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This Sandbox is for adopted profiles, suggestions as well as logistical ideas.


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  • Pending Gods 2:
    • Ciaphas Cain, Commissar Ibram Gaunt, Rumble McSkirmish, Jon Kent

  • Ferot_Dreadnaught:
    • Harold Attinger

  • Muundeis:
    • The Pilots of Gundam Wing, ELS, Zechs Merquise, Primus, Starscream, maybe Higurashi cast

  • n3xus
    • Gorgom, Lalah Sune

  • Otemple 700
    • Conan O'Brien

  • Thavidux 1234:
    • The Wattersons, Penny Fitzgerald, Carrie Krueger, The Loud Siblings

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My Schrodinger's Canon Pages

Pages that have non-ascended deities. These range from groups with non-ascendants that have been published but with sandbox versions on retainer for indulgence purposes or new pages of groups with non-ascendants. Any tropers can take these as their personal headcanons but are barred from explicitly referencing these in Pantheon profiles. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. That said, if you want to indulge, kindly dig in.



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  • Clearance Level Alpha (approved, to be worked on): Suggestion has been approved by the forum and is currently being worked on or is to be worked on by me.
  • Clearance Level Beta (approved, adoptable on request): Suggestion has been approved by the forum and can be adopted on request via PM from interested tropers. Alternatively, said suggestion was initially in progress but has fallen into Development Hell.
  • Clearance Level Gamma (future/merger): Suggestion has not been approved by the forum as it is planned for presentation to the forum in the future or is a merger of several profiles or several other new deities being added to an existing deity's profile. Unlike Zeta, I fully intend to work on this myself and am less likely to entertain adoption requests.
  • Clearance Level Delta (not approved): Suggestion that has been planned and completed and can be adopted on request, but has not been approved by the forum and is up to the discretion of the adopter to introduce the idea to the forum. Adoptable on request.
  • Clearance Level Zeta (restoration): Suggestion that is a restoration of a cut or deleted profile.
  • Clearance Level Epsilon (shaky/replacement): Either a suggestion that has either not been approved or more likely only partially approved by the forum, a suggestion that may share a trope with an ascended deity but hasn't been confirmed by me to be as such yet or is to replace another deity with multiple titles/poor profile quality. For Case #2, feel free to inform me.
  • Clearance Level Theta (contested/uncertain): Suggestion shares trope with another contributor's suggestion. It is likely that me and said troper are in talks to decide who has custody. Alternatively, it has shaky or at best dubious reasoning. Likely to be dropped but can be adopted if there is a proper reasoning that can be elaborated on.

From Attack on Titan:

  • Historia Reiss, The Goddess Forced to Have Children (Krista Lenz, Goddess, True Ruler of the Walls, Queen Historia, Cattle-Farming Goddess) (Gamma)
    • Potential House: Mothers
    • Reasoning: While a major presence in the first arcs of AoT, she is reduced to the Big Good and baby factory for the remainder of the series after deciding to embrace her royal heritage. This is a fixture of her characterization for the rest of the story, having been manoeuvred into marrying a random man as part of a plan to overrun Paradis.

From Black Lagoon:


From The Crown (2016)/Darkest Hour:

  • The Right Honourable Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, God of Great Wartime Leaders Unaccustomed to Peace (Winston Churchill, Winnie, The British Bulldog, The Roaring Lion, Crybaby, Naval Person, Former Naval Person, Lieutenant-Colonel Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) (Gamma)
    • Potential House: Manners of Authority
    • Reasoning: He derives from the incarnations in Darkest Hour (his glory WW2 days) and The Crown (his poor post-war leadership). Churchill is an adept diplomat and excellent at foreign policy and strong leadership, but utterly fails in his post-war term for not focusing on domestic policy, still stuck in the days of the war. He dismisses a smog on London as a mere "act of God" and stubbornly insists on outdated traditions as a old Victorian. He survives till the end of his term based on wartime popularity alone.

