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Sorted in rough order of islander arrival.
  • "Jabroni" is often used by Vinny whenever Vinesauce is involved in something, especially if said thing is incredibly silly/stupid. The word "jabroni" came up when Vinny skimmed the many bizarre tweets by The Iron Sheik, who uses it often. While the tweet-skimming didn't happen during a Tomodachi Life stream, it's mentioned here because it (coincidentally) happened while Vinny was checking out Southbird's pre-Vinesauce work. In actual wrestling terminology, a "jabroni" is the same thing as a "jobber", as in a loser.
    This later extended to anyone associated with Vinesauce. In the song "Pizza Time", Vinesauce refers to himself and bassist Ralph Bluetawn as "a couple of jabronis". In Episode 50, the band consisting of Vinesauce, Vlinny, Vineschnoz, and Sponge is called "The Four Jabronis".
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  • invoked Witch being Gonk gets brought up a lot by Vinny, mostly because, unlike most similar islanders, the game considers her a very attractive islander according to the Girl Charm rankings. In later episodes, Vinny also comments a few times on how Witch is almost always drawn ugly by fan artists, in contrast to Two Faced and Cling On.
  • Whenever Witch and Waluigi are seen together, Vinny comments on how perfect they are for each other due to mutual ugliness. This usually leads to him getting annoyed about them not marrying; once they do get married, it changes to getting annoyed about them not having a baby.
  • Whenever Vinny checks the Girl Charm ranking, Peach tends to be near the bottom, despite being one of the least ugly islanders.
  • A completely unintentional one: several birthday announcements end with Wario remarking "I'm glad everyone remembered." It eventually turns plot-significant — after being assimilated in the previous episode, Wario returns to say the line in episode 50.
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  • The amount of times Two Faced gets asked out is immense. Especially because Vinny will send any islander that he can to her, in an attempt to sabotage her relationship with Walrus. Even after said relationship is sabotaged, it happens again in Episode 49, mostly because Vinny wants to see Karl fail again.
  • "Clown jobs" are mentioned often, particularly when Clown or Clown Lady is around. What exactly a clown job is is still a mystery.
  • Alpaca's angry face. Due to the way her Mii is constructed, her eyes are almost always closed; on the rare occasion that the game triggers a "shock" emote (which makes them open), her eyebrows' position makes it look like she's really angry. In turn, Southbird's condensed versions made a gag out of zooming in on the eyes and adding special filters whenever Vinny visits her house (which always triggers the emote). This eventually extended to Lamb Chop (who has a similar issue), and even later zooming in on random bits of furniture.
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  • Walrus' frequent attempted torture at the hands of Vinny. Tends to result in Walrus either taking it in stride or actually enjoying it.
  • Whenever Gaben is goofing off, Vinny remarks something to the extent of "This is what he's doing instead of developing Half-Life 3."
  • Little Mac being utterly boring. Vinny tends to forget almost everything about him, to the point where he forgets to put him on the first elimination poll in the Survivor Edition.
  • Whenever Karl says something odd, Vinny tends to imitate Ricky and Steve reacting to it. It usually evolves into a brief skit between them and Karl (also imitated by Vinny).
  • Karl's hopeless love life. In contrast to Vinesauce and other islanders who constantly fail to get in relationships, his failures at getting girls have happened so often that it's treated as less sad and more hilarious.
  • Karl has been fed spaghetti three times. Notable in that the second and third times were caused when Vinny Failed a Spot Check by confusing favorite and least favorite foods; the third time had Vinny realize his screwup, only to feed it him to him anyway. He almost does it a fourth time, but he defies it by feeding Karl his favorite food instead.
  • Small Face managing to fascinate Vinny no matter what he does. Considering his face and actions, it's not hard to see why.
  • Toad's continual neglect by Vinny. He is given no extra clothes or apartments, and is always fed the cheapest food. Keeping him at the bottom of the Splurge Ranking seems to be a personal goal of Vinny's.
  • Seabiscuit's voice and how terrible it is. Vinny suffers from it nearly every time she opens her mouth.
  • Banana and DK being fed almost exclusively bananas. For the former, there's her getting only yellow clothes, a rule that has been broken only twice.
  • Kenny's "Duck, I miss you" catchphrase appearing at the worst times, almost always catching Vinny off guard. It hasn't shown up in these streams, but Peking duck is his absolute least favorite food.
  • Broccoli and his "incredibly punchable face". Vinny brings it up almost every time he appears.
  • The Jahn "experiments", which are Vinny testing something with each of the Jahns (generally giving them all a certain food item, but they have been variations) to see how different they are.
  • For the brief time Jaxon is present, every mention of his name is made distorted by the SB Edits. Even during the art showcases.
  • Giving Gordon Ramsay frying pans to see what he cooks up, which usually ends up being something that can't be cooked in a frying pan.
  • Pee-wee and his theater incident. It being a running gag is the entire reason he's on the island.
  • Tucker doing inane things because "Vinny said to!", often accompanied by a skit between him and his mother.


