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Wick Check of Actor Allusion.

Represents 96 wicks from 90 different pages.

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    Correct use: 7 
From Characters.The Lion Guard:

Pothole. I believe this counts as correct usage.

From ShoutOut.Love Chunibyo And Other Delusions:

  • In episode 1, during a flashback scene, Yuuta is doing an arm-breaking pose reminiscent of either a JoJo character or Lelouche Lamperouge of Code Geass fame (of whom Jun Fukuyama, Yuuta's voice actor, also voiced). Doubles as an Actor Allusion.

Pothole. Correct usage.

From WesternAnimation.Total Drama Presents The Ridonculous Race:

  • Actor Allusion: In "I Love Ridonc and Roll", the Adversity Twins (voiced by Lyon Smith, the voice actor for Corey Riffin) go on stage to play air guitar. Ironically, they end up doing poorly, while Corey Riffin is a lead guitarist.

I feel like this could be a stretch, but it's close enough to the correct usage of the trope that I'll count it.

From Film.Mosquito (1st of 2 examples from the page):

Correct. Explicitly connects the actor to a different role and identifies the specific reference to that role.

From Recap.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 S 3 E 4 The Croaking:

  • Actor Allusion: Played for all its worth with Napoleon, voiced by Jon Heder, the frog has the same manner of speech, catchphrases, personality and, of course, first name as Napoleon Dynamite, and a strong physical resemblance to boot.

This looks like correct usage to me. Though technically I think it should make it more clear that Heder played the title character in Napoleon Dynamite.

From Recap.Person Of Interest S 03 E 01:

  • Actor Allusion: One of Shaw's quips obliquely references Sarah Shahi's previous TV series, Fairly Legal, in which she played a mediator:
    Shaw: Hey Reese, no offense, but if the vigilante thing doesn't work out, I'm not really seeing a future for you in conflict resolution.

This feels like a really vague reference to me (as the entry itself says, it's definitely oblique), but it's at least a specific enough reference that I'm okay with calling it correct use.

From Characters.Star Trek Online Discovery:

  • Actor Allusion: His taunt of choice, "Experience bIj" ("punishment"), is a reference to the other other Klingon portrayed by Robert O'Reilly, namely Kavok from the 1993 Klingon Challenge board game.

I think this is fine? It doesn't really explain how it's a reference to the other character, though.

    Correct example in the wrong namespace: 1 
From Trivia.Superhero Movie:

Wrong namespace. Could use some more detail, but I think it's close enough that it would be considered 100% correct use if it were on the main page.

    (likely) Misuse: 7 
From Characters.The Crown 2016 Other Characters:
  • Actor Allusion: This isn't the last time a character played by Stephen Dillane and Churchill will come to blows over the latter's self-image. Sutherland's heated disagreement with the Prime Minister echoes Dillane's later role as Churchill's Foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax in Darkest Hournote .

Dillane's casting in Darkest Hour was announced only 4 days after the release of Season Oneof The Crown (2016). It seems unlikely that this was even a Casting Gag, and strikes me as more of a tenuous coincidence. And if not a coincidence, it would still be Casting Gag and not Actor Allusion.

From Film.The Ten Commandments 1956:

This example is all over the place. It seems more like Typecasting to me, to be honest. The only thing mentioned that could be a direct reference to any of Brynner's other roles is from the movie that came first chronologically, meaning it can't possibly be an Actor Allusion.

From Recap.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia S 05 E 07 The Gang Wrestles For The Troops:

Low-context/general example. I've placed it in misuse because I checked and Roddy Piper wasn't in the cast of The Wrestler, so I have no idea what would make this an Actor Allusion.

From Film.Jeff Who Lives At Home:

Not enough context, but I'm not sure how it could be anything but misuse.

From YMMV.Eureka:

Pothole. Because the example admits it's speculative, I've put it under misuse.

From Film.Swimfan:

  • Actor Allusion: Funny enough, Erika Christensen also made love in a pool in The Banger Sisters, also released in September of 2002.

Since they were released at the same time, I think this is just a coincidence, and therefore misuse.

From Film.Vincent Wants To Sea:

Seems like just a coincidence.

    Insufficient context: 26 
From Adam and Eve Plot:

ZCE Pothole.

