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This is my sandbox.

     Eugene Chaud 

Eugene Chaud, God of Young Corporation Leaders (Enzan Ijuuin, Afro Enzan, Disco Enzan, Chaud Blaze)
  • Total of votes: 1 (RJ-19-CLOVIS-93)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His insignia
  • Theme Song: Chaud's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Young Corporate Leaders Who Are Also Leaders of a Team, Having Daddy Issues And A Missing Mom, Being The Most Important Rival, Always Being Known With The Last Name (sometimes), Total Pricks With A Gold Heart, Stoic Teen Geniuses, Having Black And White Hair, Wishing For A Parental Approval, Having A Worthy Opponent
  • Domains: Commerce, Leadership, Internet
  • Herald: ProtoMan.EXE (his NetNavi)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Bass.EXE, and the other Bass as well, Geo Stelar, Solo, Sirius, Vile
  • Enemies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Prometheus, Pandora, Tron Bonne
  • Conflicting Opinion: Repliforce
  • Superior: Mitsuki Saiga
  • Ascended after being one of the people that defeated Dr. Regal and Nebula, and also being the leader of Team ProtoMan. Chaud is also the vice-president of a famous company. As a 12 years old, no less.
  • Many people are confused by his "specific" name. Some know that Chaud is his surname, but others think that it is his first-name, not helped by the fact that one particular Alternate Universe has his surname renamed as "Blaze".
  • Heard rumors about Proto Man being one of the gods in the Pantheon, he runs to see him.. only to discover that it's not the NetNavi that he knew. On the other hand, Proto Man is not so different from his Alternate Self, being a defender of the universe in spite of being an Aloof Big Brother.
    • When Chaud meets Zero however, it was another story. At the first sight he immediately noticed Zero's similarities with ProtoMan.EXE, given that both are red-colored robots with long hair who are also swordsmen. Chaud is also disgusted by the fact that Omega is Zero... or more exactly, used Zero's original body.
    • Is also confused by the fact that both Alia and Ciel looks similar to Roll.EXE, one of the NetNavis in which ProtoMan.EXE is also an ally. Not helped as the former seems to have a crush on X.
  • Speaking of that, Chaud is not amused by the fact of having too many "Megamens" in the Pantheon. From the original one to Vent and Aile, it was very hard to find both Lan and MegaMan.EXE in the Pantheon. On the other hand he seems the original Mega Man as a powerful being, just as strong as MegaMan.EXE. Note that he doesn't have any grudge towards Mega Man, it's only because of Chaud's deals with Lan. His "descendants" are no slouch either, specially X.
    • Seems to be also interested in Geo Stelar, as his way of being "a Mega Man" is a Fusion Dance, not unlike a Cross Fusion. Then again, it's implied that Geo is a descendant of Lan. Speaking of that, he also notices that Luna Platz is similar to Yai due to both girls being rich ladies and having blond hair. Interesting, Luna still has zero interest on Chaud and still wants Mega Man (read: Geo's superhero form) to be her boyfriend.
  • For the villains, one thing is certain - Chaud is just as disgusted of the villains as Lan and MegaMan.EXE, but especially Dr. Wily. Even through he's the lowest in the villainy food chain, Wily happens to be worse that the one from Chaud's universe, as the original one was the one behind the Maverick Wars. He's also disgusted by Sigma, Serpent and Dr. Weil.
  • Speaking of villains and bad guys, Chaud is not amused with villains like Team Rocket and Backdraft Group trying to provoke him to fight. He even tells that they're no different from the World Three.
  • Aside of his rivalry with Lan, he also seems to have a mean streak towards Bass.EXE. Chaud also noticed that some of his dead ringers (like the original Bass and Vile) are also in the Pantheon. Interesting, Chaud himself is sometimes forced to team-up with Prometheus and Pandora, much to his (and their) own dismay.
  • Once Chaud meets the Repliforce from the first time, he gets shocked, because not only Colonel reminds him of a NetNavi with the same name, but also because said Navi's operator is a hero turned villain. Likewise, Iris also reminded Chaud of another NetNavi with a similar name, but they're pretty much different appearance-wise. It should be noted, however that both the Reploids and the Navis have one thing in common: They were supposed to be a singular being before things goes different.
  • Like Lan, he's also allies with most of the internet-related deities, like Tron, Lain Iwakura, Kevin Flynn and Beck.
    • Is also allies with Kirito and Asuna, but especially the latter as both were born in a powerful corporation. In fact, Chaud wasn't pleased into seeing Sugou again, especially considering that not only he's a maniac which did too many atrocities in both the real and the cyberworld. The fact that Sugou nearly raped Asuna pissed him off even more. Meanwhile he seems to have a good view of Sinon, as she wields two different weapons, thing that is not uncommon in a NetNavi like ProtoMan.EXE.
  • Is surprised by the fact that he sounds a lot like many different characters, especially as said characters are also rivals:
    • Ash noticed that Chaud sounds like Drew, May's rival from Hoenn. Meanwhile, Van, Fiona and Thomas also noticed that he also sounds like Raven, Van's most important rival. It doesn't help that said rivals also have a companion (Roselia and Shadow), not unlike Chaud himself which has his ProtoMan.EXE. Interesting, he's also pretty similar to Ash's rival Gary, as both started as arrogant rivals until a certain event while which somewhat softened them.
    • Outside of the rival department, Chaud also noticed that one of the Blitz Team members, Jamie Hemeros, sounds like Chaud himself, and in both japanese and english. It doesn't help that Brad, Jamie's teammate, sounds similar to ProtoMan.EXE and IceMan.EXE. As a joke, Brad has the longest hair of the Blitz Team members. The other members are no different: Leena is Sal, Bit is BurnerMan.EXE and Doc Toros is World Three member Yahoot.
    • He also sounds similar to Garnet. Doesn't hurt that Garnet herself is a Fusion Dance between two gems.
  • Somewhat yaoi fangirls in the Pantheon like to take advantage of Chaud's relationship with Lan by shipping them and writing doujinshis about them. Chaud himself is not amused. But Lan is.
  • Don't tell him about the moment that he had to wear a Funny Afro. Just. Don't.

