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"The Academy of Almost Gods: Where the magic is taught by a computer, the use of weapons is taught by a Slenderman terrorist, and the math is taught by an alcoholic sociopathic child-hating wizard."

The Academy of Almost Gods is a NationStates roleplay set in an All-Ghouls School, following the lives of a group of students and teachers, most of whom are neither human nor sane.

All Myths Are True, and a great number of them don't like each other or humanity. About twenty years ago, the situation looked like it was about to reach a boiling point. The Archangels and High Demons both knew a war between them was mounting, and both knew that in that war they could take Earth easily. Meanwhile, werewolves took control of western Europe, and other Midnights were resurfacing as well. The few humans who knew about this, roughly thirty, banded together to stop the armies of Hell, Heaven and the Night, calling themselves the Almost Gods. Their numbers grew as sympathizers from the enemy armies defected to the Almost Gods, and for a while, they were winning.


Twenty years later, things changed. Most of the original thirty defected, deserted or died, and only six remained. Of the six survivors, one is insane, one is missing (and occasionally broadcasts his screams), two are in a coma, one was turned by vampires and only one retains his life, freedom and sanity. Desperate for help, the lone survivor, Ralevon, opened a school for humans, Midnights, demons and angels loyal to the Almost Gods, to bolster their ranks.

Despite the rather grim backstory, the story doesn't focus on the futility of the Almost Gods to maintain their fight against the supernatural, but the day-to-day life of the group of kids (and "kids") at the school.

The RP was recently rebooted by Arana "Aran" and Lavan Tiri, AKA Lavan.


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