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Roleplay / The Digimon Epics Civil War

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  • Dark Is Evil: Imego ascends to a black-armored "Imperialdramon Kaiser Mode" which lacks the once-holy nature of the Paladin Mode.
  • Finding Judas: When they try to determine who The Mole is.
  • Sequel Hook: Samhain's appearance in Hyperion's epilogue scene. Hyperion's ending scene, complete with omninous 'the future was bright... for now' pretty much slapped 'there's a sequel' across the sky in big shiny letter. That, and Word of God had already pretty much confirmed it.
  • Shout-Out
  • Weapon of Choice: Dragon-slaying Ajax wields a vicious halberd in his base form. Upon ascension to his more knightly form he gains a lance and shield; his final angelic form gives him weapons made of solidified light.


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