From Characters.In Another World With My Smartphone Kingdom Of Mismede (2 examples):

From Characters.Mashin Sentai Kiramager Allies:

ZCE Pothole.

From Recap.The Flash 2014 S 3 E 13 Attack On Gorilla City:

Not enough context.

From Recap.The Muppet Show S 3 E 6:

Not enough context.

From Literature.The Reluctant Fundamentalist:

ZCE Sinkhole.

From Film.Mosquito (2nd of 2 examples from the page):

  • Actor Allusion: Upon getting a large chainsaw, Earl mentions that he hasn't used one in 20 years. It feels good.

Doesn't explain why the reference is an Actor Allusion.

From ComicBook.Big Trouble In Little China:

ZCE Pothole.

From ReferencedBy.Love Story:

Pothole. It doesn't seem like the pothole is inaccurate, but I would think it would need more context to justify it being there.

From ShoutOut.LEGO Marvel Super Heroes:

ZCE Pothole. (It is correct usage, though)

From Trivia.El Tigre The Adventures Of Manny Rivera:

Wrong namespace. Not enough context (but also a literal allusion to the actor).

From Trivia.Gamers Guide To Pretty Much Everything:

Wrong namespace. Not enough context.

From Trivia.His Dark Materials:

  • Actor Allusion: As a nod to Dafne Keen's role in Logan, in Season 2 Pantalaimon takes the form of a wolverine to intimidate the kids in Cittàgazze and later to battle the Golden Monkey when Lyra and Mrs. Coulter cross paths again.

Wrong namespace. Not enough context.

From Trivia.Touched By An Angel

Wrong namespace. Not enough context (FWIW, I do understand the reference, and I think it's too tenuous to be an Actor Allusion).

From VideoGame.The Force Unleashed:

Pothole, not enough context.

From WesternAnimation.Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law (1st of 2 examples from the page):

I don't think this gives enough context to justify the pothole.

From WesternAnimation.Sealab 2021:

  • Actor Allusion: Marco, particularly early on, would occasionally make references to Chips, such as humming the theme while driving.

Usage is actually correct, but the example doesn't give enough context.

From Characters.Lego City Undercover:

  • Lampshade Hanging: One of his fellow inmates keeps mistaking him for a... ahem, certain famous actor, and keeps trying to make Actor Allusion comments. Blue is having none of it.

ZCE pothole.

From Characters.The Goldbergs:

Not enough context.

From Film.Gorgeous:


From Recap.Community S 3 E 14 Pillows And Blankets:

I don't think this example gives as much context as it could or should. I get the gist, but I still think it's too low-context. It's also making me realize I'm not sure when a Shout-Out becomes an Actor Allusion?

From WesternAnimation.A Bugs Life:

Not enough info to tell if it's correct or not.

From Housepets.Tropes A To L:

Pothole in bold. This is a ZCE.

From Trivia.Twenty Eight Weeks Later:

Wrong namespace. Not enough context.

From Trivia.Tales Of The Rays:

Wrong namespace. I do not understand anything in this entry.

    Reference to the actor, not another role: 8 
From His Name Really Is "Barkeep":
  • Mr. Bean, upon being specifically asked what his first name is, he simply replies "mister". This is later subverted in Mr. Bean's Holiday, where it shows on his passport that his first name is actually "Rowan", changing it into an Actor Allusion to Mr. Bean's real-life actor, Rowan Atkinson.

Pothole. Literal allusion to the actor, not another role.

From Walking Shirtless Scene:

Pothole. Literal allusion to the actor, but not exactly misuse either.

From Characters.The Young Ones:

  • Overly Long Name: In "Oil", the leader of the band Rick hires to play a concert says his name is Alexei Yuri Gagarin Siege of Stalingrad Glorious Five-Year Plan Sputnik Pravda Moscow Dynamo Back Four Balowski. It seems his dad was "a bit of a Communist".

Literal allusion to the actor.

From Film.The Adventures Of Ford Fairlane:

  • Actor Allusion: One of the lines from Ford Fairlane's narration says "I could have been a rock star, if only I wasn't banned from MTV." Andrew "Dice" Clay was reportedly "banned for life" from MTV following his appearance at the 1989 VMAs due to performing his foul-mouthed routine at the event. (He would eventually appear again after this film was released three years later, in a sketch at the 1992 VMAs.)

