
    • Ai ultimately decided to continue with her deals under three conditions- one, the tormentor can only remain in Hell for up to a week, two, the victim will be sent to Hell once the tormentor has been sent to Hell and also remain for a week, and three, the victim will be sent to the Hell of their universe- or the closet thing at least.
    • As part of the new plan, the members of Hell Correspondence met with the Overseers of Life and Death to negotiate how the deals were to go through. They decided to make a pact with them that the various rulers of the multiple versions of Hell in the Pantheon were to torment the victims as well. Shinnok and South Park!Satan were known to have both taken part in this agreement, as were a variety of mythological death gods.
  • During one affair, Ai was asked by Shao Khan to send Scorpion to Hell. However, after discovering that Scorpion, in fact, already technically resided in a version of Hell, Ai was forced to abandon the deal. That being said, she does still admire Scorpion’s tactic of sending people to the Netherrealm.
  • At one point, Ai was about to send a target to Hell only to encounter Spawn doing exactly that. Spawn quickly began a conversation with Ai and struck up an alliance with her, agreeing to help her in the event her targets try to fight back against her.
  • Though Ai knows she will have a hard time she will have a hard time sending Nagash to Hell, she feels utter hatred for him. Nagash cursed the entire Nehekhara race to be sent to an afterlife of suffering, whereas Ai and her followers only send those who are asked to be sent to Hell.
  • Ai has actually been in the Pantheon before under The Ferryman, but had to step down and return to Hell when Charon ascended to occupy that trope. Ai does not bear any ill will towards Charon, however, and has often helped him ferry souls to the afterlife or taken over his position when he is unable to work.

    The Love Angels 
The Love Angels, members  Goddesses of Weddings in Japan (Momoko: Wedding Peach, Yuri: Angel Lily, Hinagiku: Angel Daisy, Scarlet: Angel Savlia)
From left to right: Peach, Lily, Daisy, and Savlia
  • Potential/New House: The house where you think your deity would fit best. Please limit your list to one or two, as it's difficult to keep profiles updated when they're in multiple houses.
  • [tup]s: 1 (Rener)
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: A pair of wedding bells
  • Theme Song: Merry Angel
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girls, Defeat villains by filling them with love, Call their attacks, Get newer dresses later into the story
  • Domain(s): Marriage, Angels, Love
  • Herald: Jama-P and their husbands (Yousuke Fuuma, Kazuya Yanagiba, Takuro Amano, and Dean Butler)
  • Relationships with Other Pantheon Deities (only include those who are already on one of the actual pages, and not here in this sandbox)
  • Allies: The rest of the Magical Girl Sisterhood (but especially the Sailor Senshi)
  • Enemies: Bluebeard, Ozai, Twisted Metal's Bloody Mary, Ragyo Kiryuin, Ghetsis Harmonia, Queen Beryl, Bowser
  • The Love Angels consist of four young girls in relationships- Momoko Hanasaki, Yuri Tamina, Hinagiku Tamano, and Scarlet Ohara. When not on dates or in relationships, the four fight against demons who seek to eliminate all love in the world. Needless to say, the Love Angels, who fight in either wedding dresses or miniskirts, are very good at their job.
  • The Magical Girl Sisterhood was searching for new recruits to help bolster the ranks further, and began contacting the Love Angels to ascend. The Sisterhood had difficulty in trying to find a good trope to give to the Love Angels. That was until someone found the trope Weddings in Japan, and determined that, as their tale coincided with Japan learning of western wedding traditions, this was the best trope for them. Thus, the Love Angels ascended to the Pantheon with their lovers in tow.
  • If there’s one thing the Love Angels cannot stand, it’s those who treat their family with disrespect or cruelty. Bluebeard is one of them, as he is known for killing his spouses, as is Ozai, due to his abuse of his family (particularly Zuko). They’re also against the Bloody Mary known to take part in Twisted Metal due to her habits of murdering her husbands to find a perfect groom. Ragyo and Ghestis are also very high on their list of enemies due to her molesting her daughter and abusing his Pokémon respectively.
    • One of the biggest enemies on their list is Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom, as not only is Beryl one of the largest enemies of the Sisterhood, but her lust for Endymion is extremely perverted. Beryl has often sent Youma to fight the Love Angels, but they are often defeated handily.
    • They're also against Bowser, who has, on at least one occasion, tried to force Peach into marrying him, though he had no one to make it official during his attempt on the moon. Bowser has often fought against the Love Angels and sometimes sends his minions to do so, but this often leads to troops being reformed.

