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  • The very concept of "nuking the fridge". This was coined barely a week after Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull came out. The thing was the coiners actually claimed they had found a "new" kind of jumping the shark, just for movies instead of TV (and even spammed YKTTW with it). Not only is "jumping the shark" not media-specific, but that term was coined years after the episode aired, not days.
  • Daniel Craig as James Bond. He's blonde! He can't drive a stick! He wore a freaking life-jacket on a boat to the press conference announcing he was Bond!. Oh, wait, Casino Royale (2006) was the best Bond movie in years. My bad. Can't wait for Quantum of Solace. Wait, Craig cut off part of his fingertips? Oh, dear god...
    • Epitomized by the website Daniel Craig Is Not Bond, which garnered some media coverage when even the press jumped on that bandwagon. Even when the press and most of the fans declared him a fine Bond and Casino Royale was profitable and well-received, the site never once gave him an inch. To the point where Daniel himself commented on it and said he wished they'd all just hurry up and decide if they liked him or not and quit their bitching.
      • The site has moderated its stance from its earlier ethos - it sticks to its basic idea but emphatically says it's NOT a Daniel Craig hate site, describing him as a talented actor who they simply feel was miscast and marketing itself as a refuge for those who buck the conventional wisdom that Craig is the best Bond ever and prefer the older movies and feel the that the current owners of the Bond franchise are pushing the Craig era by denigrating those earlier films.
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    • Quantum of Solace is eerily similar to Licence to Kill in this respect. What these people do not realize, is that Craig's Bond is by far the one closest to the source material in Ian Fleming's literature. The same was true for the earlier films starring Timothy Dalton as Bond.
    • For the record, a significant portion of the people who don't like Craig as Bond feel that while Casino Royale (2006) was a fantastic movie, Craig's still a terrible Bond. Great action star, sure, but a bad James Bond. Skyfall changed a few minds, but dissers still exist.
    • Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan have even come out and said that Daniel Craig is a good/terrific Bond.
    • Now the outrage is directed towards the new 007 being played by Lashana Lynch, an African American female in No Time to Die.
  • Mission Impossible got it big time with the 1996 movie, turning Jim Phelps, the main character of the TV series for 8 season, into a ruthlessly savage villain.
  • Every single Star Wars film, novel, game, or any product ever, except for The Empire Strikes Back (and the original, because of course) is prone to this. While this sounds like an extreme exaggeration, if one could kindly direct oneself to any large Star Wars message board at the time of the release of a new installment, one would witness hordes of supposed fans screaming that Star Wars is ruined and that nothing can ever save it. In the pre-Disney era, this generally led to someone threatening to kill George Lucas- regardless of how much he was involved in the project. These same fans usually shut up after a while, if they don't leave the fandom entirely.
    • Four words: Star. Wars. Holiday. Special.
    • Knights of the Old Republic managed to avoid this, except for the canonical gender of the Exile.
    • Star Wars: The Old Republic, though, suffers from this with too many examples to keep track of. Graphics, animation, combat, dialog, lore, all are being listed as ruining the game FOREVER. The true irony in this? People were saying this before the game was even released. Imagine that.
    • The Incredible Cross-Sections books are often accused of bringing in excessive Techno Babble and heavily lambasted by some fans for that reason.
    • Wookieepedia copied Transformers Wiki's Ruined FOREVER page and applied it to Star Wars.
    • Star Wars: The Clone Wars has probably gotten more than its fair share if only because it was a television production upgraded into a feature film, an entirely different medium. The series itself has gotten a lot more supporters because it is being looked at as a television show, not a film.
      • It still gets a lot of hate for contradicting previous canon (and occasionally fanon) when it would be very easily avoidable.
      • Fans of the series seem to be having this reaction with the recent cancellation... and then the revelation that not only will the bonus content be just two story arcs, but one of the cancelled story arcs was about Boba Fett. Later, it was revealed to be THREE story arcs (and an arc from Season 5 that didn't get to air to it exceeding the 22 episode cap).
      • There was a rumor going around about how this bonus content will be released: ONLY on Apple TV, with a "special" Star Wars app, for only a LIMITED time over the holiday season. Considering barely anyone even HAS Apple TV, imagine how fans of the show took this. This rumor turned out to be untrue, as later, it was announced that these episodes would air on Netflix along with the rest of the series. However, it doesn't stop some from complaining that it's so far announced only for the U.S. and Canada and leading to accusations of No Export for You.
      • Words that ruin Star Wars: The Clone Wars to some die hard fanatics: Anakin's apprentice.
    • Now that Star Wars Rebels exists (because of Disney; continue to scroll down for that entry), the hate that used to plague The Clone Wars earlier on migrated over to Rebels. Seems that Rebels is the Butt-Monkey entry, considering no one considers to bash the Sequel movies for the loss of their precious EU.