From DC Comics:

  • Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, Deified Psychiatrist of Terrible Asylums (Gamma)
    • Potential House: Types of Madness (or become a Guardian)
    • Reasoning: As administrative director and chief psychiatrist of Arkham Asylum, he is nephew of the Asylum's founder Amadeus Arkham. While Amadeus is known for his eventual fall to madness (one grand historic fall), he doesn't have much in the way of characterization aside from his brief partnership with Jonah Hex. Jeremiah has turned to insanity multiple times as a result of the stressful nature of running the Asylum, most notably when he became the second Black Mask. In addition, he's long served the Asylum seeing many of his colleagues/subordinates like Harleen Quinzel, Byron Merideth and Eric Border become madmen and prisoners in the asylum they once worked in.

From Do the Right Thing:

  • Buggin' Out, God of Thinking Everything Is Racist (Delta)
    • Potential House: Outlooks on Life
    • Reasoning: While most of the whites in his neighbourhood are definitely racist, Buggin' Out tends to go ballistic over the tiniest thing that seems anti-black. A full-blown temper tantrum over no pictures of black people in his local pizza joint (even though photos of Italians are perfectly logical) turns into a protest and later burning diwn of said joint. Over some pictures.

From Dragon Ball:

  • Dr. Myuu and Baby, God of Plot Holes That Cause More Plot Holes (Beta)
    • NOTE: Rework to add Myuu
    • Potential House: Narrative Structure
    • Reasoning: In his backstory, Myuu created Baby, the main GT villain before the Final Boss Shadow Dragons to take revenge on the Saiyans for exterminating the Tuffle race. In reality, Baby created him in order to create Baby. How does that work? An ultimately convoluted explanation by Word of God that a fetal Baby created Myuu and the Machine Mutants.

From Full Metal Jacket:

  • Leonard "Gomer Pyle" Lawrence, God of Shooting Oneself in the Mouth (Private Pyle, Fat Boy, Scumbag) (Delta)
    • Potential House: Manners of Death
    • Reasoning: The one made the Title Drop shot himself after the constant abuse by Gunnery Sergeant Hartman and a blanket party by his platoon caused him to improve in attitude and skill at the expense of his sanity. His trauma for being marginalized the fat runt by the Sergeant caused him to kill the Sergeant with a fully loaded rifle and shoot himself through the mouth in despair/anger when his mind broke down.

From Gundam:

  • Ramba Ral, God of Arc Villains (Blue Nova, Blue Giant, Commander Ramba Ral/Ral-chūsa)
    • Potential House: Villainous Roles
    • Despite appearing for a single arc in the series, Ramba Ral casts a huge shadow over the plot as a whole. He is introduced as the first Zeon soldier to actually be a decent human being, treating a deserting Amuro with food and drink and exchanging mid-fight advice. His death hits both Amuro and Sayla hard, because Ramba helped the latter and Char escape the Zabis as a child. In addition to this, he was among the first people to ever pilot a mobile suit.

  • The Chimera Corpsnotable members , the Elite Army (Breniss: One-Shot Killer, Brenev Auggs, Lt Col. Breniss Ox/Ox-chūsa | Uma: Blue Lightning | Johnny: Red Blitz, Crimson Lightning, Maj. Johnny Ridden, Johnny Depp, Led Wayline | Matsunaga: White Wolf of Solomon, Lt. Shin Matsunaga, Grey Wolf | Donahue: Thunderclap in the Wilderness) (Gamma)
    • Potential House: Armies
    • Reasoning: Formed at the tail end of the One Year War, the Chimera Corps was formed as an Oldtype countermeasure against Char Aznable's 300th Independent Newtype Corps if they were ever to rebel. Given this, this task force formed the elite echelon of the Principality as it was made up of its best aces, all transferred from defunct posts on Earth as it was retaken by the Federation or prestigious posts under Zeon flag officers. They were given the best materials and support, like top-of-the-line Gelgoogs (24 of the 25 command types made were given to them while the last was given to Char for testing), maintenance staff who could finish any intended modifications and repairs within half a day. A great number of aces were the frontal force at the Battle of A Baoa Qu, the final battle of the One Year War.

