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  • Brawl of the Objects had a character named Hot Dog, who doesn't like catching small, gray boxes because he keeps missing them every time he is safe from elimination. He finally managed to catch a box during the first mini-challenge in "How it All Ended," when Pizza told him to focus.
  • Dorkly Originals:
    • In most skits whenever an unexpected result occurs, a bemused character will respond with "Huh, neat."
    • Most Pokémon videos will feature a Shuckle eagerly waiting to see what special ability/evolution he'll have (as of Gen 8, still nothing). Other Pokémon will either pity him or take advantage of him while he remains blissfully unaware.
  • FreedomToons: If a video is about gun control, then expect the gun ban in Australia to be mentioned.
  • Freeman's Mind: Gordon repeatedly...
    • ...commenting that he misses his suit helmet.
    • ...killing barnacles and getting showered by gore.
    • ...channeling his inner monkey.
    • ...wishing his suit had a grappling hook.
    • ...realizing he's just gone through a Door to Before.
    • ...contemplating hocking a loogie into various deep pits.
    • ...trying to kill all of the cockroaches.
    • ...getting frustrated by dead ends and trying to open them by hitting them with his crowbar (even the metal ones).
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    • ...checking whether someone is following him.
    • ...ruminating that things are okay because he has a gun. (Emphasis his.)
    • ...stating "I should have been a _______."
    • ...commenting on the facility being a James Bond Super Villain company.
    • ...mentioning his friend Eddie who could either supply him with certain [X] or could buy certain [X] from him. ([X] being the not very easily legally obtained good of discussion)
    • ...witnessing the soldiers blowing each other up.
    • ...being startled by scientists or guards suddenly talking or appearing in front of him.
    • ...complaining about flimsy, easily-broken catwalks.
    • ...fancying whether he would be able to explain all the kills he made as N+1 cases of self-defense and getting increasingly sure that he won't.
    • ...entering an elevator with background music.
    • ...missing his throws with hand grenades about as often as he makes them.
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    • ...intentionally avoiding areas where he could find a new weapon and avoiding picking up certain new weapons when he finds them. To be fair, he usually has a good reason for doing so.
  • How It Should Have Ended does this for several videos:
    • Batman to always shout "It's because I'm Batman!"
    • In every Star Wars video, after Anakin learns he has children, he goes out of his way to tell everyone about it.
    • For the Spider-Man films, there's a scientist that shows up out of nowhere and demands the characters make sure whatever they're doing won't backfire on them.
  • LoadingReadyRun has several, including the numerous in-video references to Edward James Olmos and the way that every X Ways to Y video ends in The Sam Raimi. Ex: Ways to Hide a Body, Ways to Get in Shape, and Ways to Get Yourself Killed in a Horror Movie.
    • Their series on The Escapist also has a few, notably "Eyebrows and the Thugs", supposedly a contemporary jazz band, and "that was the Xth time I died." X is 5 at time of editing.
    • "Hi folks, Russell here," whenever a crow appears, which is more often than you would think.
  • There are several running gags in the Homestar Runner line of work, enough for the Homestar Wiki to break them down into seperate categories. To name just a few examples:
    • Characters will make a soap-box speech of some kind from atop an actual soap-box, which has a label with an ever-increasing number on it: "ELEVEN SOAPS", "TWELVE OF THEM", "THIRTEEN, Y'ALL", etc.
    • Strong Bad napping on the couch, and mumbling the names of video games in his sleep.
    • Strong Bad kicking The Cheat.
    • A soft-spoken middle-aged woman being told "Shut up, lady!"
    • There was a whole string of episodes of Strong Bad Email that included a random reference to "DNA evidence". A cartoon was eventually produced tying them all together.
    • Characters, most commonly Strong Sad, over-enunciating or mispronouncing foreign words and names in an attempt to pronounce them properly, like "anime" in "Trogdorcon '97", or "Tove Jansson" in "The Homestar Runner Enters the Spooky Woods".
  • The machinima series Red vs. Blue practically operates on these and many a Brick Joke. So many in fact, it has a 49 minute video listing off all of them. The more popular ones are:
    • When Red Army first acquires their jeep, its radio is blasting loud polka-style Tejuano music without any way to shut it off. Throughout the series, polka music gradually rising in volume becomes an indication that Red Army is about to appear.
    • Also, anytime the tank fires a shot, any character nearby will shout "SON OF A BITCH!"
    • Tucker replying to any possible innuendo with "Bowchickabowwow".
    • Sister's odd stories ending with somebody else responding by saying "Yeah! Wait, what?"
    • Sarge attempting to get Grif killed for the team.
    • Church's inability to hit anything with a sniper rifle. He can't even shoot down a guy point blank.
    • Tucker's inability to actually obtain a sniper rifle.
    • "That doesn't seem physically possible!"
    • Grif and Simmons feuding over the shotgun seat of the Warthog (despite the fact that Grif usually drives and Simmons takes the mounted turret, leaving Sarge for shotgun).
    • Caboose persistently claiming he is Church's best friend.
    • Caboose accidentally killing his own teammates.
    • Sarge's passionate hatred of everything blue-coloured, leading to some very Insane Troll Logic plans.
    • Donut making anything that can be misconstrued as a double entendre sound like one.
    • Lopez never being understood by anyone due to speaking in robotic monotone Spanish.
    • Tex taking exception to Grif's balls.