    Chica's Magic Rainbow 
Chica’s Magic Rainbow, God(dess?) of Rainbow Lite (The Rainbow)
  • Intended House: Color Combinations
  • Intermediate God(dess?)
  • Symbol: Him/Herself
  • Theme Song: "Rainbow Theme"
  • Alignment: Either Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil, but is more often treated as the former
  • Portfolio: Bait-and-Switch Boss, Beware the Silly Ones, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Everything's Worse With Rainbows, Faux Affably Evil, Lives in a Crapsaccharine World where Everything Is Trying to Kill You, Jerkass, Light Is Not Good, able to Light 'em Up, Rainbow Lite, Sore Loser, Smug Smiler
  • Allies (the ones that are reciprocated): The House of Villains, especially Lotso, The Goose
  • Enemies: Every ascended FNAF deity, The SCP foundation and most of their their oddities, regardless of alignment, The Kid, Rainbow Brite
  • Fears: Unikitty
  • Annoys: Basically anyone who isn't listed anywhere else here
  • The Friend Nobody Likes in: The Indie Gaming Brotherhood
  • Chica’s Magic Rainbow is a, well, magical rainbow that is in the titular Mini-Game in Five Nights at Freddy’s World. The game may seem like a Sugar Bowl, but you couldn’t be more wrong, as Everything Is Trying to Kill You, with flowers that shoot their petals at you, bees that shoot laser beams, huge logs that fire out of nowhere and,despite what they say, even the rainbow tries to kill you, especially if you try to turn their voice off.
  • They ascended when a rookie SCP worker (likely a D-Class) noticed a three color rainbow in the sky. A weird sight, they thought, but nothing revolutionary. Then the rainbow came to life and started throwing insults at the worker, angry that they called them “nothing revolutionary”. Then the worker made the situation worse by insulting the rainbow back, saying that the rainbow is nothing compared to a sentient fridge or toaster. Upon hearing this the rainbow finally snapped, attempting to destroy the Pantheon with her rainbow cannon. Once more gods caught wind of this rainbow, they were quickly defeated when attempting to combat it. Upon revival, they reported the disturbance to the Main House, which made short work of the rainbow and brought it to the Court. After a fashion, Chica's Magic Rainbow was ascended into the Pantheon under the trope Rainbow Lite, much to the chagrin of those who had to fight her.
  • Despite being from an alternate Five Nights at Freddy's universe, the animatronics generally don’t like her due to how utterly annoying they are, and they, in turn, enjoy mocking and insulting them at every turn. Springtrap and Circus Baby, who are the only truly evil ones amid the animatronics, don’t like her, either, with Baby noting that the ending the Rainbow was preventing people from seeing by fighting them was an Early-Bird Cameo for her. Not even Balloon Boy, who is perhaps the most annoying himself of all the animatronics, can stand them, as he usually consigns being annoying to laughing rather than childish taunting.
  • Despite the vitriol people have for the Rainbow, they did manage to find one ally- the Goose. The Goose enjoys bullying and tormenting people in various ways, usually by stealing their personal belongings, and thus the Rainbow has decided to help him mess with people whenever they can. This usually tends to be them mocking the victim they and the Goose choose to mess with while the Goose tries to steal whatever he can get his beak on behind their backs.
  • Another deity she found common ground with is Lotso, who looks nice but is secretly an evil person. Lotso decided to employ the Rainbow at his temple of Sunnyside to help with trying to interrogate people. The Rainbow's tactic is usually to bother and annoy the victim as much as they can, which gets excellent results.
  • One day, the Rainbow was out on a taunting spree when they came across Unikitty and began throwing insults at her. This went well enough for the Rainbow- that is, until they brought up the sinking of Cloud Cuckoo Land, which made Unikitty fly into a rage. The Rainbow expected an easy fight, until Unikitty actually killed them in one shot. This was reportedly because Unikitty has the power to destroy rainbow colored objects in a single hit, and the Rainbow had never heard about this ability until it was too late. From then on, whenever a deity feels the Rainbow is getting too annoying, they threaten to call Unikitty and that is enough to cause the Rainbow to panic and flee. As for how Unikitty feels about the Rainbow, she notes that the Rainbow looks kind, but is really a jerk, which isn’t nice.
  • The Kid feels the most agitated by the Rainbow, as her game reminds him of his own trials when trying to become the Guy. However, he views their game as worse, as his trials, at least, had infinite lives and did not have someone constantly mocking him, even though there were lots of screwy moments along the way. There are even points in their game where they are the obstacle themselves, regardless of how good the player has been doing, which nothing in the Kid's trials were like.
  • Their presence was enough to really irk Rainbow Brite. Not only does the trope they bear play on her name, but she was under the assumption that rainbows stood for nice and kind things, not for things that annoyed and bullied people relentlessly. The Rainbow notes that her usual rainbow based powers don’t work on them, and that allows them to bully and abuse them as much as they like, despite all attempts to keep them away from the Color Castle.

    The Gun That Can Kill The Past 
The Gun That Can Kill The Past
  • Potential Place: Max Security
  • [tup]s:
  • Class Level: 0
  • Apperance: A gray revolver with the barrel pointing towards the wielder
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Macguffin, Can Set Right What Once Went Wrong
  • Domains: Guns, Past, Time Travel
  • One day, things were normal when a giant bullet fell from the sky and crash landed into the Pantheon. From it emerged the massive fortress known only as "The Gungeon". Some deities lead by Mega Man were brave enough to venture into the Gungeon. There, they fought their way through hordes of gun-based monsters before slaying a monster known as "The High Dragun". After killing the Dragun, the deities entered an area with a gun which was known as ”The Gun That Can Kill The Past". They quickly decided to lock the gun away in the event that an evil deity got their hands on it and tried to change their past.
    • Deities still venture into the Gungeon on occasions but mostly for monetary purposes, as without the Gun That Can Kill The Past, they’re only in for the loot.
  • Even if a deity manages to get the Gun, they would also need a "Bullet That Can Kill The Past" to get it to work properly. As the materials required to make such a bullet are located in the Gungeon's shops, no one has successfully fired the Gun… Yet.
  • Some deities have claimed to see the Gun in Issac's temple, but fortunately, Issac seems to have no knowledge of how to use the Gun. The deities have considered letting him fire it because of how utterly wrong his Past is, but it was ultimately decided not to let him.

