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What would you do if you woke up to find that you were not in the same world you were the night before, that that dream about black hands with white glowing eyes in the middle grabbing you and pulling you somewhere actually happened?

That there were sections of the world where everything was grey and featureless, with a patchwork town made of wildly different buildings, inhabited by unsettlingly childlike villagers?


That instead of a sun or clouds or anything in the sky, there was just a blank white void overhead?

And what would you do if the only hint to what had happened was a massive temple-like building, locked from the inside, covered with a symbol you recognize from your dream the night before, along with the six stone markers circling it?

How will you react when the disembodied voice begins taunting you, challenging you to figure out what's happening?

And what will you do when you realize that the world itself seems to be changing, adapting to you?

This is the premise of Under a Blank White Sky, a recently launched RP hosted on our very own TV-tropes forum. While it starts off like many other Role Playing Games, with characters waking up in another world and trying to figure out what's going on, the distinguishing twist is that characters' actions and interactions can and will alter the world they're in in various ways. Some will be obvious, some more subtle.


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