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Reworking Gods

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Reworking Gods Wave 2 (Detective Conan)

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    Ai Haibara 
Ai Haibara, Goddess of Cure Seekers (Haibara, Haibara-san, Ai-chan, Shiho Miyano, Sherry, Sherry-chan, Hana-chan, Princess, Little Red Riding Hood, That Brown Haired Girl, Evil-Eyed Yawny Girl, That Girl, Special Lady, Hell's Angel's Daughter, Young Lady, Shelly Miyano, Anita Hailey, Vi Graythorn)
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  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The drug she created, APTX 4869
  • Theme Song: "Haibara's Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (former alignment is ambiguous)
  • Portfolio: Doesn't Bother With Acting Like A Child, The Atoner, Breakout Character, Has the Code Name "Sherry", Seeks Death To Avoid Being Killed By the Organization, Becomes Friendlier Over Time, Finding The Cure for APTX 4869, Sexy as Shiho, Cute as Haibara, A Withdrawn Genius, Little Miss Snarker, Frequently Kept In the Dark About BO-Related Matters, Knows Conan is Shinichi, Teen Genius, May Be Related to Masumi Sera, Mary Sera, Shukichi Haneda, and Shuichi Akai
  • Domains: Cures, Drugs, Fear, Friendship, Intelligence, Pharmaceuticals, Science
  • Heralds: Professor Hiroshi Agasa (her guardian), Akemi Miyano (her sister, shared with Shuichi Akai)
  • Allies: Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo, Ran Mouri, The Baudelaire Orphans (especially Klaus), Toriel, The Human Child/Frisk, the good-aligned deities of the House of Science, Cream the Rabbit, Fluttershy, Eirin Yagokoro, Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build, Kirito and Asuna,
  • Odd Friendship: Wallace and Gromit (mostly Gromit)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Dexter
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Miyo Takano
  • Enemies: The Black Organization, Ryoma Sengoku, Professor Hojo,
  • Additional Character Relationships: Rarity
  • Complicated Relationship: Dai Moroboshinote 
  • Stays away from: House of Electricity
  • You may never see Ai Haibara outside her temple. Not alone at least, and for a good reason. For months, a shadowy organization has been tailing her, seeking her death for betraying them and won't stop until they've eliminated her and all who know of their existence. Until that organization has been crushed under the foot of the law, she'll remain in her temple, researching and creating an antidote to the deadly poison she unwittingly created.
  • Shiho Miyano was groomed to take over her parents' secret project after they died in an accident, receiving education in the United States, serving the Organization from the tender age of 13 under the codename 'Sherry'. And it would have continued that way if she hadn't noticed the way her superiors were utilizing her research. An incomplete version of APTX 4869, the fruits of her labour, was being used to commit untraceable murders, which she disapproved of as she felt that the drug was meant to serve an entirely different purpose. However, she continued undeterred until her sister Akemi was murdered by Gin. When she boycotted her research in retaliation, the Boss decided she was no longer worth the trouble and sentenced her to execution. Attempting suicide, she swallowed a hidden APTX 4869 pill only for it to shrink her down into a six-year old girl, just like it had done to Shinichi Kudo a while back. In her smaller body, she fled for Shinichi's house but collapsed from exhaustion outside the residence of his neighbour, Professor Hiroshi Agasa (who knew her parents). The good professor took her in even after realizing her affiliation, and the rest is history.
    • Now under the name of Ai Haibara and wanting to stay that way, she seeks to pursue the ordinary life that her sister managed to have, find a cure for APTX 4869 to return Conan to being Shinichi and eventually take down the Black Organization for good.
  • Haibara's ascension to the Pantheon was at her insistence, shrouded in absolute secrecy. Considering how long she had been trying to create a cure for APTX 4869, the invitations she received proved tempting for her. Haibara was suspicious that for all its apparent authenticity, the invitations were a trap by the Organization. Thankfully, she wrote back with a tentative 'yes' and the House of Health and Diseases embraced her with open arms. She'd taken a risk by coming to the Pantheon, as it entailed her moving out in the open and having her details recorded and stored in the Pantheon's archive, but it paid off. For a long time, she was in a place where she didn't need to look over her shoulder for the possible Organization member fingering her identity and targeting her for assassination. Alas, nothing lasts forever.
    • Her allies have jokingly lampshaded that there are far worse things than the Black Organization to fear in the Pantheon, and even more worse ways to go out. She is not amused.
  • Professor Agasa initially didn't accompany Haibara on her journey to the Pantheon, oddly enough, because a police retinue escorted her much to his bewilderment. It was only a little later that he arrived after she had settled into her temple and volunteer security personnel stationed there. A gifted scientist and jolly man, his useful gadgets have been lauded by MI6 and other intelligence agencies in the Pantheon. Despite their actual ages, Haibara instead acts like a mother to him especially where his diet is concerned, often having to remove fattening foods from his reach. More than once has the Professor hidden from her in the Krusty Krab just to order a Krabby Patty. Nevertheless, the Professor may be the only person Haibara confides in besides Conan, and he in turn is very protective of her. If Haibara can't attend any sort of meeting with an acquaintance in the Pantheon, Agasa will step in. Hence, Professor Agasa serves as both Conan and Haibara's most trusted confidant, privy to both sides of their grievances regarding their secret identities and the Black Organization (though Haibara still has reservations on what she is willing to reveal).
    • Interestingly, this has piqued Gromit the dog's interest, rather than that of his inventor partner Wallace. Since Gromit has to contend with Wallace's cheese obsession to the point of setting booby traps, he can sympathize with Haibara's exasperation. He can't do much for her current situation, but they share a queer kinship. Wallace comments that if he'd taken a degree in pharmaceuticals, he would be able to give his two cents on a cure for APTX 4869.
  • Conan Edogawa aka Shinichi Kudo is one of the first real friends she has ever had, or even the first person other than her sister that she has any real affection for. After years of being in a sterile research lab where a normal life was nothing but a pipe dream, this is understandable. For all their bickering, Conan and Haibara share a close bond that they can't have with anyone else given that they were both shrunk by APTX 4869 and share the same level of intelligence. Haibara once had a crush on him, but this quickly disappeared when she realized that he had eyes for Ran and only Ran. Since she's moved on, she's rather hostile to any efforts by the fans to ship her and Conan, more so because they clamour for Ran's death.
    • However, they have serious trust issues where the Black Organization is concerned. Whenever Conan stumbles on a case related to the Organization, he almost never shares said information with Haibara. Likewise, Haibara has never been 100% honest with Conan on what she knows. In fact, she's known that the Organization's boss is Renya Karasuma for a long time but has neglected to share that secret. Ultimately, both do this for the sake of each other's safety and discourage the other from acting rashly.
  • If Conan is her best friend, Ran is her honorary Cool Big Sis. Initially cold towards her because she reminds her strongly of her deceased sister Akemi, this has warmed into a fierce desire to protect her. Likewise, when she first ascended, Ran wanted to be with her to ensure her safety at all costs, not wanting to see her get hurt like last time. While appreciative of the gesture, she'd rather not be in her constant company as the nature of her ascension could blow her greatest secret to Ran. Agasa is enough for her to handle.
  • When he heard about her ascension, Conan had hopes that Haibara would use other antidotes in the Pantheon to more swiftly concoct a permanent antidote for APTX 4869, even suggesting experts in the Pantheon that could collaborate with her. She kindly but firmly refused, stating that she prefers to work alone using her own methods, and would do anything to keep Conan of stealing the antidotes and using them irresponsibly. She doesn't want to risk the chances of him worsening the effects every single time he uses one, even if he used it for "important emergencies", causing him to groan in disappointment and give up. There's also the problem of how exotic the variety of drugs, serums, poisons, potions, antidotes are in the Pantheon, and she worries that factoring in ingredients from magical, extradimensional and alchemical sources could completely derail her research.
  • Haibara's terrible treatment by the Organization, especially after her sister's death, has earned her a lot of pity from several deities, and her own fury towards others.
    • She gets along swimmingly with the Baudelaire Orphans since both lost their parents at a young age and are connected to shadowy organizations their parents are members of (with Haibara also being a member). They pity how the Organization's reliance on her caused her to be isolated before she gained her own friends as Haibara. She has similar sentiments towards them, especially pitying them for being chased by Count Olaf in much the same way as she is by the Organization. Out of all the siblings, she is closest to Klaus since both share the same level of intelligence and a well-rounded knowledge of a lot of subjects, not to mention a pessimistic outlook on life as a result of their upbringing. One of her side ventures is e a cure for the Orphans' fast-acting peppermint allergy.
    • As stated above, she is happy being a child and would rather remain a child, since her life since being shrunk is far better than before. Moreover, she views it as a new lease on life for her to rectify her past errors as an Organization member. Even so, she wouldn't cherish Alessi's power to de-age people to toddlers.... or foetuses depending on how long they were affected. It also doesn't help that he is a psychopath who is okay with hitting children, causing her to stay away from him much more.
    • Hearing about what happened to her, Toriel wanted to give her comfort stating that everything is going to be okay. Just like with Ran, Toriel easily reminds her of her dead sister, which unsettled her at first, but eventually caused her to easily warm-up to her and forge a friendship. Likewise, Frisk wants to befriend her, hopes that she'll live a happy life as Haibara, and tries to encourage her to warm-up to others to gain more friends. Haibara is comfortable with her small circle of friends, though she appreciates Frisk's support.
    • Ended up meeting Cream after she and Conan were solving a murder case involving Dr. Eggman. Cream's naivety, curiosity, and kindness easily reminds her of her other best friend, Ayumi Yoshida, which is why she notably warmed up to her quicker than any other Pantheon deity. As to be expected, Cream feels bad for Haibara upon hearing that she is an orphan and has no biological family left, but is relieved to hear that she is happier living her life as a child. Because of the personality resemblance, Haibara allows Cream to call her by her first name, although she wishes that the latter would drop the "Mrs." act whenever they encounter each other.
  • Most of the House of Science value her as an honorary colleague, even some of the evil-aligned ones, considering that she managed to create a drug capable of being a poison and a de-aging serum at the same time. The evil-aligned ones, especially Ryoma Sengoku, a member of SHOCKER and ally of the Organization, lament at how she has wasted her potential by leaving the Organization and halting any chance of perfecting the ideal APTX 4869, more so not wishing to be involved anymore. The House of Science are interested to hear how Haibara developed a drug that could be a lethal poison and also served as a way for people to de-aged. The evil deities there think it's a waste that she doesn't want to be an evil person anymore because hearing of her capabilities, they believe she could achieve more than what she had developed, which Haibara doesn't want to be involved with. The good deities there are glad that she's now in the side of them with some of them lending a helping hand on helping her on developing the permanent antidote and wished that she could work with them in the future for future projects that could be for the greater good, which Haibara refused as she thinks that she works best using her own methods, something that they understood.
  • While Haibara is a big fan of fashion, most of the time, she mostly focuses on accessories. She tends to visit the House of Accessories to see what kind of accessories they have. While Rarity respects this, she wishes that Haibara would focus on other fashion trends, stating that she could be a good model if she does focus on the fashion industry as a whole, which Haibara halted on as she would rather focus on what she wanted.
  • While she doesn't really play soccer, she is a big fan of the sport itself and although she accompanies the Detective Boys of the matches of Tokyo Spirits, she is rather a huge admirer of Big Osaka and obsessed over it's star, Hyusuke Rigo. While they don't mind about it, some of the deities are confused why someone who lives in Tokyo would support an opposing team in Osaka, but of course Haibara never listens and tells them to stop minding her business.
  • Haibara is a huge animal lover and doesn't like it if animals are being hurt. As such, she gets along with Fluttershy and occasionally visits her temple to take care of her animals. She is impressed with her ability to become friends with all living things in general and jokes that she could turn the BO into pacifistic people, even if saying it uneases her. Although she is a little bit put off by her apologetic demeanor, it doesn't strain their relationship.
  • Even though she knows the strategy of not being shocked by electricity thanks to Conan, she still stays away from the Electricity sub-house as she strongly dislikes being shocked. Considering the deities of the Pantheon's capabilities, it's much more reasonable why she stays away from them more often.
  • Has managed to acquire the services of Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build in helping with finding a cure to APTX 4869. Many deities were surprised and interested in seeing how far progress has been going ever since the two teamed up.