En Route to Ascension



Deity Profile, Title (Codename, Nickname)
  • Potential/New House: The house where you think your deity would fit best. Please limit your list to one or two, as it's difficult to keep profiles updated when they're in multiple houses.
  • [tup]s:
  • Power Level/Level of Influence (in descending order: Overdeity, Greater God/Goddess, Intermediate God/Goddess, Lesser God/Goddess, Demigod/Demigoddess, Quasideity)
  • Symbol
  • Theme Song
  • Alignment
  • Portfolio: (insert list of tropes here) 10 to 15 only
  • Domain(s)
  • Herald:
  • High Priest:
  • Followers:
  • Relationships with Other Pantheon Deities (only include those who are already on one of the actual pages, and not here in this sandbox)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Respected by/Respects:
  • Pitied by/Pities:
  • Opposed by/Opposes:
  • Conflicting Opinion:
  • Notes about your chosen deity

    Pokémon Deity 
Deity Profile, Title (Codename, Nickname)
  • Potential/New House: The house where you think your deity would fit best. Please limit your list to one or two, as it's difficult to keep profiles updated when they're in multiple houses.
  • [tup]s:
  • Power Level/Level of Influence (in descending order: Overdeity, Greater God/Goddess, Intermediate God/Goddess, Lesser God/Goddess, Demigod/Demigoddess, Quasideity)
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Gender:
  • Ability:
  • Moves:
  • Portfolio: 10 to 15 only
  • Domains:
  • Herald:
  • High Priest:
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
    • Partner:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Additional Character Relationships: Members of the Pantheon that have various relationships (examples include Enemy Mine, Vitriolic Best Buds, Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, Headbutting Heroes, Friendly Enemy, Friendly Rival, Just Friends, etc.) other than allies, rivals, or enemies.
  • Respected by/Respects:
  • Pitied by/Pities:
  • Opposed by/Opposes:
  • Conflicting Opinion:
  • Notes about your chosen deity

Deity Profile, (Un)Holy Seat of [Title] (Codename, Nickname)
  • Picture, if applicable
  • Potential Category:
  • [tup]s:
  • Symbol
  • Alignment
  • Portfolio: (insert list of tropes here) 10 to 15 only
  • Domain(s):
  • Similar Places:
  • Sacred To:
  • Unholy To:
  • Notes about your chosen dominion

Insert Name Here
  • Potential Place:
  • [tup]s:
  • Apperance:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: 10 to 15 only
  • Domains:
  • Notes about your chosen item


Adopted from n3xus:

