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We Are Our Author Avatars is a Spin-Off of We Are Our Avatars, where players play their Author Avatars. The name is now known as "Across Universes". Likewise with the Discussion and Sign-Up Sheet as well.

The narrative is broken up into universes which feature the same characters but playing out an appropriate role for their universe. Occasionally the perspective shifts to another Alternate Universe. The themes so far.


  • Normalverse: a group of old friends all end up on a previously deserted island. Everyone knows eachother but they're not sure how.
  • Fantasyverse: A village is destroyed and all the members are forced to flee. They quest to find a new home and make profit after their adventures.
  • Neotokyoverse: A city centuries into the future. Technology had greatly advanced and high tech deliverymen called Railers complete missions throughout the city, while Soul Hacker's investigate paranormal activity.
  • Superheroverse: A city filled with crime superheroes and supervillains. Both the police and the superpowerd vigilantes work to combat the constantly escaping criminal underground.
  • Pokeverse: In the setting of the Pokémon games, specifically Kanto. A mysterious Team Universe is arriving throughout the region, with unclear goals but dangerous tactics. But the Pokemon world still runs as usual despite all this.
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  • Pirateverse: Captain Beat and her crewmates are currently travelling the world. They stop in the port town of San Jorge for a raid only to meet complications by the Navy. Turns into a hunt for Plot Coupons held by a different kind of monster.
  • Christmasverse: Happy holidays. A world where all the Winter holidays interact.
  • Greekverse: Ancient Grome. The God's play with mortals. Sending them on quest to prove themselves worthy.
  • Futureverse: The gang's part of a Star Trek-like organization which keeps the peace.
  • Wildwestverse: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Vigilantes, Outlaws, and Sheriffs, oh my!
  • Noirverse: Gangs, Serial Killers, and Dectectives are the norm.
  • Storybookverse: Various characters from stories of old interact and have adventures.
  • Steampunkverse: Lots of steam, lack of technology, and other various things.
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  • Horrorverse: Monster Mash, with a side of suspense!
  • Spyrverse: A dark and crazy villain tries to cause trouble, while spies with gadgets are in a race against eachother to save the world.

The first three arcs has Suke Sho (now Saturn) as the Game Master but the position was officially abdicated to Rhyme Beat, then recently , the Game Master position has changed to positions and now officialy belongs to Rhyme Beat, Imca and Shining Knight. Revolver Zen was a previous GM but he quit the RP.

The game is currently in limbo.

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