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  • His rivalry with Donkey Kong (or Donkey-Bitch Ass).
  • Calling Rosalina "Rosalita".
  • Hunting down and killing bus drivers, train conductors, and Attack-a-Taco trucks in Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Yelling "HAAAAAAP!" at the beginning of his Happy Wheels gameplays.
  • Referring to things by the sound effects they make rather than their actual names, such as calling the victory platform in Happy Wheels a "Dah dah dah".
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  • Staring at the camera awkwardly at times when playing with a face-cam.
  • Having the cam footage overlay the whole video, slightly faded.
  • Making bad puns and apologizing for it afterwards.
  • Making a lapping gesture with his tongue at the end of his video.
  • Calling anything related to actual fire "mixtapes."
  • Referring to Yoshi as "the homie Yosh".
    • To that extent, referring to Peach as "Peach Bitch Peach Bitch (repeat ad nauseam)".
  • His terrible aim.
  • At the start of his Happy Wheels videos after he says "-I say!", he then "hums" "bahs" and "yells" out random sounds to sound similar to a random song, and he will tell his viewers to guess the song he "hummed".
  • Specific to Super Mario Maker:
    • In the loading screen, Dashie will say "I got something for you [the creator of the level he's about to play]", shout "THREEP!" with the accompanying sound effect that plays when the little Mario appears, and say something that the person can do with that "shit".
      "Hide that shit under your bed, don't let your parents find out."
      "Take that shit and put it in your remote control; you're gonna get new channels!"
      • Or sometimes, using it to signal a punchline to a standard joke:
      "Take a copy of Resident Evil 4, and a copy of Resident Evil 3, put 'em together. You now have Resident Evil 7!"
      "Take a Kidz-Bop CD! (throws it, then just stares at the camera with a look that says "do I really need to explain it...")
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    • He usually starts his videos by singing, loudly, along with the BGM: "WELCOME BACK TO SUPE. SUPER MARIO MAKER. WELCOME BACK TO SUPE. IHOPEYALLHAVEAGOODASSWEEKEND!"
    • After completing a level, he will often dance to the victory music and shout "DASHIE #1!" or "DASHIE TIME!" (corresponding with Mario's line) if the level hasn't completely drained him.
    • His intro consists of the exact same gestures corresponding with the same lines.
    • When the game enters "Drunk Mode", Dashie will state that Mario's under the influence of lean.
    • Whenever the party music starts playing, Dashie will overlay this video once the beat drops.
    • After finishing his intro, Satan (played by the lower pitched voice of the parrot that pops up when you hit the "I" of the title and plays back your voice in a few different pitches) will say something insulting or occasionally flirty to Dashie, who will then yell angrily in response.
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    • In later videos, he sometimes make random edits to his reactions whenever he dies in a level.
    • He has a habit of getting real close to his microphone and saying "Original recipe" when he dies.
    • Screaming "NEXT!" on the final note of the "game over" music when he thinks a level is too hard.
    • Making a smug expression and saying "I see you..." when something unexpected kills him or he gets successfully trolled.
    • Tossing the Wii U gamepad in the air and pretending it's a phone.
    • Getting into imaginary conversations with people offscreen.
    • Looking behind him at a random edit/fanart.
    • Saying "You motherfucker...." in a mix of frustration and disbelief when something either kills him, almost kills him, or is noticed that was intended to kill him when he is about to make significant progress in a level.
    • Edits of him getting chewed out by random people, such as old ladies, little kids and the Grim Reaper.
    • Praying to God right as he's leaving or after he's left.
    • Leaning outside the view of the camera and asking the audience if they can see him. (They can.)
    • Dashie's clone walking in on him making a weird face.
    • Screaming and then getting startled by his own echo.
    • Attempting to eat his controller.
    • Showing random Thing-O-Meters to measure how close he is to Rage Quitting a level.
    • Edits of him being mocked by various Animojis, usually making a pun based on which one is being used.
  • Specific to Mario Kart 8:
    • Dashie singing to the results music (see here for one such example).
    • His eternal hatred of the baby characters in Mario Kart 8.
    • Dashie starting races by saying "OHHH SHIT [level name pronounced incoherently fast]!" Sometimes he says "OHHH FUCK!" if it's a level he's not good at.
    • Referring to an item box as a "dadalongdadalong." If a character steals the item he was going for, he claims they "stole his dadalongdadalong."
  • While playing New Super Mario Bros. or a Super Mario Maker level based on New Super Mario Bros, after the BGM plays for a second, he will ALWAYS go "Bop!".
  • His pronunciation of "six" or "sixth" as "sixtf".
  • Introducing his videos LIKE THIS-AAAH!!!, SHIT-AAAH!!!, CHRISSS-AAH!!!, BLISS-AAAHHH!!! and so on.
    • Similarly, if one of his "—AAAHH!!"s ends up with something like "TINAAAA!!!", expect him to have a moment of silence, as if he's thinking about an ex-girlfriend.
  • Playing this during the occasional Heroic BSoD moment post-Epic Fail.
  • Using the term "rest in peace" as a verb when referring to death.
    "Bitch, I almost rest in peace!"
    "The motherfucker almost rest-in-peace me!"
  • Replacing most, sometimes all, nouns in a sentence with the word "shit".
  • Saying "pause" every time something is said (or shown) that could easily be interpreted as sexual.


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