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Roleplay / The Alleyverse

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The Alleyverse is a Play-by-post Game on the 17th Shard forum that combines all the works Brandon Sanderson into a single universe. There is not end goal and there are multiple plots happening at once and occasionally a larger-scale main plot.

Beyond this, The Alleyverse is amassing crossovers from other properties too. Here's a list of other properties referenced:


Here's a link to the Alleyverse subforums.

The Alleyverse utilizes the following tropes:

  • Anti-Magic: Aluminum can cancel out most Cosmere-based Investiture. The material is not as scarce as it is in the Cosmere so is used in armor, weapons, and machines.
  • Functional Magic: Most of the abilities have coherent rules, this was derived from Brandon Sanderson's works after all.
  • Science Fantasy: A universe where there are various magic systems as well as both magical and non-magical Powered Armor and firearms.
  • Time Skip: 16 years into the future after the Seven Day War.
  • You All Meet in an Inn: The Waystop has shades of this, where most of the major Era 2 characters are converging and meeting. Subverted in that the Waystop itself has a plot point and that most of the characters are not leaving in a large party, but in groups or alone.

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