    • The Reds getting their Warthog blown up in nearly every battle it's in.
    • Attaching towing cables/harpoons to peoples' codpieces.
    • The skull that keeps popping up from time to time is exactly the same one. Apparently Tex pulled it out of Private Jimmy's head and beat him to death with it.
    • "Memory is the key" seems to walk a tightrope between this and Arc Words. First it's a serious phrase, and then it's a joke, and then it's serious again...
    • The ongoing debate over whether or not the Warthog looks more like a Puma.
    • The ongoing debate over whether or not you can pick up chicks in a tank.
    • The ongoing debate over why we're here.
      • Notable in that it was effectively weaponized once. Grif encounters Gene fighting Simmons in Season 15, and the two look and sound alike. It's only after Simmons correctly answers with "It's still one of life's great mysteries" that Grif blasts Gene off a cliff.
    • In "The Singularity", Mental Time Travel allows Donut to go back to any point in history. Naturally, he ends reliving the moment Agent Washington shot him at the end of "The Recreation" quite a few times.
  • In Extra Credits: It was Walpole. (Referring to financier Robert Walpole, who may have very well been the first Prime Minister from his influence.) He shows up in among other things the Crusade videos, and as the assasin of one of the Roman Emperors during the 3rd Century Crisis.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device:
    • Every appearance of Adeptus Mechanicus is accompanied by some reference to toasters.
    • Horus is always referred to as "F*cking Horus".
    • Karamazov replies to his right hand man's every sentence with "Be quiet, Dominique!"
    • Dominique really wants to get some sandpaper cigarettes, and no one ever has any or want to fetch them for him.
    • Every time Fabulous Custodes appear, they want to take over Kitten's position as Emperor's caretaker. Every time, the Emperor is freaked out by the possibility.
  • In Rick's Minecraft Tales, creepers are ALWAYS drawn flopping back and forth with over-the-top angry faces. Also, the distorted faces people make, the way Nancy goes LO-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA, that thing with the animal floating away aand blowing up, wow, I've lost count!
  • Bowser's Kingdom:
    • Hal isn't paid to work for Bowser.
    • Steve almost always says "HI GUYS!" when he first appears in an episode.
    • The Inaudible Thwomp's subtitles will usually change into "???"
    • Paul Hammerbro throws hammers when angered.
    • Kamek constantly calls Jeff and Hal (mostly Hal) gay.
  • In Unforgotten Realms Sir Schmoopy of Awesometon repeatedly casts the spell Flare.
  • The Nekci Menij Show elevates Shameless Self-Promotion to an artform as a Running Gag. There's also Kety Perr, who has 90% of her dialogue revolve around how she wants everyone to see her film, Pert of Me.
  • Decline of Video Gaming: "OHMYGODIMONFIRE!"
  • The Napster Bad short "Metallica Millionaire": every time the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? ditty plays, Regis Philbin dances to the tune.
  • Ultra Fast Pony uses "14 Hours Later..." for scene transitions, even where it makes no sense. Also, every time Fantastic Racism comes up in the series, the subtitles assure us "I swear I'm not racist." Every time Mayor Mare gives a speech, a mysterious voice calls from the crowd to heckle her.
  • In Spriggs: a Halo 3 Machinima, there is Willy's eternally unsuccessful quest to kill Spriggs.
  • Madness Combat: Generally speaking, anyone who smokes onscreen is guaranteed to die. Deimos was no exception.
  • Characters in Petera Dzive that drink (or sometimes even touch) a bottle of booze will often pass out and wake up naked in inexplicable places. Double Subversion occurs in episode 16, where the main character Peter wakes up naked and grabs a bottle of booze. He suddenly wakes up fully clothed, only to pick up another bottle and wake up naked again.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: Whether or not Ashley Katchadourian is supposed to watch the door, Brittnay being told she gives sub-par hand jobs, stuff happening in the 3rd grade, among lots others.
  • The Most Epic Story Ever Told in All of Human History: Ridiculously Epic’s “Evil Mobile” is not an armadillo. Except for when it does turn into a real armadillo when Ridiculously Epic Fail drives it... for some reason.
  • The 30 Second Bunnies Theatre has bunny ears on everything. Fighter jets, penguins, sharks, xenomorph, the Genesis planet...
  • RWBY has a few.
  • TheInvertedShadow's Lyrish series: If there's a TV screen in the room, eventually it will start playing anywhere from three to five random video clips in a row that never last more than two seconds. Material ranges from 2 Stupid Dogs to Starlight Glimmer yelling "I was frozen today!"
  • Animator vs. Animation:
    • Alan's Required Essay getting wrecked. It gets burnt in 2, used as a battlefield in 3, and blown up in Animation VS Minecraft.
    • The terrible vacuum ads in Animation VS Youtube that, on one occasion, managed to interrupt the action.
    • In the Animation VS Minecraft shorts, almost every time Green wins a build contest, at least one person throws TNT at it.
  • In Minilife TV, whenever Wilkins, the program coordinator of Minilife Studios, tries to tell anyone his job title, a knight appears and announces it for him.
  • Ragdoll Logo Bloopers:
    • Characters saying "Judas Priest!"
    • Characters throwing tantrums.
    • Characters barfing.
    • Characters getting punched in the face.
    • Scary logo appearing.
    • Characters laughing by saying "lol", "rofl", and "swa".
    • "Shush the sheesh!"


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