     Yes Pretty Cure 5 
Pretty Cure 5members , Battle Goddesses of Team Spirit (Nozomi: Cure Dream; Rin: Cure Rouge; Urara: Cure Lemonade; Komachi: Cure Mint; Karen: Cure Aqua; Kurumi: Milk, Milky Rose)
The Pretty Cure 5 in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Mint, Cure Rouge, Milky Rose, Cure Dream, Cure Aqua, and Cure Lemonade
  • Theme Song: "PreCure 5, Smile Go Go!"
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddesses (The first five members were previously Lesser Goddesses)
  • Symbol: The Pretty Cure 5 Symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Combat, Magic, Butterflies, Roses, Teamwork
  • Heralds: Coco, Natts, and Syrup
  • Allies: All Ascended Pretty Cures, Ryotaro Nogami, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Tippi
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku, The Psycho Rangers, Kogane
  • Opposes: Ghosts (Rin)
  • The Yes Pretty Cures had been in and out of the Pantheon, with members being kicked out and being brought back in seemingly at random. By the time the other Pretty Cures petitioned to just have them all ascend as a group, only Nozomi and Karen were left in the Pantheon. Now with the group fully ascended, there will be no more issues.
  • Applies to the entire group:
  • Exclusive to Nozomi:
    • She reportedly burst into Tears of Joy when she first encountered Reika Aoki, thinking that she is the reincarnation of her dark self during the fight against the creature known as Shadow. Thankfully, she's corrected quickly that the only similarity they had is the voice, but Reika has assured her that probably this 'dark' Nozomi is actually a good girl that can't be covered with her dark getup.
    • Another voice 'incident' also occurred when she thought she heard the voice of her fairy/lover Coco somewhere, but instead bumped into Ky Kiske. Since Ky's chivalrous and courteous attitude (not to mention voice) is very similar with Coco, but with extra dose of badass, Nozomi also befriended him quick. However, she does draw the line whenever Dizzy is involved, also befriending her instead.
    • Nozomi is counted amongst several Gods that was so forgiving that she could induce Heel–Face Turn to those she beats. However, for a fair warning, she does have her limits, one of them being 'mistreatment to one's loyal subordinate, discarding them when one feels that they're of no use any more'. If someone crosses it, you can be assured that Nozomi will fight with all her strength until that person is destroyed.
    • That said, when she heard that there's a group amongst the GUAG about giving those who were wrong a second chance, Nozomi decided to get inducted too, she wants to help them.
    • Was ecstatic to see many figures from history books that she studied were counted amongst the Pantheon. However, on seeing Mori Motonari living his day by treating every of his subordinates like dirt and needlessly sacrificing them for his own gain... Nozomi flips and massively called out Motonari for his treatment and yells that no matter the results he brought and no matter how famed he is in history, she'll NEVER forgive him. After one fight, results unclear but both survived, Nozomi resolved to keep chasing her dream while never sinking as low as Motonari.
    • However, she's been flat-out bewildered by the other Mori Motornari, who's a sly but lazy guy wanting to be a historian. She's been surprised at how white his hair recently got, but she became quick friends with him (the fact that he sounds akin to a redeemed Itachi Uchiha helps).
    • She's ALSO surprised with the Sanada Yukimura from that same universe (not the screaming one, mind you), who also shares the same voice as Coco and Ky.
    • Visited the Cutie Mark Crusaders and is curretly helping them try to get their Cutie Marks. Many gods are hopeful that she can finally get the fillies to stop making giant messes across the Pantheon.
      • Now that the Crusaders actually have their Cutie Marks, she feels much better about helping them.
    • Kotomine Kirei considers Nozomi an enemy equal to the Emiya family (namely Shirou and Kiritsugu) and simply lives to oppose her. Nozomi simply can't understand Kirei's obsession with proving her wrong (especially when she finds out that she and Kirei seek the same thing) and finds Kirei's need for a negative purpose revolting.
    • Recently, she trained Kai before his ascension. Liu Kang thanked her for training his pupil.
    • A certain event made several evil Gods avoid putting Nozomi into a Lotus-Eater Machine, especially when it's about living off someone's greatest dream. Because it never works. They don't call her Cure Dream for nothing.
  • Exclusive to Rin:
  • Exclusive to Urara:
  • Exclusive to Komachi:
  • Exclusive to Karen:
    • She excels in medical studies. She learned a lot from various Gods that knew the arts of healing and respected them all, but Karen mostly favored and hung around with Litchi Faye-Ling a lot, as not only she was the one who helped solve the difficulty of her entrance at first (along with Mami Tomoe), Karen considered her like a substitute mother figure considering her mortal mother (that she still loved and respected) rarely visit her.
    • During spare times, she tends to lock herself inside a room and held on her hand a spare Miracle Light she found, occasionally waving at it with hope. A lot thought it was because she's getting lonely herself, but in truth she's praying for a miracle, secretly sharing the item with other Precures that share her sentiments, so that everything will go well with Litchi's current questionable status. Karen is unsure if this will surely fix things, but she felt that she has to try regardless.
    • Whenever she enters the Food Pantheon and leaves it, you can be assured that they will lose at least one bottle of grape juice.
    • Although it wasn't uttered often, calling Karen as 'Babaa' is not recommended, she's not too pleased with it.
    • Has a personal horse named Charlie, who may not be as great as Koku-Oh, but Karen deeply cared for the horse, and the horse often came to her as her stead in battle. Naturally, she didn't take it well when Handsome Jack called the name 'lame' and offers to rename it as 'Butt Stallion II', causing Karen to flood him away.
    • Her house is amongst the biggest and fanciest in the Pantheon.
    • Contrary to her portfolio, Karen understood that the House of Commerce aren't always problematic. But she does understand that it tends to make several lonely people because of their immense wealth, that's where she comes in. In a way, it makes her similar to Yuri Tsukikage, fixing the problems her portfolio represents.
    • Though she does keep an eye against Looten Plunder, as his selfish motivations for richness are really promoting things Karen stood against. Not to mention, she along with her friends have fought not just one, but two evil world-destroying corporates.
    • She ran into Charlotte Labouf during one of her trips and the two got along splendidly over gumbo, beignets and fairy tales. Charlotte truly supports Karen's goals in helping lonely girls to obtain friends and is wiling to work with alongside her.
    • She also discovered Litchi's secret of getting drunk when no one's looking. Although she got her to agree not to drink, Karen got roped into playing 'dress ups'. While she agreed, she's secretly thinking of how to come up with a cute dress that fit Litchi's size without flaunting her wealth... something that she's contacting Charlotte for help.
    • She had a nightmare of Litchi leaving her and going back to her old obsessed self, leaving her in complete depression like she did when she was stuck in a Nightmare Mask. Fortunately, the nightmare was broken when Litchi woke her up and told her that she managed to redeem herself and is welcomed back amongst the proper Pantheon. Karen has nothing to say but a congratulations.
    • Is... less than fond of the ascension of Arakune due to the fact that she remembers from her nightmares that he was the reason why Ms. Litchi left her and had to work for the bad guys. Despite that, she respect Litchi's decisions regarding him and will help her cure him if possible, thus she wouldn't exactly 'oppose' him, but merely drive him away without killing him when he wreaks havoc.
    • Eventually, these feelings would thrust her head on into the Morality Civil War, with her being one of Litchi's most steadfast friend and defender, to the point that she harbored intense dislike to Kokonoe Mercury for brushing off Litchi without even caring about her conditions and claiming that her idea is the best idea to deal with Litchi. This is to the point that Karen started getting creeped out that she found herself edging with the slippery slope against Kokonoe…
    • By the end of it, the War ended and the Pantheon has given official statement that Litchi was to be forgiven. Karen was one of the first beings to wait at Litchi's house and gave her a hug, along with others.
    • Freed Jay Gatsby from the Fallen by accepting his money. She even managed to bring him to the same house as her.
    • Recently, akin to another Pretty Cure member, it seems nowadays Karen has befriended another historical figure: Chousokabe Motochika (the shamisen-player, mind you). When they've first met, Motochika was strumming his shamisen in peace, and Karen was attracted to his music due to being well-aware of fine talent in that field. He then talked with her for a while about their water motifs, and played her a song of some sort regarding his stance in life. It touched her, especially with their possible ways to relate to each other somewhat.
    • When Karen was shocked to find out that he was the Chousokabe Motochika, ruler of Shikoku, she was at a loss for words. But in the end, they ended up as close friends.
  • Exclusive to Kurumi:

