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Roleplay / Wu Xing Interdimensional Fantasy Adventure

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About Wu Xing Interdimensional Fantasy Adventure

We join our adventurers as they are summoned forth from all corners of the multiverse into the land of Mazovia, a once free kingdom, now ruled with an iron fist by the mighty Elemental King. Our benefactor, Jaold Drotonroth, has given them the quest to join the resistance to defeat the Elemental King once and for all, but are our protagonists up to the task? Intrigue, action, and cheesy jokes abound in this interdimensional fantasy adventure, as our characters must tread carefully, fight well, and not get too distracted by the sidequests.



    Notable NPC Characters  
  • Ati Xi - Powerful evocation-specializing mage,note  and leader of the forward attack group. (Alpha) Very short, with long pink twin-tail hair and wearing purple robes - the only thing shorter than her height is her temper. (About 3 feet / 1 meter, and about one good insult, respectively.) Fiesty but effective, and a immigrant to the Elemental Kingdom, seeks to eliminate evil in the land and restore true peace.
  • Grayvor Thordghrod - Experienced ranger and woodsman, and leader of the rear stealth group. (Beta) Standing about 7.5 feet (2.3 meters) and with the tool for any job, will always find friendly widlife, whether he wants to or not. Calm and collected, can be counted on to lead through thick and thin, and has dedicated himself to the mission to free his homeland.
  • Jaold Drotonroth - Our summoner, and (former) head mage of Mazovia.


  • Casting a Shadow: Buri Quickjaw can cast Shadow Spear, a low-level necrolyte's spell, which creates a spear made of shadow that he can throw.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Maria de la Mort has one arm that is invisible regardless of any powers brought against it. The other's made of bone. She's a Grim Reaper. Her job? Protect the souls of the dead.
  • Friend to All Children: Kana, five minutes after arriving, is already taking care of three youngsters she just met.
  • Magic Knight: Buri knows two ranged attack spells in addition to his axe-wielding prowess.
  • Older Than They Look: Raaarguuurgwar looks like a nine year old girl in dinosaur jammies. In actuality, she's a several million years old apex predator from the Cretaceous era.
  • Really 700 Years Old: It has been indicated that Aqua's from early in the Warring Ages. This means she can easily be over a thousand years old.
  • Playing with Fire:
    • Cyndy Ryuhime is a dragon. She can even control the heat exuded by her flames.
    • Buri Quickjaw can cast Fireball, a low-level warlock's spell.
  • Signature Move: Lucius has Stoichen Schield, a variant on the modern Belkan spell Tri Shield; also Stoichen Schrägstrich and Himmel Streik.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: Buri can talk to wolves.
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  • Stop Poking Me!: Buri gets annoyed when the commander, a Non-Entity General, pokes him.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Many of the magical powers revolve around this, also a favorite pastime of Ati Xi.


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