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Tiandi is a worldbuilding and roleplay region in NationStates. The region is based around the concept of culturally East Asian nations having come to dominate the world, rather than European ones. It is known for being the only prominent RP region where non-westerners are dominant.


As a region, Tiandi was preceded by Lucerna. A former moderator of Lucerna, Arumdaum eventually took full control of the region following the inactivity of the founder and of other moderators. He altered regional canon so that East Asian nations had come to become dominant rather than European ones, eventually causing heavy controversy which led to the split of the region in the spring of 2014, with several members defecting to Maredoratica.


Arumdaum went largely inactive throughout the summer and fall as real life got busier, but eventually came back, halfheartedly attempting to start a P 2 TM alternate history RP where East Asians were dominant, and then spending a brief stint in A Modern World. Arumdaum ultimately left due to controversies regarding his industrialized Korean nation in the region, and decided to start his own region where the heavily controversial concept of non-Western (East Asian in specific) dominance would be the defining feature of the region.

Tiandi was founded on April 17th, 2015 by Arumdaum, and opened May 4th, 2015. He messaged old members of his previous regions (such as Sabara, who was initially the only moderator) and those who had expressed interest in his failed P 2 TM RP. At the time of founding, Arumdaum was primarily interested in exploring racial issues and the evolution and development of cultures and societies within the context of East Asian rather than Western dominance.


Tiandi experienced a flurry of activity for much of the spring and summer before its activity started declining in late summer of 2015. This period was the creation of numerous pages on II Wiki and was primarily focused on worldbuilding, although there were also many R Ps. Sometime during the summer, chat shifted largely from irc to Skype, but Skype chat eventually devolved into a mass of spam and conversation which had little or nothing to do with the region.

Activity revived in late 2015, cooled down during the winter, and heated up again during the spring. This period on saw a heavy shift toward roleplaying and military-related matters due to the interests of newer players and Akitsukuni, with worldbuilding being carried on mostly by Arumdaum and Sabara. Summer 2016 saw the influx of several new people from Atlas due to controversies that were present in the region, resulting in historic numbers of people present on Tiandi's irc, although this did not generate so much canonical or roleplay activity. By late summer, tensions gradually built up between Arumdaum and Akitsukuni, resulting in deadlock and inactivity for the region.


During this period of inactivity, Akitsukuni left and attempted to start her own region. Tiandi gradually became more active again from early November, and Akitsukuni rejoined the region in mid-late November.

Current present and active nations:

  • Arumdaum: Founder of the region and final voice on all matters.
    • Jeongmi: Formed the largest empire in world history. Member of the Sinju Union.
    • Kewhira: Occupies important canal area.
  • Daeseong: Junior moderator of Tiandi.
  • Dayganistan: Afghani nation with a high-income developing economy.
  • Gaoxiong: Initially played a small but wealthy state that was very similar to Taiwan, but later changed nation to be larger and more powerful.
  • Haeseon: Developed former settler colony in Uju.
  • Roden: One of the most advanced economies in West Yoju and very good at worldbuilding.
  • Sabara: Senior moderator of Tiandi.
    • Meisaan: One of the world's most powerful countries and member of the Sinju Union.
  • Sjalhaven: Generally on irc.
    • Ilhangga: Expansive and powerful Manchu nation in Yoju.
      • Madyanarya: Nation based on Ancient Persia that didn't exist for very long.

Notable former nations:

  • Ephraim-Manasseh: Known primarily for trying to join Tiandi numerous times while pretending to be different people, although puppets are allowed. Failed because they had the same IP address, they all talked similarly, and most of the nations they applied with had Jewish themes. Very badly tried to pretend to be a black supremacist communist at one point. Made Arumdaum very paranoid.
  • Great Plains States: Made a nation based upon Native American groups in the US Northeast. Wasn't active for very long; existed for a while during summer of 2016.
  • Kibland: Major member in the first period of activity of Tiandi from late spring 2015 throughout the summer, but gradually stopped going on NS and just stayed active on Skype chat. Kibland was a Nordic nation which adopted a pastoral mode of production on the steppes of Northern Yoju and later "Centralized."
  • Parhe: Played a settler colony in southern Cheongju; tried to make his nation as unusual as possible. Left after issues regarding his military spending (wanted either extremely high military spending or no military at all).
  • Sebtopiaris: Played Kibetsu, an apartheid state run by ethnic Japanese in South Miju. Was mostly known for spamming jumpscares, gore, diseased genitalia, and gratuitous amounts of text and emojis on chat. Gradually went inactive but continued to stay active on Skype chat. Gradually turned into Neo-Nazi before going inactive.
  • Senkaku: Played Qinyue, which was largely based off the PRC, then Basquone, which was again China but dressed up as the Ancien Régime. Left the region during a period of inactivity and was stopped by Akitsukuni when trying to come back.
  • Senzu: Was very active during the summer of 2015, and heavily involved in trying to create canon. Continued to be active on Skype.
  • Sora: 12 years old at time of membership. Kib led raid by joke raiding group called Liehuoguo and raided RP region that Sora had previously founded (and Kib was formerly part of) with Arumdaum, Akitsukuni, Sabara, and Victoriala. Very devout Christian from rural America who tried to make his Korean nation very Christian.
  • The sliver cross: Made a square tank. Never really active.
  • Victoriala: Major member of early Tiandi who played Mingwok, which was largely based off of Tuthina in Esquarium. Very into worldbuilding and drew art for Tiandi once.
  • Zhouran: Created a nation in which a Mandarin-speaking Central Asian nation decided to completely adopt aristocratic European culture.

This Roleplay contains examples of

  • Author Avatar: Arumdaum often roleplays shy boys with weak characters.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Many people thoroughly butcher the languages their nations use but care little.
  • Bad Samaritan: Advanced economies gives a heavy amount of foreign aid to developing nations, but often does so in the form of big contracts meant for their large corporations, and take in much more from developing nations through trade, brain drains, and capital flight.
  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Empress Kikuko of Akitsukuni took power at the age of thirteen.
  • Culture Equals Costume: Many people have their people wear traditional clothes and assume clothing would not have evolved with economies transitioning into industrial and then service-based economies.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Haeseon is basically Red State America with a Korean surface.
  • Far East: Yuzhou was essentially a mishmash of things which seemed "Asian."
  • For the Evulz: People have roleplayed unrealistically brutal and weird nations for the sake of being considered "evil."
  • Grey and Grey Morality: None of the major powers or power blocs are objectively or irredeemably good or bad, although Westerners may generally sympathize more with the Central liberal democracies.
  • Hand Wave: A plethora of inconvenient questions are handwaved, such as whether animal and plant species would have evolved exactly the same on a geologically different planet, whether humans would ever have existed, and whether those humans would have developed similar cultures and languages to those which exist in real life.
  • Persecution Flip: East Asians are dominant whereas white people live in developing countries or are minorities in majority East Asian societies.
  • Stereotype Flip: East Asians and East Asian nations are generally seen as racist and imperialistic, but also the most cultured and advanced.
  • Vestigial Empire: Almost all of the major powers of Sinju had massive colonial empires until the mid-late 20th century.

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