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Achievements in Ignorance wick check, to be used for a future TRS thread. 50/50.

12/50 = 24% are examples.

21/50 = 42% are characters accidentally doing something, or being lucky.

17/50 = 34% are either ambiguously worded, hard to understand without knowing the work, or examples of an unintelligent character doing something.

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     Good Examples 12 

     Did Something by Mistake 21 
  • Too Dumb to Fool
    • The Orks of Warhammer 40,000 fit this trope. They cannot be fooled with a cunning tactical ruse, they won't attack an enemy's command structure or supply chains, they'll simply charge at whatever is right in front of them. This causes no shortage of headaches for many of the setting's centuries-old commanders, who can't break out of the deceptive warfare habit. It doesn't help that they sometimes mix it up with completely random tactics on a whim, which frequently results in Achievements in Ignorance or a case of "Who Would Be Stupid Enough?". It makes sense considering the Orks' two deities, Gork and Mork, embody brutal cunning (hits you even harder when you're looking) and cunning brutality (hits you when you're not looking) respectively. It's a tossup which Ork deity's philosophy an Ork considers the best. The most dangerous Orks are the ones who are brutally cunning and cunningly brutal. Completely random tactics -> did something by mistake

  • Ange Vierge: The reason the girls weren't turned to darkness like all other active fighters was because of their shaky relationships with Amane resulted in a link too weak for it to happen. They were not happy when they figured that out. Sounds like they survived by mistake/luck

  • Awesome.Game Grumps:
    • They're Hungry" is part of a set of levels specifically chosen for being fiendishly difficult. Arin boots it up for a trial run where he's more interested in reading the comments...and manages to beat it ''accidentally''. Accomplished accidentally

  • BlindIdiotTranslation.Film
    • That said, one line actually came out sounding rather poetic, and considerably better than the original. Precisely, Obi-Wan's response to Vader's iconic (and one of the few lines to be preserved) accusation "you have turned her against me!" went from "you have done that yourself" to "this is your own masterpiece!". Accidentally good translation

  • BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense: Pretty much how she plays the game. She never really played games before so she has no idea of proper stat balance, leading her to keep putting all of her stat points into VIT. It is because of this that she is able to get rare and powerful skills simply by being constantly attacked, as well as gaining resistances and outright immunity to certain attacks. Character accidentally finds a winning strategy

  • Darths & Droids: After Obi-Wan's death, Luke became disillusioned on the usefulness of the Force, and thus was reluctant on using it himself. He ended up using it unintentionally at the end of the Battle of Yavin. Unintentionally

  • Earth Twenty Seven Supporting Characters: She proposed her friends get matching Henna tattoos based on a design she found in an old book, the symbol served as a summoning ritual which led the three of them to Elvira's house, becoming true witches practically by accident. By accident

  • Hope of the Shield Hero: He unlocked his Racoon Shield after some of Raphtalia's hair fell on his shield and was absorbed into it while he was giving her a haircut. Did something by mistake

  • Kaijudo: Being a talented sketch artist for his age, he managed to draw a "tablet" depicting a Rumbling Terrasuar perfectly, even though he'd never seen one before. Though we later learn he had seen one before when he was a baby in the Creature Realm with his parents; he even bonded with it. In a pinch with the bullies, he even correctly "made up" the creature's name, summoning it and scaring the bullies (and him and his friends) away. A bit of luck mixed with talent

  • Pokemon Reset Bloodlines The Main Group: Ash and Pikachu accidentally reverse engineer Zap Cannon while trying to relearn Electro Ball. Accidentally

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2020): During the highway chase in being pursued by Robotnik's convoy, Sonic accidentally trips into a ball and uses his Spin Attack for the first time, having no idea what he did, how he did it or why it worked. When it comes time for the final confrontation, he's understood how it works and how to use it to great effect, repeatedly slamming into Robotnik's ship before the doctor can even react. Accidentally does something

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 64 to 69: In trailers, the carnage [[Isabelle]] causes is generally depicted as being entirely accidental. She often looks extremely embarrassed after landing an attack on an opponent. entirely accidental

  • The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball Watterson: In "The Grades", when he tries to study, he has no idea where to start. When he tries to cheat, going over the material to write crib sheets lets him remember everything he needed to. Accomplished by accident

  • The Tale Of Lord Barleycorn: A variation; the Hollow Shades weather crew have literally rewritten the book on handling "wild" weather due to having to cope with Everfree's weather systems without having enough pegasi to brute-force it to ponykind's wills like in, say, Ponyville. Not sure I understand, but might be an accidental achievement?

  • Fantastic Four (2015): Reed's attempt to invent a matter transporter instead inadvertently creates a dimensional rift. Until Sue and Franklin point it out, Reed assumed he had been beaming his test objects in one of Earth's deserts. While they had independently invented the same thing, Reed managed to bring his test objects back. Sounds like an accidental discovery? Either way, it says other people did something similar, so it's not doing the impossible.

  • If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device Specials: Over the timeskip, the Celestial Space Wizard has taken up a side-gig as a Space Pirate (complete with eye-patch) raiding Kitten's federation, and somehow controls more territory than her former overlord and his other vassals combined. Being unexpectedly lucky/good at their job

  • Snow Whiteandthe Seven Dwarfs: As Sleepy is carving a decoration on top of one of the posts, the fly that annoys him throughout the film perches on it, and he tries to hit it with his hammer and chisel, quickly going into rapid-fire hammering Big Ball of Violence-style. When it's over, he hasn't hit the fly, but he's carved a full rabbit out of the post. Accidentally made something nice

  • Kids Praise:
    • Gadgeteer Genius: Psalty is an inventor as well as a praise leader, having invented a vehicle made of musical instruments, surveillance equipment that shows people in spiritual need, and even managing to invent a time machine by accident! By accident

  • Lupin IIIS 2 E 78: Lupin accidentally manages to make the robot work properly after breaking it apart and putting it back together. Accidentally

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S4 E2 "Princess Twilight Sparkle – Part 2":
    • Pinkie is the first to find the stairs leading down to a precarious cavern, by falling down them. Accidentally
    • Spike does the same while trying to come find the Mane 5 to help Twilight. Accidentally

  • Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race:
    • Laurie and Miles: Their spiritual abilities are similar to Dawn's, but Laurie and Miles' powers are the result of being human reincarnations of ancient nature spirits. Due to this, they are able to speak and empathise with animals and attune with nature. In fact, the Vegans' attempt to get the fossil wasn't stupid on their part, they were actually trying to revive the fossil with their powers. However, Laurie is actually the reincarnation of a carnivore spirit, and she was unaware of this for most of her life until she ate meat. Laurie's spiritual aura had been accustomed with veganism and therefore kept the carnivore within her sealed away, but eating meat reminded her of it. Achievements in Ignorance, really. While the Vegans were horrified about eating meat for fear of provoking the spirits' wrath, Laurie's carnivorism resurfaced and she eventually embraced it. (Of course, Miles had a herbivore's spirit, so she wouldn't tolerate it.) When they were eliminated, Don joked about them being stuck on an island full of cannibals, but it's possible that Laurie might have used her carnivore powers to scare them away (or even eat them). Sounds like an accidental achievement

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