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Roleplay / You Are All Traped In A Mansion

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Well now you've done it! YOU, yes that's right, you and your friends for halloween have decided to go to the old mansion hanging over your town. Why you ask, well you wanted to have a good scare thats all! so you live in the most dreary town in the world, what country? well, it's foggy and rains alot, so your guess. And before you ask, yes it's a mansion, not a big house, not a manor, it's a mansion. So Shall we begin?
The original post, eldritchseer

"You are all traped in a mansion" [sic] is a forum game started on July 19, 2012 centering around a mansion with tropers trapped inside. The game inspired some light role-playing as they explored the mansion creating a story for themselves. Then things got out of hand as it began a crossover with "Let's create an eldritch abomination."

As of the 22nd, it appears the main story is wrapping up with the mansion leveled and rebuilt with Legos and the Big Bad being defeated.

However, like the restless dead that stalk its hallowed halls, the mansion has risen again, and a new band of heroes (and some not-so-new) must brave the terrors within....


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