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The Wonderful World of Wildcat, or T triple-W, is a subset of the NationStates universe regulated by troper Jarmatus. The old cast cycled every so often, but with the recent über-retcon, the cast is back on its first cycle.

The backstory involves the acidification of Earth's oceans, beginning in 2043, and the death of its ecosystem, counterpointed by the development of the hybrid Alcubierre Drive and the colony drive resulting therefrom. The canon begins in 2189, and the opening plot involves the first secession from Earth rule.


AC:Cycle One - The Gang of Four
FactionsThe United Earth AuthorityThe repressive umbrella organisation which controls Earth and all its colonies. Originally set up as an emergency government to hold the human race together during the massive wars which occurred simultaneously with and following the collapse of the environment; got a little dictatorial when faster-than-light drive showed up.
  • My Country, Right or Wrong - official government attitude, supposedly also the attitude of the citizens.
  • Democracy Is Bad - at least that's how the UEA sees it.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat - the Authority tops a trillion people. There are a lot of bureaucrats - and it in itself is something of a gestalt character of this type.
  • One World Order - the Authority is an organisation established by a UN resolution, and as such applies to all UN members.
  • Police State - Freedom of speech is at an all-time low. Public gatherings are banned by Civil Protection.
  • With Us or Against Us - the Authority's view on foreign policy.

The RevolutionariesConsists of two subgroups - a rogue security firm and a purpose-built revolutionary movement. Contains all but one of the protagonist characters.

  • La Résistance - Averted. Sorban Security plc - the rogue firm - is actually a pre-existing dark-ops revolutionary movement running quite smoothly, but with no end date for its plans. TheHero's role is to insert an end date and to lead the Resistance. The other, less peaceful movement is also running quite smoothly.
  • There Should Be a Law - Interestingly played. Nothing the UEA does is actually illegal, as such - but this is because the entire legislature is run by the executive. The Revolutionaries know this.

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