    Kaito Kid 
Kaito Kuroba, Divine Practitioner of Impossibly Awesome Magic Tricks (Kaito Kid, Bakaito, Phantom Thief KID 1412, Kid 1412)
KID and Kurobanote 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat and monocle
  • Theme Music: You'll see the KID
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, leans into Chaotic Neutral during some morally dubious moments
  • Portfolio: Lovable Rogue, Phantom Thief, Minor Living Alone, Voice Changeling, The Trickster, Alliterative Name
  • Domains: Trickery, Personality, Magic, Performance
  • Herald: Konosuke Jii
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Oscar Diggs, Zatanna Zatara, Dorothy Albright
  • Rivals: Carmen Sandiego, Catwoman, Rouge the Bat, Arsene Lupin, The Spy
  • Enemies: corrupt law enforcement, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat.
  • Special Relations: Conan Edogawa
  • Not to be confused with: Kaito Kumon
  • Kaito Kuroba is a normal teenager with a normal life. At least, that was the case until he found out that his deceased father Toichi was a notorious thief known as Kaito Kid. With his father's murderers out to get a mysterious gem that can grant immortality, Kaito Kuroba takes on the identity of Kaito Kid in order to stop the organization from going any further with their goals. Since Kaito is a skilled illusionist, it would only make sense for that to translate into his heists, resulting in some unorthodox, yet impressive trickery. There's other forms of trickery that he does in his heists as well, such as disguising himself as another person (and yes, he can match that person's voice very well).
  • The House of Justice received a notice that the Chaos Emeralds were going to get stolen from the Treasures. There was a bit of surprise that Dr. Eggman wasn't going to be involved with that, but the various police officers and law enforcement decided to station themselves at the Treasures to make it less likely that the items in question get stolen once the potential thief arrives. Unfortunately, the officers found out that the thief already made their way inside and they had to rush to where the emeralds were at. The emeralds weren't present, but the officers could see a white hang-glider in the distance, prompting them to chase the thief. The thief was able to get away, much to the consternation of law enforcement.
    • Following that ordeal, there was a bit of surprise when it was discovered that the emeralds were returned to the Treasures. Eyewitness reports about the heist in question mentioned that an assortment of magic tricks was involved and that someone called Kaito Kid was responsible for all of it, including the "returning the gems" part. Law enforcement has made it a point to catch that Kid whenever he strikes again, mostly due to the notices that he sends out.
  • Of the various officers and detectives that are pursuing him, Kaito finds Inspector Zenigata to be quite amusing. Kaito is often reminded of Ginzo Nakamori, who has always targeted Kaito Kid and failed at it, whenever he's trying to avoid getting arrested by Zenigata and even finds the two to be similar in some aspects, right down to the "good at cases that don't involve their number-one target" bit.
    • While he has a decent number of recurring pursuers, there were some that he took plenty of issue with. Specifically, he has problems with the corrupt law enforcers as he felt that even if he told them his reasons for his thefts or the fact that he returns the items after a heist is over since they aren't what he's looking for in the long run, they wouldn't care about it nor his affable demeanor and just want him arrested or worse.
  • If he isn't going out performing heists as Kaito Kid, then Kuroba is probably hanging out with other magicians such as Oscar Diggs, someone who has used his profession for unconventional purposes. Zatanna Zatara and Dorothy Albright have also used their magic tricks outside of the stage. There is a possibility that there a collaboration between them is in development, though if it does indeed happen, whether or not it will be for a larger purpose remains to be seen.
  • He found a kindred spirit in Bugs Bunny, as they're both tricksters (though Bugs is a bit more selective on who to target) and known to disguise themselves as other people (though Kaito put a lot more effort in that regard compared to the wabbit). Weirdly enough, Kaito discovered that he didn't have much difficulty imitating Bugs' Japanese voice.
  • Kaito isn't fond of traditional guns, so he instead relies on a gun that can fire playing cards. This also makes him a bit more distinct from other thieves; thus if "Kaito Kid" is using an actual gun instead of his playing card gun, then it's not the real Kaito Kid that's making his escape. While some deities that are known to weaponize cards find it amusing to some degree, others feel that it's not a practical weapon to use during heists.
  • For some inexplicable reason, Kaito has a strong fear of fish and has been trying to avoid a lot of marine animals as much as he can, especially if they are threatening such as Bruce the Shark. The fear is bad enough that he winces a bit whenever he's provided seafood and tries not to eat such a food. He gets along well with Tohru because of it (although many gods find it ironic that Tohru, with the body of a sumo wrestler, can't stand fish).
  • Naturally, Kaito has come to learn of a slew of other thieves in the Pantheon. He finds the majority of them to be interesting rivals should he cross paths with them during his heists.
    • He actually heard about Lupin III beforehand, especially since that thief managed to disguise himself as Kaito Kid whilst Kaito Kuroba was watching the antics from the sidelines. Kaito was able to get back at him afterwards by stealing something that Lupin III was after before the latter arrived. The two are engaged in a somewhat friendly competition to see who can pull off more daring capers successfully.
    • The one thief that Kaito has a pronounced dislike towards is Felicia Hardy. While she has been both good and evil at different points in time, her going full-on evil and relying on a criminal organization to handle dirty work for her has gotten him rather unnerved. Even though Kaito can be a bit devious at times, he wouldn't try to put others at significant harm on purpose. While Black Cat doesn't really see Kaito as a threat, he has been keeping an eye on her in case the two were to come in direct conflict with each other.
  • Being skilled with disguises (though that only happens if the need arises), Kaito has gotten into a bit of a rivalry with other deities proficient in that field, which also included a couple of thieves. While The Spy is not a thief, his untrustworthiness is notable enough to a point where Kaito is very suspicious whenever The Spy has any involvment whatsoever during any of Kaito's heists.
  • Even though he wasn't that surprised to hear about Conan Edogawa being in the Pantheon considering that they have crossed paths a number of times in the past, Kaito finds the detective to be a worthy adversary given the skills established by such (and Conan has acknowledged Kaito's own skills). That said, they're pretty amicable towards each other even if they're trying to outwit each other.

    Ran Mouri 
Ran Mouri, Goddess of Reminding People They Know Martial Arts (Ran-neechan, Ran-chan, Ran-kun, Nēchan, Angel, Omae, Rachel Moore)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her hairstyle
  • Theme Song: Ran no Ketsui
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Belligerent Sexual Tension with Shinichi, Big Sister Instinct, Has so much in common with Shinichi, Is so good at Luck-based games like mahgong and poker, Chef of Iron, Takes care of her father, Dude Magnet, Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak, Is easily alerted at dangerous situations, Kick Chick, Shipper on Deck, Is only in love with Shinichi, Finally responds to Shinichi's love confession after 1005 chapters by kissing him on the check
  • Domains: Love Interests, Childhood Friends, Karate, Feminity, Attraction
  • Allies: Conan Edogawa, Liam/Angel, Dr. John Watson, Makoto, The Investigation Team (especially Chie Satonaka), Akihiko Sanada, Makoto Niijima, Phoenix Wright, Sae Niijima, Nigel Burke, Neal Caffrey
  • Enemies: Every criminal in the Pantheon (even if she sympathizes with some of them), Manfred von Karma
  • Respects: Sherlock Holmes, the law enforcement of the Pantheon, but special mention goes to Chun-Li, Lei Wulong, and Renee Montoya
  • Opposes: The Black Organization (Vermouth only)
  • Fears: Every monster in the Pantheon, Eric Cartman, Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon)
  • Pities/Pitied by: Will Graham and Clarice Starling, The entire House of Love, but special mention goes to Princess Cadence and Kyu Sugardust
  • Annoyed at: Kaito Kid
  • The karate champion as well as the captain of the martial arts club of Teitan High, Ran Mouri is the childhood friend and love interest of Shinichi Kudo. While going on a trip to Tropical Land, Shinichi left her behind stating that he missed something inside the rollercoaster trip. That is until she went to Shinichi's home, thinking he is already home, only that she could never find him and encountered Dr. Agasa and a kid that she didn't recognize. The latter introduced himself as Conan Edogawa, with Ran taking an interest on the kid and wanted him to stay on her home where it is also where her father's detective agency came from. Now, she is helping her father solve crimes and cases whenever they encounter one, unaware that Conan is the one that solve all the cases and that he is Shinichi Kudo.
  • She was chosen to ascend not only because it seems that either she or someone else will remind someone she is a karate captain, whether or not they are in a dangerous situation, but also that she finally responded to Shinichi's love confession by kissing him on the cheek. Upon meeting Conan in the Pantheon, they were both surprised to meet each other, and she didn't expect him to have already ascended before she. Fearing that Ran will find out his identity soon, the Court of Gods set up a mandate to keep Conan's identity as Shinichi a secret from her until she discovers it by herself.
    • Given how…badly he's kept the secret from several others, despite having successfully sabotaged Ran's progress to finding him out several times, a lot thought that this mandate was stupid and that there should be some sort of middle ground as to what she knows of Conan that will stay in the Pantheon and not follow to the mortal realm. However, due to the threat of the Black Organization, and given how many others have already made it to the Pantheon even before ascending if they ever do, this mandate will stay in effect, but can be re-negotiated to Conan at a later date. The Black Organization is now actually here.
  • A former follower of Liam/Angel, he is happy to see the day that one of his followers got to ascend. She is happy to see him and hopes that he will do his best to atone his mistakes. She tries to give him advice when it comes to detective work that she learned from constantly hanging out with Shinichi and her father as he decided to become a detective and hopes he will be a successful one. Liam nonetheless appreciates the advice she gave him as he is far better at fighting demons than solving mysteries.
  • She finally got to meet Shinichi's inspiration, Sherlock Holmes. She's somewhat happy to see that Shinichi isn't in the Pantheon, as while she does hold Holmes huge respect, she doesn't like the idea of hearing Shinichi rambling everything about him. She wanted to thank Holmes for being such an inspiration to Shinichi in his choices and possible career path, and that he became what he is today. During their first meeting, she asked him if he knows where her friend is, which he responded that he will tell her someday.
    • Considering that she is considered the Watson to Shinichi's Holmes, she was visited by John Watson. They do find some Commonality Connection in that they both tend to ask questions to their respective partners when in comes to cases (although Ran started to do this less often, it's still there) and that they can be both protective of them by using their respective combat skills. She also feels bad to see how much he got flanderized by current society, and noted that she hopes he will feel better someday and hopes that his wife, Mary Morstan, will ascend someday, considering that she died before Holmes returned, and hopes that they'll find true happiness along the way.
  • As a karate champion, she wanted to know if there are any people that knows the art. This is when she met Makoto, who practices a style of karate called rindo-kan karate. She is curious to see what are the difference between her style of karate and Makoto's. The two respect and bonded with each other because of this and found that fighting each other is one of the most thrilling experiences that they ever have, with Makoto liking Ran even more for how kind and respectful personality combined with how considerate she is to her loved ones. In Ran's perspective, she thinks that Makoto's too serious and needs to calm down a little.
  • She respects the Investigation Team for being able to solve the murders of Inaba by themselves despite the dangers of doing it, but she connected with Chie the most. They are both martial artists, have fears of the horror genre, with Ran encouraging her decision of becoming a police officer. Her thirst for eating also reminds Ran of Genta at times, and tries her best to teach Chie how to expand her cooking skills along with Yukiko and Rise.
    • Other Persona users she had the privilege of meeting that are tough like her are Akihiko Sanada and Makoto Niijima. She bonded with the former for their protective instincts from the people they love and being stubborn about it and their obliviousness of how the opposite sex attracted them. For the latter, she bonded with her thanks to her friendship with Sae Niijima. She felt bad that losing her father causes her to lose her passion as a police officer, which was eventually revived later on and also what she's been through, such as the rumors that she got as a student council president, being blackmailed, and being called useless to the point that it got her so much desperation to prove her usefulness. She also admires her sense of justice and hopes for the best for her.
  • She isn't happy to see that Kaito Kid is a Pantheon god as he had rendered her unconscious once and disguised as her. He had also tried to kiss her when she thought that he was Shinichi. Kaito Kid didn't think that she would actually ascend, although he is spying on her using his dove whenever Conan asks him what she is doing around her day.
  • Her father is a police officer, and still works closely with his former co-workers despite his irritating attitude and questionable idiocy. As such, she respects the law enforcement, but special mention goes to Lei Wulong and Chun-Li, not just because of their practice of martial arts, but also because they are competent in their job as police officers, which reminds her of cops like Detective Sato. She wanted to thank them that there are officers like them and that they try to make the world a better place.
    • She also respects Renee Montoya from those same reasons (minus the martial arts). When she heard that she got accused of murder, she sympathized with her as her father and her old captain also have gone through the same thing. She was also horrified to see that Renee's parents disowned her for being a lesbian. She's happy to see she got better from those experiences and hopes she will live a better life.
  • Her mother is a professional lawyer and is nicknamed the "Queen of the Courtroom", thus she has huge respect to those that are lawyers with a sense of justice. Hearing about this, she met lawyers like Phoenix Wright, whom she respected because he has a huge sense of justice to the point he would rather have a client who actually committed a crime get a guilty verdict, although she thinks that he should have better deduction skills. She also got to meet Sae Niijima, who is happy to see her change of heart, developing a better sense of justice, and that she was able to reconcile with her sister (incidentally also named Makoto), something that she wished that would happen to her father and mother, who were separated at the time being.
    • That said, she truly hates those a that are corrupted, which is the case with Manfred von Karma. She's disgusted to see that is able to convict innocent people with a guilty verdict, how he horribly educated his own children, and that he killed the father of his adoptive son just to keep a perfect record. She hopes to see the day that he will get karma when the time comes.
  • One of her former teachers was a FBI agent, so she was curious to see if there are any that fit that job description. Meeting Will Graham and Clarice Starling, she is amazed at their empathy of criminals, she ended up pitying them hearing that they had been through against Hannibal Lecter, with Will becoming a literal drunk, and that one of their counterparts ended up running away together with the serial killer.
    • There's also Peter Burke, even if his division is more specialized for white collar crimes, though she was a bit conflicted at first with his partner Neal Caffrey (an ex-criminal) before learning of his backstory and acknowledging that he really wants to make things right.
  • She cares a lot about children and will go to great lengths to protect them. As such, almost all kids love her because of her caring, nurturing attitude, but are simply afraid whenever her instincts kick in, but nonetheless love her and would totally have her as a babysitter. Although she is afraid of kids who don't have the mind of normal ones and creep her out, such as like Eric Cartman and Hansel and Gretel (not the classic pair, though).
  • She fears ghosts, not because they are supernatural themselves, but because they would be invulnerable to her martial arts skills. She thus also fears other monsters, as she feels that they would be invulnerable as well. She tries her best to stay away from them as soon as possible, although her fear of monsters causes her to be an easy advantage by the evil-monstrous deities to be spook easily.
    • Until she was eventually backed into a corner and was forced to attack back. As soon as she realized that certain monsters are just as susceptible to her karate, her fear of them has lessened considerably. But those indeed invulnerable (like ghosts), she's going to run.
  • She is extremely lucky in luck-based games such as poker and mahjong. Even though she hates poker, her luck in it is so good that it seems like she is a professional. A lot of people are disputed by how a girl who hates it is so good at it. When asked if she wanted to participate in an another poker round, she refused, as she prefers to keep a healthy lifestyle.
  • Considering that she waited for Shinichi to permanently return, she is pitied by the entire House of Love, but special mention goes to Princess Cadence and Kyu Sugardust. The former feels bad for the pain that she held inside and hopes that Conan will finally find a way to defeat the Black Organization and reverse the effects on his body, or at least that she would know the truth. For the latter, seeing how made for each other Ran and Shinichi are, not to mention a few glares from Cadence, both are in her whitelist in that neither of them will be involved in her work (especially considering how much of a Dude Magnet Ran is).
  • "My name is Ran! I was born to run!"

