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Roleplay / Wars Central Pokemon Role Play

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A free-form role playing game based on Pokémon on Nintendo Wars fansite Wars Central.

The Wars Central Pokémon RP is a Play-by-Post Game based on Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green with elements from other games as well as Pokémon Special and the Pokémon anime. For example, while the basic plot is that of FRLG, the executives from Heart Gold and Soul Silver show up, along with Team Rocket's Three Beasts from the manga.


The story is based around a group of trainers who travel Kanto together, collecting badges in order to take part in the Indigo League. They often stumble into the plots of Team Rocket, who seem intent on establishing dominion on the Kanto region for profit.

The game itself can be found here with discussion and sign-ups here.

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