    Smile Pretty Cures/Glitter Force 
Smile Pretty Curesmembers , Quintet Goddesses of Elemental Hair Colors (Miyuki: Cure Happy, Emily, Glitter Lucky; Akane: Cure Sunny, Kelsey, Glitter Sunny; Yayoi: Cure Peace, Lily, Glitter Peace; Nao: Cure March, April, Glitter Spring; Reika: Cure Beauty, Chloe, Glitter Breeze. Also known as the "Glitter Force")
The Smile Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Peace, Cure Beauty, Cure Happy, Cure March, and Cure Sunny.
  • Theme Song: "Let's Go! Smile PreCure!"
  • Rank: Lesser Goddesses (Intermediate Goddesses in their Princess forms, Greater Goddesses in their Ultra Cure forms)
  • Symbol: The Smile Pretty Cure Symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Combat, Magic, Fairytales, Teamwork
  • Heralds: Candy and Pop.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: JOKER, Dimentio, Kefka Palazzo, The Joker (Batman), The Batman Who Laughs, Yuuki Terumi, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma and all Evil Aligned Deities not listed here, with special mention going to Hope Crushers and Omnicidal Maniacs.
  • The Smile Pretty Cure team were originally all in different houses. However, the deities in charge of the Pantheon decided a better solution was to merge them all into one house. Thus, the Cures accepted their new title of Elemental Hair Colors and all moved to one house.
    • Aside from their normal enemy of Joker, their enemies tend to consist of other Monster Clown or Hope Crusher villains like him. High atop that list are Dimentio, Kefka, The Joker and his counterpart, the Batman who laughs, and Yuuki Terumi and Junko Enoshima.
  • Exclusive to Miyuki:
    Eeh?! But Nagisa said 'Arienai' a lot more than this one! Happupuuu~
    • After this incident, the Demonic Legion immediately began to think of ways to make it happen again much to her chargin. Yayoi and Reika are also highly opposed to this idea.
    • She may have reached out to Gen Urobuchi judging from her rather intimate, but good-hearted relationship with Madoka Kaname. The stories Madoka tells Miyuki often frighten her, but they motivate her at the same time because this is exactly why Miyuki decided to ascend in the first place.
    • Her belief is that villains will enrich a story, thus Miyuki usually tried to engrave genuine smiles on villains' faces and caring for them instead of treating them like the villainous scums they are (usually via Defeat Means Friendship). However, she came across a series of videos displaying that there are utterly despicable scumbag villains amongst the Pantheon, causing Miyuki to have a slight Heroic BSoD that there are villains that while enriching the story, she couldn't feel any feeling on them except seething hatred and doesn't even want to bring smiles on these scums. Thankfully with Madoka's help, and the support of her predecessor, Nozomi Yumehara, Miyuki is able to recover and becomes more careful of the villains, now realizing that destroying these monsters are part of how one could earn a happy ending.
    • Gets along with Souji Tendou/Kamen Rider Kabuto due to the fact that they share the same main writer of their respective shows: Shoji Yonemura.
      • She is however very close to Yusuke Godai because both wants to see people be happy and have a smile on their face.
    • A lot of wrestling gods come to her, seeing as her blessing would give them the power to help achieve their dreams of being champion. This was proven when Daniel Bryan became WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania XXX, and the two were shown together going "YES! YES! YES!"
    • Gets along with newly-ascended Yuma Tsukumo due to having similar personalities. Though many have noticed that they are really close to each other after becoming friends...
    • Has been hanging out with the original Pink Magical Girl, Chibi-Usa Tsukino. The two notice that they both sounded the same. She is also very close to her mother, Usagi Tsukino since the two have very similar personalities.
    • Once heard rumors about how evil Barney the Dinosaur was. But when she actually met the purple dinosaur, she found out he was nothing but nice. She was excited to hear how he is able to put other deities in his story and has volunteer multiple times.
    • Just like in her world, Miyuki has a tendency to transform into something else. First she was turned into a pony, in which she made friends with Apple Bloom who sounded just like Candy, then a Pikachu, in which she befriended the other Pikachu, and she also got turned into a boy. The last one making some of the ascended Pretty Cures remarked how cute she was.
    • Shortly after Miyuki and her friends ascended, they were horrified to hear there was a high-ranking evil deity known as "the Joker" already present. Soon, though, they learned that this was not the same Joker they'd dealt with, the two of them having different styles and end-goals; among other differences, this Joker wants to bring the world into insanity with him, laughing along with him at the absurdity of existence, whereas the Joker the girls fought wanted to plunge everyone into unending terror and despair. Nonetheless, this Joker is - in his own way - as evil as the one they're familiar with. In addition, Miyuki & her friends can't help but feel a hint of dread at the possibility - however small - that "their" Joker might one day ascend as well...
      • And, much to their horror, he eventually found his way to the Pantheon, with him delivering a Curb-Stomp Battle to those who tried to force him out, earning the Magical Clown trope in the process.
    • It is with utmost Ultra Happy feelings (or should she say 'Ultra Lucky') that she announced that she and her fellow Smile Cures will have an international tour, the first since Nagisa and Honoka last time. A little name changes into 'Glitter Force' and they're set. Miyuki hopes to make the people around the world Ultra Happy (not Ultra Happupu~) with this.
  • Exclusive to Akane:
    • Akane Hino takes pride in the okonomiyaki she makes as they contain her family secret ingredient; the feelings one put in making something for others to enjoy. And she is happy to share it with everybody in the pantheon.