      • Our Darker and Edgier show got cancelled for this Disneyfied parody? WHAT AN EMBARASSMENT TO THE FRANCHISE!! RUINED FOREVER!! Ignoring that among other things, someone gets a lightsaber to the face and is subsequently blinded for life.
      • It's worth noting that The Clone Wars was canceled by Cartoon Network due to ratings, not because Disney bought the franchise.
      • An Asian Mandalorian girl that wears pink and likes art and hardly wears armor? HERESY!
    • Three words: HAN! SHOT! FIRST! Which, incidentally, is inaccurate, as this implies that Greedo got a shot off afterward, which he didn't. It should be "Greedo didn't shoot".
    • Pacifistic Mandalorians. LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!!!
    • And now we have these clips from the Blu-ray re-releases. Lucas might as well go into hiding right now.
    • To say that Star Wars Kinect is a complete bastardization of everything good about Star Wars and the absolute worst part of the Star Wars Franchise to date just because of the dance-off mode alone is a HUGE understatement!
      • It helps that one of the dance moves in "I'm Han Solo" is called "Han Shot First".
    • And now Disney has bought Lucasfilm. Filming hasn't even started and the release is scheduled for 2015, and already are cries of RUINED FOREVER because Disney will clearly turn Leia into one of their Princesses and make her MARKETABLE and ANIMATE it and make it KID-FRIENDLY.
      • For what it's worth, this reaction was pretty short-lived. After getting over the shock, many realized that anything bad Disney could do to the brand (like sub-par sequels or exploitative merchandising), had already happened under Lucasfilm. If anything, getting George to be more hands-off would be an improvement. There's still lingering doubt over Disney's announced plans to pump out sequels every two or three years, risking it becoming a Franchise Zombie, but the overall tone of the fandom seems to have become that of cautious optimism (especially considering how another of Disney's acquisitions worked out VERY well).
      • Disney shutting down LucasArts started comparisons to Electronic Arts and their tendency to shut down successful studios.
      • Speaking of EA, guess who Disney passed on the rights to Star Wars video games to? And while you're at it, just try and imagine how the fans took it?
      • The announcement that the new Star Wars movies will ignore Expanded Universe material killed the hopes that Disney will give the franchise the treatment it deserves to many a fan.
      • The removal of the 20th Century Fox opening credit was expected after Disney bought the franchise, but its replacement on the 2015 digital download release with just a Lucasfilm credit has some fans claiming that their childhood has died.
      • The first film of the new trilogy has some saying this since its release, although not quite as many as expected. Mostly the ones who think Disney just re-used old material and didn't make it original enough.
      • Two Words: Han. Died.
      • The Last Jedi actually invoked this reaction a lot more than TFA, due to many controversial plot twists.
  • New Buffy movie reboot... WITHOUT JOSS WHEDON?! BLASPHEMY!!!! (Admittedly, in this case; it's not so much that it's not Joss Whedon, it's that it is Fran and Kaz Kuzui, who own and "ruined" the first movie and had no actual creative input on anything past that.)
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie reboot has Michael Bay as executive producer... OH NOES!! The franchise will never be taken seriously again!
    • It was revealed that in an early treatment that the Turtles were to be re-imagined as part of an alien race. Jokes about Bay not even allowing the franchises name to stand in his way only served to fuel the negative reaction. It was later confirmed that the Turtles aren't going to be aliens after all, and even though the official title has been confirmed to be just Ninja Turtles, the Turtles will still be the teenage mutants we've come to expect.
    • Still, some fans may still think it's going to be ruined forever due to the director being Johnathan Liebesman, who's previous movies were subject to mixed reviews. Combine that with executive producer Michael Bay's vocal hatedom and well a lot of fans are already declaring it certain to be an epic letdown.
    • Megan Fox has been linked to the movie having reconciled with Michael Bay after their public fallout. For those who already feared the worst her involvement is the final nail in the Ruined Forever coffin. Should she officially be announced as the new April, the outcry can only be imagined.
      • This just in: She has! No, the fans didn't take it well. Why do you ask?
  • The film version of Sex and the City is probably the only film ever to be accused of this in a newspaper review. By a critic who knows what "Jumped the Shark" means, no less.
    • The first film was generally very well received. However, the second film is what ruined it for most fans.
  • The next Spider-Man film won't be directed by Sam Raimi and will feature a new cast, with a story taking place earlier than in 3, with an English actor as Peter Parker?! A reboot only years after the first film!? KILL! KILL! KILL!!!
    • This seems to be starting to turn around somewhat thanks to the very strong fanbase built around Andrew Garfield because of The Social Network and a general love for Emma Stone...but we shall see.
