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Roleplay / Vocaloid Otaku Freeform Roleplay

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A roleplay started by New Windy on Vocaloid Otaku.

The roleplay can be read: here

Have you ever sat in your room thinking, "Hey, what would happen if "x" and "y" met? Would "y" like "z"? Would "w" try to take over the world in this situation?" Well, then this is what happened after you said that.

Freeform Roleplay is a roleplay with absolutely no plot, none of those pesky "Laws of Physics" and a land where any (and I do mean any) pairing is possible. The RP is one of the fastest growing RP's on the site, and harbors characters from many different series. It even has a few that are OC's.


The Freeform Roleplay contains examples of:


Example of: