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Roleplay / The Extraordinaries

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A PbP game running on the Atomic Think Tank, AKA the Official Mutants & Masterminds forums. The game is set in modern "real life", with the PCs established as one of the first super-humans in the world.

The game begins as the PCs prepare to attend their ten-year High School reunion. Another uniting factor is that all the PCs shared an unusual encounter at summer camp when they were twelve years old, and the events of that day are now coming back to affect them 16 years later...


Not to be confused with The Extraordinaries Series, a superhero novel trilogy of the same name.

In-Character Tropes

Our Monsters Are Different


Out-Of-Character Tropes


     Active Player Characters 

George Ingram

Jodi Milhouse

Mark Cabal

Anil Gunther

Alethia White

Travis Kincaid

Marcus Davis

Though there is no alignment system per se in place, some characters do fall roughly into certain categories. Of course, labels such as these are more descriptive than proscriptive, especially given the complex nature of some of the characters.