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Sand Box / Mirror Pantheon

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A list of Mirror version of the main Pantheon. Put your own version of any ascended deities.

Thanos-Big Good-Good

Azir-Sorcerous Overlord and The Necrocracy-Evil-PICTURE

Ryuko Kiryuin-Eye Patch Of Power-Evil-PICTURE

Nui Kiryuin-Mega Twintails-Chaotic-PICTURE

Rei Hino-The Starscream-Law-PICTURE

Ami Mizuno-Idiot From Osaka-Law-PICTURE

Makoto Kino-The Brute-Law-PICTURE

Minato Aino-Gold Digger-Law-PICTURE


Mamoru Chiba-Noble Demon-Law-PICTURE

Ruby Rose as Fragile Speedster-Good-PICTURE

Weiss Schnee as Gemstone Assault-Lawful-PICTURE

Yang Xiao Long as My Greatest Failure-Chaotic-PICTURE

Blake Belladonna as Casting a Shadow-Evil-PICTURE

Korra as Tyke Bomb-Chaotic-PICTURE-Leader of Great Coalition of Chaos

Superwoman as Where I Was Born and Razed-Evil-PICTURE

Order Knight as Fixed Damage Attack-Law

Kouta Kazuraba as Blood Knight-Evil-PICTURE TRANSFORMED

Makoto and Komaru Naegi as Hope Crusher-Evil-PICTURE 1, PICTURE 2

Ultraman as Brooklyn Rage-evil-PICTURE

Neo Queen Serenity as Lady of War-lawful-PICTURE

Asura as Tranquil Fury-lawful-Leader of Great Coalition of Law

Owlman as Nihilistic Villain-evil-PICTURE

Kenzo Tenma as Deadly Doctor-evil,

Johan Liebert as Broken Hero-good,


Queen Celestia as Evil Sun-evil-PICTURE

Queen Elsa as Deadly Ice User-chaotic-PICTURE

Terumi as The Gadfly-good-Leader of Great Coalition of Good

Yuno Gasai was Beware the Nice Ones-good,

Kratos was Ideal Hero-good

Madoka Kaname was Fallen Hero-evil-PICTURE-Leader of Great Coalition of Evil

Balanar the Day Guard as Cue the Sun-good,

Solaire of Astora as Griefer -chaotic-Picture

Optimus Prime as Ax-Crazy-evil-PICTURE

Menma Uzumaki as Malevolent Masked Man-chaotic-PICTURE

Hinata Hyuga as Ms. Fanservice-chaotic-PICTURE

Captain America as Mother Russia Makes You Strong-lawful-PICTURE

Ragyo Kiryuin as Action Mom-good-PICTURE SPOILERS

Takatora Kureshima as Corrupt Corporate Executive-Evil

Ryoma Sengoku as Heroic Scientists-Good

Junko Enoshima as Hope Bringer-Good-PICTURE

Kotaro Minami as Antichrist-Evil-PICTURE


Yusuke Godai as Affably Evil-Chaotic

Tsukasa Kadoya as Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds-Evil-PICTURE TRANSFORM

Eiji Hino as Selfish Evil-Evil

Yu Narukami as Knight Templar Big Brother-???

Kenshiro as Complete Monster-Evil-Picture

Phoenix Wright as Amoral Attorney-Evil-Picture

Glass Joe as The Juggernaut-???

