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"Our lives have become much more important now. I'm amongst a group of people risking their lives. Even though we're capable of it, we need to make sure that we don't die to survive."
Stone Wong, played by Ominae.

"Sounds like fun."
The Lone Wanderer, played by Bindlestick.

A RPG game made by Grey Star. The story casts a group of characters called the Visitors, taken from various multiverses in order to do battle against the Hypotheses, fallen beings who crave godhood and aims to take over the Tower. To do this, they undergo a series of missions to impede the latter's access to the entire Tower. It isn't a clone and differs greatly from the other MultiMassiveCrossover RPG games.


Feel free to go here if you want to sign up and join in. Check the recap here.

The RP page is right here.

Currently, it seems dead since the GM had to go onto RL stuff.

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