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Roleplay / The Death Series

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"In the Land of the Dead
Heck boy, ain't it grand?
I'm the Overlord of the Underworld
Cause I hold Horror's Hand
In the Land of the Dead
I'm darkside royalty
I'm far renowned in the underground
And you can't take that from me."
Voltaire, Land of the Dead

The Death Series is a (planned) series of Play-by-Post Games by the user Rhadamanthus on the NSider2 Forums. At this time, there is only one RP in the series: Land of the Dead. However, since there was already a page called Land of the Dead, another name had to be chosen. It is kind of a Bangsian fantasy...sans the "famous" characters.


The RP follows a group of dead people (and one cat) who are attempting a series of trials in order to get into Heaven. It features a mix of seriousness and comedy found in most roleplays the players are involved in. It can be found here. The official wiki is here.

Not to be confused with the Worse Than Death Series .

Also has a Shout Out page.

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