Reworking Gods Wave 3

    Touka Kirishima 
Touka Kirishima, Goddess of Losing Tomboyish Looks (Rabbit, Manager, II. The High Priestess)
Touka with her mask on 
Touka post Time Skip 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A picture of her rabbit mask
  • Leitmotif: Touka's Theme, "Remembering" (shared with Kaneki)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with True Neutral and later Neutral Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Rabbit Themes, Never Had Much Of A Childhood, Warms Up Thanks To Kaneki, Desires Companionship, Quick To Get Pissed Off, Wants To Live A Non-Ghoul Life, Electrified-Kagune, Puts Kaneki Through The Ringer
  • Domains: Food, Drinks, Friendship, Motherhood
  • Heralds: Ichika Kaneki (her daughter, shared with Kaneki), Ayato Kirishima (her younger brother), Yoriko Kosaka (her best friend) and Takeomi Kuroiwa (Yoriko's husband)
  • Allies: Ken Kaneki (her husband), Juvia Lockser, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Seras Victoria, Akame, Mayuri, Chi-Chi
  • Odd Friendship: Yuki Jojima
  • Enemies: Dio Brando, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Isaac Westcott, Albert Wesker, the Child Abuse Supporters
  • Very Conflicting Opinion on: Yuno Gasai
  • Fears: Alucard
  • Upon heading about Ken's agreement to accept having a position in the Pantheon for Ghouls like herself, she wanted to follow in his footsteps following the events of the the destruction of their cafe. Since then, she has grown out of her younger appearance looking even more beautiful in Ken's eyes. Now, she wants to help establish a more positive opinion on Ghouls by working in the Pantheon with her former student and eventually the father of her child. She also is afraid that Kaneki turning into a Dragon-Centipede Kaij will consume his humanity and spell trouble for the Pantheon.
  • Ken was beyond happy to see a fellow Ghoul and friend enter the Pantheon, which made Touka very happy to know while she still gets flustered about it whenever a deity teases her about this relationship.
    • Eventually she would have a daughter with Ken that looks like his Haise persona.
  • Her first interaction with a Non-Ghoul deity was the "Rain Woman" of Fairy Tail. At first, the water mage was frightened to hear about what Ghouls have to do in order to live through eating people, but Touka cleared up the fact not all ghouls enjoyed this. After hearing about her relationship with Ken, she was surprised to hear Juvia fully support this paring mainly because she has one less "Love Rival" to Gray.
  • Yuno was different from Juvia, yet similar with her own kind of obsessive love for Yukiteru making the ghoul nervous when she was around this girl. Yuno wondered why this ghoul had a voice like herself, Rei Ananami and Juvia, but more importantly if Touka would speak to her dear Yukki making the ghoul walk away...
  • The First Child knew that the former Anteiku cafe employee wasn't a normal human, so when she asked Touka about her nature as a ghoul Touka was surprised to hear about Rei's own upbringing as a Eva pilot along with also being not fully human as well. Seras Victoria also felt the same way, even commenting on how Touka's fear of being consumed with hunger is quite familiar to her struggles as a vampire.
    • That being said, the vampire Touka feared more than even Dio was Seras' mentor Alucard. While she knew that deep down he fought for the right cause, his vicious methods and actions did unnerve the normally calm ghoul.
  • Is extremely pissed off with Mayuri for not only his methods of torturing his victims, the fact he got away with those crimes, but most of all his methods of "science" reminding her about the atrocities the CCG brought upon Ghouls specifically Kureo Mado.
    • This is also why hates Isaac Westcott, Wesker, and by extension Umbrella for creating new soldiers with such inhuman methods, which peaked their interested about how useful a Ghoul could be to him. Wesker, in general, wondered if ghoul DNA could help stir up a new kind of virus to use against the Pantheon.
  • Like with Ken, Akame along with Mayuri quickly became another human friend once she hearing Touka speak, and she was thankful that the Night Raid assassin wouldn't bury her like other targets. As for Mayuri Touka also knew the burden of sacrifice to protect those who are innocent.
    • One day, Touka heard someone with her voice singing a song about "Hayabusa-kun" and learned that it came from the Kamen Rider Club member, Yuki Jojima. She was surprised that the two looked alike and was more amazed at Yuki doing a handshake with her. Touka has also sympathized with Yuki over the Gemini Zodiarts incident and Yuki has been willing to bring Touka to befriend the other Kamen Rider Club members (including Gentaro Kisaragi and Ryusei Sakuta).


Reworking Gods Wave 4 (Death Note)

    Light Yagami 
Light Yagami, God of Improbable Strategy (Kira, The First, Light Asahi, L-Kira, God, Light Turner, Darth Kira)

L Lawliet, God of Bunny Ears Lawyers (Ryuuzaki, Hideki Ryuuga, Deneuve, Eraldo Coil)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Old English-style capital L
  • Theme Music: L's Theme
  • Alignment: Difficult to pin down; let's say Lawful Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Bunny Ears Lawyers, Victims of Foe Yay, Great Detectives, Sugar Addicts, Insomniacs, Followers of Black and Gray Morality, One Letter Names, Worthy Opponents, Handcuffs,
  • Domains: Gluttony, Inquisition, Law, Mind, Pride
  • Herald: Watari/Quillsh Wammy
  • Followers: Denny Crane, Terezi Pyrope
  • Allies: Mello, Mashiro Moritaka, Eiji Niizuma, Near, Rem
  • Enemies: Light Yagami
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Akito Takagi
  • Routinely makes visits to Willy Wonka when his candy supply runs low. When he heard of Vanellope von Schweetz's ascension, he also tried to get candy from her, but Ralph put a stop to that. He still goes and visits her for tea though.
  • Despite having an elderly, mustachioed butler and being the world's greatest detective, he has never been seen in a room with Batman.
  • Tends to slouch in his chair because it increases his reasoning skills.
  • Sometimes tend to mistake Lan Hikari for Light due to their similar voices. Lan in turn does his very best to behave around L.
  • Has become acquaintanced with the Mangakas Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi (Ashirogi Muto) due to having the same creator, Mashiro looking just like him and Takagi admiring the manga he comes from.
    • Though he does have some conflicted feelings about Takagi in particular, who looks like Light and is a huge Death Note fan to boot. Also, the very fact that his lookalike is best buds with the Light lookalike puts him on edge. But he will admit he isn't similar to Light, personality-wise.
  • Was quite pleased when he found out Near ascended into a companion house, even more so that it was also in the same house be he and Light were in, meaning more eyes to keep track of him. Also helps that Near also was the one who took down Light in the end. Is still confused if he used a Death Note or not to get Teru Mikami down to the warehouse, and has even asked the House of Knowledge's help for figuring it out. No direct answer has popped up yet.
  • Was visited by Rem, for killing him to protect Misa. He responded by admitting that there were no hard feelings felt during the time due to them both being tricked by Light, and has promised to at least stop Misa from spending life in jail or being killed should she be caught. While she appreciates the sentiment, she prefers to have someone else arrest her.

Near, God of Planning with Props (N, the current L, the albino sheep, Nate River)
Click here to see Near three years later, during the events of the One-Shot Special 
  • Rank: Lesser God
  • Symbol: His cursive "N".
  • Theme Song: Near's Theme, A B, and C.
  • Alignment: Even harder to determine than L; let's just say True Neutral and save ourselves a headache.
  • Portfolio: Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Creepy Child, Young and in Charge, Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys? (and how!), Voice with an Internet Connection, Unscrupulous Hero, Ubermensch, The Stoic, The Spock, Planning with Props, No Social Skills, Laser-Guided Tyke-Bomb, Defective Detective,
  • Domains: Toys, Morality, Detectives
  • Followers: The SPK, Japanese Police Force.
  • Allies: L, Mello (On Near's end), Rem, Toys Of Toy Story, Aang, Primus, Emmet, Killua Zoldyck, Soichiro Yagami
  • Rivals: The Riddler, James Bond, just about anyone who wants to challenge him for fun.
  • Enemies: Besides Light Yagami, Misa Amane and Teru Mikami, any deity that kills left and right, mostly the House Of Villains and the House Of Crime. Also hated by Religious deities for deciding his own moral code.
  • Just Friends: Panty
  • Respects/Respected by: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Near originally had the spot here of being both "Gaining Gadgets Unexpectedly" and being a "Laser-Guided Tyke-Bomb". However, recent developments within the house of Mentalism had started a campaign to cut down on deities that hold two titles. Light originally started it with help from Misa and Teru, bringing up the idea of kicking Near off to the Court Of Gods and using Misa and Teru as anonymous sources, claiming that he doesn't even represent his chosen titles that much. However, Batman has been keeping an eye on Light after Near requested his aid in return for his assistance when dealing with some of Arkham's own criminals, and quickly informed Near about what Light was doing, allowing him ample time to prepare a plan.
  • As a proud owner of countless toys and gizmos, those who need gadgets often go to Near for help obtaining them; he gives the seeker a run-down on how hard it is to obtain, how much it costs, where to go for it, and other such details.
  • Once he heard that Mello ascended, Near instantly headed off to the House of Food to meet with Mello, who was getting ready for another verbal fight against Near once he heard of his ascension. He was quickly stunned when Near thanked him for helping him get the final clues for the Kira case, handing him a bar of chocolate as a way of saying "No hard feelings". While Mello still refuses to call him a friend, he is a bit more tolerant of his presence now, even promising to help him should Light try to become Kira again.
    • On a really good day for Mello, he could be seen eating chocolate with Near, if only because he insists that he is just bored and nothing else.
  • No one has ever seen Near walk. He's just sort of... there when you look at him.
  • He also met face to face with L for the first time, and L was rather impressed that Near took down Light in the end. However, he as well as other deities, including the House Of Knowledge, wanted to know if he really did use a Death Note to control Teru Mikami. Near just smirks and refuses to comment, saying it would ruin the fun of the puzzle.
    • Overhearing the last part of how it would ruin the fun of the puzzle, The Riddler got his eyes set on him due to how similar the two think and has even sent him a riddle for him to solve instead of Batman for once to test how intelligent Near really is. To his dismay, Near appeared right in front of him with an active searchlight set on "Bat-Man" at Scrooge McDuck's money vault. While he managed to backtrack and escape Near's sight, Scrooge saw him and beat him down till Batman caught up to The Riddler. He has since considered Near a Worthy Opponent and has sent him riddles on occasion should he feel bored by Batman.
      • Batman grew to respect Near because of this, even if his way of getting information is questionable at best. In return, Near respects Batman for choosing his own morals like he did, and the two of them even help each other out on crime cases periodically.
      • For those curious about what the Riddler's riddle was, it was actually a 200 piece pure white puzzle, which when exposed to an LED light, has the phrase "Life is like a hurricane, no?" on it. Near deduced quickly that the number of pieces, 200, was military time for 2:00 AM, and a quick google search about the phrase led to the Ducktales theme song. It wasn't long till Near pieced it together.
  • Unsurprisingly, gets along swimmingly with the Toys of Toy Story, even playing with them on a regular basis. However, his own toys seemed to start moving on their own once Near met them. Not that he minds it, as he enjoys playing with them, and even setting up plans with them; it's just that the rest of the SPK feels awkward around them and are still adapting to it.
    • Buzz even offered to assist Near in his detective work, serving as a scout of sorts for crime that Near suspects is happening. Very few people in Japan would believe that a Buzz Lightyear toy would have a hidden camera installed on him.
  • Despite spending a great deal of time in his own temple left to his own devices, he got out a lot frequently once he heard that people like Primus and Emmet were gods here. He spent a great deal watching Primus in awe and crafting with Legos alongside Emmet.
  • Was quite shocked at Spike when he heard his voice, as it sounded familiar. Despite this, even if Spike is a bit unnerved at Near's cold personality, he does respect him for being a dedicated planner.
  • Upon hearing how Near entered the Avatar State, Aang went over to see if there could be another avatar. A little while after he entered, he stepped out dazed and dizzy. Despite this, he does visit Near's temple a couple times to help Near go out and make friends. While Near does appreciate the sentiment, he does find Aang to be a bit annoying at times. Regardless, he still goes out with him when asked.
  • Does his best to avoid Light Yagami whenever possible, as he knows he can't beat him by himself. Should he figure out that Light figured out that he ascended and is planning on writing down Near's name, he has arranged a uber-heart transfer with The Medic to help combat Light's Notebook.
    • Such a day eventually came around when Near was caught underneath some wonky lights that needed to be replaced. As he was walking by a black spot underneath the lightbulb, it turned on for long enough for Light to realize that it was Near. When it went off and on again, Near was gone. After a short chase around the house, Light managed to corner Near and peaked Ryuk's interest to go and see how this encounter turned out. He pulled out his Death Note, ready to write him off (literally). Just before he finished writing his name, Light ended up getting a heart attack somehow. When he accused Near and Ryuk of doing this, Near denied having any role in this and Ryuk expressed surprise and confusion before laughing as he saw Light expire as another figure went up behind him, who turned out to be Rem. While Ryuk gave a hearty chuckle and welcomed Rem back, Near just gazed at her in confusion.
      • Ryuk filled Near in on Rem before she told her side of the story. While shocked to hear what Light did in detail, he explained how he went up against Kira and won thanks to Mello. While Rem was unnerved at some of the same traits he shared with L, she still prefers him to Light and is willing to aide him should Misa not lead to her getting imprisoned or executed. He has agreed to let Soichiro Yagami handle her at least while he focuses on Light and Teru, and considering Soichiro is willing to help Misa out to improve her mind instead of just arresting or killing her, Rem is satisfied with this arrangement.
      • As for his plan with getting a new heart transplant courtesy of Medic, he requested to test it out first with him healing the Heavy Weapons Guy. As a man of science and a Mad Doctor, he approved of this request. Tests are still going underway.
  • The day James Bond decided to challenge Near to a game of chess in the House of Love was... interesting, to say the least, for all the wrong reasons.
    • Before that day, other gods had decided to challenge Near to any intellectual activity with very few accounts of them succeeding; he had only been beaten by L and Mello beforehand, and even then he had accounts of managing to beat the both of them. After completing the game and winning, much to James' shock, he was going to head out, only to be stopped by Panty, who, seeing how Near was on her To-Do List, took notice and complimented Near in how cute and adorable he was, mentioning how it is a shame his V card is still with him. Of course, Near being a Defective Detective, he had zero idea what to do and was left stuttering and flustered as Panty picked him up and took him to her room, resulting in one of the only times in Pantheon history that other deities witnessed Near's legs moving frantically. The result of that was conflicting to Near to say the least. On one hand, what she did to him at first was something that he didn't seem fond of, despite Frollo seeming downright envious of him, but on the other hand, cuddling with Panty was actually rather enjoyable. He settled to being Just Friends with her, allowing her to cuddle him and nothing else.
  • Has been recruited by Killua Zoldyck to help keep dangerous members of the Pantheon in line. Surprisingly, they have a decent alliance, as for all of Near's faults, his resources and personality actually makes him very effective. He is also curious to see if Killua is willing to teach him how to use a Killer Yo Yo like he can.
  • Is well aware that there is an actual N here relating to Pokemon.
  • This profile is now over, you lost the game.

