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  • Video games in general have been absolutely ruined by the newest generations actually trying to expand the market.
    • Particularly "Dumbing down" the games by making them more something that people would play (read, can play without degrees in statistics and software engineering).
  • They have also been "Dumbing down" every game ever by removing obstacles.
  • This happens with literally every main shift in demographic, or with every new demographic that entered the market.
  • Every game that has been rendered in three dimensions has Ruined video gaming FOREVER.
  • Gaming has been ruined for decades... it was dead on arrival at the Arcades, because all sorts of faux gamers who didn't have access to the restricted computers in universities got to play video games.
  • Video games were also ruined when Graphical User Interfaces first became a thing in the seventies, because the shift away from text only removed the depth and intricacy of interactive fiction and reduced game content to the little bits that could be drawn on screen.
  • Further, many PC elitists shout this whenever any multiplatform game doesn't actively and deliberately make the console version horrible. Any developer who doesn't try at every opportunity to screw the console market is clearly a console peon who can't make any games with depth, and gaming is therefore ruined FOREVER.
    • The Atari, Intellivision, and Colecovision were going to ruin games forever because they weren't that different from each other and all their games were stagnant. It turns out that was one of the lesser things that caused The Great Video Game Crash of 1983.
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    • And when the multiplatform game actively and deliberately makes the PC version horrible, keep a fireproof suit on.
  • The NES and the Sega Master System (as well as other competing systems like the MSX) ruined the market because they had all sorts of "Kiddie nonsense" and they censored everything.
    • Nevermind that the lack of censorship is why games like Custer's Revenge and Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em were allowed to be on the market - oh wait, it's censored so it sucks.
  • Then the Sega Genesis, SNES, and better computer technology were going to ruin gaming forever because they didn't even bother to care about gameplay at all. They only cared about "Blast processing" and "Faux 3D Graphics", and now it brought about all sorts of kids who never even knew what Pac-Man was until it received its 95th port to the SNES or Genesis. Therefore they were not "real gamers". It seems a lot of them don't acknowledge how simply having more buttons on the SNES and Genesis, as well as the keyboard and mouse made it way more complex than the "dumbed down" messes some of these people complained them to be.
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  • Then the next generation brought about even more faux gamers who were just graphics whores, and now being catered to their desires. Now everything had to be like Final Fantasy VII, because that was the cool thing to do - those guys (and girls, who we all know were just there for the JPRG soap opera drama and to fawn over the Bishōnen heroes that reminded them of their beloved Boy Band members) weren't real gamers. Then the RPG backlash started to wear off because now everyone started to view them as fandumbs full of fanboys, and gaming was further ruined because they brought about even more gamers who joined at this generation, and systems like the PlayStation brought about all sorts of MTV-style Faux Gamers. Oh, and the games were all in 3D too, and we all know what that does to video games, don't we?
  • The PlayStation 2 was also going to ruin gaming forever because it had all sorts of stuff like a DVD player and people had bought it because it was cheaper than the current DVD players on the market. Dear god - NOW WE HAVE PEOPLE BUYING VIDEO GAME SYSTEMS TO NOT PLAY VIDEO GAMES ON THEM!! It's Ruined FOREVER!
    • Then the Xbox ruined gaming forever by not only trying to be more PC like, but also bringing in even more MTV-style-Faux-Gamers. Now the shooters are full of faux gamers who are nothing but hot air and testosterone, while the RPGs are nothing but faux gamers who play it to masturbate at the feminine emo character models (once more, ignore how many shooter fans don't even touch multiplayer or RPG fans never even thought of masturbating to their games).
      • Considering it was their initial business strategy, one wonders where the hell these G4rians were sleeping the past decade or so.
    • Nintendo has been ruined forever more times than anyone can count. People chastised Nintendo for not having the Nintendo GameCube, Wii, and Wii U being made with a DVD player and demand that they have it because the other consoles have it. Since it was announced that the Wii U won't have the ability to play DVD movies, now the console's ruined and not worth getting.
  • As we are already talking about Nintendo: Their portable consoles pretty much were ruined FOREVER each time they were released/announced:
    • The Game Boy was all wrong: "only 4 shades of gray?". "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone." (As it turned out, the better battery time was nice-to-have for portables and for a long time it ruled the market.) Consider the Game Boy's only competition; the Sega Game Gear and Atari Lynx. Both fixed the Game Boy's "flaws", backlit screens in full color, but they failed to pose a serious threat to the Game Boy due to their short battery life, lack of portability, higher retail price, and lack of decent third-party support.