Literal allusion to the actor.

From Recap.What We Do In The Shadows S 2 E 8 Collaboration:

Literal allusion to the actor. Could fit better under The Cast Showoff?

From Film.Monty Pythons Life Of Brian:

Better fit for The Cast Showoff.

From Trivia.The Prestige

Wrong namespace. Literal allusion to the actor.

From WesternAnimation.The 7 D:

  • Actor Allusion: In "Fairest in the Land" Magic Mirror hosts the Jolly Awards. Whoopi Goldberg herself has hosted a number of award shows.

Literal allusion to the actor.

    General connection to another role: 9 
From Captain Ersatz:

Pothole. As written, there just isn't enough context to tell if it fits the definition of this specific trope enough to justify the pothole.

From Characters.Transformers Animated Other Autobots (1st of 2 examples from the page):

General comparison of two of the actor's roles. Can't tell if it's Casting Gag or just a coincidence based on the example.

From Film.One Got Fat:

Pothole. Example sounds speculative ("probably an Actor Allusion") and I think it's too indirect/general a reference to count.

From Film.Robin Hood 2010:

Low-context example, as is could make more sense under Casting Gag.

From Film.The Spy Who Loved Me:

Fits better as Casting Gag. Also could use some more context.

Recap.Doctor Who S 14 E 6 The Talons Of Weng Chiang

As it is this is just noticing similarities between two works the actor was in. It could be a correct usage of the trope, but that's not clear from this example.

From Recap.LA By Night Season Three:

ZCE, general similarity between two roles.

From VideoGame.FAST Racing League

  • Actor Allusion: The announcer in the HD games is Jack Merluzzi, who also provided the announcer voice for F-Zero AX and GX, another set of games centered around supersonic vehicular racing.

Maybe Casting Gag, maybe coincidence? Feels too general to count as correct usage.

From Trivia.Clockstoppers:

Wrong namespace. General similarity between two roles.

    Fanon and Fanfic examples: 6 
From Straight Edge Evil:

Pothole. Not sure how this trope works re: Fanon.

From FanNickname.Live Action TV:

  • Westworld
    • "Billiam" for William's character. He tends to be referred to as either "William" or "Bill/Billy", depending on the particular period of his life that's being shown, hence the portmanteau. In a bit of Actor Allusion, some fans have also speculated that William's never-revealed surname is "McPoyle".

Not sure how this trope works re: Fanon.

From Fanfic.Confide In Me:

From ReferencedBy.Billy Joel:

Fanwork example. Not sure how to count this.

    Potholes in subjective namespaces: 10 
From Funny.Hafthor Julius Bjornsson:

ZCE Pothole.

From Funny.HISHE 2019 Episodes:

  • Then the rest of the Justice League show up, followed by Billy's foster siblings becoming the Shazam family. But that isn't enough to satisfy the other kids in the cafeteria when they start chanting "Endgame! Endgame! Endgame!", due to the film having taken the spotlight after its release. Batman responds by asking the audience to "shut up and let [them] have this".

ZCE Pothole.

From Funny.Whats My Line:

  • Bob Hope appeared as the mystery guest again with his daughter Linda on the 24 June 1956 episode to promote the film That Certain Feeling. Although Linda gave most of the answers, as her voice was less familiar to the panel than that of her father, it didn't take them long to deduce Bob's presence as the mystery guest. However, instead of identifying him, they decided to have some fun:
    Arlene Francis: I have a certain feeling we know who this is. (laughter from audience and panel) It's Jack Benny! (bigger laughter from audience and panel)
Pothole, literal allusion to the actor. Real world references to a movie an actor was in also don't feel like they're really in the spirit of the trope, but that's up to interpretation obviously.

From Funny.Two Best Friends Play Machinima Episodes:

Based on context, this looks like a Shout-Out to me.

From WMG.Deadliest Warrior:

There will be more fictional matchups
Vampires versus Zombies open this possibility up. my Predictions slash desires are....

Pothole, not enough context.

From WMG.Forbiden Fruit The Tempation Of Edward Cullen:

Tiaa's mother is Ginny Weasley.
Because her mother was a witch, and Ginny Weasley is engaged to Caius.