Ryuk, God of Shinigami

Reworking Gods Wave 5 (Gundam)

    Char Aznable 
Casval Rem Deikun, God of Chromatic Superiority (The Red Comet, Édouard Mass, Char Aznable, Quattro Bajeena, Grand Admiral Char/Char dai-taishō (GUAE rank)formerly , a CHAR, Blue-Eyed Casval, Ped Comet, Char "Ago"nable/Agoi Suisei, "Chin Comet")
Click here to see Char as Quattro Bajeena 
Click here to see Char in Char's Counterattack 
  • Intermediate God (has Greater God authority)
  • Symbol: The Newborn Neo Zeon crest, his personal emblems, or any one of his mobile suitsnote 
  • Theme Song: "Here comes Char!"
  • Leitmotif: "The Red Comet of Loum"
  • Alignment: True Neutral overall with shades of other alignments depending on what phase he's in (Neutral Evil during the One Year War, Chaotic Good during the Gryps War as Quattro Bajeena, and Lawful Evil during the Second Neo Zeon War)
  • Portfolio: Uses A Red Mobile Suit That Goes Three Times Faster, Ace Pilot, Arch-Enemy to Amuro, the original Char Clone, Don't Trust Him, Even Evil Has Standards, Jerkass, Manipulative Bastard, A Newtype, The Red Comet, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Action, Colonies, Enhancements, Fighting, Leadership, Liberation, Mobile Suits, Politics, Rivalry, War
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds: Sayla Mass/Artesia Som Deikun (his sister, shared with Amuro), Nanai Miguel (his Number Two as leader of the Second Neo Zeon), Lalah Sun (his Love Interest, smuggled in)
  • High Priest: Zeheart Galette
  • Followers: Captain Phasma, Garven Dreis, Antoc Merrick, Soontir Fel, Kane
  • Allies: Zechs Merquise (his former high priest), Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, the 501st Legion, Anavel Gato, Graham Aker, Hustler One, Gilbert Durandal
    • On good terms with: His neighbours, Barbie and Rainbow Dash
    • Partner: Red Gyarados
  • Worthy Opponent and Eternal Rival: Amuro Ray (Friendly Rivalry/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork at times)
  • Rivals: James T. Kirk, Jean Luc-Picard, Master Asia, Chifuyu Orimura, Elzam von Branstein, Shuichi Akai, Petyr Baelish
  • Headbutting Villains: The Zabi family (outright enemies for Gihren and Kycilia, and complicated relations with the rest)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Rau Le Creuset, Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons, SHOCKER, HYDRA, Ali al-Saachez, Ex-, Gauron, Frieza, Emperor Palpatine, Boros, Sakazuki, Khan Noonien Singh, Lockdown
  • Enemies: Pretty much the entirety of the GUAG Robot War Division, Bask Om, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Optimus Prime, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Tooru Amuro and the Black Organization, Harbinger, Zamasu, Nobuyuki Sugou, Goku and the Dragon Team, Juzo Okita, Honor Harrington, Light Yagami
  • Respects: Charles Xavier, Lacus Clyne, Tommy Oliver (one-sided)
  • Respected by: Tetsuya Yuuki/Meijin Kawaguchi III (on-again, off-again protege)
  • Opposes: Sundowner, Tywin Lannister, Keel Lorenz, Gendo Ikari and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Opposed by: Dr. Eggman, nearly all the Mega Men
  • Pities: Yui Ikari
  • Annoyed by: Sei Iori and Reiji, Team TRY Fighters, the GUAE Trollkaiger (almost enemies in Yuuki Terumi's case)
  • Complicated Relationship: Haman Karn, Melkor (his boss) and his Four Horseman (especially Johan Liebert), Banagher Links, Athrun Zala, Charlotte Dunois,
  • Perhaps the most beloved character in the Gundam franchise, Char Aznable has always been the subject of political intrigue, fan intrigue and now Pantheon intrigue. When word spread that the GUAG was building up a mecha fighting force out of the deities they had on hand (which would become the GUAG Robot War Division), Melkor saw fit to create one of his own. But the God of Evil needed a charismatic deity to lead the charge, so he looked no further than the uber-Char Clone, Red Comet Char Aznable!
  • Born Casval Rem Deikun, he was at the centre of a political bloodbath when his father, politician Zeon Zum Deikun died suddenly and his chief of staff, Degwin Zabi took control. As the Zabis began purging potential resistance to their rule, Char and his sister fled to Earth with anti-Zabi politician Jimba Ralnote  while their mother was permanently confined. They took up residence with Don Teabolo Mass in Spain who raised Casval and Artesia as his own children under the names Édouard and Sayla. Alas, it was not to last. A party sent to kill them assassinated Jimba and permanently crippled Teabolo, necessitating a relocation to Texas Colony in Side 5 (Loum). Casval was hardened by the trauma this incident had on him, the politics, the lust for power, the greed that had destroyed his life. He then set himself two priorities: to destroy the corrupt Zabi regime of the now Principality of Zeon, and to uphold what his father had advocated for in his political philosophy: have the space colonies gain independence from the Earth Federation, have humanity leave Earth as it was sacred, and to prove right his theory that Spacenoids would eventually evolve into a greater species (the basis of the Newtype theory). To this end, he participated in many major events throughout the course of the Universal Century.
    • After faking his death by getting rid of the real Char Aznable (a look-alike and son of Roger Aznable, administrator of Texas Colony) and enlisting in the Zeon military in his place, he would make a name for himself by destroying five Magellan-class battleships in the Battle of Loum, the first full armed engagement in the One Year War, and earning the nom de guerre of the Red Comet by redlining his MS-06C Zaku II and using the added speed to blindside the enemy fleet. Thanks to him and the Black Tri-Stars, Zeon struck a decisive blow to the Earth Federation Space Forces and captured its commanding officer, General Johann Abraham Revil. He would later be tasked with finding and destroying Project V, a secret Federation mobile suit project. And we all know how that turned out...
    • Following the escape of the Gundam, Char chased after the unit and its carrier ship, the White Base, having several run-ins with his sister who had joined the Federation and urging her to desert. In the process, Char would also exploit many opportunities to eliminate the Zabis one by one, starting with his friend Garma Zabi by leading him into a trap by the White Base. He was suspended from military service by his brother, Vice Admiral Dozle Zabi but pressed back into service by his sister Kycilia to assist in Newtype research, also leading a botched attack on the Earth Federation Force's Jaburo HQ in the Amazon. Mind you, this was while she knew full well that he was actually Casval! His professional rivalry with the Gundam's pilot Amuro Ray would become very personal after the death of his Love Interest Lalah Sun when she protected Char from a killing blow. In the final battle, his Zeong would critically damage the Gundam and lead into a swordfight, where he received his forehead scar. Sayla would remind him that that wasn't the real fight, prompting Char to retreat.
    • After Char finished Kycilia, the last surviving Zabi, he retreated to the Axis asteroid base. The Axis Zeon remnants supported him as leader, but he would refuse in favour of Haman Karn, who would become regent for Zeon heiress Mineva Lao Zabi and later full leader of Axis after her father Maharaja's death. After yet another series of unfortunate events and learning of Haman's true intentionsnote , Char departed Axis and joined the Anti Earth Union Group under the alias 'Quattro Bajeena'. Char saw the AEUG as a form of salvation to liberate Spacenoids from the iron fist of the recently established Titans, an elite anti-Zeon branch of the Earth Federation Forces which brutally suppressed all forms of resistance, openly rejecting the rights of Spacenoids. However, Haman would see this as betrayal and engage Char's Hyaku Shiki with her Qubeley at the end of the AEUG-Titans war (the Gryps War), seemingly killing him. Of course, the Red Comet wasn't done just yet.
    • Once more, Char resurfaced in U.C. 0093 as the leader of a new Neo Zeon remnant, having lost faith in humanity's capacity for change and resolving to fulfill his father's ideology through violence. His plan was to drop the Axis asteroid base onto Earth and cause a nuclear winter that would force its populace to migrate to space and evolve en masse into Newtypes. With his new Sazabi, he faced off with his arch-nemesis Amuro one final time before disappearing alongside him preventing the asteroid drop. In truth, Amuro had died experiencing a Psycho-Frame overload along with Char. While Amuro's spirit consented to move on to the afterlife, Char's did not and split in half, with the remaining fragment being used to create the Cyber-Newtype Full Frontal, which appeared three years later as leader of Neo Zeon remnant force "The Sleeves" to destroy the Earth Federation using Laplace's Box and form a coalition of space colonies separate from the Federation. This programmed successor would also fail and finally be convinced by the ghosts of his past to let go of his rage, resentment and despair, passing into the afterlife for good. But of course, fate would not be done with Char Aznable. And this time, it probably never will be.
  • He was ascended under a different trope in a different house, but has since been moved to the House of Colours with previous records wiped from the books. Understandably, he's a bit embarrassed to be living next to a doll/human and a pony, but having endured a lot of realistic war trauma throughout his life, privately admits the bonkers atmosphere is a nice change. Regardless of their respective alignments, he is quite polite to them and even considered welcoming their newest member Rainbow Dash with a house-warming gift, though he later vetoed the idea for political reasons. He rarely spends time in his own temple anyway, given his status as the leader of the GUAE Mecha Cohort.
  • His heralds are a bit of a mixed bag, since his sister is Sayla Mass, who is also one of Amuro's heralds. Sayla still loves her brother but can't accept that he's returned to his vengeful ways, so she has opted to stay with Amuro in his temple. Nanai Miguel still serves as Char's personal aide-de-camp, having been promoted from lieutenant to commander corresponding with Char's promotion to grand admiral. Of course, Nanai is in love with Char, but whatever romantic relationship they had in their home world was for show, and it hasn't evolved into anything more in the Pantheon. Then there's the most complicated case: Lalah Sun. Possibly Char's One True Love, she was refused the title of Attack Drone as the Court feared her presence would add fire to the already toxic rivalry between Char and Amuro. Char was not deterred and had her resurrected and smuggled into the Pantheon via back channels anyway, paying Chief Justice Johnson for his silence. Since then, Lalah's presence has been kept secret even after Johnson was replaced as Chief Justice by the Judge (who was reasonable enough to let her stay). Lalah now serves in Char's personal fleet as an ensign, piloting an NZ-000 Queen Mansa, with all non-Overdeities in the Pantheon none the wiser.
  • Char has had a lot of trouble with finding a high priest. A LOT. His obvious first pick was Full Frontal, his successor and the Second Coming of Char. While Char initially embraced him with open arms, their differing viewpoints eventually caused friction between the two. One alternate continuity finally broke the ice between them, and not in a good way; the Char of the said AU wanted to use the asteroid Axis as a focus point of sorts to face a looming threat, while Frontal wanted to proceed with Char's original plan of causing global winter. For that reason, Char forced Frontal to abdicate his High Priest status until further notice, which became permanent when he elected Zechs Merquise in his place. A bitter Full Frontal has silently sworn to ascend in his own right once the time comes. Speaking of Zechs, Char actually had made him his second high priest out of pity for their similar backgrounds. Zechs once went into a Death Battle against Tommy Oliver, which Zechs won due to having more experience. This battle actually prompted Char to ascend him proper.
    • For a long time since then, Char's candidates for high priest began ascending to the Pantheon proper without even getting to serve; Graham and Tatsuya Yuuki being among the more recent ascendees. Eventually Char got fed up and decided to source one from a world less paid attention to, the world of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. Now, Vagan commander Zeheart Galette serves as his high priest and one of his junior officers in the Mecha Cohort, commanding its small Vagan flotilla from his flagship, the Fa Zard with a two-rank promotion from Commander to Commodore. Char also elected him out of pity for his faith in Project Eden denying him the chance at a normal life and rendering all the sacrifices he had made moot. As a favour to him (and after successfully smuggling Lalah into the Pantheon as a hidden Mecha Cohort member), he has made Fram Nara, his Love Interest, Marida Cruz's high priestess, if only to soothe his high priest's inner pain.
  • Melkor was among the first to welcome him to the Pantheon, but knew not to recruit him immediately since Char would definitely smoke him out as bad news. Instead, Melkor had his Number Two Johan Liebert tour him around the Pantheon, particularly the worst areas of the House of War to indirectly convince him to join the GUAE for the sake of ending the Forever War in the Pantheon. That didn't convince Char at all. What did though was the promise of seeing the greater Gundam metaverse and spreading his father's ideology in more dimensions, in places where hope still existed for its resident Spacenoids. Where the Grand United Alliance of Good sought to curb over-interference into the standard timeline of the fictional universes, the GUAE sought to oppose them at every turn, which is technically true. Char would accept the offer and formally establish the Mecha Cohort with legions of Neo Zeon soldiers at his command. To this day, Char still isn't convinced that he made the right choice.
    • There exists plenty of instances when his conviction has been shaken, most prominently during Perfectio's time in the Pantheon. He's seen the horrors Perfectio has wrought and thinks that its atrocities go too far even for his liking. He is eternally grateful to Treize Khushrenada for the Heroic Sacrifice that trapped Perfectio back in its own realm and treats him kindly as a fellow military officer. Things got so bad that High Command began thinking Char was losing his wits since Melkor had no plans to induct Perfectio into the GUAE. When Melkor learnt that Char had contacted Magneto about his career choices if he joined the GUAG, he moved quickly to prevent Char's departure as he was the only one holding the Cohort together. Next thing people knew, Perfectio was out of the Pantheon and Char remains the leader of the Cohort to this day. And it happened again when Ex- ascended to bring eternal despair to the Pantheon. While Char tolerates his presence in the Mecha Cohort, he keeps the mecha at arm's length and lets him work more or less separately from the Cohort so he will be isolated when the GUAG comes for him. Any deity who is or was once an ally with either of them is an automatic enemy for him full-stop, such as Harbinger.
  • His last known rank in his home world was Captain, though being the leader of a primary GUAE branch, he was promoted several ranks to Admiral and later Fleet Admiral as the Cohort grew in numbers. A victorious battle in the midst of the Great Upheaval against the Grand United Alliance of Chaos with a successful bipartisan campaign alongside the GUAE Conquest Force saw him promoted to Grand Admiral, the first ever in the GUAE since Thrawn. The promotion was held during a lavish awards ceremony in the multi-purpose hall of the Villain Pub. At the ceremony, Char was quick to shake hands with Emperor Palpatine, supreme commander of the Conquest Force and establish an alliance with him, if only for pragmatic reasons. While this has led to some triumphs in mending the rocky relationship between the Mecha Cohort and the Conquest Force, Palpatine obviously doesn't give a mite about the Red Comet and his Newtype 'bantha fodder', since the Force is far superior to this. They might as well be enemies.
  • The GUAE Mecha Cohort has among the worst factional divisions in the GUAE, which already has its member villains at each other's throats. The worst of these is between Char and Gihren Zabi, one of the many men who he's sworn to kill. Others include Rau Le Creuset, Muruta Azrael and SHOCKER. This would eventually spiral into a leadership crisis. Char still leads the majority of the Mecha Cohort and remains the official leader of the group, endorsed by the Four Horsemen, the GUAE Conquest Force (specifically Thrawn) and most of the other Alliances. The many pilots loyal to him include Anavel Gato, most of the Zabis, Zechs Merquise and Treize Khushrenada, all of whom eventually persuaded him to officially make a stand against Gihren, which marked the beginning of a civil war between Char's "Red Zeon" or "True Zeon" faction and Gihren's "Black Zeon" or "Zeon Reich" faction. Gihren would subsequently seize several replica mobile bases around the GUAE's extradimensional space, with A Baoa Qu as his headquarters, while Char would seize control of Axis and Solomon as his principal mobile bases.
    Char: To Gihren and his brood, your supremacist ideals have already ruined what Zeon has fought for: independence and peace. And now you continue to pursue your war-mongering ideology that perverts everything that my father stood for?
    To you I say, you are a shame to all Spacenoids! For using your homeland as a means to destroy humanity and reshape it to your liking and for using Deikun's Newtype theory to boost your own popularity, while not believing in its truth yourself! Today, I officially denounce your baseless ideals for death and destruction!
    We shall realize the vision of Zeon Zum Deikun and all visionaries who desired the same, and will bring the Gundam metaverse into a new age of tranquility, a utopia for all of humanity! Not just for Spacenoids, for all of humanity! For too long has our species witnessed the horrors of war, and I wish to end it against the wishes of the tyrant that is Gihren Zabi!
    I ask you once more to stand up for your fatherland, the Republic of Zeon! And not just the nation, but all that it stands for. If you are willing to fight once more, this Forever War will end all wars if we do something about it! We will not let Gihren do as he pleases! We will fight for the rights of our people! Will you join me?
    (cue thunderous applausenote , Char silences the crowd)
    • One of his most conflicted loyalists, Admiral Haman Karn leads the Axis Zeon fleet of the GUAE Mecha Cohort and boy, is she a trouble for Char. While she serves under him, their fraught relationship causes them to stay away from each other most of the time, especially because she resembles Artesia. Haman is particularly noxious on Char because of her previous attraction to him. They both had differing methods on how to continue Zeon's ideology, with her resolving to go the Zabi route and rule Earth as its empress. Char sympathizes with her plight because he basically abandoned her as a 14-year old to rule Axis Zeon, a decision that did not sit well with her, but cannot forgive for using Mineva Lao Zabi as a figurehead ruler for the remnant. So long as Gihren remains stubborn in his campaign, they'll work together.
