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Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Visitants was a short-run panfandom Journal Roleplay on Dreamwidth, modeled after equivalents such as Foolish Mortals or Dangan Roleplay.

It ran for six weeks in spring 2018, and was set in the town of Pinesville, New Jersey, smack in the middle of the Pine Barrens. A mysterious man claiming to the mayor of Pinesville claimed to have brought them there for a specific reason - murder. Notably, the characters who are killed/executed become ghosts, and are able to continue interacting with the survivors.

There were plans for other rounds set in different places after the Pinesville, but ultimately, the group opted to start a new roleplay instead.


This roleplay provides examples of:

  • Alternate Identity Amnesia: The Mayor will switch between two different states—one of which is The Mayor, and one of which is much more subdued and (seemingly) has other plans besides murder. Whenever he switches, he doesn't seem to remember what has just happened.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Cheryl Mason is typically a snarky girl with a dark sense of humour around her fellow castmates. However when shit hits the fan, that usually disappears.
  • Evidence Scavenger Hunt: Occurs during every investigation, after the body has been found.
  • Forgets to Eat: Given that this is his first time inhabiting the mortal plane, The Narrator forgets to eat or drink. It takes a few people to give him some much needed nourishment and remind him of this fact.
  • Ghost Amnesia: Sol/Azure/Uriel/Juno, Jr has forgotten his life previous to being a ghost. He can only remember a few select things, including a date - 1935.
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  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Cheryl Mason is moody and sarcastic like you'd expect a teenage girl to be, but she has an unwavering set of morals and a strong sense of justice. She can also be friendly to people she likes and trusts.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink: Juno Steel has a tendency to turn to whiskey when a situation turns from bad to worse.
  • Not So Stoic: Despite Cheryl's plucky and snarky attitude, she falls apart the instant she finds the dead body of Angus and learning of the Narrator being his murderer.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted with there being two Johns: John Watson and John Doe. There's also Juno Steel and an ghost NPC usually known as Sol, but one of whose names is Juno, Jr.
  • Seen It All: Being a Silent Hill protagonist, Cheryl Mason has essentially moved from one hell to another. Doesn't always make it easier.
  • Wham Line: During the second trial, the guests have an eye-opening conversation with their captor:
    The Narrator: ...who are you, exactly?
    The Mayor of Pinesville: DR. PETER VENKMAN, PHD!
    Juno Steel: Sorry, mind repeating that name?


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