  • Emma Sheen, Goddess of Defectors From Evil Factions (Lieutenant Junior Grade Emma Sheen [formerly Ensign]) (Epsilon)
    • Potential House: Motivations For Heroism
    • Reasoning: She joined the AEUG and left the Titans task force because she was dismayed that the peaceful ideals they championed were a farce so they could keep the Earth Federation in power through violence. Them intentionally getting Kamille's parents killed was only icing on the cake.

  • Ribbons Almark, God of Hidden Rulers (Epsilon)
    • Potential House: Tyrannical Figures
    • Reasoning: Ribbons Almark as of his show's second season is the power behind the ESF government and especially its elite peacekeeping force, the A-Laws. He is never seen during the organization's formation and rise to power, choosing to hide behind the smokescreen of Alejandro Corner and his family. He leaves them to die when they are no longer useful and seeks to rule humanity to make them into Innovators.

From Harry Potter:

  • Diagon Alley, Holy Seat of Magical Markets (Epsilon)
    • Potential House:
    • Reasoning: Diagon Alley, the go-to marketplace for young wizards preparing for a new school year, hosts shops selling such things as magic wands, potion supplies, astrological equipment, Crystal Balls, wizards' Familiars and assorted things of use to fledgling magic users.

  • Garrick Ollivander, Provider of Power Conduits (Epsilon)
    • Potential House: Sources of Power
    • Reasoning: A talented wandmaker and shop owner, Ollivander is painfully aware of how wands work and they they only choose wizards they like and match to the hair. His eccentric behaviour is encapsulated in how he evaluates people by how they mesh well with their wands or any equivalent Power Crutch. He is the leading authority on such matters in Britain, so much so that Voldemort captured him to force out how the twin cores worked.

From Hellsing:

From Indiana Jones:

  • René Emile Belloq, God of Head Explosions (Beta)
    • Potential House: Explosives, Manners of Death
    • Reasoning: In his film, his hijacking of God's power through the Ark of the Covenant leads a long and painful head explosion to be his fate after he is used to kill all the Heer officers in the area. For a general/PG-rated film it was censored from several versions of the film.

From James Bond:

  • Dr. Julius No, God of Villains with Physical Defects (Dr. No) (Epsilon)
    • Potential House: Villainous Appearances
    • Reasoning: So many Bond villains have a Red Right Hand of their own that this trope is a staple of the franchise, though not as much as some others. The OG Bond Villain, Dr. Julius No has mechanical hands stemming from a punishment for embezzling from his superiors, the Tongs or one of his own experiments. In fact, this defect ends up killing him as his hands are strong at destroying and precise, but stiff and clumsy and gripping, which leads him to die when he is unable to climb out of his pool of boiling reactor coolant.

  • Francisco Scaramanga, The God with the Golden Gun (The Man With The Golden Gun, "Pistols", "Pac") (Gamma)
    • Potential House: Firearms
    • Reasoning: Every single person shot by Scaramanga dies immediately. This is made more notable by the fact that Scaramanga's titular golden gun uses custom made bullets of an absurdly low caliber note 4.2mm, making them less likely to kill anyone they hit than bullets fired from a normal gun... unless the man firing it is a spectacularly skilled marksman, which it is established that Scaramanga is. This special weapon makes him a standout of the film, not to mention being played by Christopher Lee.

  • Alec Trevelyan, God of Rogue Agents (Beta)
    • Potential House: Traitor Archetypes
    • Reasoning: Agent 006 is the hidden Big Bad of GoldenEye and a former friend of Bond, but left after betraying MI6 to set up his own Russian criminal organization planning to empty the Bank of England and subsequently bankrupt all governmental and non-governmental organizations in Britain.