    • Another conflicted loyalist is Zeon pilot Anavel Gato and his herald Aiguille Delaz, who served under Haman Karn's division of the Mecha Cohort until Gihren ascended, and he joined his "Zeon Reich" faction, bringing with him the Garden of Thorns base. However, Gihren's increasingly brutal war policies and plans to attack a defenseless Regild Century for supplies soured relations. Gato and Delaz would lead a revolution against Gihren loyalists, gather all other dissidentsnote  and flee for Axis. While Gato is completely loyal to Char nowadays, his idea of Zeonism is very different from his superior's.
    • Gilbert Durandal shares Char's faith in Newtypes and that they should be separate from but co-exist with their Earthnoid counterparts, and has become one of Char's most faithful loyalists. Char does know that Durandal is a bit more forceful with this ideology since his view of Zeonism comes with his trademark Social Darwinism where genetics determines a person's role in society, undoubtedly due to Rau Le Creuset's influence. In fact, Durandal only joined the GUAE Mecha Cohort because Char convinced him that his Destiny Plan would not bear fruit if he worked alone.
    • Another faction would rise when Durandal's Earth Alliance counterparts, Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril ascended to the Pantheon. Char obviously despises them both for being leaders of an anti-Coordinator and now anti-Spacenoid organization which also supports War for Fun and Profit and for using Biological CPUs and the Extended (the CE equivalent of Cyber-Newtypes) as weapons for their cause, treating them as property. He curses their innate jealousy towards Coordinators for causing the world of SEED to become such a Crapsack World and causing two wars because of it. When he first approached Azrael for an alliance, he just laughed maniacally and told Char to stick it. The only consolation Char has is that Azrael and Djibril despise all Newtypes and thus only work with Gihren's side for the convenience, not yet seeking leadership of the Cohort. The Blue Cosmos sub-faction is smaller than Gihren's by virtue of being late to the party, but Char is of the opinion that they will prove to be a nuisance in the future given that they have backing from the Titans, who are part of the Grand United Alliance of Law.
    • Elzam, Rau, and surprisingly Charlotte were considered for being high priests, but the three of them have ascended in their own right (special mention for Elzam since he had overridden Char's theme music on many occasions.) Among these three though, he has a soft spot for the young French deity, although many gods were not surprised about this: after all, he's said to like little girls. While Rau Le Creuset supports Gihren's cause, Char is a bit more sympathetic to his Cloning Blues problem and has been trying to get Rau to see that humanity can overcome the depths to which Rau claims it has fallen by evolving into Newtypes (which he suspects that Rau has already become). Rau just smiles condescendingly and points out that Char has fought and killed Newtypes himself, thereby proving in his own eyes that they are still the same self destructive race no matter what. Whether a blessing or not, Rau's presence has given Gihren control over the ZAFT bases of Jachin Due and Carpentaria (a replica in the House of War) as well as the superweapon GENESIS, effectively putting Gihren in command of two Wave Motion Guns. Char sees taking these superweapons out as a top priority to prevent massive casualties when the invasion of the Gundam metaverse finally begins, but thanks to Durandal's patronage, holds the Messiah mobile fortress (including Neo-GENESIS) as a countermeasure against this. He's also tried swaying Patrick Zala, but eventually conceded that only his son might have any hope of helping him.
    • Ever since Melkor transferred the Decepticons to the GUAE Mecha Cohort, Char has had to share authority with Megatronnote  who makes no secret of his contempt for him. More than once already has Char had to squash mini-drones deployed by Soundwave to spy on him. Obviously, Megatron resents having to lead alongside a human and insults Char as unworthy due to his emotional scruples, and that his mobile suit forces are weak and insignificant compared to his Decepticons. Starscream seeks Char's throne and has begun experimenting with sparks to implant into his Sazabi so he can control it remotely. Little does he know that Char and Megatron already know of this plot and have been countering him at every turn.
    • In preparation for the invasion of the Gundam metaverse, Char ordered Anaheim engineers to perfect his Sazabi for use against Overdeities. The subsequent 'Project: Scarlet Tears' produced its Beltorchika's Children variant, the MSN-04II Nightingale which he now uses. In response, Amuro has had his ν Gundam upgraded into the Hi-ν Gundam.
  • It should be noted that Char is above all, a sociopath. Char's entire life has been devoted to avenging his father and championing his ideology, so everything else is either a pawn or distraction to him. His charisma lures many to his side, but if an opportunity presents itself, he will not hesitate to throw his own allies under the bus. Simply put, do not trust him. This is where his alliance with Grand Admiral Thrawn comes in. While Char is an excellent leader, he is more of an opportunist than a bonafide tactician. Thrawn has none of that charisma since he's an alien in a xenophobic Empire but has true strategic and tactical skills in analyzing the enemy. Both sets of strengths perfectly complement each other, which is why both officers are attempting to bridge the gap between the Conquest Force and the Mecha Cohort. Thrawn is quick to seek Char's opinion should something relevant come up, and the Red Comet's judgement is usually sound.
  • Char's competence has earned him the ire of most of the GUAE Conquest Force, and his anti-social attitude doesn't help matters. Most of the more petty villains see his GUAE Mecha Cohort as a cheap 'toy fair' that's more appropriate for the House of Craft than warfare.
    • Frieza and most of his inner circle (except Sorbet) view Char's ideology as a joke, since his totalitarian regime across Universe 7 helped maintain order and kept things stable, while Char's attempt to unite Spacenoids did nothing to stop the endless state of war the Universal Century is in. Since his second resurrection, he's taken a more nuanced view of the Gundam metaverse and has gained a grudging respect for Char, but hardly the same as his warrior's respect for Goku. This is highly one-sided, as Char can't stand the galactic conqueror for his cruelty and sadism. The same goes for his ally Boros. Zamasu of course just had to give his two cents on Char's ideology:
    Zamasu: Bah! Moving humans to space for their own good? Them evolving into a stronger race and better communicating with each other? Having dwelt in my universe and this domain for eons, I can tell you that is nothing but a petty ideal that will never come to pass. I foresee that your philosophy will devolve into nothingness and that humanity will devolve into the primitive animals they once were. Oh wait, they did. That is why they must be purged. Their innate corruption implores that my justice be called on to strike judgement upon them!
    • Is also disdainful of Khan Noonien Singh for his social darwinism, seeing him as a liability, especially his vendetta against Kirk, his opposite number in the GUAG. He won't hesitate to fire on Khan's Botany Bay should he prove a liability to his missions.
    • Darth Vader is among the only few GUAE members he genuinely enjoys spending time with, as the Dark Lord reminds him of Carozzo Ronah. Vader's problems with love, manipulation and troubles with politics, having undergone betrayal after betrayal (except Vader was on the receiving end), all these Char can relate to. Vader has kindly provided Char a squad of death troopers to train as mobile suit pilots as a trial run for the rest of his 501st Legion. Char's respect for Vader is strong enough for him to continue supporting his agenda after his Heel–Face Turn and leaving the GUAE, which might explain why Palpatine doesn't like Char. There's also the fact that Char himself is a Darth Vader Clone before Vader even existed.
  • Char, being so out of touch with emotions and empathy in general, can never understand how his negative qualities (and self-loathing) have made him the most popular character in the Gundam franchise. Try as he might, he can't avoid the publicity that follows him around in the Pantheon. While he mostly accepted the fame in his own world as it was part of his plan, his fame in the Pantheon borders on stalkerish. Every November 17th in the Pantheon, rabid fans (including Sei Iori and Fumina Hoshino) gather in front of his temple wearing red robes and mieters with command antennae in hopes of getting an autograph and his blessing. Char makes it a point that neither he nor his heralds are in the temple for that whole day, leaving most fans disappointed. As much as Char understands their disappointment, he's got important matters to attend to. Well aware that he attracts young girls, and makes it clear that he does not intend for this to happen, as he only has eyes for Lalah.
    • Privately, the publicity amuses him enough to keep a secret stash of Char merchandise in a secret basement. He owns and uses a custom laptop made in his image, a Nintendo Game Cube, a Game Boy Advance SP, a motorbike helmet, a Nintendo 3DS, a credit card from GE Consumer Finance called the Char Custom (which receives three times as many bonus points per 1000 yen spent compared to their other Gundam-related credit cards), and a red Toyota Auris (which Char himself did an advert fornote ) from Zeonic Toyota (a branch of Toyota). Yuuki Terumi snapped a photo of him posing in the car and spread it online, provoking laughter from his deputies, even Haman. Char intends to get back at the GUAE Trollkaiger for this, but knows that Terumi's trolling is a show of Obfuscating Stupidity to bait him. Who knows, Terumi might have been hired by Gihren to annoy him to death.
    • He isn't as averse to Tatsuya Yuuki's presence, since he's the Gundam Build Fighters equivalent of a Char Clone. They frequently hold training sessions together in the simulators, with Yuuki piloting his PF-78-3A Gundam Amazing Red Warrior. Char is very impressed with the Meijin's sheer determination and passion for Gunplanote  and has encouraged him to join the GUAG as a professional pilot so he can have a Worthy Opponent again that he doesn't despise personally. As much as Yuuki would love to, he prefers spreading his love for Gunpla to others and becoming a mecha pilot connected with its horrors would probably turn him off. Char understands.
    • Char was also warned beforehand when registering his particulars in the Pantheon's identification network of his voice actor's acting pedigree, and not to go paranoid if he heard his voice elsewhere in the Pantheon. Most of them (except Durandal) have either a close relationship or no relationship at all. Shuichi Akai is an FBI agent and thus has no business being near MS operations. Deities voiced by Toru Furuya like Yamcha and Tooru Amuronote  stay away from Char when possible since their voice could potentially trigger a hostile relationship with the man.
  • Insists that painting an object red doesn't actually make it go faster, despite his own existence disproving that. It's skill that allowed him to handle the excess G-forces. He warns pilots wanting to emulate him of the risk redlining their suits entail, and discourages them for recklessly endangering their lives to become an Ace Pilot. He's only made an exception for the Warhammer 40k Orks who paint objects or beings red to make them go faster because all Orks share a psychic link allowing them to impose belief on reality.
    Char: (in a video diary) Look at Breniss Ox. He didn't become the top-scoring ace of the One Year War by painting his suit in gaudy colours. He based his kill count on skill alone. That's why he got the moniker 'One-Shot Killer', from his sniping skills. Pilots needlessly throwing away their lives to mimic people like me, such a waste...
  • It didn't take long for Char and Amuro to come across each other in the Pantheon. What did take a long time was the ensuing fistfight the two had when they bumped into each other outside the House of Combat!, of all places. It took a while before their respective heralds managed to separate and restrain the two. Amuro has sworn to end Char's agenda once and for all and if possible force him out of the Pantheon. Both have made peace with each other since their initial altercation but regrettably find themselves on the opposite sides of a war yet again. Amuro has had it with Char's manipulation ruining people's lives, especially Lalah and Quess Paraya. On a good day, they can converse cordially should they come across each other off-duty, but they'd rather not. Char once questioned Amuro on why he continues to fight despite knowing of the Federation's inevitable collapse and lack of a proper goal, especially since he's slightly stronger than Char. Amuro's answer was simple:
    Amuro: As long as you fight, I will. This Forever War won't end unless people like you and me do something about it.
  • He has very complicated relations with every Universal Century Gundam pilot, having made a mark on their lives in some way or another. This even borders on rivalry territory, though not nearly as heated as his with Amuro. Some of this dynamic has spread to plenty of others in the GUAG.
    • Char tried to be a mentor to Kamille Bidan but failed miserably. Kamille did actually view him as a brother figure despite not taking any of his advice, and their relationship has been strained ever since learning of his role in the Second Neo Zeon War.
    • Banagher Links is also divided on him. Despite not meeting him in person, he's seen enough of Full Frontal to realize that Char was bad news from the start, if at least only slightly more benevolent. He's grateful that Char didn't apply his vendetta against the Zabis to his Protectorate and Bodyguard Crush Mineva Lao Zabi, and Char is proud of seeing his Unicorn Gundam as a light of hope for the future of the Universal Century which never came. In passing, Char has remarked on Banagher's similarities to Amuro and hopes to see him in battle someday.
    • Pities many of the Evangelion pilots and in fact the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion as a whole, considering its warlike state prompted an enigmatic organization to take matters into their own hands and regress humanity into a single organism for the sake of peace. Yui Ikari especially reminds Char of his own mother Astraia and blames her fate squarely on her husband for being unable to accept loss. Gendo merely scoffs: Char's own unwillingness to let go of his father's ideology and just have a normal life basically caused the twenty or thirty-so years of anarchy after the One Year War, not to mention the Axis Shock which he directly caused. What he didn't expect was for Char to acknowledge his own hypocrisy and turn it back at Gendo:
    Char: What's different between you and me is that I knew the magnitude of my actions and that it would save billions of people while killing the same number. You sacrificed humanity to see one person again.
    • He is infamous as one of the most capable leaders in the GUAE. Had it not been for Khan, Char Aznable might have been at the top of the Enterprise's list of enemies. James T. Kirk, one of the commanders of the GUAG interstellar fleet (among others) doesn't give a mite about Char's ideology, even if it has solid evidence, because in his view, no one should ever be sacrificed or forced to do something they don't want to 'for the greater good'. Char, for his part, despises those who commit evil for an unrealistic or petty reason. Those with eccentric goals can be persuaded, but those with no goal and have undergone Motive Decay provoke his ire. Light Yagami is certainly one of those, as is Petyr Baelish. One lost himself in the power of the Death Note and the other's end goal is chaos to gain power. There's a reason why Char hates the Grand United Alliance of Chaos with a passion.
  • Continues to preach his father's ideology in the Pantheon but is perfectly fine with people who don't see it his way. Not everyone is of the opinion that Earth should be abandoned. Char sees it the same way Jim Gordon does: if he worked only with people sincerely loyal to the Deikun's ideology, he'd have very few people left serving him. On another note, he's funded the construction of Zeon Zum Deikun statues all over the Pantheon, which are in these locations:
    • In front of his temple (the largest one)
    • The House of Leadership, part of a line of famous fictional leaders (specifically next to a statue of Scolar Visari)
    • The Interdimensional Time Displacement Museum of the Multiverse (in fact, a museum wing is named after it)
    • The sub-house of Conquest And Conquerorsnote 
    • The sub-house of Acts of War, co-funded by Degwin Zabi after the original was torn down by Gihren
  • One time, he challenged Chifuyu Orimura to a one-on-one battle between their mecha. Surprisingly, it ended in a draw. When asked why she would continue to train and practice as she does she gave a small smile and this answer, "Until he's strong enough." As in her own verse, doubts of Chifuyu's combat potential have been effectively silenced with the knowledge that she fought against a high-tier IS on foot. And she would have won if she had a weapon that could withstand the fight. It is notable however, that this duel did NOT take place in space, due to the IS's life support limitations. Both parties are eager to try this again in a less restrictive environment once the necessary upgrades are made.
  • Information has surfaced that, at some point, likely after that whole mess with the Titans, he used his identity as Quattro to become an Admiral and join the fight against the Abyssal Fleet for a brief period of time. Char remembers none of this and has no intention of ever discussing the matter ever again.
  • Dr. Eggman is neutral on Char for the time being, but is prepared to oppose him if he decides to do another Colony Drop on his universe. One of his stories involved him building Eggmanland, and he can't build Eggmanland if there is no world to build it on. All the Mega Men, especially X and Zero despise him due to having experienced similar incidents before.
  • Has plenty of people to look up to in the Pantheon, including some thinkers who he swears have similar ideals as his father. Charles Xavier's mutant theses have him interested in meeting the man, especially since they both share Psychic Powers and a desire for peace amongst their people.
  • Char continues to stand by the words of his father, and will always believe in the future of Newtypes, no matter how much he changes otherwise. Many will always respect him for this, and more and more will flock to his side.

