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Welcome to Eden is a text-based RPG forum. Set in a dystopian future with elements of the mutant role-playing genre, with a community of active (and quirky) members, the forum offers an entire city to explore, immersing the player in a gritty, science-fantasy atmosphere.

2012. The world's natural resources are dwindling, conflicts between countries are eminent and people are unsettled. War is inevitable. In the space of just eight years the violent clash of global super-powers will bring humankind to its knees, leaving the terrain desolate and bereft of nourishment, and sucking all hope from the heart of civilisation.

2020. The development of the Genesis Virus, the latest in biological warfare, devastates the populace, wiping out billions of innocents and leaving misery and disease in its wake. Leaving few survivors, the virus saw the end of the war, but not without consequence.The M-Gene, found in only a fraction of the surviving community just a few years later, reveals a genetic abnormality in this minority causing previously unknown gifts, or curses, to manifest. The term "mutant" quickly escalates into a taboo term throughout the remnants of society, and many of them are killed out of fear.


2025. A group of survivors lead by a man named Malcolm Liebert establish a settlement known as Eden and begin rebuilding on the ruins of an unknown city, attracting other survivors in the process. As years come and go, it grows into a bustling city-state under the careful guidance of Liebert, who would eventually found the Sons of Adam. Eden's only political party, they are a totalitarian regime. They are hungry for power and terrified of losing it. They come down harshly on anything that might prove a challenge to their power, anything different or dangerous.

2097. Eden's population is just over 1 million and is under the rule of Malcolm Liebert's grandson. Enter the City.


Contains examples:

  • After the End: Most of humanity was wiped out by the Genesis Virus seventy-seven years prior to the main setting.
  • The Aloner: Following the war Claude spent several years wandering the barren wastelands, before stumbling across a settlement of survivors (that would eventually become Eden).
  • Back-Alley Doctor: "Medical degree" is a term used by those unfortunate enough to live above the plate.
  • The Baroness: Yuliya's uniform is a well-pressed suit, and she sways more toward the milder (militaristic) Sexpot version.
  • City in a Bottle: It is believed that Eden is all that remains of humanity, and to those residing in the city, the idea of foreigners is just a fairy tale.
  • The Don: One of the most influential "Crime Lords" in Junk Town, Jack is head of a large criminal organization.
  • Fang Thpeak: The extra tissue in Dr. Overton's mouth that protects his fangs also gives him a pronounced lisp.
  • Might Makes Right: The Sons of Adam have the paramilitary Public Security Force at their disposal. The various Crime Lords dominate the Lower Level.
  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read: Along with chronic headaches, Captain Jack's telepathic ability has left him teetering on the edge of insanity.
  • Non-Promotion: When Deering's partnered up with Inspector Ellis Grey, he's handed all the work expected of an inspector but is technically still an officer in rank, so has none of the authority.writes/wrote high-society articles under.
  • Pen Name: "Vincent Grace", the name Rance Grenier
  • Pocket Dimension: Treasures galore! This is where Alec Good stashes everything he steals.
  • Police are Useless: The Public Security Force, if you're lucky, but if you're not... Although, not ALL members are like that.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The city of Eden, with its plate that divides the city into a wealthy Upper and poverty-stricken Lower Level, resembles Midgar.
    • The divisions of the Sons of Adam were based on Shin-Ra's various departments.
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: "Otyugh Garbage Dump", an Otyugh is a monster from Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Sinister Subway: A large complex of abandoned tunnels run beneath Eden; they are remnants of the pre-Genesis city Eden was built upon.
  • Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist: In that a lot of the Junk Town characters are lawbreakers in some form or another and Craig Deering is too often in a position where he can't/won't arrest them.


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