Profiles that I want to ascend:

From Zoids: New Century:

From F-Zero Falcon Densetsu: (Note to Lisa: Wait until R-lock256 ascends Lupin Criminal Empire)


From Mega Man Battle Network: (Note to both Iris.EXE and Roll.EXE: For the former, wait until I've watched the Beast/Beast+ season. For the latter, wait until RJ-CLOVIS-93 ascends Original Roll for Robot Maid.)


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Things to remember:

  • Remember to check Hotman X 32's profile of Lan and Mega Man, involving Cross Fusion use without the need of a Dimensional Converter. And perhaps update that profile without input on Repliforce.


"Original" Creations: Van and Fiona (Kid Hero All Grown-Up), Ryu Suzaku (A Protagonist Is Ryu), Rosso, Viola and Rudolph (Lima Syndrome), Lucy Liberty (Dark-Skinned Redhead), Thomas Richard Shubaltz (Straw Loser), Mitsuki Saiga and Romi Paku (Cross-Dressing Voices), Locke Cole (Video Game Stealing), Hiltz (Evil Redhead), Blitz Team (Heroic Neutral), Backdraft Group (There Are No Rules), Dr. Layon (Ramen Slurp), Gunter Prozen (Treacherous Advisor)

Helped with: Akira Yuki (Years Too Early,Martial Arts Uniform) (Idea from Dragon-Kid), Samos and Keira Hagai (The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter) (Idea from Mysterious Zorua 1994), Catherine Rain Bilstein (Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter) (Idea from Dragon-Kid), Roy Bromwell (Lovable Jock) (Idea from Dragon-Kid), Spike (Gotta Catch 'Em All) (Idea from Komasan S), Ran Hibiki (Weaponized Cameras) (Idea from Dragon-Kid), Saria (MacGuffin Person Reveal) (Idea from Ferot_Dreadnought), Shiva (Sadly Mythcharacterized) (Idea from Ferot_Dreadnought)


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