ZCE and pothole.

From WMG.Kamen Rider Double:

Possible American adaptation guesses
  • Kamen Rider Skull would be played by Jason Narvy.

ZCE chained sinkhole.

From WMG.Power Rangers Samurai:

Cole is Deker
  • There have already been all sorts of rumours about Ricardo returning to the series, but now Deker has shown up, he does sound awfully like him. And at the end of episode five, you can very briefly hear a lion's roar.
    • For all we know it could be just an Actor Allusion / Mythology Gag. Cole doesn't seem like a character who would fall easily under a spell.

Unexplained pothole under a WMG entry.

From Fridge.Super Robot Wars V:

  • The Shadow Army ninja mooks all have "Terrain Use", an innate skill that cannot be purchased which doubles terrain effects. Tusk has that skill too, because he's also a ninja.
    • Goes right back into Fridge Logic because Otto has that too and he's no ninja.
      • He isn't but his seiyuu voiced Tobi when he mitates Madara and the real Madara himself.

Unexplained pothole (in bold) under a Fridge entry.

From Funny.Muppets Tonight:

This actually is correct use, but if it were on a Main page it would need more context.

    Arguably tenuous connection: 8 
From Film.The Skeleton Key:

Low-context example. (Also the line is generic enough that even as someone who does understand the reference with little context, I'm not totally convinced it isn't just a coincidence in the script.)

Recap.Black Lightning 2018 S 2 E 8 Exodus:

  • Actor Allusion: When Cutter (played by Kearran Giovanni) shows up at Khalil's aunt, she introduces herself as a detective. The aunt says the younger woman clearly isn't a detective. Well, no, not anymore.

Not enough context.

From Recap.Legends Of Tomorrow S 1 E 9 Left Behind:

Pothole, not enough context. Without an actual explanation of what this outfit is, it just sounds like normal clothes.

From Recap.Star Wars The Clone Wars S 5 E 7 A Test Of Strength:

I'm not sure about this one. It seems a little too tenuous and generic a reference, but it's not impossible that it's being used correctly.

From Characters.NCIS Other Federal Agents:

Pothole, based on the context given I'm not totally sure if it's correct usage or not.

From Film.The Usual Suspects:

  • Actor Allusion: When Sgt. Jeff Rabin (Dan Hedaya) first refers to Verbal Kint to Dave Kujan, he says, "This guy must be protected on high by The Prince of Darkness." In a segment of an episode of The Twilight Zone (1985), "Dealer's Choice," a group of friends are playing cards and Hedaya's character is revealed to be the Devil.

This feels like too much of a stretch to me, but others might disagree.

From Trivia.Sleepy Hollow:

Wrong namespace. My gut reaction is that this is too general, but I'm not sure.

From Trivia.Neverland:

Wrong namespace. In my experience Smee costumes are pretty much all the same anyway; I see this as arguable.

    Uncertain/Confusing: 8 
From Characters.Titans 2018 Title Team:

I don't know enough about these works or the actor to know if this is a Casting Gag or a coincidence.

From Film.The Phantom Of The Opera 1989:

  • Actor Allusion: Several of the Adaptational Villainy traits given to the Phantom in this version make him feel more like Englund's Freddy Krueger. This version of Erik made a Deal with the Devil to have his music live forever; Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare revealed that Freddy made a similar deal with a trio of Dream Demons in order to continue killing kids in their dreams. Erik's face has been horribly disfigured as a result from the aforementioned deal to the point that when Christine confronts him in the present, it's been rendered completely black; part of Freddy's iconic appearance involves his burned face as a result of the parents of his victims killing him in his origin story. Both characters are also prone to giving Pre-Mortem One-Liners before killing their victims.

I'm not sure on this one. I'm not familiar enough with either work to know how obvious the similarities are. It feels tenuous to me, but it's possible at least some of what's mentioned in the example were intentional.

From HilariousOuttakes.Anime And Manga:

Pothole, Not enough context to determine if any of these examples are correct use or not.

From ShoutOut.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic IDW:

Pothole. Can't tell if it's correct usage based on the example.

From Trivia.Star Wreck:

  • Actor Allusion: A strange, but hilarious version: Walter Koenig played both Pavel Chekov and Alfred Bester in the original TV series, so the same actor, Janos Honkonen, plays both Fukov of P-Fleet and Festerbester of Babel 13.