  • Le Chiffre, God of Weeping Blood (Gamma)
    • Potential House:
    • Reasoning: This is a trademark trait of OG Bond villain Le Chiffre. He suffers from haemolacria in one eye, causing him to weep blood when stressed which adds to his already sinister appearance and personality. But it's ok. Nothing sinister.

From Legend of Galactic Heroes:

  • Kaiser Reinhard von Lohengramm and Siegfried Kircheis, the Aloof Leader, Affable Subordinate Duo (Reinhard: Kaiser of the Galactic Empire, The Light of the Empire, Supreme Fleet Admiral Reinhard von Lohengrammformerly , Reinhard von Müsel (birth name) | Siegfried: The Shadow of the Kaiser's Light, Vice Admiral Siegfried Kircheisformerly )
    • Potential House: TBA
    • Reasoning: TBA

From Les Choristes:

  • The Choir of Fond de l'Etang, The Great Children's Choir (Alpha)
  • Reasoning: This Cherubic Choir formed by failed conductor and singer Clément Mathieu in a failing school to save its students from abuse by the headmaster. While technically the music is diegetic here, the spirit of the example holds true; hope for the students in an abusive environment. Plus, one of the lead singers becomes a famous conductor in adulthood, buoyed by Mathieu's encouragement.

From Marvel Comics:

  • Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Divine School for Superheroes (Gamma)
    • Potential House: Establishments
    • Reasoning: The Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters is a special institute founded and led by Professor Charles Xavier to train young mutants in controlling their powers and help foster a friendly human-mutant relationship. An icon and Trope Maker of the superhero school, this place has become a center for defense of the superhuman as well as for the X-Men.

From Oldboy (2003):

  • Oh Dae-su, God of Painful Tooth Extraction (Beta)
    • Potential House: Torture & Mutilation
    • Reasoning: He wanted vengeance for the 15 years he spent in a private prison and the entire film explores his desire for revenge against his captors for imprisoning him. One of the most iconic scenes displaying his savagery involves him returning to the prison and interrogating the warden, Mr. Park, about the reasons for his imprisonment. The method of torture is, you guessed it, tooth extraction via claw hammer.

From One-Punch Man:

  • Bang, God of Fictional Fighting Styles (Silver Fang, The Greatest Treasure of Martial Arts) (Delta)
    • Potential House: Fighting Styles
    • Reasoning: Bang uses the in-universe fighting style of The Fist of Flowing Water, Crushed Rock. Although a fictional style, its philosophy of repelling, parrying or using the force of enemies' attacks against them are pretty standard in the real world of martial arts, specifically paralleling Tai-Chi. Despite being akin to low-key Waterbending, this style was what made him a S-class heroes since it is proven to beat multiple at once.

  • King, God of Audible Heartbeats (The Strongest Man on Earth, The Heroes' Hero) (Delta)
    • Potential House: TBA
    • Reasoning: King's signature King Engine creates rhythmic sounds that follow the S-class hero King around, accelerating when he's about to get into a fight and intimidating his opponents into surrendering or whenever King starts to get annoyed at someone mouthing off at him (with the same result), represented by a DOOM-DOOM-DOOM sound effect in the manga and a regular drumbeat in the anime. As King is a reluctant Fake Ultimate Hero with zero fighting skill, the "King Engine" is just the sound of his heart beating faster in a stressful situation, loud enough for other people to hear it.

  • Garou, God of Goals Easily Achieved Through Evil (Human Monster, Hero Hunter, Wolfman) (Delta)
    • Potential House: Motivations For Evil
    • Reasoning: Garou becomes a villain not because he likes villainy (in fact, he likes most villains' flair), but because he wants the world to be peaceful and being a villain to rally the heroes can easily achieve that. Ultimately, it proves a fruitless endeavour as it doesn't get him what he wants, but he keeps trying.

  • Monster King Orochi, the Divinest of Orochi (King Orochi, Lord Orochi, Psykorochi) (Epsilon)
    • Potential House: Reptiles, Monster Types
    • Reasoning: The leader of the Monster Association, Monster King Orochi is a terrible, most gruesome interpretation of the Yamato no Orochi. Assisted by Gyoro Gyoro to become the King of all Monsters, Orochi is an Eldritch Abomination that can split and reform into countless YNO heads, assimilate other monsters and even tank Saitama's punch (mostly).

