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The Evermore Recursions is an online roleplay hosted on, run by multiple GM's. The premise is relatively simple - each player can be any character they can think of - be it from an existing franchise or original creation. These PCs are ripped from whatever reality they are from to a creepy place known only as the Silent Forest. Upon arrival, they discover that they have the ability to travel between universes - and later discover that they can sometimes create new worlds with their power. These PCs are now beings called Evermore, and as they explore the many worlds - the Recursions - they create random adventures.


The Evermore Recursions are a random mesh of dozens of plotlines playing out at once, from the emotional tale of Turntable Jane, to the random story of Pinkie Pie, to the exploits of Samuel Haine, and the always aggravating antics of Kalzky. The forum RP is a sandbox where the players decide what to do and drive the plots by their actions - as well as creating new worlds to explore. In addition, the GMs have PCs tromping around the world so they can get a piece of the action as well.

There is no defined hero or villain, despite many examples of both running rampant across the worlds. It's a conglomeration of delightful chaos.

The thread for this RP can found here:

Has since been merged into Songs Of The Spheres as per Word of God


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