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The First Hero is a first generation superhero Quest written by the author Photomajig, using the Mutants & Masterminds mechanics. The Quest follows Theodore Schmidt, a young, intelligent, charming Jewish-Christian in 1920's Germany with an innate Gift for augmenting himself or others as he operates as the first superhuman superhero, the Talon, as he takes the fight against street radicals and militants to safeguard the Republic.


As a Quest, players vote on the Talon's actions in between updates written by the author, as Talon rises to the challenge of defending the Republic from criminals and the occasional supervillain alongside other heroes in Berlin.

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The First Hero provides examples of:

  • The Adjectival Superhero: The Amazing Anzimee, of course.
  • Animal-Themed Superbeing: The Eagle and Taurian are Type 2, Panthera is Type 1.
  • Badass Normal: Plenty of non-powered badasses are present within the quest, with Nonpowered Costumed Heroes existing long before Talon came along. Prominent examples include Talon's teammates Eagle and Taurian and villains who have defeated Talon, Captain Brandt and Khukuri.
  • Biomanipulation: This is how Talon's "Gift" essentially functions, allowing him to augment existing attributes and abilities of himself, others, and objects. Through use of this power Talon has made himself Immune to Bullets and given himself a Healing Factor, among other improvements.
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  • The Cape: Talon, the first superhero.
  • The Coup: The historic attempted Kapp Pustch coup happens and Talon plays a key role in putting a stop to it, which earns him the nickname "Savior of the Republic" from the press.
  • Chummy Commies: The vigilante Taurian is a left-wing and publically shows his political sympathies. He is also a loyal teammate of Talon.
  • The Don: The first real antagonist of the quest, King Diamond, is a major crime lord within Berlin, involved in a wide variety of vices within the city. His main businesses of his empire are his clubs and cabarets, which serve as fronts for his illegal activities.
  • From Camouflage to Criminal: King Diamond and many of his enforcers in his gang are veterans of World War I, King Diamond's lieutenant, Khukuri, is a disgraced Gurkha soldier, and Captain Brandt of the Freikorps (which are a Real Life example of this trope).
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  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Taurian gets this treatment a lot, especially from right-winged media, due being a Communist icon for his defense of union meetings and workers’ rallies when they come under attack, which gets him labeled as the "Red Terror". Even when he helps saves the city from Dox Pox with the other heroes his part in stopping the supervillain gets downplayed or outright not mentioned. Talon also gets hit with this during the Organisation Consul arc in an attempt by the titular group to ruin his reputation.
  • Hired Guns: Various villains in the Quest love to hire these. The Freikorps hire Aviatrix to steal steal a minister's private papers, King Diamond hires Khukuri to be his new lieutenant after he defeated five other would-be lieutenants, and Organisation Consul gets a Carnival of Killers to try and take out Talon and the other heroes.
  • Karma Houdini: King Diamond manages to walk free after his defeat at the hands of Talon and the Eagle due to his connects and the shakiness of the evidence provided by the before mentioned vigilantes. Historical-Domain Character Kapp Pustch conspirators, Kapp and von Lüttwitz, also go unpunished for their attempted coup intentionally by the government so long as they don't cause anymore trouble, something that doesn't sit well with Talon.
  • Magic Knight: Zweihander is this after he discovered a dormant magic sword and was trained in the arcane arts in an otherwordly Realm.
  • The Mentor: The Eagle is this to Talon. In later arcs, Talon finds himself fulfilling this role to others.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: Averted Trope with the Eagle as he almost dies during during the Consul arc and would have if it wasn't the players spending most of their Hero Points on ensuring that the Eagle survived. Even then, his injuries (new and prior) and his age result in his retirement.
  • Outside-Context Problem: During the Zweihander arc, Talon, a Science Hero who mostly deals with ordinary criminals and political militants in Berlin, is suddenly introduced to the fact magic and other realms chock-full of the stuff exists by the titular Magic Knight of the arc and teams up with them to hunt down an invisible, fire controlling Wyrm that followed Zweihander to Earth and has been causing fires around Berlin.
  • Recruiting the Criminal: The Amazing Anzimee is a former thief who was recruited by Talon into the Wunderliga.
  • Red Baron: Barring hero/villain names, quite a few people have their share of titles. Talon is the "Savior of the Republic", Taurian is called the "Red Terror" by right-winged media, the Wunderliga as a whole is called "Berlin's Finest", "the Iron Four", among other titles.
  • Reed Richards Is Useless: Inverted with Watchman, who regularly uses his great intelligence to create appliances to improve quality of life (such as a more efficient refrigerator). This somehwhat disappoints Talon when he first meets them as he was expecting inventions more out of science fiction at Watchman's facility.
  • Retired Badass: The Eagle following the Consul arc.
  • Secret Keeper: As a superhero story naturally this crops up quite a bit for various heroes. Talon in particular has his family, his friend Klaus, his team, and the Amazing Anzimee all aware of his Secret Identity.
  • Super Hero Origin: Talon's is Random Selection, as his powers came about after being trigger by him getting beaten up by some Freikorps castoffs that were threatening his neighborhood.
  • Superhero Prevalence Stages: The quest is set in the Early Stage, with Talon being the first superhuman hero.
  • Super Team: The Wunderliga which is founded by Talon, The Eagle, Taurian, and Wunderkind after teaming up to defeat the supervillain Doc Pox.
  • Teen Genius: Wunderkind, who is a child prodigy when it comes to creating gadgets.

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