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The Monkeyopolis: A CYOARPG is a Bloons TD-themed Play-by-Post "Choose Your Own Adventure Role Playing Game" by SuperJedi224.

The genre was fine-tuned by the same user for an earlier game entitled "Oblivion" based on a combination of earlier Play-by-Post genres, particularly a variant of Play-by-Post Choose Your Own Adventure that had become fairly popular on the Brawl in the Family forum board.

Posters control three playable characters; monkeys named Bob, Spike, and Dartin; on an quest to defeat the bloon army. Combat is handled in turns using a semi-fixed numerical stat system; and the characters level up according to standard Role-Playing Game rules.


The GM controls all enemies and determines the layout of the map, which the players navigate as per the standard Play-by-Post Choose Your Own Adventure.

You can check it out here.

The game contains examples of:

Everything's Better with Monkeys: Of course, considering it's based on a game which takes this very seriously.
  • Except the pirates can be a little annoying at times...

Inexplicable Treasure Chests: There are at least 4 of them just exploring the maze of buildings near the first shop. Word of God states a total of 7, but it's a little to late to get the rest now.

  • There are also a few on the pirate ship, but it's justified there at least.

Hammerspace Hideaway: Basic pirates are occasionally known to hide in treasure chests.

Shout-Out: The main one so far is hiding enemies in treasure chests.(See Hammerspace Hideaway above)

The Big Guy: Bob.

Wolfpack Boss:

  • At the end of the first maze: Three basic Pirates AND two elite Pirate Gunners.
    • Followed by a Pirate Brute.

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