From Phineas and Ferb/Milo Murphy's Law:

  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, Goddess of Merit Badges (Beta)
    • Reasoning: Her Fireside Girl badges require overambitious tasks to be done. Once, she casually mentions that they just earned their Mountain Moving badge, and we see the hole where it used to be, and the mountain in its new setting. Other times, they're trying to get badges in aeronautics or alligator wrestling.

From The Pirates of Penzance:

  • Stanley, God of Major Generals (Major-General Stanley) (Beta)
    • Potential House: Military Ranks
    • Reasoning: A competent person at everything but what he's supposed to be doing, that is being a major general. He is so used to this that he introduces himself with a long-winded song listing all of the things he knows, eventually summing up with a long verse about his complete and utter lack of military knowledge (he can barely tell the difference between a rifle and a javelin).

From Robocop:

  • Omni Consumer Products, Divine Law Enforcement Corporation (OmniCorp) (Gamma)
    • Reasoning: Omni Consumer Products (OCP) was an American mega-corporation based in Detroit that created products for virtually every consumer need among its citizens, and had entered into endeavors normally deemed non-profit, and even had plans to manufacture an entire city to be maintained exclusively by the corporation. To this end, the Detroit Police Department effectively became privately run by them and their best officer was maneuvered into position to become their next big success, Robocop.

From Space Battleship Yamato:

  • Yuki Mori, Goddess of Skin-Tight Space Suits (Lieutenant Yuki Mori, Nova Forrester) (Delta)
    • Potential House: Fanservice Attires
    • Reasoning: The Ms. Fanservice of her anime, her yellow latex suit serves specially to show this suit. Skin-tight, bright yellow and form-fitting, it provides no protection or defense that would be present in a normal space suit. It also informs her gutsy and tenacious personality.

From Sword Art Online:

  • Eugeo and Alice Synthesis Thirty, The Arc Hero Duo (Eugeo: Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-two | Alice: [formerly] Alice Zuberg) (Alpha)
    • Potential House: Heroic Roles
    • Reasoning: Both are the main heroes in the Alicization arc of the series, in the first and War of Underworld sub-arc respectively. They both undergo Character Development in the form of being influenced by their common friend and overall protagonist Kirito. Eugeo dies at the end of the first sub-arc and Alice lowers in importance in Unital Ring, but both have become Breakout Characters in their own right.

  • Gabriel Miller, God of Soul Stealing (Subtilizer, Vector) (Epsilon)
    • Potential House: Spiritual & Mental Powers
    • Reasoning: Completely and utterly obsessed with the idea of the soul, which in his universe are Fluctlights. As Vector in Underworld, he possesses the ability to suck and extinguish the Fluctlights of any denizen or real life VRMMO players who dares to oppose him. He has no problems "stealing souls" from his victims to the point of attempting to claim Kirito's soul by cutting him in half and trying to eat his heart during their fight. He refers to souls as food ("Alice, your soul will be so sweet") and even killed his fiance upon learning she was leaving to preserve to purity of her soul. I know that Shang Tsung has it, but he also has Shapeshifter.

From The Thing (1982):

From Tokyo Ghoul:

  • Shuu Tsukiyama, God of Selective Cannibals (Gourmet) (Theta)
    • Potential House: Consumption
    • Reasoning: Shuu Tsukiyama is so picky about his victims that he earns the alias The Gourmet. Unlike other Ghouls, he primarily focuses on victims with some unique or exceptional trait (a marathon runner's thighs, or beautiful sepia-toned eyes) and tends to only take those excellent parts. He considers consuming the finest, rarest ingredients to be a higher calling and wraps up all the brutality in a veneer of high-class dining.