      • The Game Boy Pocket was all wrong: "A new link port? You want me to update all my link equipment?", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
    • The Virtual Boy was all wrong. "A portable console with 3D and a half-helmet you have to wear? In red/black?". It didn't ruin portable gaming (as it wasn't really portable...) but the low game support and compatibility did ruin that system.
    • The Game Boy Color was all wrong: "It's just the Game Boy, but in color", "There's no reason to still use 8-bit handhelds", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
    • The Game Boy Advance was all wrong: "The screen in the middle of the buttons?", "The new cartridges are so small / the old cartridges stick out so much", "my old games either need to be stretched and blurred or only use half of the screen!", "No backlight, I can't play in the dark!", "They want me to pay for my SNES games, again!" "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
      • The Advance SP was all wrong: "the screen not in the middle of the buttons?", "I can't change the batteries", "The colors are so washed", "There's no headphone jack!" "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
      • The Game Boy Micro was all wrong: "The screen in the middle of the buttons again?", "I can't play my 10-year-old-games any more", "I cannot use my old cables any more!", "It's much too small!", "There's no point in getting this with the DS already out", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
    • The Nintendo DS was all wrong: "Why would I want two screens?", "The touchscreen is too gimmicky", "Cue stupid minigames for the touchscreen and every mouse-supported-game ever to be poorly ported to the DS", "I can't play my old Game Boy games any more!", "I can't link my GBA games any more", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone" (Ironically, even Nintendo thought that the DS might ruin the "Game Boy"-name FOREVER and decided not to call it the "Game Boy DS".)
      • The DS Lite was all wrong: "Now my GBA games nastily stick out of the cartridge slot!", "It's much too small!", "My GBA SP charging cable doesn't fit anymore!", "All those case colors are completely unnecessary!", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
      • The DSi was all wrong: "Region locking? I will never touch a Nintendo system again!", "Downloadable games? I like my games as physical cartridges!", "A portable console doesn't need a camera", "The resolution is too low!", "No MP3 support!", "People might share nasty photos with it", "I cannot import other photos to view on it", "I cannot play old GBA games any more!" "A new charging cable again?", "Now, they are gonna drop all regular DS support!" (turns out that hardly any DSi-only-games appeared), "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
      • The DSi XL was all wrong: "This thing weighs a ton!" "Nice toaster but why would I wanna play on that?" "It's too large!" "It's the same resolution, it's just more pixelated!" plus everything else from DSi "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
    • The Nintendo 3DS was all wrong: "DS games don't work well - either it's blurred or only uses parts of the screen", "What game might reasonably use this stupid 3D?", "All those 3D calculations bring down the battery in no time!", "You can't really share anything with that friend code system!", "Everything's going into the wireless - what a crap!" "There are no really good launch titles", "Almost every game is a remake, so we're paying $250 to play the same old games we played over a decade ago on our N64!" "It lacks a second Circle Pad", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
      • Continuing the tradition is the 3DS XL, retaining the same complaints that the aforementioned DSi XL and the 3DS received: "It's too large!", "The screen quality for the DS games will be bloated on that huge screen", "It's still 240p, it's just more pixelated", "No second Circle Pad", "Another Nintendo tradition of pointless hardware updates" "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
      • The 2DS was all wrong: "It has no 3D effects!", "My 3DS can disable 3D effects", "It can't fold to my pocket", "It's just a tablet with two screens and buttons", "I have to put this thing to rest with a switch? No way!", "Only one speaker? My game's music won't be heard in good quality!", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
      • The New 3DS was all wrong too: "Was the name picked by the same guy who named the Wii U?!", "There are new games which will only work on it!", "Why bother putting in a more powerful graphics processor if it will not even upscale older games?", "That second stick they added is too small!", "Nintendo of America is only releasing the XL version?", "It's still 240p?", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone.
      • The New 2DS XL was also all wrong as well, combining the complaints from the 2DS and the New 3DS XL: "What is with the confusing name? Way to further confuse your customers Nintendo!", "Why would I want this outdated tech when the Switch is already out?", "The placement of everything is weird! The speakers are below the edges of the system, the outer cameras are on the bottom part of the system, and the inner camera is on the hinge!", "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
    • The Switch Lite was all wrong. "They removed TV mode and the Joy-Cons? Its title is misleading!", "No HD Rumble or IR sensor? Completely unusable.", "These bright system colors are disgusting! Give me something more subdued!" "Nintendo is totally going in the wrong direction and ruining portable gaming for everyone."
