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  • One rather infamous example would be the Financial Crisis Gangbang, where someone on the Kink Meme requested a group of nations violently punishing America for causing another depression through his carelessness. The result was a fancomic in which America is somehow restrained by duct tape and horrifically raped and humiliated by England, France, both Italies, Germany, China, Japan, Prussia, and Russia. While all of those characters have, in canon, had times where they were pissed with America, the whole thing is way over what any of them have ever done (not to mention that in canon, their attitudes over the economy screw-up ranges from being obviously distressed to blaming America for being young and stupid to insulting him). A few follow-up fics have the offending nations suffer the same treatment, with them feeling entirely justified in what they did and wondering why America isn't simply walking off the trauma of being gangraped by his friends and family.
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  • The doujinshi circle Hakka Pink is... a touchy subject in some parts of the USUK fandom due to their extremely unflattering portrayal of France. Yes, historically France did meddle in The American Revolution, but the Independence Sky series turns that "role" Up to Eleven via making France pretty much into America's slutty and psychotic Evil Mentor, ostensibly to make England suffer.
  • One of the biggest criticisms of the very polemic All He Ever Wanted is how it falls into this trope in regards to England, Japan, North Italy and specially Prussia, making the fic a very thinly-veiled Author Tract full of Writer on Board rants put in the characters' mouths and actions:
    • England: Tsundere former empire (canon) —> mentally-unstable Mad Oracle who supports the Axis and makes the world total shit because of it (AHEW verse)
    • Japan: (Played for Laughs) Yamato Nadeshiko who is good friends with England (canon) —> Lawful Evil Manipulative Bastard who dooms the world to chaos for keeping the Anglo-Japanese Alliance and only cares about England for his own benefit (AHEW verse)
    • North Italy: The Ditz Keet (canon) —> Psychopathic Manchild who murders Greece and treats his fratello South Italy like shit and makes him run away from home (AHEW verse)
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    • Prussia. Hot-Blooded Butt-Monkey (canon) —> Card-Carrying Villain who rapes female nations for either his own benefit or just for the lulz and tortures Austria endlessly (AHEW verse)
  • The famous and popular USUK doujinshii To the New World with Love subjects America to this treatment. Here he is portrayed as an once innocent child nation who grows into a power-hungry bastard who causes misery to the whole world as he expands his influence, opposite England who willingly subjects himself to horrible mental/emotional pain to "stop" him including a more-than-a-century-long Thanatos Gambit. We as readers are supposed to believe that America is an horrible asshole without any redeeming qualities and who can only be redeemed through England's "pure and selfless" love, and that England is flawlessly right instead of a mentally/emotionally unbalanced Love Martyr.
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  • The Russia/America fic "The Chosen End" is also pretty well known for subjecting England, of all nations, to this, all to favor Russia and America getting together. It's not helped by how the author wrote a fic where England is a crazy Yandere who tortures a wimpified, helpless America and sends him crying to Russia.
  • Fridge Logic tends to ensue with rapefics in Hetaliaverse when one wonders exactly how good an idea it would be to do something like that to someone who a) will live centures and is (going by the regular Unexplained Recovery and/or Good Thing You Can Heal scenes in canon) nearly impossible to kill, b) knows you are the above things as well, c) will have to work with you on a regular basis, and d) historical precedent shows won't be under your control forever. In cases of America being the victim, one also has to wonder how, since generally no explanation is given as to how a comparatively normal person manages to overpower someone who could swing adult buffalo around his head as an infant. China may fall under that heading too as he has been shown to be able to headbutt through a wall. As for Japan as the attacker, one may end up wondering why he'd go to so much effort when he thought merely being hugged was bad enough to ruin him for marriage.

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