From Transformers:

  • Slipstream, Goddess of Toyless Toyline Characters (Epsilon)
    • Reasoning: She's a Breakout Character unlike several other examples and was ignored by Hasbro for ten years (a Cyberverse figure was later released), even though doing so would have only required a recolour of the Starscream toy like any other Seeker.

From Umineko: When They Cry:

  • The Ushiromiya siblingsMembers , Unholy Family of Murdering for Inheritance (Beta)
    • Potential House: Murder & Assassination
    • Reasoning: The fight over the gold worth 2 billion yen is what turns the siblings of the Ushiromiya family against each other. Prior disagreements, spiteful souls and an accidental gun discharge leads to third child Rudolf and his wife Kyrie killing the rest of the family, including the children in what would become known as the Rokkenjima Massacre. This kickstarts the cycle of hate that is the plot of Umineko.

From Valkyrie:

The 20 July plottersmembers , Divine Group of Assassination Attempts (Beta)

  • Potential House: Murder & Assassination
  • Reasoning: As part of a dramatized retelling of the 20 July Plot in the film Valkyrie, this group of military officers plus one disgruntled politician plots to assassinate the tyrannical leader of Nazi Germany many times, all failing due to several unforeseen circumstances and the leader's erratic behaviour (changes of schedule, arriving to designated areas too early or not at all, etc). The 20 July plot was the closest and the most infamous of the attempts, actually managing to kill several high-ranking officials.

From Real Life:

  • Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, the Red Baron (The Red Baron, Rittmeister von Richthofen, Der Rote Kampfflieger, The Red Battle Flyer, The Red Fighter Pilot, The Ace of Aces) (Gamma)
    • Potential House: Nicknames And Renames
    • Reasoning: With thousands of media appearances, cameos, parodies, satires, allusions, archetypes and documentation made on him, the gentleman officer Manfred von Richthofen cemented his status as the very first ace fighter pilot with 80 confirmed victories. With his trademark colours of scarlet, iconic nickname and status as the hero of the German Empire, Richtofen paved the way for the push for a modern German air force, the Luftwaffe and greatly contributed to the advancement of aerial warfare. Even today, he is celebrated as one of the greatest examples of German patriotism and iconography, unlikely to be forgotten for the foreseeable future.

Adoptable Profiles

In-progress profiles that were abandoned. You're free to take them pending PM. If you do not intend to adopt them but are interested in doing some edits, feel free.

For RJ-19-CLOVIS-93

    Baby and Dr. Myuu 
Baby and Dr. Myuu, Divine Duo of Plot Vortexes
Click here to see his Baby Vegeta strongest form 2 
Click here to see his Golden Ape Form
Dr. Myuu

    Wullf Yularen 
Wullf Yularen, God of Internal Affairs Military Officers (Colonel Yularen (formerly Admiral), Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence, Chief of Naval Internal Affairs)
Yularen during the Clone Wars 

For bazzardreturns

    Sansa Stark 
Sansa Stark, Goddess of Winter Queens (Princess, Little dove, Little bird, Sansa Lannister, Lady Lannister, Alayne Stone,Lady Stark, Lady Bolton, Wolf girl, Jonquil, Queen of the North, Lady of Winterfell, Wardeness of the North)

For CrimsonShark

    Maximum the Hormone 
Maximum the HormoneMembers , Divine Band of Funk Metal
From left to right: Ue-chan, Daisuke-han, Nao, Ryo-kun

