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Oh, hello there, didn’t see you come in… well… this is embarrassing… our entire crew seems to be suffering from space narcolepsy… But, that’s no problem! No problem at all! I can manage this all on my own!

I am The Troperia, a wondrous and illustrious vessel, fit for sailing through the roughest solar winds, taking you and the rest of your crewmates on a journey to new and undiscov-

Yes, yes, thank you, computer… I’m –yawn- I’m awake now… go do something…something not right here.


Such as..?

I don’t know, go make sure the autopilot isn’t about to crash us lounge-deep into some space squid or anything. Just leave them alone for a bit.

Well! You don’t have to be rude about it…

Hey there, new crewmember, it’s nice to have you aboard. This is The Troperia, or, at least, this is the page for the games that take place aboard The Troperia. It all began back in June 2015 with the launch of the forum game: We, The Tropers, Are All Stuck In A Spaceship, eventually, and unfortunately, dropping away into the realm where so many great threads go when posts drop away.


Computer… -sigh- alright, you can help.

Ee~! Ok, but don’t be sad, gentle readers! ‘Cause iiit’s baaaack~! Yes! It’s back! Revived from the ashes in a brand new home and form. Now housed in the Forum RP section of our forums, We Are on a Space Adventure (or W.A.S.A.) (make sure you sign up before you play, I rarely… byte~, he-he)-


Wait, wait, hold up…no one calls it W.A.S.A…

…I call it W.A.S.A… ;w;. Anywho, these games have and have had a tremendous group of great people take part in it, and quite amazing adventures along the way. Won’t you join us and help us tell our story?

Tropes fitting both games:

  • Morality Kitchen Sink: The crew is made up of people with various alignments.
  • Power Perversion Potential: When you have powerful people in relationships…sometimes things slip out. Mostly from the OT3 and Lex & Jiko.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: As expected with these sort of games, sometimes real life kicks in and pulls people away.
  • Space Opera: More emphasis is placed on the characters and stories than the tech.


Tropes fitting We, The Tropers, Are All Stuck In A Spaceship:

Tropes fitting We Are on a Space Adventure -cough- W.A.S.A. –cough-:

  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Various blades: Matthew’s twin swords, Rin and Ren. The sword Chris makes out of his arm when he transitions into, essentially, a suit of armor, is described as being sharp enough to slice through flesh, muscle, and bone as easily as butter.
  • Accidental Kidnapping: Russell during a Tour of the Troperia on Nos Lycarin. The ship took off despite the fact the captain was told in advance that someone was being toured around the ship by Michael and Amos.Subverted in that case, kinda. Since Russell was planning originally to stowaway on the ship anyway... Still on the other hand, he didn't actually do that or anything to provoke this, even if he planned to.
  • Corporate Warfare: The Darkwatch Defence & Security Corporation. They are a private military unto themselves, whose "alleged" criminality led to them being banned from Terra. But who needs a homeworld when Darkwatch basically owns a few?
  • Cyberpunk: Knossos, Chris’ homeworld. Or at least the slums they grew up in, though some plots and places are Post-Cyberpunk, Depending on the Writer.
  • Dance Battler: Lex is trained in the Kirina martial art - E’rala Psivis ‘The Martial Dance’, which can be as deadly as it is graceful.
  • Evil, Inc.: The Darkwatch Defence & Security Corporation. "Alleged" crimes include, but are not limited to; systematic detention, oppression of civilians, surveillance, and large-scale genocide. And to top it off, Darkwatch has been known to "allegedly" rabble-rouse populations so they can be awarded protection contracts to quell their artificial uprisings.
  • Full-Frontal Assault: Rakiri, though subverted, considering certain parts of his anatomy were originally as detailed as a Ken doll. Greg has also had a few instances of this, especially when he’s wearing his more flammable clothes.
  • Full-Name Ultimatum: Blake did something along these lines after Matthew got arrested in Nos Lycarin. It is quite effective on him as well, at least when said by his brother like that.
  • Half-Human Hybrid:
    • Greg is part Alphyxi, a race of fire-manipulators.
    • Matthew was, effectively, designed as a human with a genetic cocktail from dozens of species.
    • Arif is part-Maximatan, a race of human-ish creatures with coloured skin tones.
  • Human Outside, Alien Inside: Jiko has, quite literally, an inner Echirean. Aur's internal organs are no longer human due to his use of the scroll.
  • Living Lie Detector: Both Arif and Michael pulled this trick on Matthew it seems when he was falsely introducing himself to Greg and the rest of the OT3; even if they didn’t call him out on it publicly.
  • Longevity Treatment:
    • Jiko was mixed with an Echirean and therefore has a portion of their life span.
    • Silas has received treatments that are pretty standard in his region of space, which will extend his natural lifespan into the thousands of years and possibly longer. He's currently 51, though he appears, and acts, more like he's in his mid-twenties.
    • Bexahn, like most Primes, has an even more advanced treatment that renders her more or less immortal as far as aging is concerned; she's at least a few thousand years old and shows no signs of slowing down.
  • Orwellian Retcon: A small one. When Bexahn originally arrived, the name of her ship was mentioned once as the Understanding. When she returned to her ship later (several pages of the RP having gone by), it was referred to as the Certum. If you go back to the post with her original arrival, you'll find that the reference to her ship has since been edited to the new name.
  • Pressure Point: Shortly after vis introduction, Andris easily incapacitates an opponent by "lightly touching the back of his neck", which causes him to pass out immediately.
  • Quit Your Whining: Matthew did this to Greg when he started doubting he was worthy of being captain after his Alphyxi awakening.
  • Ramming Always Works: Fortunately, it doesn't, because Andris anticipates it, but that doesn't stop the Thing in Silas's Mind from programming Bexahn's ship to crash into Andris's. To hedge its bets, the Thing also rigs the ship to explode, but Andris anticipates this as well and sends a drone to investigate the ship rather than board it visself.
  • Rescue Introduction: Matthew rescuing Arif on GLX, and the party rescuing Amos aboard the A.R.R Beluga.
  • Ridiculously Cute Critter: Merrick’s twin Sleekets, Aesir and Vanir, little hamster-sized sheep creatures.
  • Robot Buddy: Autonomous Robotic Intelligence Assistant - or Aria. While she is small, cleanly-designed, and friendly, she is a robotic combat assistant; which means she has an arsenal of firepower within her storage units.
  • Running Gag: The consistent mention of "space hotdogs", whose primary difference to regular hotdogs is the fact that they are made in space.
  • Sliding Scale of Robot Intelligence:
    • Both Aria and the Ship AI are at Nobel-bot levels. Able to communicate and understand their sapient owners, but with masses of processing power behind them.
    • Godsgift is a Brick-level AI in the Slow Zone, but after passing through the Terminal into a space with physics more amenable to strong AI, he averts the scale with more or less human-level emotion and intelligence.
  • Space "X": Several seemingly regular products have been "improved" by putting space in their names. Gotta love those Space Hotdogs.
  • Title Drop: Amos while recruiting Nova to the Troperia team. Then later again by Russell after getting kidnapped by the Troperia.
  • Unwilling Roboticisation: Godsgift cracks a couple of very dark jokes about forcibly giving organic sophonts mechanical brains due to his contempt for the limitations of flesh and neurons. At least, they seem to be jokes.
  • Worth It: Various characters doing silly things for the sake of laughs:


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