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Phelous has a lot of these:

  • Characters getting killed are sometimes presented as Mortal Kombat fatalities (complete with Sub-Zero appearing to chastise Phelous/punch Phelous in the face).
  • Saying "We've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas!" when characters give up really quickly, call for help, or say they've tried everything.
  • Playing an instrumental snippet from "Christmas Time Is Here" to mock a sad situation.
  • The Imogen Heap song "Hide and Seek" playing when a character gets shot. Taken to ridiculous extremes in the Funny Games video, when Phelous and some of his friends start walking into the room and shooting each other, and the song plays every time one of them gets shot.
    • And then one of them pulls out a shotgun and shoots it, and the song is played again, only with SEVERAL of them overlaid.
    • And then in Anaconda 4, when a villain is shot roughly a billion times by someone dual-wielding pistols. Hide and Seek starts each time he gets shot. The scene runs for quite a long time. Instant hilarity.
    • At the beginning of one of the Pulse reviews, he realizes that Mischa Barton is in the movie:
      Phelous: I guess that means I'll be using that [song] a lot in this review! (Beat) Actually I won't be using it at all.
  • Phelous dying at the end of his videos. He has since retired this joke, but it does make a comeback in To Boldly Flee. It's put to rest for good as part of a Retool in Jacob's Ladder.
  • Playing "wah-wah-wah" every time something unfortunate happens to mock it.
    • In his animated reviews, using Dingo Pictures' version of the wah-wah sound effect.
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  • Saying "SUBTLE!!!!" every time there's an unsubtle reference or foreshadowing.
  • Playing The Syncopated Clock or Ba-Dum Ba-Dum over especially tedious scenes
  • The subtitling of particularly narmy lines.
  • Cutting to Statler and Waldorf mocking the movie, or a shot from The Great Muppet Caper with Sam the Eagle poking his head out of a doorway and saying "You are all weirdos!".
  • Phelous loves referencing Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and other horror video games:
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  • Adding sitcom-style laugh tracks to particularly stupid moments, and cartoony sound effects to scenes of violence.
  • He's reviewed no less than eight Pulse movies. There are nineteen in total.
  • Similar to Pulse, he's reviewed seven films with Boogeyman in the title.
  • The rape horn from The Other Troll 3 whenever there is implied rape.
  • Playing The Kool-Aid Man's "Oh Yeah!" whenever something bursts through a wall.
  • After Fear Dot Com, referring to websites as [Name] dot com dot com (and sometimes [Name] dot com dot com dot com dot com dot com...)
  • When a record player appears in a movie, Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" plays.
  • Any time he has a case of Fridge Logic, he rationalizes it as "Reasons for actions are stupid!" or says "Logic equals no."
  • Whenever there's a character named Doug, Phelous scoffs and follows that with a clip of The Nostalgia Critic giving him a Dope Slap in Kickassia.
  • Playing a clip of The Doctor saying "I don't want to go" whenever a character in the movie says something similar.
  • Hah Hah! Stupid surprised (whatever)! explanation 
  • Ever since his review of ''House of the Dead - Funny Version," he dubs in Uwe Boll's ridiculous "duh duh duh duuuhh!" every time there's a shocking reveal.
  • Sometimes, if something really unpleasant happens plot-wise, he'll use a clip of Tina from Skinned Deep yelling "WHYYYYYYYY?!", complete with a goofy polygon with the word "Why?" written on it. After Skinned Deep itself, Phelous started using this one with The Deaths of Ian Stone.
  • Often when there is a Red Shirt character that gets killed, Phelous says "Aaaaaaand he/she dies!" in a cheery voice.
  • The Lock You Inside Doors explanation 
  • Face it, breakfast is ruined!
  • Whenever a team of people presented as experts ends up doing something stupid, Phelous often chimes in with a cheery "THEY'RE THE BEST!" explanation 
  • In Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, which takes place during the filming of a reality show, one main character eats another's granola bar to prove that he doesn't care about her. Phelous mourns the loss of the potential "Granola Bar Alliance" and cracks jokes about it for the rest of the film.
  • FUNNY X! [insert loud rock music here] during the Funny Games review.
  • In his late-2011 reviews, a green blob-like "Ghost Babby" appears hidden on the title card. (Except for the A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) review, where it's front and center.)
  • "Thankkkssssssssss." explanation 
  • Pretending to end the review early. And lampshading it.
  • "Thank you for that", from Crocodile 2: Death Swamp. explanation 
  • From his Mortal Kombat Conquest reviews:
    • Raiden, God of Useless!
      • Although that one actually started all the way back in Mortal Komedy.
    • Siro, the [Adjectivest] Mortal Kombat [Noun]!!!
    • The "sacred suggestions" of Mortal Kombat.
  • "I know what I know, boy... but I'm not telling it!" Played whenever a character is witholding information for no apparent reason.
  • As of the Silent Hill: Revelation 3D review, the infamous "poptart jumpscare" has become one.
  • Throughout the Twilight board game video he keeps describing things as either "This is the face of a [Noun]" alternatively, "the [Noun] of a killer".
  • Anyway, to make a long story short, X killed them.