For everyone else

    Zeke (Attack On Titan
Zeke Yeager, God of (Insert Trope Here) (Warchief Zeke, Beast Titan)
  • House:
  • Demigod (Intermediate to Greater God in his Titan form)
  • Symbol: His glasses, alternatively the Marleyan emblem
  • Theme Song: APETITAN
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil before Heel–Face Turn
  • Portfolio: Achievements in Ignorance, Barbarian Longhair, The Band Minus the Face, Blue Blood, The Chessmaster, The Chosen One, Death Seeker, Double Reverse Quadruple Agent, Hidden Agenda Villain, Hunter of His Own Kind, Living MacGuffin, Messianic Archetype, Smart People Wear Glasses, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Your Days Are Numbered
  • Domains: Euthanasia, Extremism, Intelligence, Planning, Warriors
  • Herald: Tom Xaver (his mentor and the previous Beast Titan), Yelena and Onyankopon (Anti-Marleyan Volunteers)
  • Allies: Eren Yeager (his half-brother)
  • Former Allies: Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart
  • Rivals: Levi Ackerman (non-ascended)
  • Enemies: Mikasa Ackerman, Sasha Blouse
  • Pitied by: Madoka Kaname
  • Opposes: Light Yagami, Rau Le Creuset
  • Zeke Yeager was born to Eldian revolutionaries Grisha Yeager and Dina Fritz, who enrolled him into the Warrior program in hopes of getting a Titan Power to regain control what was theirs. However, the stress from being thought revolutionary material along with contradictory Marleyan propaganda and believing both, as well as the burden placed upon him at that young age led him to report his parents to the local authorities. Eventually, he gained the powers of the Beast Titan and rose in the ranks to become the War Chief of the Warriors, serving as the Trio's commander in the Paradis Island mission to reclaim the Founding Titan. His true aim is to use the Founding Titan's powers to sterilize all Eldians so no new Titans will be born, ensuring their extinction and stop the endless cycle of suffering and revenge.
  • The Warrior trio had been attempting to get their commander ascended for a while, despite Reiner's serious misgivings. When he finally ascended into the Pantheon, he sorrowfully declared his true aim to them, and that as long as Eldians were in the Pantheon, Titans were too, so he would put an end to that. They abandoned him, calling him a traitor to their cause, and continued hunting Eren.
  • The only true friend he has is his half-brother Eren, who is supportive of his philosophy but has since convinced him to hold off, stating that in the Pantheon (with its constant state of war), Titans are pretty much the least of their problems. To placate him, Eren used the Founding Titan's powers to remove his Titan creation ability.

Krang, God of Aliens in Exosuits (Lord Krang, Warlord, Pinkie, Kraang)
His IDW appearance. Image credit: Tyler Walpole
His 1987 cartoon appearance 
Without the suit 

    The New Founding Fathers of America 
The New Founding Fathers of America, Divine Party of Slaughtering The Poor (New Founding Fathers, the NFFA)
Their logo

    David Letterman 

From the Pantheon, the greatest godly abode of all, it's The Late Show with David Letterman!!

David Michael Letterman, God of Talk Shows Named After The Host

    Peter Strahm 
Peter Strahm, God of Tracheotomy (Special Agent Peter Strahm)
some caption text

    Gravity Falls, Oregon 
The valley overlooking the townnote 


I tend to work on Treasures far less than normal profiles, hence I leave these for adoption unless they are moved to another spot, be it my first or second sandbox. Otherwise, enjoy!

    Dungeons and Dragons 
Dungeons & Dragons
some caption text
  • Class Level: 6
  • Appearance:
  • Alignment:

    The Unicorn Gundams 
The RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, RX-0 [N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn and RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Unicorn: RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam | Banshee: The Black Unicorn | Phenex: The Gundam That Transcends Time and Space)
The RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)
In Unicorn Mode) 
Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode)
The RX-0 [N] Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (Destroy Mode)
The original Banshee (Unicorn Mode) 
The original Banshee (Destroy Mode)
The RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex (Destroy Mode)
In Unicorn Mode 
  • Class 3 Treasures (Unicorn and Banshee), Class 1 Treasure (Phenex)
  • Appearance: Three unicorn-based Gundam units with high-tech Psycho-Frame and combat abilities, also have lion (Banshee) and phoenix (Phenex) sub-themes
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Neutral Good when piloted by Banagher and Riddhe (Unicorn and Banshee), Chaotic Neutral when piloted by Rita (Phenex)

