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Roleplay / The Art Of Minimalism

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You are in a large, open room. There is a big screen on one wall and a laptop computer in one corner, on a stool. Next to the laptop is a power outlet. What do you do?
The first turn of The Art of Minimalism

The Art of Minimalism is a series of minimalist Roll to Dodge games on the Bay 12 forums, run by Great Wyrm Gold. While each has been different, they have some elements in common:

  • A bland setting (which the players begin to fill with random stuff and/or destroy)
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  • A method of getting various sorts of new kinds of items, with varying levels of control
  • Attempts to prevent the players from using the abovementioned powers to destroy everything
  • Players who manage to completely ignore the abovementioned attempts and destroy everything anyway
In fact, this tendency is what has lead to the end of each of the games, except the current one.

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