Wrong namespace. Seems like it would fit better under Casting Gag.

From Trivia.Starman:

  • Actor Allusion: Bridges stated he based his performance on CLU from TRON, at least before he was captured by the MCP.

Wrong namespace. Can't tell if misuse or not based on the context given.

From WouldHitAGirl.Live Action TV:

  • Chuck:
    • Another notable example is when one episode where a large bad guy named Hugo Panzer breaks out of Castle and is confronted by Agent Greta. Greta attempts to take him down with a swift kick from her long legs, which doesn't even faze him. Panzer then responds by knocking her out with one punch. (The scene was all the more memorable due to both characters being played by well-known wrestlers).

I don't think this is the right trope. Best guess for where it belongs is Casting Gag or maybe Cast the Expert.

From MythologyGag.Kamen Rider Drive:

  • Episode 17 had one for two of Riku Sanjo's past works.
    • And Professor Harley Hendrickson, a badass grandpa Gadgeteer Genius, is basically an Expy of Dr. Ulshade. Not only that, this is an Actor Allusion across DECADES, as Ulf Otsuki, Professor Harley's actor, originally played the professor who gave Kamen Rider Super-1 his powers, and Super-1's bike was, you guessed it, a Harely-Davidson.

Pothole. This seems like misuse to me, but the entry is a little confusingly written.

    Miscellaneous: 4 
From: BeamMeUpScotty.Real Life:
  • "Not a lot of people know that" or "not many people know that" is a line frequently attributed to Michael Caine, but actually originates from a Peter Sellers impression of him on Parkinson:
    "Not many people know that." This is my Michael Caine impression. You see, Mike's always quoting from the Guinness Book of Records. At the drop of a hat he'll trot one out. "Did you know that it takes a man in a tweed suit five and a half seconds to fall from the top of Big Ben to the ground? Now there's not many people who know that!"
    • According to Caine, also on Parkinson, Sellers also used his Caine impression, and "Not many people know that" as his answerphone message, "So everyone who phoned him heard me saying 'not many people know that'!"
    • Caine did, however, say "Not many people know that" in Educating Rita, but that was an in-joke because everyone thought he said it.

Pothole. Uncertain, because it's an allusion to Sellers' impression of Caine, not an actual role of Caine's.

From Characters.Transformers Animated Other Autobots (2nd of 2 examples from the page):

  • Actor Allusion:
    • In his introductory episode, Wreck-Gar says that he dares to be stupid. Also doubles as a Mythology Gag to the original movie.
    • In "Human Error, Part II" he pulls out an accordion, an instrument favored by Al. Sadly, Laserbeak destroys it.

"Weird Al" Yankovic is listed as one of the character's VAs, so it's a literal allusion to the actor. However, since it's his music and not just his life, I think it could count with more context. It's under "Miscellaneous" because it's borderline for multiple reasons.

From WesternAnimation.Harvey Birdman Attorney At Law (2nd of 2 examples from the page):

  • Actor Allusion: When the office workers mistake Phil's brother for Phil himself.
    Everyone: "He's back! Phil's back! Phil's back!"
    Random Employee: "Stephen's back!"
    • A well timed pause will reveal a bus with an ad for The Colbert Report running over Phil.
      • Before that, when Phil says he's leaving:
        Phil Ken Sebben: So, I got this tremendous opportunity! My own law firm! Might put my name in the title! Get a big S-shaped desk! Great for interviews! A spin-off, if you will!
        Harvey: So... you're leaving us?
        Phil Ken Sebben: I wouldn't say that. I'll just be extremely busy on the new show, err, firm.
        (Stephen Colbert himself can be seen in the elevator on the ride down, amongst Phil's luggage.)
    • Alluded to on Colbert's show as well, after pointing out that presidential candidate Mitt Romney had a nervous "ha ha" laugh that sounded similar to Sebben's. He even held up a copy of the DVD, and did the laugh live.
It's not obviously misuse, but there's too much going on in this entry for me to parse which examples count or not, and whether or not there's enough context.

From ShoutOut.Endless Frontier:

The page is soft split by type of shout out, and the subheading titled "Allusions" is potholed to Actor Allusion.