  • During incredibly moronic scenes, he will sometimes take an inane line and use it as a reaction to every ridiculous event of the scene.
  • Halloweenie has his fair share.
    • "I get it. I ALSO HATE IT!"
    • Witches are bitches!
    • Spooooooky!
    • Freddy Michael Voorhees
    • "Prepare to be shocked and amazed!"
    • Halloweenie is the life of the party!
    • "Iiits a liiivinnnng."
  • When a character in an animated movie eats another character in the cast. By "eats," I mean "inhales."
  • Referring to someone strangling a woman as "going Colin Baker".
  • Cutting away after the first line of a terrible musical number to let out a deadpan "Noooo...", then cutting back to the song.
  • "[character's name]?! What are YEEEEWWWW doing here?!"
  • Peter Venkman from The Real Ghostbusters dryly commenting (in Lorenzo Music's voice, of course), "It wasn't that funny," after someone laughs hysterically at a flat or nonexistent joke or pratfall. Lately, it's also been used in response to evil laughter and the like.
  • Ohhhh noooooooo~
  • Heh heh, good one!
  • The Golden Films, GoodTimes and Dingo movies have spawned a few.
    • Beauty's father from the GT acting like a jerk and repeating, "HHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"note 
    • "(Object or person) got wet! He/she/it's completely useless now!"
    • GT Beauty making an unconvincing gasp whenever someone gasps or something shocking happens.
    • The Beast's "loneliness meter". explanation 
    • Old Man giving a Neck Snap to Monsieur Rodent.
    • Him parodying Dingo's animation and dubbing errors.
    • "The diamonds, my God!" (Or just "my God!"), every time a lion appears explanation 
    • "Damn hell" explanation .
    • "..............For you."
    • "I thought we could be friends!" "Nah, I think we should be enemies."
    • Characters screaming like the nuns of Notre Dame, complete with their faces pulsating forwards and back.
    • Wabuu: "Most of [...] are so stupid."
    • Oro appearing and flying due to Sci-i-i-i-ence! explanation 
    • "SCENE INTERRUPTING BEAR!" explanation 
    • The talking bush from Dingo's Pocahontas appearing as a bloodthirsty abomination that eats people's heads down to the skull.
  • He sometimes starts randomly singing, to the theme of; Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers?
  • Delivering a line with high energy and enthusiasm only for the next line to be delivered in a low energy monotone. to the point of Mood Whiplash
  • Making backhanded jokes about To Boldly Flee. explanation 
  • Sarcastically commenting, "What a prince", if the prince in question doesn't get called out in his movie for doing something jerkish (eg, searching for true love by judging women solely by physical attractiveness).
  • Playing classical music over scenes of extreme gorn. Bonus points if he has a psychotic breakdown while it happens too. note 
  • (hideously bad singing voice) HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO MEEEEEEEE...note 
  • "Shiiiiiieeeeeeeeeet."
  • You get the FUCK.......OUT of here! explanation 
  • Whenever Dave Coulier's Peter Venkman shows up, Phelous mocks his stupidity with the quote, "Here we are, a bunch of fluffernutters."
  • "I have no [body part], and I must [verb]!"
  • Cutting to the end credits early, usually after someone has died or something bad has happened.
  • Canada being such a small country that everything is just down the street, on one road.
  • Any character reminiscent of Jafar from Disney's Aladdin gets nicknamed "Jafart".
  • Responding to lewd or suggestive scenes or dialogue with "Inapropriate!"
  • Cutting off musical numbers with a blunt "NO".
  • In his Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation reviews:
    • Whenever the turtles are rude to/disrespect Splinter (which is a lot), or vice-versa: "I hate Splinter!"explanation  He even Lampshades this in "East Meets West Part 3" when he fears he'll kill the clip.
    • Whenever Raphael talks about jumping or diving into something, it cuts to Phelous reading "Raphael jumps into the pool" from a snippet of a mock interview with the turtles leading up to the premiere of The Next Mutation in a monotone voice.
    • Whenever Michelangelo says or does something stupid, playing a goofy tune and displaying text saying "Michelangelo is brain dead". After "Meet Dr. Quease", it was amended to include the Special Effects Failure the Mikey suit had in one scene that gave him a lazy eye. It has since been further used in altered forms for other characters (TMNT and non-TMNT), for instance, in the "Unchain my Heart" reviews to depict Leonardo in the spot during Part 2 after a very Out of Character moment where he eats a sandwich and Mikey calls him out over it, and in part 4 after Mikey said something nonsensical to go "Michelangelo is High?" instead.
    • Mocking Leo's dream of a turtle preaching about "a new way", even though the turtles act the same as they always do or do something stupid.
    • Whenever Venus flubs a saying, playing a clip of her during an early fight at a swing set when she quips "What a swinger!"
  • Inserting Raphael screaming "DAMN!" from the 1990 TMNT movie every time someone says "damn".
  • Inserting Splinter's line "What are you talking about?" every time someone says something stupid or nonsensical.
  • Inserting "It's a walk-off!" and playing "Rockit" whenever a gratuitous dance scene happens.
  • Inserting a voice clip of "Believe it" every time someone says "I don't believe it".


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