    • She is one of the members of a three-girl volleyball team alongside Natsu Ayuhara and Minako Arisato. She gets along rather well with the two, Minako in particular as something about her brings to mind Nao.
    • She, alongside Natsu, is in charge of the Volleyball club in the House of School. This made her a target of Monokuma's potential Pantheonic School Life of Mutual Killing. She hates the robotic teddy bear and his mastermind for pulling off this kind of atrocity.
    • Has enrolled in the Elysium Academy to learn to write and speak English. She said the only reason she doing that is just because. The other Smile Gang however mention a boy name Brian that just cause Akane to blush madly.
      • She actually thought she heard Brian in the pantheon and went to meet him. Turns out it was Jin Kisaragi and Akane was put off by his attitude. She also founded weird he was shipped accidentally with her friend Reika Aoki... and how Reika was NOT that put off with his attitude.
      • Akane did found a nicer deity who sounded like Brian in Simon the Digger. His very presence seems to make her even more Hot-Blooded then she already is.
    • Has been mistaken by many deities to be related to either Rei Hino or even Eiji Hino because of their last names and being known to use fire powers. They all deny it but Akane loves to hang out with the two.
    • Turns out to be a bit of a Pungeon Master. This made her pretty close to both Teddie, Yang, and Shouichi. Expect many groans when the four are together.
      • She also loves to play little pranks on her friends when she get the chance. Like the time she turned invisible. It's because of this she became friends with the Lol Rangers.
    • Was happy to meet other Kansai girls in Osaka, despite her quirkiness, Asuka Kazama, she admire her tendency to help others, and Hime Onizuka, she knows that feeling of not being able to express your love to a person. She is however wary of Gin Ichimaru. His smile creeps her out.
      • She also became friends with Catherine Kyoubashi whose grandma was from Osaka and loves to visit the place. Not only that, she also loves okonomiyaki in which she said she is great at making. The two often have friendly competitions on who can make the best okonomiyaki.
    • Turns out, her favorite animals are gorillas. This made her friends with Tarzan who was raised by gorillas and King Kong, a giant gorilla himself.
      • Its unknown if Frieza hates Akane for being a "filthy monkey lover".
    • Her most frequent visitors for her okonomiyaki stall are Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata. They mention how her okonomiyaki might be just as good or even better then the ones back home. Rena Mizunashi is a more regular, bringing her brother over as their father once brought Eisuke for regular okonomiyaki meals before his death.
    • While Akane and the other Smile Pretty Cures oppose all evil-aligned deities, they made special enemies in the Psycho Rangers who remind them of the Bad End Pretty Cure. The two teams have clashed on multiple occasions.
  • Exclusive to Yayoi:
    • Son Goku thought that she had become a Super Saiyan at one point. When asked about this, she said that she simply took this pose to honor him and their production team's previous work.
    • Although her portfolio makes her susceptible of being called a crybaby, whenever there is something she feels worth protecting, all bets will be off as Yayoi would stand up against all odds to protect that thing. Beware the Nice Ones.
    • Konata Izumi stated that Yayoi's manga are among the best she's ever read in the Pantheon and will help her manga become big hits in Nanairogaoka (Yayoi's home town) and throughout the known universes. Although Yayoi wishes Konata would stop or at least decrease the additional naughty bits on her promotion...
    • She's been known to fight with her Kamen Rider allies to defeat the Monster of the Week, but always asks for their autographs afterwards. She also would love to do it with the Power Rangers and Super Sentai, but mostly on foot. When it comes to mecha battles, she had to just cheer on them (which she likes anyway) because just because she fangirls over them doesn't mean she can pilot them (it'll take longer for her to master it, compared to Reika who can do it in seconds).
    • She's still admitted as a 'honorary' member of the Toku Base, regardless.
    • There are rumors that she may be a tenth 00-Cyborg.
    • She's shocked when she heard that there's a certain 'Akaoni' in the Pantheon. Thinking that it might be whatever evil left purged from her previous enemy, she tried to eliminate it, only to lead her into the aforementioned 'Akaoni'... the Red Devil Iron Tager. What follows was a massive geek-out by Yayoi over Tager's mecha bits and since Tager didn't seem to mind, they became friends.
    • She is often seen holing up in a room with Ryusei Date. When the door opened, it turns out they're watching Super Robot anime, so passionately Squeeing with various expressions proper depending on the scene. Yayoi clearly enjoys Ryusei's company and felt the kinship of a fan that becomes the thing the fan liked so much.
      • With the ascencion of Otacon in the Mentalism House, the three watched Super Robot Anime together. Unfortunately, after the session they tried asking too much of Otacon's past... and when Yayoi heard that, she was in tears for days at just how horrible Otacon's life was.
    • Met up with another Yayoi in the Toku Base, Yayoi Ulshade. The two get along very well, with Yayoi Kise admiring all of Yayoi Ulshade's work in helping the Kyoryugers, and tends to draw adorable pictures of her and Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red...and then when Kise found out that Daigo had feelings for Amy, she's been comforting Ulshade over the revelation.
    • Yayoi met up with Gentaro Kisaragi and congratulated him on ascending into the Pantheon. However, she found out that he had been struggling with an alternate self who was so horrible, Yayoi burst into tears alongside Gentaro at the sheer horror of what the alternate self was going through.
