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Roleplay / The Origin of the Keys

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50 years have passed since the the defeat of Xehanort by the Hero of Light, Sora, and the Hero of Darkness, Riku. In all this time, the Light has resumed flourishing and the Darkness has become nothing but the disorganized, ebbing-and-flowing part of the natural order it always has been. It continues to threaten worlds, but the Light has seen fit to choose new Keybearers after a time to continue fighting against it, after Sora and Riku saw the end of their duty. In time, there were enough that one man saw fit to gather them all under a single Academy to teach all these Keybearers how to properly use their weapons.


The Academy proved to be a rousing success, and many with the rank of Master with their own stories to tell have graduated from it, doing their work against the Darkness to this day. But the Darkness continues to threaten the worlds. The fact that it is integral does not change the fact that it can overtake the Light if left unchecked, and that shall cause untold chaos.

Now, it is up to the latest generation of Keybearers, some the children of the last Keyblade Academy graduates, to learn the ropes of their status as Keybearers, and perhaps fight against new threats along the way.

In particular, Keyblade Academy Class C is the focus of our story. It is they who will see the myriad twists and turns the battles against those who would threaten the World will take them through...

Origin of the Keys can be found on here:


This forum roleplay contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: If you're a girl in the Academy, this is almost a requirement.
  • Darker and Edgier: Subverted, as the Roleplay's contents are intended to strictly carry a "PG-13" kind of rating, and since it's a Kingdom Hearts inspired universe, it's still greatly lighthearted. Some characters come from rather darker universes though, not to mention some of the worlds the characters may explore such as the Crapsack World of Guilty Crown. There is an ever-present darker tone to the story, though, as even though it's not strictly gorier, NobodyCanDie has been very much averted with the attack on Funeral Parlor by the Leukocytes. This was a heavy blow to all the Keybearers, whom felt quite helpless to even attempt to avert the disaster.
  • Improbably Female Cast: Females in this RP greatly outnumber the males, to say the least. Currently, out of the currently active Class C, there are 7 males out of a class of around 30.
    • Class A's revealed cast so far has four females to ONE male.
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  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover
  • Our Monsters Are Different: Played with because of many different universes crossing over. There are several monster-like characters (not that it makes most of them unattractive) which include Succubi, Werewolves, Ghosts, Vampires, and Fairies. Mentioned even at one point, where a Magus from Nasuverse comments on a Vampire she met being different from that of a Dead Apostle the Church hunts down.
  • Rule of Cool: Where else can you find a Succubus, a Shinigami, a Mecha-loving Henshin Heroine, a Revyatail, a Persona wielder, a Master and her Servant, and a mage of Rock and Roll all in one place working together?
  • Story Arc: These are carried out with a team of students sent to another world (varying from original worlds to Canon Universes, just like Kingdom Hearts), while the rest of the students carry on their daily activities in the academy. Currently the Story Arcs enacted are:
    • The first arc takes a group of students to the world of Guilty Crown, where they search for a young man who wields weapons known as Voids, which the Academy perceives as being similar in nature to Keyblades...
  • Triang Relations: Yorihiko likes Luluvi and Tyra, who both like him. When he realizes that Luluvi liked him just after he accepts a date with Tyra, disagreements occur, but he ends up going through with the date so he can be absolutely sure who it is he wants. It's Luluvi.
  • Unwanted Assistance: Tyra expressed this sentiment at Luluvi's excessive bomb-chucking in an attempt to battle against a Griffon.
  • Wacky Homeroom: They seem to get into antics on a daily basis.
  • World of Badass: Not only the Keybearers being fledgling Badasses, but a large portion of the cast come from worlds that are also full of amazing people. Especially Sayoko, who's already thought of at least ten Humongous Mecha pilots from her homeworld when dealing with the various characters.
  • World of Ham: We even have a hammy Keyblade! Though it might not be wise to call him such. He's just got the best interests of his wielder and the World in mind: Killing Heartless!

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