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As former improv comedians with over 400+ episodes and counting of content, the We Hate Movies hosts have a knack for coming up with jokes that they enjoy riffing on repeatedly.

Some throughout the show...:

  • When in this movie would Steve Sajdak kill himself?
  • References to Zoo, a documentary about an engineer who was killed by having sex with a horse.
  • Whenever it's mentioned that an actor has since died, they are commemorated with an R.I.P.D.
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  • Drunkard characters being regulars at Muldoon's, a fictional pub franchise based off the Great White Hunter Muldoon from Jurassic Park.
  • George Lucas pressuring Steven Spielberg into including various nonsensical things in his movie, particularly Sebulba (who is available).
  • Both Abraxas and Jesse Ventura having an obsession with Secundus hunting them.
  • "And now it's time for Comic Book Expert Steve Sajdak to help us out..."
  • Clickety-clack for anything involving typing, particularly in reference to hack writing.
  • Bruce Glover's lack of teeth in his "goblin pumpkin face" giving him a bad case of meth-mouth, maaaaaan.
  • If either Philip Seymour Hoffman or awkward break-up scenes are alluded to in any way, there's a 50% chance that Scotty's drunken emotional breakdown ("I'M A FUGGIN' IDIOT") in Boogie Nights will be acted out by Steve.
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  • "Is 'X' longer or shorter than Star Wars?" as a way of gauging a movie's worth. Done as a Take That!, usually, as they praise Star Wars for being a film that establishes an entire universe, mythology, and cast of memorable characters all in the span of 2 hours, and anything that runs longer than that without doing similarly substantial work is made to feel awful by comparison.
  • "Next time, baby!", applied to characters played by both Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle.note 
  • Capt. Cragen knows you're tired, and he just wants you to go to sleep.
  • Some sort of wincing "Stay tuned" whenever another bad movie is mentioned during the podcast, indicating that movie is probably in the pipeline.
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  • Martin Cinemax III, owner of the similarly-named cable network, a disturbingly lecherous Corrupt Corporate Executive who actively hunts down all examples of nudity in film, just in case it can potentially be shown "after dark", and who makes a point of screening nothing but porn at home to warp his kids into carrying on the family legacy.
  • Whenever the guys portray a Corrupt Corporate Executive for a major corporation (or even just a type of business), they tend to just act as if every major corporation is named after the CEO. This includes Martin Cinemax III, as well as other one-off examples such as Thomas Coke, Henry Mars and Marvin Videostore.
  • Threats and protagonist/antagonist actions are measured on a scale of how many stars they'd get in Grand Theft Auto.
  • Clive Owen gets such bad headaches.
  • Frank Welker, the 1% of the voice-acting community.
  • The over-optimistic enthusiasm displayed by their younger and nerdier selves (especially Steve), and the utter dismissal they get from their verbally abusive moms (also especially Steve).
  • "IS THAT MY [blank] IN THERE?!?"
  • I'm gonna need twelve guys...
  • Steve's brief, shameful love affair with nü-metal in the early 2000's.
  • Since Steve and Eric have rather unique last names, they sometimes introduce themselves with new last names based on the film they're watching (for instance "Eric Shao Khan" in the Mortal Kombat episode).
  • Gallagher can be in the movie, Marc! See, this watermelon represents this thing, and this sledgehammer represents that thing! See you on set, you son of a bitch.note 
  • "Don't tell me it didn't happen! I saw it happen!" Used whenever the guys are trying to emphasize that they observed something whenever another of the guys questions it.
  • Goodfellas
    • "The good coats are in the back."
    • "You have a whore living in [blank]!"
  • If they're about to rag on a movie which has a pretty... passionate fan-base, they will usually spend a few moments at the beginning slightly over-emphasising how it's okay to like a movie even if some guys on a podcast spend an hour or so ragging on it.
  • In their episode dissecting Film/Shrek, Eric shares an embarrassing story about his photo in high school being posted (without his consent) to a Hot-Or-Not type site. The sole comment on it was from an anonymous user and read "He look like Shrek." Meanness aside, the guys quickly began to use it to refer to anything and everything they thought was ugly, and the trend has continued for several episodes.
  • Any mention of Dominoes Pizza will be accompanied with "#BringBackTheNoid".
  • Random stuff they've located on Google, Wikipedia or the IMDB Trivia section is often heralded as if it were coming from a reputable news source, such as the Internet News Ticker or the IMDB Tribune.
  • Obvious budgetary failings in the movies they watch are explained with "the finger-thing means the money."
  • If The Mafia happens to come up in conversation, the boys will take pains to stress that they are a "pro-Mafia podcast" just in case any wiseguys happen to be listening and take offense to perceived criticisms.
  • They will often call on Neil deGrasse Tyson to do a breakdown of the glaring scientific inaccuracies present in the movies they critique. This is often a bit of a double-edged Take That! against both the ludicrous implausibilites of the movies they watch and Tyson himself, who they feel can be a bit too nitpicky towards what is only supposed to be entertainment.
  • Amy Adams will insult you in the nicest way possible.
  • Senator Sadjak's controversial movie numbering/naming legislation.note 
  • Eric, you're so bad.
  • Jesse Ventura, desperate for work, keeps calling up Arnold Schwarzenegger and begging him for bit-parts in his projects (and keeps losing them to Sven Ole-Thorsen, fueling a bitter rivalry between the two).
  • Their impressions tend to have a few recurring elements pop up:
  • (In a choked voice) Giant women!note 
  • Chris Cabin is the Most Contrarian Film Critic to ever live.note 
  • The guys have made a lot of hay out of the fact that celebrity chef Guy Fieri and actor Matthew McConaughey are friends, as memorably revealed when McConaughey delivered the tribute speech when Fieri received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Whenever a movie (or the conversation in general) turns to a post-apocalyptic theme, it is often noted that in the event of the collapse of civilization Steve in particular will resort to cannibalism and general barbarism alarmingly quickly.

...And some only in specific episodes:


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