  • Mention Nintendo or the Switch in anything or look at game trailers where said game is not coming out on the Switch. Watch the comments section become a warzone of Nintendo Haters and Nintendo fanboys being equally annoying.
  • As for the PC gamers? The jump from DOS to more Plug-and-play-style games ruined gaming forever because now people didn't need to navigate the clunky interface of DOS.
    • Then the consoles ruined gaming forever because they committed the sin of making money.
  • Downloadable Content deserves a mention, as a good number of games are being released "incomplete" at launch.
    • Which, while it can be considered a legitimate complaint that DLC often is used to finish content that was intended to be in the game but cut for time, budget, or other issues, largely seems to ignore the fact that prior to DLC, games were still being released incomplete; the only difference being, once they were out the door, you would never see the cut material without a massive fan-effort to bring it back (ex: Knights of the Old Republic II)
    • Likewise, patches. Obviously, if a game requires a patch, the developers are lazy for releasing an "incomplete" game. What do you mean that patches have existed on PC for forever? Only a blind person can't see that "proper" patches haven't existed before they started to appear on console games! And don't get me started on glitches, which show how developers today only release alpha versions of their games, unlike the games I used to play in my youth!
  • In Spain, this is the reaction you get when you announce a game will be released in English (Instead of being translated to Spanish). Nevermind that until halfway the fifth generation video game translations weren't commonplace (for example, Ocarina of Time came untranslated; nobody insults it, despite the translation existing, just not being inserted into the game), most countries never get translations anyway, nowadays most games DO get translated, and those that don't are minor cult games (such as Disgaea or The World Ends with You) where it would cost more to translate them than whatever they would get from the few extra sales they might get from releasing them in Spanish, Spain has and a higher percentage of "casual" gamers (Not deriding them, just saying there's a smaller than usual percent of people who buys the games in question). Nope, they're doing this just to screw with Spaniards. Of course, when the game gets translated but it's a sloppy translation, no one says a thing, except Final Fantasy VII and its "Blind Idiot" Translation on top of the English "Blind Idiot" Translation. Double Standard much?
  • Game Maker has announced a new logo for version 8, chosen from contest entries. It looks like the Awesome Smiley. People are now threatening to boycott the new version.
    • Notably, two weeks later, they caved into complaints and chose a different logo. RUINED FOR 12 DAYS!
  • Motion controls are THE DEATH OF GAMING FOREVER. Because there have totally been no good games since the Wii came out years ago, sometimes (GASP) even on said system! And don't even get started on PS Move and Kinect! Clearly, hardcore gaming is dead.
  • The Wii U predictably received these reactions: WHAT THE HELL? THAT CONTROLLER IS HUGE! IT WILL BE UNCOMFORTABLE TO HOLD!; A TOUCHSCREEN!? MORE USELESS GIMMICKS!; THIS CONSOLE WON'T BE POWERFUL ENOUGH! HOW CAN IT STAY ON THE MARKET? It seemed to get better when people started seeming happy about it at E3 2012, after it announced many great launch titles. Except for Nintendo Land.
  • Capcom seems to be earning this kind of scorn of late, with some going as far to christen the company as the Japanese Activision.
  • PlayStation Vita still requires Memory Cards to play its games because has no internal memory, the PSP Memory Sticks can't be used, and some games *gasp* might not even work without one! RUINED FOREVER!!!!
    • Also the announcement that the 3G provider would be AT&T.
  • The Nintendo Switch had been well received by fans, until it's revealed that they're going for a paid online service after offering a free service for so many years. Even though it costs a third as much as Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus, many fans still balk at the notion of having to pay for Nintendo's online services. The fact that Nintendo's online services have been lacking in the past (especially in certain games such as Super Smash Bros.) particularly has the fanbase wondering if doing this is really worth it.
  • That the free games included with the Nintendo Online Service are only NES games, again despite only being $20 a year as opposed to $60 a year, has been decried as absolutely unforgivable. For $1.67 a month, they should be giving out free current gen titles like their competitors!
  • The game I have waited for years is delayed? Pre-order cancelled! Oh, they caved into the complaints and released the game on the original date? How come this game is so unfinished!? Clearly the developers are terrible at their jobs!
  • When a new console generation with greater graphical power arrives, the developers will obviously spend all of their time and money on shiny eye candy to dazzle the peons, and not one second and not one penny on gameplay mechanics and story and so on.
  • Pretty much Electronic Arts' existence these days has ruined gaming forever, what with all these people on the internet loudly complaining about them on gaming-related articles and videos, even if it has nothing to do with EA.


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