  • Vinny likes to yell "LOOOOVE HAS COME TO TOWN!" (a Talking Heads reference) when he notices an islander in love. This eventually permutates into "LOVE HAS COME TO CLOWN!", and even later into "LOVE HAS COME TO [character name]!"
  • Giving white bread to islanders as their first food was an early one, but it faded out quickly, but not before being compared to a Soviet diet. Though there are still gags with feeding certain islanders only one type of food.
  • Red chili peppers are a running gag food. The gag is that nobody seems to like them, except Seabiscuit unless it's someone that Vinny doesn't want to make happy (like Walrus). And then it gets weird when the islanders worship a red chili pepper in a dream in Episode 52.
  • Brussels sprouts become recurring in later episodes, due to their status as Stock "Yuck!".
  • Quirky Questions leads itself to a lot of these:
    • Many sessions includes mentions of a "[noun]job" (e.g., the aforementioned "clown jobs", "footjobs", and "jahnjobs"). However, one of Vinny's many typos showed up during one round, which resulted in Vinny asking the islanders about "froot jons", which prompted Southbird to briefly display a picture of a lemon with Jon Jafari's face on it.
    • At least three times, Vinny asks "Who often gets mistaken for [a male celebrity]?", and Walrus (who looks nothing like any human at all) raises his hand.
    • "Whose mother resembles a foot?", which seems to get angrier with every iteration.
    • Vinny frequently tries to invoke "self-aware" responses from islanders that are present. More often than not, this backfires humorously when a different islander responds, such as a time when Vinny asked "Who often gets mistaken for a pirate" while David Bowie was present, only for Vinesauce (whose look-alike is a different kind of pirate) to raise his hand while Bowie remained silent.
  • Song-wise, "Cream(s)", "Fist", and "Fop" have a habit of being inserted into any place they fit, usually for dirty connotations.
  • "Self-awareness" is invoked whenever a character does something that resonates with his or her typical characterization (e.g., the islanders gossiping about Pee-wee, which Vinny interprets as referencing Paul Reubens' porno theater incident). Isaac is usually the one who does this, but Episode 52 in particular is filled with it.
  • Vinny vowing to get rid of the meme-based characters (mainly Dolan), and how he never does. At least until he actually does so in Episode 38. However, he keeps Ben, the first of them to move in, throughout the series, never following up on his brief mention of wanting to evict him in Episode 2 nor urging viewers to vote for that to happen in the Survivor Edition.
  • During quiz games, the islanders often ask Vinny to discern an object from what appears to be a blank screen, and Vinny acts appropriately angry.
  • The game randomly has islanders saying either that they're working on their funny faces or that they'd like to show off one they've been working on. When Vinny sees either of these, it's often from islanders that already look weird (including Witch and Two Faced in the very first episode), after which Vinny comments that they don't even need to try. On one occasion, Vineschnoz (who already has a Gag Nose) showed off a "funny face" that ended up looking horrifying, particularly because of his eyes.
  • Whenever a news report happens, Vinny will most likely spend its duration complaining about the reporter islander's voice, even if he's never been annoyed by it before (such as with Satan in Episode 51).
  • Various mispronunciations by the game's text-to-speech engine. In particular, "wank" becomes "wonk", "meme" becomes "mem", and various phonetic spellings (to bypass the word filter) of "fuck" become "fewk".
  • Some catchphrases lead to over-the-top reactions from Vinny. In addition to Tucker claiming he said to do something, he often gets frustrated by overly long catchphrases (particularly if it's said by an islander with an annoying voice) and tends to find it funny if an islander uses one that contains a typo he made but never corrected.
    Vinny: "Why did I ever leave [Big Face's catchphrase] at 'Big bpoty.'? What does that mean? Big bpoty. Oh God, Big Face, please."
  • Masturbation jokes pop up a lot more than any other kind of Vulgar Humor that Vinny uses.


  • Vineschnoz's increasingly bizarre news reports in the Collection corruptions episode. Corruption was accidentally turned off at one point, which led to the final one looping around to being completely normal by the game's standards ("by the game's standards" meaning that a news report about Jesus losing some blue cheese isn't that odd when you consider what goes on in the game's sequel). Doesn't carry over to Vineland when Vineschnoz arrives there, though he did end up appearing in Episode 55's report, which depicted sheep being attracted to his snoring.
  • Episode 53 has Vinny use a voice distorter to make an echo effect for certain moments several times. In one instance, he played the part of God scolding Jesus for hanging out with a chef.
  • Many islanders complimented Vinny in Episode 55. More than one mentioned finding his face comforting.
  • Loco moco somehow becomes a running gag in the David Bowie special, where the chat begs Vinny to feed Bowie some. It eventually manages to ruin Vinesauce's marriage proposal. And Bowie doesn't even like it.


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