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The Rule of Three in Internet media.

  • The YouTube Poop video Meet the Artillery by electricthecheese does this by having an overly-long-gag of Heavy Weapons Guy saying "GUN." After a while, there is a long, unedited period, and at the most unexpected moment, the Heavy makes a loud, virus-sounding noise and one of the Care Bears inexplicably pops in. Also, the Engineer introduces himself several times, and then the Heavy and Sniper introduce themselves as engineers as well.
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  • Used straight, then lampshaded in Life in a Game. When Lollerskates assumes his final form during his Final Showdown with the heroes, all it takes is three shots to his incredibly obvious weakpoint to finish him, which the Master Chief calls him out on after his defeat. Then he teabags him.
  • A common joke in YouTube Poop videos involves repeating a line three times, with some sort of effect applied for the third time (an example as seen in this Sofia the First YTP). It plays on the viewer's expectations by making them believe that the scene occurs a certain way and gives them time to become comfortable with it, before surprising them with a twist.
  • Red vs. Blue's "Son of a bitch!" running gag is usually done in threes, occasionally twisted with Spanish-speaking robot Lopez's "Madre de dios," subtitled as "Son of a bitch!". Also, when Simmons and Grif are facing down the tank in Season 1:
    Simmons: Alright, let's run on three.
    Grif: Wait, ON three, or one-two-three-THEN go?
    Simmons: ON three, it's always faster to go on three! Okay ready, one. . .
    * Grif starts running*
    Simmons: two. . . three! * turns around, sees Grif already far away* Oh, you backstabbing cockbite.
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  • In the 19 Nocturne Boulevard episode Sword Kvetch, Cael must face the evil wizard's three challenges. Why? Tradition!
  • Lampshaded in Episode 4 of Cracked TV (5 Things You Shouldn't Be Able to Buy on eBay):
    Tic-Tacs! Bag of Dice! Some...third thing!
  • Played straight in Harry Partridge's Stephen the Lesbian.
    "All hail Stephen, king of the Lesbians!"
    "All hail Stephen, king of the Lesbians!"
    "All hail Stephen King! *Beat* Of the Lesbians!"
  • Hewy in Hewy's Animated Movie Reviews reviews Toy Story 3 for the third episode of his third season.
  • In Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee subverts this in his review of Just Cause. He uses the title as a joke the first two times, where on the third he simply comments "how should I know?"
  • From the YouTube Poop Skellington's Revenge:
    Sally: (after Jack says her vision of Christmas disaster is splendid and asks her to make him some crack) No! You're being an ass!
    Mayor: (after Jack kicks him out for saying conquering Christmas is a bad idea) Ugh...You're being an ass!
    Jack: (after realizing Satan is just using him to take over Halloween) How could I be such an ass?
  • Dragonball Abridged:
    • In Episode 18 this exchange took place three times when another character says something with potential sexual connotations to Gohan.
    Gohan: I need an adult...
    Other character: I am an adult.
    • While fighting against Freeza during Season 2, Vegeta keeps on sprouting the exact same speech about having become a Super Saiyan over and over again much to Freeza's annoyance. The third time he gives it (this time not referring to himself, but to Goku), Freeza kills him.
    • Their spoof of Broly had this line.
      Vegeta: First of all, I demand more towers. Second, I demand more towels. And third, I demand more trowels. The brickwork in this place is a shitshow.
  • In The Doctors of the Cat Family it's first explained how Lewis' brother and sister dealt with knowing they couldn't please their father (partly by having Lewis cheer them up), and then how Lewis dealt with it. Also, at the end Lewis and Thomas are noted for their big hearts and Meredith for her strange sense of priorities.
  • In CrapShots #168, James pokes a clown three times. The first two times get the same reaction, while the third, while similar is unexpected.
  • In Robotic Bartenders! (Cruise Day 1) by Matt Santoro, Matt asks Nadine what they should cheer to. She says "a successful first day" and a "tomorrow of epic awesomeness". He says that they should cheer to exactly 1 more thing, so they cheer to living life.
  • In "WHAT KILLS YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER - Respawn Man (Part 2/4)" by Santoro Gaming, Matt plays the video game Respawn Man, and only has to jump twice to complete a level, but jumps three times for good luck.
  • BuzzFeed Unsolved discusses the usage of this trope in episodes centering around demons, since the Rule of Three is allegedly significant in mocking the Holy Trinity. Ryan mentions when spending the night at the Sallie House, that at 3:00 am he's going to be quiet for 3 minutes to see if any demonic activity happens at that specific time. When they go to a demonic bridge, Ryan mentions that according to lore, if you knock on it three times, the demon that haunts it will throw you off. They try it: nothing happens.
  • Random Assault follows a three-segment podcast.
  • In Otimusya - Hokuto no Ken, phrases beginning with "Wow, Ken" appear 3 times in the article.
    True to the Hokuto no Ken lore, Kenshiro has plenty of enigmatic ways of dispatching his foes.

    A single high-kick sends the goons hurtling through the stratosphere.

    Wow, Ken - you are strong!

    One punch can burrow a hole through a man's chest - such is the strength of Hokuto Shinken.

    Wow, Ken - you are amazing!

    And if Ken succumbs to his foes, he flails through the air kicking like a baby.

    ... oh.

    Wow, Ken - that was pretty shitty!
  • There are generally three known exceptions to This Very Wiki's rule against authors adding stuff to or otherwise editing their own YMMV pages:
    • They may move misplaced examples from the main page to the YMMV page.
    • They may remove any entry that is factually untrue.
    • They may add input from other parties, if the other parties consent or else are unable to edit the YMMV page in question for whatever reason. This one is in more of a gray area than the other two, though.
  • In JonTron's review of Nightshade, after being tricked by the game three times, he gives a modification of the phrase "Fool me once" to make it three times:
    Fool me once, I'm mad. Fool me twice, how could you. Fool me three times, you're officially that guy, okay, you know the one. The one who goes to the bar and is like "This suit is, uh, officially it's a Giorgio Armani, ech, my dad knows him". FUCK YOU! I AIIIIIIN'T HAVIN' THAT SHIT!
  • Analyst Bronies React: When reacting to Equestria Girls Friendship Games:
    • Keyframe is not happy that Twilight only walked through two doors that made lens flare.
      Keyframe: My rule of three is not satisfied.
    • CellSpex has three things she wants from Friendship Games:
      One, I wanna see human Cadence and Shining Armor. Number two, I wanna see Sunset revert back to her demon form. Number three, I need to see Human Twilight shun Flash Sentry! Bonus 50 points if she calls him a stalker!
  • In the Scanline episode on director's cuts, Hbomberguy talks about directors who have released new versions of movies that were actively worse than the originals. The first time, an image of George Lucas that is fading in is bluntly replaced with Francis Ford Coppola so Hbomb can talk about the director's cut of Apocalypse Now. The second time, an image of George Lucas that is fading in is revealed to show him sitting next to Steven Spielberg so Hbomb can talk about edits to E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The third time, after Hbomb squirms for a bit...
    Hbomb: It's time to talk about Federico Felli - FINE, GEORGE LUCAS!
  • DEATH BATTLE! plays with this, but ultimately subverts it, when it comes to the three episodes featuring Shadow the Hedgehog. In all three of his fights (against Vegeta, Mewtwo and Ryūko Matoi in that order). the fight ends right after Shadow's opponent attempts a finishing blow while uttering "sayonara.", referencing the quote used when Shadow is assumed dead at the end of Sonic Adventure 2. In his first two episodes, the attempted finishers go through and kill Shadow, but when Ryūko tries it, it doesn't end well for her, which is where the subversion comes into play.