    The Zabi family 
The Zabi FamilyMembers , Divine Family of Colony Drop Orchestrators (The Zabis | Degwin: Degwin Zabi, Sovereign, Father, Sovereign Degwin | Gihren: Supreme Commander Gihren, Supreme Commander of the Zeon Armed Forces, Prime Minister Gihren, Fleet Admiral Gihren/Gihren-gensui-taishōformerly , Prince Gihren, Hitler | Dozle: Vice Admiral Dozle/Dozle-chūjōformerly , Commander of the Space Attack Force | Kycilia: Vice Admiral Kycilia/Kycilia-chūjōformerly , Commander of the Mobile Assault Force | Garma: Colonel Garma/Garma-taisaformerly , Commander of the Zeon Earth Attack Force | Mineva: Audrey Burne, The Princess of Zeon)
Clockwise from top to centre (Dozle, Gihren, Degwin, Garma, Kycilia)
  • Lesser Deities together, Demigods separatelynote (all have Greater God authority except for Garma, who has Intermediate God authority)
  • Symbol: The Principality of Zeon emblem
  • Alignment: Collectively Lawful Evil for Degwin, Gihren, Sasro, Kycilia, Dozle, and Garma (Degwin and Garma have True Neutral leanings), while Mineva is Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Dropped an Entire Colony on Earth and Destroyed a Percentage Of Its Population, View Spacenoids as the Superior Human Race to Earthnoids (Gihren especially), A Lot of Sibling Rivalry
  • Domains: Aristocracy, Colony Drops, Death, Genocide, Nazism, Patricide, Politics, Purges, Secrecy, Space, Tyranny, War
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds:
  • High Priest: Patrick Zala (Gihren only)
  • Followers: Anyone from Zeon who isn't aligned with Char
  • Allies:
  • Headbutting Villains: Char Aznable (would be enemies if they weren't on the same side)
  • Rivals: Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Anyone on Char's side of the Zeon Civil War

  • Enemies: All good-aligned mecha pilots (special mention goes to Amuro Ray and Banagher Links), Zero, X, Kamen Riders 1 and 2
  • Opposes: Bask Om, Jerid Messa, Relena Darlian
    • Degwi
  • Opposed by: Gilbert Durandal, Tywin Lannister
  • Gihren Zabi is among the most well-known warlords and villains in the Pantheon, having gotten notice of his ascension soon after his family orchestrated Operation British, the dropping of Side 2, Bunch 8 space colony "Island Iffish" onto Earth. The space colony was doused with G3 gas, killing all its inhabitants before it was set on a collision course with the Earth Federation Force HQ, Jaburo, hidden deep in the Amazon rainforest. However, retaliation by an Federation fleet commanded by Vice Admiral Tianem separated the colony into several pieces, of which the largest would crash smack dab into Sydney, destroying the entirety of Southern Australia. Other pieces would land on areas of southwestern Canada (which rained debris across the United States) and the Pacific Ocean (which caused tsunamis and earthquakes in densely populated East Asia). If anything, what Gihren did to end the One Year War quickly only stoked Federation anger at the Principality of Zeon and prolonged the war.
  • Decades of fighting against Char for control of Zeon remnants in the Pantheon and the GUAE Mecha Cohort had taken its toll, so Gihren decided to call for backup in the form of his family members. He made the case to the Court of the Gods that while he came up with the plan, his family members carried it out. For example, his brother Dozle oversaw the gassing pre-Colony Drop and his sister Kycilia eliminated all possible Moles who could rat out the secret. The Court accepted this plea but informed Gihren that it would come at a cost: relinquishing his second trope, A Nazi by Any Other Name, which Gihren got the second Degwin's insulting Hitler comparison backfired on him. Gihren accepted the ultimatum with gritted teeth and got his family ascended.
    • Gihren should have known that was an idiotic move on his part. Absolutely none of them refused to join him in his crusade against Char, considering he killed their father (and in Mineva's case, grandfather). He turned a war for independence into a war of bloody conquest, sacrificing any chance Zeon had for peace with the Earth Federation. One wonders why Gihren even thought his gambit would worknote .
  • Their family feud is so bad that the entire family doesn't even have proper allies as a whole, with its respective members pursuing their own separate alliances. Only Degwin has bothered to lament that the politics he engag