    • The fact that most hardcore fans despised Spider-Man 3 has definitely helped them come to terms with the reboot.
  • To say that fans' reaction to the fact that Zack Snyder's Superman project will not have John Williams's compositions is disappointment is an understatement.
  • While the majority of reaction has been positive, to say the least there are at least a few fans (even Frank Oz held some degree of the sentiment) of The Muppets who are crying this after Fozzie Bear introduced "fart shoes." Even if the joke was making fun of lame humor.
  • JJ Abrams , A Star Trek director is doing Star Wars as well? Damm it! Nice to ruin both franchises, Abrams!!
  • Remakes, any kind, will always have this response. Double points if the remake is a PG-13 movie based on an R Rated movie. TRIPLE POINTS if the R rated film in question was a horror film.
  • Jason Bourne won't appear in The Bourne Legacy? RUINED!
  • Depending on who you are, this starts with either the first, third, or sixth Harry Potter film. Either because the Film of the Book constantly sucks, because of Canon Defilement, or turning the film into a romance-centred disaster that cut out a great many important details to make way for romance. Kinda like the fanfiction people who hate the ending ships prefer.
  • Older Than They Think: In the late-1960s, many believed movies were ruined forever once The Hays Code was discarded. Film directors, after decades of repression, soon began inserting excessive swearing, gratuitous sex, loads of violence, etc. in movies. And, thus, many film goers who were used to the limitations of the Hays Code were outraged and declared the moral fabric of cinema (and, thus, movies as a medium) to be Ruined FOREVER.
  • The Film of the Book for World War Z isn't shot in documentary style, the zombies are fast, and there is a central character instead of a series of vignettes about the end of the world. RUINED FOREVER!
  • The Thing (1982) is getting a prequel? Oh, nice. Wait, what? They're using CGI monsters instead of puppets, models and make-up? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Yeah! We got one of the most badass villains in Iron Man 3, the Mandarin, and he's going to kick as- Wait, he's not really the Mandarin and just a washed up drunken actor? YOU RUINED MARVEL MOVIES SHANE BLACK AND KEVIN FEIGE!
    • Every single movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the one that's going to ruin it forever. Every last one. "This is it, the one that will kill the francise. Oh, it didn't? Well the next one will. Oh, it didn't?" Rinse, repeat.
  • The Disney studios themselves were declared Ruined FOREVER when they stopped animating traditionally in favor of CG in the 2010s. And when they switched over to digital coloring from cel paint in the 1990s. And when they abandoned the traditional inking method in favor of the xerox inking technology in the 1960s...
  • Now that Peter Sellers is dead The Pink Panther series is ruined.
  • In any given discussion about the Terminator franchise, you can't swing a dead cat and not hit at least one person complaining that the entire series should have come to a complete stop after Terminator 2: Judgment Day, because Only the Creator Does It Right
  • Of course, the Transformers film series, the film adaptations of the Trope Namer. X is now a Composite Character? It's a nameslap. Humans are everywhere? Blasphemous! The character I like doesn't change size when transforming? What were they thinking? Nobody transforms into something that's been outdated for 15 years? How dare they! My favourite character died!? Death to Michael Bay! A lot of these things can be attributed to money note , vehicle manufacturers not handling out rights to use their product (Some just don't want their cars transform and fire at crowds, go figure), and realism (Size-changing, casettes being outdated, vehicles getting out style, people die in wars). Granted, they have a lot of problems, but the most vocal G1 fans tend to focus on the fact that it doesn't exactly match the show they grew up with. (It's actually been noted that films have a lot in common with the G1 seriesnote  and that the sequel series Beast Wars is more in line with what people want from the films (Without the animal altmodes, of course.))
  • Venom (2018)s rating is PG-13? Meaning that it won't be rated R, despite the director's passionate claims about wanting to show us the black slimed, fanged beast in all of it's bloody glory? DAMN IT, SONY! THIS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF CINEMATIC CASTRATION!
  • There's gonna be a movie of The Banana Splits? Yay! It's gonna be so awes-wait, it's gonna be a horror movie with gore? RUINED FOREVER!
  • There will be a Ghostbusters remake? Hoora-wait, it's gonna have a all-female cast? NOOOOOO! THE GHOSTBUSTERS SHOULD BE MEN AND MEN ONLY!
    • This one even led Honest Trailers to disable the commentary section for their take on the film, something they hardly ever do. The Epic Voice Guy's comment after the fan requests seals it.
      [Sigh] Are we sure you wanna do this one? Fine. We'll do it, but we're turning off the comments. You did this to yourself, Internet.
  • Cats was RUINED FOREVER according to fans and critics thanks to it's film adaptation.

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