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Synthesis is a sci-fi fantasy roleplay in Gaia Online that deals with Adage, a ragtag group of people trying to stop Opera from destroying cities in search of Forte.

Set in the year XXXX, the government unearthed a tape that details the whereabouts of Forte, weapons manufactured by Mother Earth herself. In a desperate attempt to gain back those weapons, the government went into complete production mode. They began to demolish city after city to find the resources they needed. All the cities they went through were instantly eliminated and abandoned. Soon the public began to wonder what on earth was going on with all the disappearing cities. However evidence resurfaced in the form of a tape which held the government's conspiracy. That's when Adage was formed. The government thought them to be mere insects and ignored the forming group. Adage took this as their chance to infiltrate Requiem. The group left with three Forte weapons and a handful of Synthetics but as response, the government established Opera, a secret military force whose purpose is to stop Adage and to create the perfect Synthetic weapon.


Synth has a pathetic, yet somehow still a leader girl as the head of Adage, a dead sister, a moody younger brother, a variety of badass women, a guy with a huge grenade launcher and a small kid with a huge weapon.

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