    James Bond's cars 
James Bond's cars
The Sunbeam Alpine (Dr. No
The Bentley Mark IV (From Russia With Love
The Aston Martin DB5 (Goldfinger)
The Toyota 2000GT (You Only Live Twice
The Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Diamonds Are Forever
The AMC Hornet X (The Man With The Golden Gun
The Lotus Espirit S1 (The Spy Who Loved Me
The Aston Martin V8 (The Living Daylights
The BMW Z3 (GoldenEye
The BMW 750iL (Tommorow Never Dies
The BMW Z8 (The World is Not Enough
The Aston Martin V12 "Vanish" (Die Another Day
The Porsche Cayenne Turbo (Everything or Nothing
The Triumph Daytona 600 (Everything or Nothing
The Aston Martin DBS V12 (Casino Royale
The Aston Martin DB10 (Spectre
  • Potential House: Museum Vehicles
  • Appearance: An entire collection of Cool Cars, old and new with top-of-the-line technology and agents standard for the 00 agents of MI6, courtesy of Q
  • Alignment: True Neutral, Chaotic Good when driven by James Bond
  • Portfolio: Cool Car (most of them), Driven By a Badass Secret Agent... Who Always Wrecks It, Some Have Ejector Seats (No, We're Not Joking)
  • Domains: Automobiles, Technology, Gadgets, Money, Ejection, Security, Destruction, Weapons
  • MI6 with its tremendous budget is rumoured to give its agents high-tech tools like personal handouts. Not only is this not true, but a complete perversion of what the agency stands for: discretion and secrecy. Unless you're from their elite 00 division, which does get all the bells and whistles they need to perform their licence to kill. At least nine 00 agents are on active duty at any given time, and accordingly are assigned nine customized cars equipped with the latest in weapons technology and detection systems. One is used (and often destroyed) by Agent 007, the legendary James Bond. Replicas of his many cars are housed in the Vehicles wing of the Interdimensional Time Displacement Museum of the Omniverse.
    • To the misfortune of the Pantheon's citizens, not all of Bond's cars are sourced from Q Branch (or obtained legally for that matter). Some were gifts for 007, some were assigned to other 00 agents but stolen by Bond instead, and even more happen to be Bond exercising his self-proclaimed right to commit grand theft auto on the bad guys. Regardless, the cars Bond has are universally awesome in one way or another, especially when he's at the wheel.
  • Bond regularly changes cars for missions so he won't be recognized, and as of his ascension has a bad habit of chartering cars resembling those of other good-aligned deities. Doc Brown and Dom Toretto have already butted heads with him over copying their cars and getting them into unnecessary trouble. Bond would love the flux capacitor of Doc Brown's Delorean (in the Maximum Security vault), but doesn't see it worthwhile for the kinds of missions he does. Even without it, his cars still have plenty of fun stuff to mess with.
    • Bond tends to favour Aston Martin cars, and is most often seen in one of these during the course of his missions. The most famous of these is also his first, the Aston Martin DB5 used in a mission against corrupt billionaire and gold smuggler Auric Goldfinger. The gadgets on this car form the cornerstone of any respectable spy car; smoke-screen, revolving licence plate, oil dispensers in the rear headlights, blades in the wheel wells and an Ejector Seat. To the delight of his fans, Bond uses a DB5 with stripped-down weaponry as his personal car, usually touring the Pantheon with his latest girlfriend in the Ejector Seat.
    • The Aston Martin DBS Vanquish (dubbed the "Vanish" by Q) has the most amount of embellishments on it, including as apparent by the nickname, an advanced camouflage system. Tiny cameras project nearby surfaces onto a light-emitting polymer skin, rendering the car completely invisible. The Wet Nellie, a Lotus Esprit S1 has the ability to transform into a submarine (admittedly with no seals, hence occupants must wear scuba gear), shoot cement from its cannons, and launch torpedoes. Aside from that, GPS, radar, thermal imaging, flares, hidden tools and headlight-mounted gatlings are standard for an MI6-issued car.
    • tendency to be destroyed
  • copies in Museum and private collection

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