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Time Travel And Tea is a Doctor Who Play By Post game set in a Parallel Universe where the Doctor never existed, in fact it's a universe where non of the canon characters from Doctor Who exist anymore. Ergo the Time War was won by the Time Lords with the Daleks and Cybermen wiped out. But the Time Lords are getting a little antsy, it looks like a civil war between the renegades and those loyal to the high council could ignite, literally, any second ...


It was originally created as a transitional website when the RPG "Doctor When?" went down. It kept going when DW? came back as The Other Side Of The Crack but that site was deleted leaving TTaT all on it's own. Currently it's full of very friendly people who would really like you to join *hint hint*.

The RPG contains several ongoing plots.One being the quest for Zero and his Quest for Identity along with Ta'sheeka, an alien woman and Mackenzie, a psychic.


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