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  • Very, very bad in Magic: The Gathering. It's gotten to the point where "Magic is dead!" has essentially become Memetic Mutation.
    • This is the reaction of many fans to every release of a new Magic: The Gathering set. Even a single card, to many, can spell the doom of the game - witness the reactions to Tarmogoyf, Remand, and Umezawa's Jitte, to name a few prominent examples. Keep in mind that a new set is released every three months; that each year brings a new block (meaning cards from the previous block are no longer relevant in block-format tournaments or drafting); and that Wizards of the Coast has made a Banned/Restricted list for cards that break the game too hard. Even when Wizards brings back old cards, fans will decry some choices as being The End of MtG - even though they didn't break the game the first time around.
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    • For Magic's 20th anniversary, one writer compiled the twenty moments where the game was ruined forever.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Chaos and Heroes ruined the game forever!!!!
    • No, the Pyramid of Light ruined the game forever!!!!
    • The kid's toy duel disc system ruined the game forever!!!
    • Synchro-monsters ruined the game FOREVER!!!
    • The newest ban list ruined the game FOREVER!!!
    • Wanna know why the above is mentioned? LIGHTLORDS RUINED THE GAME FOREVER!!!
    • Exceed Monsters will ruin the game forever!!!
    • Pendulum Summons?! And rule changes? Two Field Spells at the same time?! Player who goes first can't draw?! WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? YU-GI-OH IS DEAD!! DEAD, I TELL YOU!!!
    • Nekroz, Qliphort, and Shaddoll will ruin the game forever!!!!
    • Zoodiac will ruin the game forever!!!
    • You can bet players will claim that the next meta decks to hit the game will leave it ruined forever too.
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    • The same can be said for the next mechanic. It's always the same when a new deck, set or mechanic hits the shelves.
      • That's right! Now that Link Monsters are announced. Only one Extra Monster zone per player?note  Requires additional Link Monsters to expand zones for Extra Deck monsters?! Pendulum Zones now incorporated into backrow?note  And tons of rule changes? This game is history!
  • All the donks have ruined poker FOREVER!!!!
    • Noteworthy because poker is usually played for money. The more bad players running around, the more easy money there is to be won. Anyone who complains about donks ruining poker is literally COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING GIVEN MONEY. (Or more likely they're just not as good as they think they are.)
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    • ESPN has ruined poker FOREVER!!!!
    • Texas Hold'em has ruined poker forever.
  • Champions of the Galaxy is a very small press game with a very...dedicated and invested...fanbase, many of whom have been playing for twenty years. A recent move from B&W cards to full colour has ruined it forever.
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard: Because this game's fanbase is heavily composed of former Yu-Gi-Oh! players who griped at the aforementioned volume of abusable combos, they can be incredibly paranoid about any newly-revealed card being too good. Cue cries of "OMG GOLD PALADINS ARE GETTING TOO MUCH SUPPORT!" "OMG THAT'S BROKEN!" "WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US?". Specific examples include:
    • Blazing Lion, Platina Ezel: at first, fans were enraged by this supposed game-breaker powering up all rear-guards. Then they realized how difficult it would be to meet the required conditions.
    • Bad End Dragger: With the Spike Brothers already having an overkill combo, this card appeared to be making said combo even more obnoxiously unstoppable... Until you realize that Spike Brothers also happen to have poor defensive capabilities, and would need to hang in longer if they have any hope of lasting long enough to pull it off.
    • This has practically become a Vicious Cycle at this point. Eradicator, Vowing Saber Dragon "Reverse"? Game RUINED FOREVER. Lock and Link Joker in general? Game RUINED FOREVER. Star-vader, Chaos Breaker Dragon? Game RUINED FOREVER.
    • As far as the anime's concerned, the reveal of Psyqualia had many fans who enjoyed the anime for not following the more usual supernatural powers route calling Ruined Forever. Season 2 got much the same reaction.
  • Legend of the Five Rings has seen a lot of these, both game-based and story-based.
    • Any character death. Since Legend of the Five Rings is a Chanbara epic with Loads and Loads of Characters and the storyline has spanned decades, this happens a LOT.
    • Any time a new faction is introduced or an old faction is retired. Naga forever!


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