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Yu-Gi-Oh! BLANK is a Yu-Gi-Oh! roleplay created by Blastgamer. The story begins with a tournament with a unique winning prize: a chance to design a set of new cards, not just their artwork, but also their effects. In this tournament 32 people are invited to compete seemingly by random. However, what strange ominous force is lurking behind this tournament?

The RP is currently ongoing and can be found here.


Yu-Gi-Oh! BLANK contains examples of:

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: All the Gauntlet duelists suffer from this. The exact amount varies, ranging from Jerome being more vengeful and angry, Deckard being his normal self but also being forced to complete the tasks given to him, and Dan barely changing from his normal Jerkass behavior.
  • Combat Commentator: Kayla Kilman, the tournament's announcer.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: A few in the first round. Anna uses a combo to decimate Jerome by suiciding her own monsters into his and forcing him to take all the damage, Scott shuts down his opponent Bill's whole strategy with one card and destroys him on his next turn, Jo powers up Gouki The Giant Ogre to 7400 attack and obliterates Deckard with it, and Mellie destroys her opponent's only monster before summoning five of her own and attacking with all of them.
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  • Deadly Upgrade: The Duel Gauntlets, which come with powerful cards for the wearer's deck and the ability to cause physical pain through duels. The catch? The user gets hurt too, and it seems to actively drain the wearer's energy throughout the duel, as seen with Jerome.
  • Theme Deck: Several duelists plays decks that reflect their personalities and hobbies. Allin is an Idol Singer who plays Orcust; Jo is a martial artist who plays Gouki; William is a clown who plays Toon; Yuria is a swimmer who plays Mermail.
  • Tournament Arc: The main setting and the reason all the characters are together.


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