    • Met with a really kind spirit in the form of Murakumo. They get so well with eachother, that Murakumo is able to actually be with her without wearing her mask. The two of them spend their time together trying to help with their respectful mangas.
    • She also gets along with Nagi Sanzen'in because of their mutual desire of being Mangakas to the point she and Murakumo have been pondering on whether or not to make a group with her based around that... Especially after Ashirogi Muto's ascension, who all three of them admire for representing what they want to become.
  • Exclusive to Nao:
    • Is afraid of a handful of things, such as bugs, ghosts, and heights. She has found common ground with Ragna, Mako and Alice due to their shared fear of the second thing.
      • Nao also likes to avoid the Insects sub-house in Beast as well. Unfortunately, it seems some of the insects always find her some how and goes screaming in fear.
    • She is very protective of her family and harming them is a bad idea. Naturally, she was upset to hear that there have been a handful of deities who go against the very idea of family. She has allied herself with deities such as Yu Narukami to ensure the safety of good family in the Pantheon.
    • She is noted to be a capable cook according to the House of Food. In addition, she also has a pretty notable appetite.
    • She likes to play soccer and is often seen with Tsubasa Oozora practicing the sport.
      • Unfortunately, this has earned her the animosity of Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars as the latter is known to dislike sports in any form, especially soccer.
      • Worse yet, as she is part of the girls soccer team in the House of Sports, this has made her a target of Monokuma's possible Pantheonic School Life of Mutual Killing. She has become wary of the bear and his mastermind because of this.
    • She is the oldest out of seven siblings. While no one really knows who exactly are those seven siblings, it is clear that she cares about them.
      • This makes her good friends with both Yozakura and Yayoi Takasuki, both who also have multiple siblings. Nao was in tears when she heard about how Yozakura was separated from her siblings and hopes she be reunited with them one day.
    • Like many of her fellow Pretty Cure sisters, Nao has close ties to the Toku heroes. She is especially close to Philip, one half of Kamen Rider Double, since they both have a preference for wind. She also feels for him because of how dysfunctional his family life was. She was also close to Mio of the ToQgers since both of them happens to be the Big Sister-figures of their respective teams.
    • Was some how infected with some kind of toxin that cause her to live though one of her worst fear. That fear? Reliving the scene of watching helplessly as her siblings were successfully killed by Majorina and weren't saved by the Cures. While she was able to be cure of her ailment, it left her emotionally wrecked.
  • Exclusive to Reika:
    • As she represents the beauty of the inside of humans, she impressed Philemon, who represents the goodness of humanity and encourages her to fight on. Of course, that means her path would make her cross paths with Nyarlathotep...
      • ...and also led to a very ugly encounter with Vega, when he saw her and commended her on her beauty. In response, she called him out on both that and his various other flaws, explaining that his "beautiful" face does not cover his dark, and in her words, ugly heart. To say the Scarlet Terror did not take it well would be a massive understatement.
    • Is considered a honorary member of the GUAG Robot War Division (although she is part of the Magical Girl Sisterhood), as a backup pilot of certain mechas that have manuals in it. Given a manual, Reika is capable of piloting any mechas (so long as they don't require special non-learnable skills like Newtypes...). Of course, that rarely happens. because aside from most of the pilots usually staying fit to pilot when needed, Reika admits that her piloting skills would've been too inadequate to give these pilots justice.
    • Was once caught on a rumor about making out with Jin Kisaragi. Even if Reika could see that Jin was hiding a noble heart beneath his extreme jackassery, she denied the rumors and ended up in a scuffle against a very jealous Tsubaki Yayoi. Thankfully, the misunderstanding was cleared off quickly and after finding out they have a lot in common... they also become friends. And of course, after learning about Terumi from her and noticed that he's like Pierrot!Joker, but much worse, Reika swore to oppose him and his trolling methods.
    • It is said that she learned and continues to improve her ability to create a field of ice blades from Archer. Reika was also reportedly shed a tear in sympathy after hearing where Archer's 'path' led him to, wondering if she's put on the same shoes as him, she could still keep protecting the inner beauty of many people and herself. However, the cheerings she got from her friends kept her from breaking down and she still continues on with her path.
    • Was extremely surprised when she received a visit from Aphrodite, seeing that Reika has heard about her a lot via mythological books, and even more surprised when Aphrodite herself was asking her about what it means to have inner beauty. Reika has promised to teach her everything she can.
    • Rika looks up to her as an older sister figure, given that Reika looks exactly like an older version of Rika (and like Reika, Rika is descended from a high family in her village). The co-incidence becomes funnier now that Rika's magical girl transformation looks similar to Cure Beauty.
    • During one of her international tours with the rest of the Cures, Reika was shocked when all of the sudden, from the audience board, Jin Kisaragi suddenly sprang and attacked her, saying that her new voice disgusts him. He got calmed down when Tsubaki managed to snap some sense of him and both apologized after explaining what happened in their universe with that voice. After a day of research, eventually, Reika steeled herself for an opposition against this culprit, Hades Izanami. In her words, "No matter how you spin it, there is no beauty inside or outside a World of Death!"

