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The Worst Pantheon is a role play hosted on Space Battles in which the players control deities. It is created by and GM’d by Lord-Aetherius, and has been running since January 2019.

In the Roleplay, the players take the forms of Gods summoned to a generic fantasy world called Elarya with one command: The World is boring, fix it. This isn’t a problem for the Gods, but it may be a problem for the mortals as they are now at the mercy of people that live up to the title of the Worst Pantheon...


And that’s all before the world gets nuked and the establishment of the third Reich. Yeah, it’s that kind of RP.

A Complete History of the Worst Pantheon:

  • Disclaimer: This is just a list of the gods' actions per cycle.

First News Cycle:

R.O.B. throws the first eleven gods at the planet. Two moons are made, the Sun screams now, Stydion gifts their followers cybernetic technologies, a chicken turns into a Dakotaraptor, and the raptor's throat gets ripped out. A palace is built, a thunder raven is summoned, the raptor is resurrected and duplicated. Krankle resurrects the dead and establishes 'killer klouns'. The palace receives the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Basketball is invented, platypi are created. The documents are found and destroyed, a quest to conquer a challenge begins, and that's the first cycle.


The Worst Pantheon contains examples of:

Abnormal Ammo: Azathoth and his clones are armed with Monster Girl Launchers.

Apocalypse Not: Following the Decimation, after enough time Elarya had mostly recovered and civilization stronger than the ones previous were built. The setting effectively went from D&D to Fallout to Adventure Time within the span of only a few turns.

A World Half Full: There is the potential for the Gods to fix Elarya, and in some parts they have, but they’ve also brought death and destruction. The setting teeters precariously towards an outright Crapsack World.

Big Good: The Forgotten God, the only absolutely good and noble member of the pantheon, to the point Lord-Aetherius specifically designated him the non-evil DMPC. While he attempts to keep the Gods’ actions in check and give the people hope, his weakness causes him to go into hiding for the first few Arc Villains before he’s apparently killed off permanently.


Black Comedy: Krankle is basically the God of this, and Azathoth also revels in this, though they are hardly the only factors.

Blue and Orange Morality: How a fair number of the Gods act. To be fair, many of them are simply following their natural behaviors due to their domains, but some have ideologies outside of them, such as Krankle’s obsession with what he considers the natural order, and Inanis Aternitatis‘ trouble sympathizing with mortals.

Cast Full of Crazy

The Corruptor: Mr. Smiley, God of Drama and Conflict. Among his actions he has turned the Elves into A Nazi by any other Name, speed dissent amongst mortals, and like many of the Gods, played a role in Felix’s start of darkness.

Dating Catwoman: Azathette is still just as deranged and dangerous as Azathoth, but has turned against her “siblings” and started dating Ludum.

Did You Just Romance Cthulhu? Ludum and Azathette are going steady.

Dragons are Divine: While normal dragons naturally exist on Elarya, both Zemrasil and the Sin of Pride The Devil are dragons, and the Gods gave themselves creates new dragon species.

Fantastic Racism: The Conclave is fairly racist towards the Axians.

Foil: The Forgotton God and Mr. Smiley. Both have similar functions as enigmatic manipulators, activate on a smaller scale by mostly influencing mortals, and even share the alternate title of The Stranger. However, one is the Big Good, is able to counteract the other Gods, and has a Weaksauce Weakness, the other is The Corruptor, is explicitly the weakest of the Pantheon, but will only cease to exist if all conflict is gone.

Greater-Scope Villain: The True Azathoth

Hunter of Monsters: Krankle’s Reapers, who later become the Axis’ SS. They defend the survivors/the Axis from ghosts, demons, monsters, and Garfield.

Immortal Breaker: The Numidium is capable of one-shotting the Gods if they are hit with its beams.

Killed Off for Real: The Forgotten God, all the Sins except Envy, Ludum, Felix, and Pavarti

Monstrous Humanoid: Inanis Aternitatis’s followers, the Quiinpatella, are this.

Murder, Inc.: Echidna’s cult, the Serpent’s Fang, are a former assassin’s guild now working under her to kill mortals that would cause mass death.

Nominal Hero: The characters range from almost outright evil, to simply easily distractable and morally ambiguous.

Politically Incorrect Villain: The Seven Kings, being inspired by 4chan and its subcultures, are prone to this.

Santabomination: Krankle, the God of Undeath and Carrion, inexplicably dresses up and acts as the Elaryan counterpart to Santa Claus.

Seven Deadly Sins: Azathoth summons a group of them as enemies for the Gods, however all but one are killed before the fight is over.

Van Helsing Hate Crimes: The Axis, driven through years of experience of being attacked by monsters, is rarely lenient when deploying the SS. It is known sympathetic monsters are subjected to the same treatment as genuine threats to the Axis, and innocent bystanders are sometimes the collateral of a hunt. Ironically, years of hybridization with various races have made Axians appear monstrous to the human Conclave, who are very racist towards them.

Villain TeamUp: The Seven Deadly Sins are an assembled group of inter-dimensional villains (and a giant Donald Trump) but are quickly defeated. Meryl seems to be attempting to form her own, recently.

War God: Elarya’s God of War is manifested as two “brothers”, Corvlos and Stydion.

Woobie Destroyer of Worlds: Felix. It’s really easy to see where he’s coming from, and why humanity might be disgruntled with all that the Gods have put them through.

Yandere: Sin-member Envy perceives anyone near Stydion, even his brother, as possible rivals and acts accordingly


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