Steven Armstrong as Reasonable Authority Figure-Good

Lesale Lifebringer the Herbalist as The Medic-Good

Luke Skywalker (Also known as Darth Vader) as Antagonistic Offspring-Evil-Picture

Obi-Wan Kenobi as Evil Mentor-Evil-Picture

Anakin Skywalker (Not Darth Vader here) as Papa Wolf-Good-Picture

Makoto Nanaya as Fantastic Racism-Chaos

Cranky Kong as Totally Radical-Good

Junpei Iori as Green-Eyed Monster-Evil

Ryu as Drunk on the Dark Side-Evil

Battle-Mage as Kung-Fu Wizard-Chaos-Picture

Neptune as Workaholic-Law

Blanc as Big Breast Pride-Chaos

Vert as A-Cup Angst-Chaos

Saber as The Caligula-Evil-PICTURE

Gilgamesh as Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold-Good

Hibiki Tachibana as Blood Knight-Chaos

Genjuro Kazanari as Bad Boss-Evil

Miku Kohinata as Jerk with a Heart of Jerk-Chaos

Ricotta Elmar as The Ditz-Chaos

Stephanie Dola and Mio Akiyama as Shameless Fanservice Girl-Chaos

Ika Musume as Humans Are Special-Good

Heart Aino as Love Makes You Evil-Evil

Colette Brunel as Pragmatic Hero / Hero with Bad Publicity-Chaos

Len as Motor Mouth-Chaos

Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda as Heterosexual Life-Partners-Law

Bang Shishigami as Psycho for Hire-Evil

Litchi Faye-Ling as Bitch in Sheep's Clothing-Evil

Rugal Bernstein and Geese Howard, Twin Gods of Zero-Effort Boss

Panty Anarchy as All Women Are Prudes-Law

Kamina as You Can't Fight Fate-Law

Mordecai and Rigby as Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here-Law

Hank Hill as Charcoal and Charcoal Accessories-Law

Arthas Menethil as The Paladin-Good

Hisao Nakai as the Evil Cripple-Evil

Masato Kusaka as Nice Guy-Good Transformed (for a heroic act)

Ostarion the High King as King in the Mountain-Good

Elizabeth Mably as Tyrant Takes the Helm-Evil

Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji as Brainwashed and Crazy-Evil

Ressha Sentai ToQger as The Power of Hate-Evil

Mitsuzane Kureshima as Evil Is Cool-Evil

Hideyasu Jonouchi as Hate Sink-Evil

Oren Pierre Alfonzo as Spikes of Villainy-Evil

Grenth as Final Death-Destruction-Candidate for Leadership

Nobuhiko Akizuki as Phlebotinum Rebel-Good-Kamen Rider Shadow RX

Zack as For the Evulz-Evil

Ali Al-Saachez as Comes Great Responsibility-Good

Undyne as Despair Event Horizon-Evil

Colonel Joesph Moore as Cool Old Guy-Good

Felix as Honorary True Companion-Good

Whitebeard as I Have No Son!-Evil

Ezio Auditore as Slimeball-Evil

Nora Valkyrie as Emotionless Girl-Law

Starscream as Undying Loyalty-Good

Martin Walker as War Is Glorious-Chaos

Griffith as Villainous Standards-"Evil"

Albert Wesker as Science Is Bad-Good

Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima as Virgin Power-Chaos (By virtue of Mamori being a Blood Knight)

Bizarro as The Cape-Good (By virtue of the Mirror Pantheon already being a Bizarro World)

Zamasu as Humans Are Special-Good

Gowasu as Humans Are the Real Monsters-Evil

My Mirror version of the Yandere Quartet

Sakura Matou As Yandere

Orihime Inoue as Stalker with a Crush

Setsuna Sakurazaki as Psycho Lesbian

Tifa Lockhart as Murder the Hypotenuse

Mirror Version of the Special Lovers Squad

Exdeath as Action Girlfriend

Harley Quinn as Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Reynare as Magical Girlfriend

NU-13 as Love Martyr

Mirror Version Grand Knights aka Knight Templars - Great Coalition of Law

Ashe as Tin Tyrant - PICTURE

Undyne as Monster Knight PICTURE

Chrom as Warrior Prince PICTURE

Link as Dark Lady And Black Knight

Uther the Darkbringer as Magic Knight

Mirror Version Chaos Brigade aka Renegades.

Homura as Child Soldier

Shinji Ikari as Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds

Jason Todd as White Sheep

Kim Possible as Only in It for the Money


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