    Ayumi Sakagami/Cure Echo 
Ayumi Sakagami, The Goddess who Regained Her Magical Powers (Cure Echo, The Phantom Pretty Cure)

Reserved Gods

It’s A Bully, God of NPC Roadblocks

Louie the Fly, God of Talking Pest Commercials

Steamshovel Harry, God of Unwinnable Joke Games

Hannibal Barca of Carthage, God of War Elephants

The Scourge of the Underworld, God of Killing Very Minor Characters

Maho Girls Pretty Cures, Goddesses of Introducing Spinoff Characters In The Final Episode

Healin' Good Pretty Cures, Goddesses of Labcoats

Adoptable Profiles

    Gyro Zeppeli 
Gyro Zeppeli, God of Spinning Balls (The Third Zeppeli, Iulius Caesar)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand "Scan"/"Ball Breaker" and his Horse "Valkyrie"
  • Theme Song: GO! GO! ZEPPELI!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Spinning Balls, Big Brother Mentor, Deuteragonists, Biseinen, Nice Hats, Master of the Spin, Embarrassing First Name
  • Domain: Spinning, Balls, Mentorship
  • Allies: Johnny Joestar, William A. Zeppeli, Caesar A. Zeppeli, Bruno Buccellati, Roy Mustang, Lockon Stratos, Aikuro Mikisugi
  • Rivals: Diego Brando
  • Enemies: Funny Valentine (for killing him), Dio Brando
  • Gyro was the mentor of Johnny Joestar, guiding him until the latter mastered the Spin, while also participating in the nationwide horse race "Steel Ball Run". He has ascended by request of Johnny Joestar and the two friends reunited.
  • His Stand Scan allows him to see through people's bodies, enhance his vision, and enhances his aptitude for the Spin.
  • After losing Scan, he later gained the Stand Ball Breaker, which through the application of energy, allows him to accelerate the target's age. Through the use of the Super Spin, it can afford its effectiveness across dimensions.
  • Nyohoho!
  • Many of the gods find his jokes to be indecipherable even to some of the Cloudcuckoolanders, though they do try.
    Pizza mozzarella pizza mozzarella rella rella rella
  • Dislikes Dio Brando, finding him as an even worse version of Diego Brando, though he is surprised that Dio doesn't turn into a dinosaur like Diego does. Johnny had also informed him of how he faced an alternate version of Diego summoned by Funny Valentine, who behaved more like Dio and also had The World as his Stand.
  • Gyro has allied with Roy Mustang due to having similar voices. Ditto for Lockon Stratos and Aikuro Mikisugi.

    "Josuke Higashikata" 
"Josuke Higashikata", God of Ailment Transference (The Eighth JoJo, Jo2uke, Gappy, Yoshikage Kira, Josefumi Kujo, JoJo the Sailor Man)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand "Soft & Wet"
  • Theme Song: Then Can You Tell Me... Who Am I?. Alternatively, there's also his Eyes of Heaven version.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Accidental Pervert, Amnesiac Hero, amazing peripheral vision, very smart but lacking common sense, trying to discover who he actually is
  • Domains: Bubbles, Combat, Combination, Memory
  • Allies: Jotaro Kujo, Luna Lovegood
  • Enemies: Dio Brando, Yoshikage Kira
  • His Stand Soft & Wet allows him to create soap bubbles that, when popped, can steal anything from whatever they were on. So far he was able to steal water from a woman's body, causing her to become thirsty, and steal the sound in a room, making it soundproof. When the bubbles pop, they release whatever they stole onto whatever popped them.
  • He was ascended by Jotaro on the promise that he would be able to discover who he truly is. Until then, he's open to helping anyone that needs help or can find out more about him.
  • Is currently trying to get to know Yoshikage Kira not only because he shares the name with someone in his home universe, but also for another reason that he cannot explain, though he himself does not know others have found out that "Josuke" is actually half Yoshikage Kira and someone else.
    • He has, however, found the identity of his other half, someone by the name of Josefumi Kujo. After hearing of this, he found the other Josuke, easily identifying him by his "stupid hair". Nobody knows what happened next.
  • Other members of the Pantheon are often caught off guard by his personality, e.g. his attempts to sleep between the mattress and the bedspring for "increased compression". The members of the Houses of Lust, on the other hand, seek him out constantly for having four testicles.
  • Does well with other like-minded individuals, often trying to make jokes or play nice despite it seeming strange to anyone who is not a Cloud Cuckoo Lander.
  • Does not like the fact that he sounds like Tohru Adachi after learning about what he has done.

    The Wither 
The Wither, The Ultimate Destroyer of Crafts
  • Intermediate God (Greater God if fused with a Command Block to turn it into a Wither Storm)
  • Symbol: Three black skulls
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Destruction of Everything Built And Living, Stuff Blowing Up, Eldritch Abomination, Airborne Mook, The Juggernaut, Omnicidal Maniac
  • Domains: Creatures, Destructions, Undead
  • Followers: Anyone who wishes to wreak havoc in online games For the Evulz
  • "Allies": Undead gods, Ghetsis
  • Enemies: Almost every god that is alive (special mention to Steve?) especially the House of Craft.
  • One day, a non-documented god decided to create a monster using a material called Soul Sand and three black skulls. When the thing was finished, an explosion happened, and from the smoke, The Wither emerged, starting to destroy everything on its path, creating massive amounts of chaos in the Pantheon. Where the Wither was eventually slain, it had managed to gain godhood, causing it to not quite die.
  • The Wither can fire skulls what not only inflict a status called Wither, what will slowly drain target's health, but can destroy almost anything. Because of that, the Wither's temple is built out of Bedrock, a material which not even it can break.
  • Besides how destructive The Wither is, there is one thing it doesn't target: other undead creatures. Of course, attacking the Wither is not a good idea even if you are undead, because it will target you if that happens.
  • For surprise for many gods, the Wither doesn't attack Ghetsis, possibly due of him having the Pokémon Hydreigon, a three-headed dragon who is almost as destructive as the Wither.
  • Won against Deviljho once by destroying everything it could use as food in order to cause Deviljho to get exhausted for not having enough energy to fight back.
  • Was made one of the Elite Mooks of the Lich's Army of the Dead.

    The Monado 
The Monado
  • Class Level: 5
  • Appearance: A large red sword with rounded edges and variable-length Laser Blade.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Well, Shulk's is, at least. Zanza's is another matter)
  • Portfolio: Legendary Weapons, Laser Blades, Combat Clairvoyance, Danger Sense
  • Donated By: Shulk
  • The wielder of the Monado is capable of seeing a short time into the future, often revealing when a companion is in danger of grievous bodily harm. When "activated", the Monado's extendable energy blade is capable of slicing through metal with ease, making it a very effective weapon against mechanical opponents.


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