  • Exclusive to Degwin:
    • General consensus tends to connect Degwin's rise to power to Zeon Zum Deikun's death, but this has never been proven even in the Pantheon. What is true is that Degwin claimed Zeon had appointed him as his successor on his deathbed, since Degwin was his chief of staff and Number Two. Whatever the case, Degwin would come to power in Side 3 amid popular support and declare it a Principality with himself as its Sovereign and his children in high administrative positions.
    • Unlike his son Gihren, Degwin is not at all bloodthirsty and took every chance he had to end the war that he declared so Side 3 would gain independence from the oppressive Earth Federation. He was appalled when his children chose to prolong the war for their own purposes, especially Gihren. However, he could do little to nothing about it as Gihren slowly seized power away from him and isolated him from the public eye, championing Zeon's war effort as a holy crusade against all Earthnoids. Tragically, he would die in the process of peace negotiations with EFSF commander General Revil when Gihren fired the Solar Ray Cannon.
    • Since his ascension to the Pantheon, Degwin has taken steps to rein his children in and admonish Gihren for his 'wartime shenanigans'. Had Gihren not been in the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Degwin would have dragged him bodily to the House of Justice for lifetime imprisonment. His other children (except Garma) were subject to less severe tirades for their ineptitude in handling the war effort and setting Spacenoid independence back decades. After hearing that the Republic of Zeon was stripped of its autonomy and dissolved in U.C. 0100, he's gotten even madder.
    • Having spent most of his life in space, he suffers from osteoporosis and other health problems that render him having to lean on a cane most of the time. Not that this stops him from being somewhat of a Handicapped Badass, as his utter contempt for his ruthless children can clearly scare them, including Dozle, who mind you is much bigger than him! Even Gihren's usual arrogant stoic can be broken when Degwin takes a shot at him. Pensions on behalf of the Grand United Alliance of Good, who sympathize with his plight, have allowed him to regularly visit the House of Health and Diseases for treatment. Due to his still ailing health, he's more keen on spending time resting in his temple and visiting other leaders in the Pantheon rather than participate in the Alliance war effort. Clearly, his words say he has all but disowned his eldest son:
    Degwin: I was manipulated and manhandled in a war Gihren didn't want to end until it ended his way. What makes people think that I want to be thrown into another one that will last forever? Let my son do what he wants: I've wiped my hands clean of him. Let me die in peace here. (is told Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon) Then I'll retire in peace dammit! I've done my part, let the youngsters handle it.
    • Compared to the majority of his children, he's a pretty chill guy and tries to be a family man. No records show that he was in any way abusive or neglectful towards his children, so it's a bit of a mystery (aside from the chaotic politics) that most of them, especially Gihren, turned out to be borderline psychotic. The main reason that Garma, his youngest son, is his favourite out of the bunch is because unlike them, Garma is a gentle and sweet kid who just happened to be born into such a lineage. Degwin laments that he let his son become a soldier instead of a scholar, so he would have had a much better life. A key reason why Degwin left the public eye is because of his depression following Garma's death, which paved the way for Gihren's rise to power. Make no mistake, if you hurt Garma, he will never forgive you...

  • It's a running theory in

  • Exclusive to Gihren:
    • Degwin's eldest son, Gihren was a key factor in his father's rise to political power after Zeon Zum Deikun's death. When Degwin had become ruler of the Autonomous Republic of Zeon and turned it into a Principality, Gihren had become the top-ranking official in the government and supreme commander of Zeon's armed force, with his siblings in lower but nonetheless respectable positions. Adept at political manipulation, he took advantage of his father's ailing health and advanced age to isolate him from the public eye and render him a mere figurehead. By the time his younger brother Garma had died in the One Year War and Degwin retired from day to day duties, Gihren was the legal dictator of Zeon in all but name. To finish off, he used a Zeon superweapon, the Solar Ray Cannon to destroy a portion of the Earth Federation's fleet... with his father in its path. He hoped that this move would stall the peace negotiations his father had been planning and keep the war going, but his sister Kycilia would shoot him in the head for patricide and seize command of the remaining Zeon forces. In essence, this spelt the death of the Principality as it could no longer afford to fight the war without Gihren's overarching leadership, as well as Kycilia's death at the hands of Char Aznable.
    • Speaking of Char Aznable, he hates Char the most out of his family members. When he first joined the Grand United Alliance of Evil as an Admiral, he didn't know anything about the GUAE Mecha Cohort and when he was informed of its existence, he assumed that he was automatically its sole leader and that Char was merely an acting commander awaiting his ascension. After all, a single ace pilot with a fast mobile suit couldn't possibly be worthy of leading the forces of Zeon right? That was until he learnt that Char was actually Casval Rem Deikun, Zeon Zum Deikun's son who single-handedly ended the Zabi regime by killing Garma and Kycilia (the latter especially). Lack of Empathy aside, Gihren was furious that his attempts to eliminate Casval and his sister had failed and blamed his survival on his siblings for not being watchful enough. Rising tensions would spark a civil war between Gihren and Char, with Gihren rallying his OYW supporters and more violent MS pilots disgruntled with Char's leadership style as the legitimate heir to Zeon Zum Deikun's political ideology. While Char still commands the majority of the GUAE Mecha Cohort, some influential organizations have thrown their support behind Gihren's "Black Zeon" faction such as SHOCKER and HYDRA. Rau Le Creuset and his sub-faction of ZAFT pilots from the Grand United Alliance of Destruction have also pledged their support, though Rau has his own plans for Gihren...
    • Gihren's dream was to eventually seize full control of the Earth Sphere and reform it as a totalitarian regime where Spacenoids reign as its master race above Earthnoids, with him as its supreme leader. He was quick to form alliances with other like-minded deities.
    • Enjoys gardening.

    • Love him or hate him, people in the Pantheon know to take Gihren Zabi seriously. After Adolf Hitler was ousted from his throne in the Motivations For Evil sub-house, he was briefly in the running for his relinquished title before Johann Schmidt, leader of HYDRA out-manoeuvred him and gained popular support. Red Skull still claims he is more suitable for the post than Gihren because unlike him, he actually was a member of the Nazi Schutzstaffel. Gihren has accepted the loss with grace, seeing his rivalry with Char as far more important, and the Red Skull has placed his support behind Gihren as the legitimate heir to Zeon and leader of the GUAE Mecha Cohort.

    • People often confuse him with Mr Fantastic because of having the same voice.
    • Since his ascension, Gods have been hearing "SIEG ZEON" round and round inside his Temple, though his faction is now the splinter faction.
    • The Zeon based deities are confused on who to follow, the Zabi Gihren or Rem Deikun Char? There is currently a civil war involving that.
    • Gihren dislikes Bask Om for being an example of a ""Feddie"" officer who has too much freedom.
    • X and Zero hate his guts because of him reminding the time they had a colony drop, they make sure it doesn't happen again.
    • He is banned from the House of Family, specifically the Fathers subhouse for his crime of familial patricide.
    • Is not sure what to think of Banagher Links considering his relationship with his younger brother Dozle's daughter, but doesn't care about that and only thinks of him as a Federation Gundam pilot.
    • Gihren Zabi has similar traits to those of the organization called Shocker, which pissed off Kamen Riders 1 and 2, who have sworn to fight him.
    • He also found new allies in the name of Red Skull who reminds him of his former leader Adolf Hitler (which Gihren showed in delight) Red Skull decides to give him support of Hydra in order to counter Char's Neo-Zeon forces.
    • As noted above, Gihren is a master of oratory and thus is relied upon in the GUAE as one of their best public speakers. Though his foul reputation may precede him, Gihren can redirect others' anger towards him into fierce loyalty, which Big Brother can get behind. That part is exactly why the Two Minutes Hate exist. Gihren as such is very popular at state funerals held by the GUAEnote . His most well-received eulogy thus far has been at the funeral mourning Emperor Palpatine when Rey vanquished him for good on Exegol. This particular eulogy was regarded as a great improvement from the pithy-by-comparison speech by Sate Pestage and Mas Amedda. Even if it's for people he doesn't like, Gihren must admit: he enjoys making such speeches...
    Gihren: The Galactic Emperor who was due to return to his long-awaited throne in the galaxy and reform it for the better has been vanquished by the Jedi scum! His Final Order, which would have ended eons of war and strife, has been ended by the inane actions of the Jedi's Resistance allies! The leader of our valiant Conquest Force, which has triumphed the goals of its respective members and soldiers endlessly has been dealt a crippling blow, but I tell you: we shall not stand for this! Lord Vader has left us, Lord Tyrannus has left us, yet the rightful Emperor still stands tall in our godly abode! To all stormtroopers, officers and anyone else here loyal to the cause of the Empire, the GUAE, and the good of the omniverse alike, I ask you to stand now! And to the Emperor, we wish you luck in your future endeavours in the Pantheon!!
    Nova Trooper Commander Fete: Nova Troopers, atten-tion! Ready, aim, fire! (gunshot) Ready, aim, fire! (gunshot) Ready, aim, fire! (gunshot)
    Gihren: And now play the anthem of the honourable Empire! Salute! (band begins playing "Glory to the Empire")

"We must teach those slow-witted people of the Earth Federation a lesson they will always remember. Now is the time for mankind to stand up for the future! Sieg ZEON!"

    Amuro Ray 
Amuro Ray, God of Real Robot Pilots (The White Devil, White Shooting Star, White Unicorn, Vice Admiral Ray/Ray-chūjōformerly )
Amuro in CCA
In pilot's suit 

    Bright Noa 
Bright Noa, Eternal Repairer of Wrongly Placed Emotions (The Eternal Captain, Captain Bright/Bright-kanchō, Admiral Bright Noa/Bright-shogunformerly )
Bright in Unicorn 
Bright in Hathaway's Flash 

Reworking Gods Wave 6 (SHOCKER and GUAE)

    Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke 
Ryoma Sengoku, God of Morally Bankrupt Scientists (Kamen Rider Duke, New Generation Rider Duke, Professor Ryoma, Incredible Ryoma, Hakaider, Mecha Ryoma Sengoku, Mecha Duke, Dragon Duke)
Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Arms 
Kamen Rider Duke Lemon Energy Arms 
Resurrected as a cyborg 
My brilliance... and research... are the only things of value. They are the truth of this world!

    Johan Liebert 
Johan Liebert, God of Sociopathy and Mind Control Without Superpowers (Johann Liebert, Franz Heinau, Michael Reichmann, Erich Springer, The Antichrist, The Monster, The Next Hitler)

    Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King 
Nobuyuki Sugou, The Abusive Game Master God (Oberon the Fairy King, Alberich, The King of Thieves)
Oberon the Fairy King 
  • Demigod, Greater God as Oberon
  • Symbol: Oberon's Tiara
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil / Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Main Antagonist of the Fairy Dance Arc, Uses RECT Progress' Custody of the SAO Servers To Experiment on its Trapped Players, Dirty Coward, Four Eyes, Zero Soul, Stupid Evil, Uses an Unreleased and Overpowered Spell in ALO, Jerkass, Violently Raped His Fiancé Asuna, The Hedonist, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, Seeing himself as the God of ALO, Slime Ball, Widely (and Fan Hated) Flat Characters, Utterly Despicable, Too Dumb to Live, Asshole Victims.
  • Domains: Gaming (Cheating), Brutality, Fairies (Failed), Depravity, Domination (Abused), Stupidity, Evil, Hate, Science, Technology, Lust
  • Herald: Gabriel Miller/Subtilizer/Vector (his Dragon in the Pantheon]], and his fellow RECT Progress employees
  • Allies: Quinella, SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Slaanesh, The GUAE Trollkaiger, Dio Brando, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Tenjuro Banno, Ragyo Kiryuin, Wyald, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Judge Claude Frollo, Gin
  • Drinking Buddies With: Frieza
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito and Asuna Yuuki, Krim Steinbelt, every fairy and elf deity, Sark, Enter (Both surprisingly)
  • A former follower of Ryoma Sengoku who managed to ascend to the Pantheon after Sengoku was impressed with Sugou's crimes for hijacking the minds of Asuna Yuuki and the other 300 SAO survivors as his test subjects for his Mind Control research. Sengoku has encouraged him to get his revenge on Kirito for ruining his plans, giving him a Genesis Driver and a complete version of the Dragon Fruit Energy Lockseed as a welcome gift.
  • Both Tenjuro Banno and Ragyo Kiryuin also became intrigued with his crimes while Sugou has the same reaction to them, since then he became supportive to both Banno and Ragyo as they made a plan to brainwash every good deities in the pantheon for their evil purposes.
  • However, his ascension has brought bad news to him as he was given a restraining order and was stripped of his powers by the Court of the Gods as Oberon due to him committing brutal rape on Asuna and restraining Kirito with an overpowered spell while he was at it back in ALO.
    • With the help of SHOCKER and some magic hacking, he has managed to break this spell.
  • He also got banned in the House of Technology because of his obsession over his Mind Control research. Moreover, he is enemies with the VR Trooper Ryan Steele because the latter remarks Sugou of him being similar to Ryan's Arch-Enemy Karl Ziktor a.k.a. Grimlord for being a Corrupt Corporate Executive and also the evil ruler of the virtual world. He is also being opposed by Krim Steinbelt since Sugou had sided with Banno and Krim considered him a threat to many good-aligned scientists.
  • Both Kirito and Asuna were enraged by his presence after his ascension since they had a lot of issues with him as mentioned above. On top of that, many of Kirito's associates like Yui, Silica, Leafa, Sinon, and Yuuki, doesn't like his guts either as they were glad that he got banned in the House of Gaming for being the Abusive Game Master he is. This doesn't help either that Sark also lost his interest in him especially for his idiotic acts that leads to his downfall.
    • He has earned the outright hatred of Yuuki Konno The Zekken ("Absolute Sword"), Asuna's dearest friend and the Greatest Warrior of Alfheim Online; who in uncertain terms made clear to him that he will not "walk away as a man" if he dares to lay another finger, much less his filthy tongue, on Asuna ever again.
    • Compounding matters is the ascension of Abridged Kirito and Asuna. They are disgusted that the canon version of him is far, far, far, worse than their homeworld's version. He is literally the only reason they will even consider working together with their canon counterparts.
  • Has made an alliance with the Trollkaiger, Monokuma, and Junko Enoshima, as he was amused of their actions of playing a cruel joke on both Kirito and Asuna for locking them away from each other for a couple of weeks. He was very satisfied with their suffering upon hearing this incident.
    • Moreover, the Mastermind Junko also made a proposal to Sugou to work alongside her for her plans to create the "Pantheonic School Life of Mutual Killing", with him being in charge of brainwashing every potential participants in the said death game. Said request has not yet been responded to.
    • Similarly, Gin serves as an envoy for him from the Black Organization. Sugou created a secret account specially for him in ALO.
  • His crimes have made him a public enemy in the eyes of heroic Kamen Riders in the pantheon, especially with Kouta Kazuraba since Sugou's actions are considered to be despicable in the same vein as Redyue, Kaito Kumon also hates his guts because his actions considers him a literal cheater and dishonorable human being. He is also hated by Shinji Kido and Ren Akiyama due to the fact that his stint as a Killer Game Master is much worse than what Shiro Kanzaki did.
  • Has made enemies with the likes of Deadpool and Zechs Merquise not only because they sounded similar, but both of them were disgusted with his bad reputation as the former hates his guts with a passion and the latter sees him as nothing but a disgrace to his standards.
  • 765 Pro does not like him, as he reminds them of Takao Kuroi. This isn't helped by the fact that they sound similar. Producer-san and Hayate Immelmann have made it their mission to keep him away from getting to the 765 Pro idols.
  • Though proclaiming himself as a warrior, Khorne isn't impressed. At the end of the day he's a coward and a cheater, and that makes the Blood God RAGE. Slaanesh, however, has taken an interest in him and Sugou serves under She Who Thirsts.
  • Sugou grew his hate towards every deities that sounded like Kirito or Asuna since this is something to do with his downfall back then, because of this he starts to attack them filled with hate and depravity. However, he found a lot of oppositions in the form of Soma Yukihira, Lubbock, Eren Yeager, the Naegi Siblings, Iona Hikawa, and Shana, due to the fact they shared their dislike towards him.
  • Many Elf and Fairy deities in the pantheon are disgusted towards him because his title as "Oberon" had made him a disgrace to them after they notice his countless crimes back then.
  • Is frequently seen playing poker at the Villain Pub of the Pantheon with Vampire Lord Dio Brando (with Darby Senior as the dealer, naturally); aside from also being a perverted blond sociopath without an ounce of decency or morality, Sugou enjoys his company as he sounds exactly like him when speaking Japanese.
    • Another fellow tyrant who shares poker and beer at Sugou's table is Frieza, sharing stories with the former of how he was also sliced and diced into pieces by another Pretty-Boy Teenage Swordsman.
    • Has also gained the friendship of one Judge Claude Frollo, another tyrant with a penchant for tying up helpless young women force themselves sexually upon and abusing his authority to satisfy his lust for power and carnal pleasures.
  • If rumours are to be believed, under the direction of SHOCKER, Sugou has gotten a lot more competent at his job and is planning to get back at Kirito as a contractor to the GUAE, restraining order or not.

SHOCKERAcronym , Leading Deities of the Daily Monsters (Gel-Shocker, Neo-Shocker, Dai-Shocker, Super Shocker, Space Shocker, Nova Shocker)
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: A Giant Bird on Top of a Globe
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Evil, of the Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic varieties.
  • Portfolio: Nazi Remnants, World Domination, Nebulous Evil Organisation, Gathering Villains From All Sides, Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist, Forever Evil
  • Domains: Power, Destruction, Technology, Terrorism
  • Followers: Every Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Metal Heroes, and Pretty Cure monsters in existence
  • Leader: The Great Leader of Shocker
  • Members: Doctor Shinigami, Colonel Zol, Ambassador Hell, General Black, Doktor G, Baron Kiba, Archbishop Tsubasa, Marshal Armor, Apollo Geist, Titan, General Shadow, Dead Lion, General Monster, Admiral Majin, Ambassador Darkness, Shadow Moon, Psycho Rangers, Mesogog
  • Henchmen: Shocker Combatmen, Gel-Shocker Combatmen, Destron Combatmen, G.O.D. Warfare Agents, Black Satan Soldiers, Delza Army Corps, Ari Commandos, Combat-Roids, Kurokage Troopers, Elementary Inves, Buglars, Stingwingers
  • Allies: Melkor, HYDRA, The Black Organization, the Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia and Nui Harime), Dark Link, Master Xenohort, M. Bison, Lord Drakkon
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Phoenix
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji), All Ascended Heroic Gundam Deities (especially Amuro Ray and Aila Jyrklainen), All Ascended Pretty Cures, All Ascended Pandoras, Captain America, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu, Satsuki Kiryuin, Sora, Sailor Moon and Sailor Warriors, Tuxedo Mask, 2nd Division Symphogears, Son Goku, Naruto Uzumaki, Kirito and Asuna, Ange, Shirou Emiya, Artoria Pendragon, The Doctor, Kung Fury, Ryu, Chun-Li, Batman, Saitama, Wonder Woman, Alisa Illinichina Amiella, Asuka Tenjoin, Monomi, Rio Kamishiro, Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Tracer, RinJuken Warriors, The Combine
  • Opposes: Dr. Evil, Monaca Towa
  • Opposed by: Katsumi Daido
  • The Monster of the Week trope was once held by the Dark Kingdom. However, after the GUAE found out most of the members' alliances were dubious, they were stripped of their title. It was then given to the evil organization of SHOCKER, who are able to summon any past kaijin that has ever fought the Kamen Riders.
  • SHOCKER has gone through many names over the years. First there was Gel-Shocker, then it was Neo Shocker and then Dai SHOCKER. In fact, it was revealed that many evil organizations that the Legendary Riders fought were actually under SHOCKER's control.
    • The current form of SHOCKER is actually made up of the remnants of the defeated Demonic Legion after their battle with the old Toku Base.
  • While their primary antagonists are the Kamen Riders, SHOCKER has run afoul of other heroes. They include the Sentai heroes and their Power Rangers equivalents. The magical girls, the Pretty Cures in particular have also fought them. Even western superheroes have clash with them. Though, they are actually very rare.
  • Many deities have done there best to bar any SHOCKER members into entering the House of Time and Space considering the last two times that dealt with time travel cause SHOCKER to rule the world and brainwash many of the Riders.
    • Unfortunately, they did get hold of the Doctor's TARDIS one time. Though, they were stopped thanks to the combined efforts of the Doctor, Uncle Bob, and DenLiner Crew.
  • Many deities, mostly from the West, have noticed that Great Leader's outfit reminds them of a Klansmen's outfits.
  • Has made a lucrative alliance with HYDRA as the two evil organizations share very similar interests and origins. The two often lend technology they develop to the others to use. There has been rumors that Shocker and HYDRA are actually one and the same.
  • SHOCKER has decided to employed certain deities in their organization. While they aren't truly considered SHOCKER members, they do supply them with the necessary combat equipment to fight the heroes. This has the added benefit (on the employee's end) of elevating them to a more dangerous and competent status in the Pantheon.
    • Ryoma Sengoku has been commission to make Sengoku Drivers and Matsubokkuri Lockseed to give to its Shocker Combatmens and be able to transform into Kurokage Troopers.
      • Sengoku has even made a personal Driver and Lockseed to be use by Shocker Leader.
    • Is somewhat impressed with Gihren Zabi for his accomplishments of orchestrating the dropping of a space colony and destroying a percentage of Earth which earned him honorary membership in SHOCKER as the Great Leader also commissioned Gihren to provide Zeon mobile suits to the Shocker Combatmen and training so they would be able to pilot it in return for assistance in his civil war against Char.
    • The Great Leader also recruited Nobuyuki Sugou to their cause due to his reputation of abducting the minds of 300 surviving members of Sword Art Online while using them for his Mind Control research as the Great Leader gives him the opportunity to continue it for their evil plans. He was later paired with Quinella after her immediate ascension as the Great Leader was impressed with her method of altering the minds of her Integrity Knights through force synthesis.
    • Embryo was also joined in this organization in order to get his revenge towards Ange and her allies. Due to this, he was commissioned by the Great Leader to provide more Ragna-mail units to their members a be able to pilot for evil use.
    • The Great Leader also commissioned Tenjuro Banno to create more Roidmudes for their evil uses after the former was pleased with the latter's schemes for the "Pantheonic Global Freeze" as the Great Leader assures to Banno that he will help him to achieve their desires of conquering the whole pantheon.
    • Monokuma's mastermind Junko Enoshima also joined in their cause because the Great Leader was impressed with the Mastermind's reputation of initiating the murderous "School Life of Mutual Killings" game and managed to plunged her world into chaos through despair, as well as her outright hatred towards Kouta Kazuraba, along with his fellow toku heroes and hope bringers, as she sees them as a threat to their plans. Junko also provides numerous Monokuma units to strengthen the organization to their use.
      • Monaca was once an employed member of this group who has the same role as Junko after the Great Leader was impressed with her depraved acts of controlling innocent children with a detonation bomb installed into the victims' helmets. However after she backed out of the conflict between hope and despair and severing ties with them, the Great Leader condemns her as a traitor for turning back on her ambitions.
    • Ragyo Kiryuin has also started to provide her Life Fibers to the organization as a means to empower their combatmen and their kaijin. Not to mention that the Great Leader is also impressed with her ambitions of enslaving the human race with her Modus Operandi.
    • Enter was commissioned to provide the Metaloids and the Burglars to the organization in order to strengthen their numbers. However the Great Leader has also started to keep an eye on him because he was cautious of his own ulterior motives.
    • Both Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril were brought into the organization and they have supplied them with various WMDs. More importantly, a new Super Soldier program was commissioned and has led to the creation of dangerous and insane combat mooks. Muruta is actually one of the more difficult employed members of SHOCKER that the organization has to contend with, though. Djibril isn't much better and probably even worse in that regard.
    • Redyue was also brought into the organization as she started to provide her own set of Inves from the Helheim Forest to the organization after the Great Leader was impressed with her actions during the Helheim invasion, although the Leader is started to keep an eye on her in case that she might betray the group due to her personal agendas.
    • Trakeena joined the organization as she provided her own set of monsters and Stingwingers to them in order to strengthen their numbers in their quest for world domination.
  • It should be noted, even if Shocker has aligned themselves with the likes of Ragyo Kiryuin, Embryo, and Nobuyuki Sugou, they do not care for certain actions on their part. As cited by the likes of Doctor Shinigami and Ambassador Hell, they believed it has zero contribution to world conquest. On the other hand, the Great Leader and Colonel Zol doesn't bother their utterly depraved acts as long as they do their job well as employed members of Shocker.
  • Rumors have been spreading that San and Papyrus are actually Shocker Combatmen. While so far the rumors haven't been confirm, certain Riders are keeping a close eye on them.
  • The organization is somewhat opposed by Katsumi Daido, a fellow Toku villain, since their actions of performing experiments reminding him of the likes of Foundation X.
  • Once tried to find Hitler's hidden stache of gold. They were in for a unwelcome surprise.
  • They have taken actions to ensure that Foundation X ascends into the Pantheon,having grudgingly acknowledged that their more modern counterpart would be useful as a collaborator. However,they have stated their preference to remain in the shadows and have for the time being dodged many of Shocker's (and other Pantheon and GUAE organisations) requests for aid and resources.

Reworking Gods Wave 7 (Far Future)

    Basco ta Jolokia 
Basco ta Jolokia, The Divine Villainous Dandy
Basco's Armored Monster Form 


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