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Roleplay / The Spectacular Omniverse

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If it feels like he's staring right at you... HE IS!

I am less concerned with Chaos and Order, and more with Good and Evil. Chaos can be good, just as Order can be corrupted.

Either one can stray from their purpose. The mistake is thinking that Chaos and Order must be in opposition, when the truth is, they are meant to be in balance.

Since the beginning of time, the forces of Order and Chaos having been playing a long game for the fate of the Omniverse, the sum total of every Universe both "real" and "unreal".

In some Universes, the game erupts into all out war. In others, it's little more than a friendly competition. Sometimes the pendulum swings in Order's favor, then in Chaos', then right back around again. Ultimately though, neither side has ever been able to actually win the game.

Which is just as well, because if either side were to completely eradicate the other, the game would end. And the game... is existence itself.

The Spectacular Omniverse, as the name implies, began as a spin-off of The Spectacular Gargoyles roleplaying community on the question-asking site Formspring.

Thanks to a collaboration between Thomeheb, Dr. Anton Sevarius, The Terrible Tinkerer, and Prospero all of which was ultimately orchestrated by The Light from behind the scenes, a "Trans-Universal Gateway" was opened in October 2011 that allowed the various ethics-deficient scientists to access other Universes in order to steal technology and genetic material.


However, what they discovered was far greater than they bargained for: a vibrant cosmos teeming with life; the life of every single story that has ever been told, both fictional and nonfictional. From Discworld to The Legend of Zelda to Digimon to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, there appears to be few if any limits as to the worlds accessible by the Gateway.

Today the Roleplay spans dozens of connected Universes, each with their own casts of heroes and villains. A master list of all the characters can be found here.


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