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Roleplay / The Official Unofficial Ouendan EBA Formspring RP

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LoveAristocrat: Those eroge-type situations really do happen sometimes.
AmemiyaSayaka: I have yet to see anything fascinating like what happens in those games happen in real life.
LoveAristocrat: I guess we'll have to make do with secret agencies, spirit-manipulating cheerleaders, monster-fighting fairytale characters, robots, puppy-dragons, otaku chameleons, Jungian archetypes, and a guy who became an interdimensional phenomenon.
AmemiyaSayaka: I know, right? So...normal. *sighs*
—Probably the best way to describe everything.

The Official Unofficial Ouendan-EBA Formspring RP (Not the actual title) was an ongoing series of non-official Character Blogs featuring, well... the Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents. On Formspring. It was very Slice of Life, with plenty of Alternate Character Interpretation among other interesting things.

Sadly, after the departure of most of the major characters, (most notably half of Yuuhi, Asahi, and virtually every agent) it slowly began to die off, with very few interactions between characters and updates on their blogs.

The final blow came on August 1, 2015, when Formspring became a portal for, an online dating service.

Links to their blogs are still on the Characters page, (as well as any character-specific tropes) but don't expect to get anywhere.


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